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home broadband plans

Home Plans

Broadband to be provided at speeds of up to ADSL2+ depending on availability and service qualification.
Where ADSL2+ not available, speeds of either up to 8000kbps or 1500kbps will be provided.

All you need to do is choose your monthly data allowance, and leave the rest to us.

Please note: All plans are available on a minimum 6 month contract.

Plan Name Download Quota Access Fee
(per month)
Shaped at
Home 5 5 GB $49.95 5 GB
Home 20 20 GB $59.95 20 GB
Home 50 50 GB $69.95 50 GB
Home 100 100 GB $84.95 100 GB
Home 200 200 GB $89.95 200 GB

Hardware and Setup options for brand new connections.

Contract Length Setup Cost TP-Link TD-W8968 v2
36 months $0 $0
24 months $0 $84.95
12 months $59.00 $84.95

Things you should know

  • 5 Free Email accounts
  • 10 MB of personal web space
  • Line/Internet speed depends on factors such as your distance from the exchange, phone line quality, the broadband hardware you use and various other reasons.
  • Download speed reduced to dial up speed once rate limit is reached.
  • Hotkey will connect you to the fastest speed available; up to 20Mbps where ADSL2+ is available, and up to 1.5Mbps or 8Mbps in other areas.
  • Shipping and handling cost for a modem is $20.
  • Shipping to a Post Office Box will incur an additional $7.95 surcharge
  • Free technical support 6 days a week - call 1300 HOTKEY
  • Payment options (credit card, Bpay, direct debit and cheque)
  • Account information available online at

What do I need for installation?

Hotkey's terms & conditions and acceptable use policy apply to all plans. Please read them carefully.