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A quick, thought provoking business process development tool,  to help you start as you mean to go on Successfully!

Risk means different things to different people.
As an owner of a small business,  it may mean risking more that you livelihood.
Run this simple calculator and work out if your exposure is acceptable to the most important person in your life you!

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With the rise in information technology and the reliance on business-critical data, the landscape has changed in recent years in favour of protecting irreplaceable data. This is especially evident in information technology, with most large computer systems backing up digital information to limit data loss and to aid data recovery.

It is believed that some companies spend up to 25% of their budget on disaster recovery plans; however, this is to avoid bigger losses. Of companies that had a major loss of computerized records, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term. (Cummings, Haag & McCubbrey 2005.)

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