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Configuring Hotkey Velocity

You can configure the Hotkey Velocity software to suit your needs. This includes configuring the level of acceleration that you require and the ability to configure the Ad and Pop-up blockers that the software also offers you.

Click on the small Hotkey Velocity icon in the System Tray (the icon is an image of two computers with a green cross over one).

In the menu, select Options...

The Graphics and Ads tab allows you to configure the level of acceleration you would like. Hotkey recommends High, Very High, or Maximum acceleration levels. Each level represents a lower image quality, so it is suggested you try each one of these settings to see which one suits you best.

Click on the Pop-up Windows tab

The Pop-up Windows tab allows you to configure the pop-up blocking feature. If you wish to have pop-up windows blocked, click on the Block Pop-up Windows radio button.

Some web site use pop-up windows to deliver information. These sites may include Internet banking and news sites, as well as various other sites.

You can turn off Pop-up Window Blocking for individual web sites by following these steps:

Visit the web site in your Internet web browser
Open the Pop-up Windows tab as described above
Click the Allow Pop-ups from This Site button

Click on the Temporary Files tab

The Temporary Files tab allows you to configure the amount of space on your hard drive for temporary files generated by the Hotkey Velocity client software. The default setting should be sufficient. It is highly recommended you do not reduce this value, as it may affect the ability to accelerate your Internet Connection.

The default settings in the Advanced tab should not be changed. If changes are made to these settings the Hotkey Velocity service may not work correctly on your computer.

Click OK to save the Hotkey Velocity settings.