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Making customer payment easier

Swipe your customers card – with out having to ‘hang up the phone’ and improve your cash flow.

For consumers, visiting Medicare or a health fund – was until recently a necessary evil.  The recent availability of ‘on the spot’ remittance of Medicare or a health fund benefits have enabled a new level of customer service.

Settling your customers account at point of service reduces your receivables and overheads and improves cash flow.

On-line payment services

B-Pay and on line services banking are booming. The reality is that e-shops and payment on-line are here to stay.

Need to know where do you start?

At Hotkey, we can provide you with a strategy, secure infrastructure, technical help and web design and development  to give you a presence in the e-economy.

Call 1300Hotkey and see how easy it is.


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