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Working from home

Working from home is often a choice to enable flexibility for family and lifestyle – however here is a list of 10 tips to avoid the traps – to help you maximise the benefits.

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Tip 1.    Work Life Balance  Have a door to separate your work and your home life.

Tip 2.    Self management
You don't have a manager — so plan your objectives and goals which will identify your levels of success, and keep you on task.
Make yourself feel like working.
When you wake up, bathe, shave, and wear something that says to you that you mean business

Tip 3.    Motivation 
Reward is the best motivator.
You only have yourself to push you to succeed – so plan rewards into your objectives.

Tip 4.    Cabin fever
Make sure you maintain physical contact with the ‘outside business world’. Networking is the still the most effective way to grow your business. Plan Face to Face meetings with clients and colleagues – it is too easy to hide behind the phone.

Tip 5.    Avoid working too many hours
Just because you can roll out of bed at mid day and work in your pyjamas – remember you are interacting with the rest of the world. They have regular hours and want to deal with you during their working day. If you are too hard to get hold of – you will become too hard to deal with  and your clients will move on.

Start working at the same time each day. Take this seriously — treat work-from-home as a regular office job.

Schedule break times. This could be brunch on a sunny balcony with the papers or putting on the washing machine – what ever means ‘break’ to you -  so that you will not become overwhelmed

Home employees sometimes have difficulty ending their day – especially if they are involved in late night overseas conference calls. The cues of an empty office emptying

Tip 6.    Family
Avoid interruption - Train your family by setting aside dedicated time for them.
This is not just the Kids -  could also be your Sister, who just drops in for a cuppa and stays all day.  
Be clear to your family that you have set work hours and  that require concentration. Identify that when you are on the phone or in your office – it is a sign that you are working.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew .
You have obligations to take care of each day – and these need to be prioritised. While you may want to help your friends and family members, it is important to make it clear that your work is just as important as theirs. Set boundaries.

Considering hiring a day care provider.
Young children need attention – so do your clients – You can have both worlds with some planning and  fulfil both obligations.

 Tip 7. General

Maintaining a professional attitude.
Keeping your interactions business like will ensure that the client does not begin to doubt the amount or quality of work that is being put into their projects.

Tip 8. Set up a functional workspace
Set up your space so that it is aesthetically appealing and contains all of the necessary equipment.

A good chair will help because all of your work will revolve around your desk.

Tip 9. Computer and communication tools:
As you are working remotely, make sure you have multiple ways for people to contact you.
Make sure you have a good computer equipment and reliable Internet access — you will need it. Have a backup plan for when your primary Internet connection is down.

Broadband, cable, DSL, if you can't afford it why are you working from home?
If you can only access dial-up, ask Hotkey about  Velocity otherwise you will spend more time up- and down-loading large files than you do working on them; and your time = your money. Therefore, time wasted downloading multi-MB files on dial-up = time lost to making money.

Tip 10.    Work Life Balance  make it work for you!

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