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How to install the Hotkey Velocity client software

Step 1: Activate your Hotkey Dial Up account

You will only be able to utilize the Hotkey Velocity client software if the Hotkey Velocity service is enabled on your account. If you are already have a Hotkey dial up account you can simply activate your account through:

Clicking on your Hotkey My Account page.
enter your username and password to enter,
select "Subscribe to Services"
choose Hotkey's Velocity - it's that simple!

If you do not have a Hotkey dial up account please register by simply clicking here.

Step 2: Download the Hotkey Velocity client software

Click the Velocity Setup icon
When prompted, select the Save this program to disk radio button
Click OK
Save the Velocity Setup file to the Desktop
Allow the file to completely download before continuing


Open the Velocity Setup icon located on the Desktop

Next >

Read through the Terms of Service/Software License Agreement

If you agree to the terms, click Accept > to continue with the installation
If you disagree to the terms, you should click No to exit the installation

In most cases the default Installation directory and Startup menu folder should be sufficient
Click Next >
The Hotkey Velocity client software will now install itself on your computer

Click Start Using Hotkey Velocity.
If the computer asks to restart, click OK

Upon installation, the Hotkey Velocity client software comes pre-configured to provide you with a high level of acceleration. You can customize the configuration of the Hotkey Velocity client software to suit your needs. Please read the How to configure the Hotkey Velocity client software article to get the best out of the Hotkey Velocity service.