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Hotkey Velocity Accelerated Dial-Up

Hotkey Velocity is a new service that will allow you to accelerate and enhance your Hotkey dial-up Internet access account. It speeds up the delivery of static and dynamic web pages from the Internet to your computer - the more you surf your favourite web sites, the faster they will load. You do not need to be on broadband to enhance this accelerated experience, all you need is a 56k dial-up modem.

Hotkey Velocity also provides you with content filtering options such as a Pop-up and In-page Ad blockers to eliminate those annoying pop-ups and advertisements!

Once you have activated Hotkey Velocity on your Hotkey dial-up Internet account via your "My Account" page via the website, you must install the Hotkey Velocity client software which integrates into your web browser seamlessly* using special caching, compression and persistent connection techniques in order to speed up delivery of content to your computer.

The Hotkey Velocity client software does not increase the transmission speed of your phone line or modem. It simply stores elements of frequently visited web sites so they load faster on future visits and Pages load faster. Pages that previously took 20 seconds to load can now be viewed in less than 6 seconds, and sometimes faster. Some files and attachments, including music or video may not be accelerated.

Here are ten popular Australian and International websites showing the accelerated dial-up experience:

Web site visited
Without Velocity
With Velocity
How many times faster?^
1st visit
3rd visit
5th visit 9.8 secs 5.4 secs 1.1 2.0 3.3 31.0 secs 14.8 secs 1.3 2.6 2.8 37.0 secs 13.4 secs 1.5 2.6 7.4 37.6 secs 11.8 secs 1.3 5.4 5.4 20.6 secs 6.0 secs 2.1 5.2 5.2 39.2 secs 9.4 secs 1.5 6.5 13.1 63.6 secs 12.4 secs 2.5 7.1 8.0 70.2 secs 12.6 secs 2.1 11.7 17.6 12.4 secs 3.0 secs 3.1 4.1 6.2 18.0 secs 4.0 secs 2.6 6.0 9.0

^Magnitude of page load time improvement compared to the average load time without Velocity. The average improvement in page load time was five times faster after three visits, and eight times faster after five visits. The results you experience will vary depending on the sites you visit, as well as how often you visit them, but you should see results similar to those shown here.

The Hotkey Velocity software lets you choose the level of acceleration you want. Hotkey recommends High to Maximum acceleration to get the best performance from the service (higher levels of acceleration may reduce image and graphic quality). The Hotkey Velocity software runs on most Microsoft Windows based PC systems with support for Apple Mac coming soon (refer to the Velocity minimum requirements page). You too can be surfing the web faster! All you need is a valid Hotkey dial-up account, and for once off $9.99 fee, you can enhance your dial-up experience.

So how do I get install Velocity?

Step 1:

Activate Velocity on your Hotkey Dial Up account To activate the Hotkey Velocity service on your Hotkey dial-up Internet account, Log-in to your My Account page via the website and activate the service via the "Subscribe to Services" menu. Then simply select Velocity and you are just a few clicks away from a speedier dial-up Internet! If you do not have an existing Hotkey Dial Up account, you will need to join us but simply clicking here

Step 2:

Download the Hotkey Velocity client softwareTo download your Velocity software, simply click here. *Additional configuration is required if you are using Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla or any browser other than Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. These other Internet Browsers are not supported by the Hotkey Technical Support department. For instructions on how to configure these, view our online Velocity Service & support page.- Available on all Hotkey Dial-up customers.