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Port Fairy/Belfast
News Index 1859

An index to people mentioned in newspaper advertisements and reports,primarily for the town of Port Fairy (formerly known as 'Belfast',in Victoria,Australia). The reference does including residents of of the districts of Tower Hill, Koroit, Yarpturk, Yangery,Crossley, Kirkstall, Yambuk, Warrnambool etc.
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Name			Reference

Mr AINSWORTH		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Samuel ALFORD		merchant
			-leaving district/sale
C.G.ANDERSON		executors sale/Commercial Hotel
J.ANDERSOn		Trustee/Old Cemetery
J.H ATKINSON		chemist/22 years
			-purchases new premises
Mr ATKINSON		passenger - Melb to Port Fairy
Miss ATKINSON		passenger-Melbourne to Port Fairy
ATKINSON and James	Tower Hill/ad
Robert ATKINSON		Kenilworth/ad
John AUSTIN		Green Hills Station/ad
Mr AUSTIN		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Thomas AVERY		cattle sale.
William AVERY		painter ( and brother) (2)

S.J.BAYLY		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
			-Town Clerk/tenders for Gardens
Dr BAINBRIDGE		Warrnambool/letter
BARNES and Penfold	Jessies Creek Works-tenders
Henry and Ann BAULCH	daughter takes them to couurt.
C.Z.BERTHEU		Koroit/draper etc
			-accounts due.
			-indenture with Bland and Knight
			-Koroit Lands Sale
			-cattle sale
Mr BEARTRAUX		Dentist/Belfast-Warrnambool
W.BEAVER		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
George BEST		Saddle/Harness Maker-re-opens store
Thomas BEST		purchases hotel/Warrnambool
A.BIBLE			passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Neil BLACK		local elections/
Mr BLAIR		Portland Magistrate/in England
			-to see Mr Gladstone?
BLAND			see Cowtan and Bland
J.BLAND			committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
			-trustee for Belf.Savings Bank
			-trustee for Bertheaux.
			-indenture with Bertheaux
			-visiting JP for Port Fairy gaol
Mrs BLAND		birth of dau/Port Fairy
Mrs BOSTOCK		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
T.E.BOSTOCK		Judge/Agricult.Assocition.
Dr.Wm BOYD		Surgeon
Mrs BOWYER		v Mrs McKenny/goose battle
Archdeacon BRAIM	passenger - Melb to Port Fairy
Mrs BRAIM		Parsonage/lost sable
T.BRAIM			passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Thomas H BRAIM jnr	Koroit Flour Mill
E.BRISTOW		won award/Agricult.Association.
T.BROADWAY		opens photographic shop
S.BROWN			passenger - Port Fairy to Melbourne
Louis BUCHHOLZ		saddle and harness maker
John BUIST		juror/bushranger trial
C.BUNBURY		proposed Wm Lane for elections
Mrs BUNBURY		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
W.BURRETT		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
BURROWS and Swinston	Botanic Gardens tenders

John CAIN		obtains hotel licence
Thomas CANTWELL		court/cutting & wounding
 alias CEMPFELL		wounded brother. (2)
Michae CARROLL		robbed by bushranger/Portland Road
			-gravedigger/Double Corner/Portland
John CAVENAGH		land trespass caution  (2)
			-v Municpal Council for compensation
			-stolen mare/reward
			-cattle impounded
Mr CHISHOLM		Portland Clerk/embezzlement charge
F.B.CLAPP & Co		Cobb and Co coach proprietors/advt
Rev.E.CLARKE		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
COWTON & Bland		ships agents.
			-wool purchase agents
			-insurance agents
Mr COIL			Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Thomas COLLINS		Yangery/lost bullock
John CRAIG		auctioneer
Mr CRAIG		Port Fairy Annual Regetta
Michael CUMMINS		Yambuk
Rev.C.CURREY		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
			-trustee for Belf.Savings Bank

William DALGLEISH	Mason/reward/missing horse
William DARCY		gave evidence.bushranger inquest
			-bushranger/charged Robbery Under Arms
Robert DAVY		carpenter/partnership dissolved
Miss DEANE		passenger/Port Fairy to Melbourne
Henry DELITTLE		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Mr DELITTLE		accused of favouritism/land selection
Thomas DENNY		W.bool elections
'Dick"			bushranger/shot by constable
Mr DIGBY		Port Fairy Annual Regetta
H.H.DOBINSON		postmaster/Port Fairy
George DOCHERTY		Woolpack Inn/Dunkeld.
George DODDS		council report/weights and measures
Master DOVETON		passenger - Melb to Port Fairy
F.W.DOYLE		tenders for hotel/Hexham
Miss DUCk		passenger - Melb to Port Fairy
Mr DUFFY		Villiers /Heytesbury elections
Rev.P DUNNE		per John and Lucy/address from
Mrs DUNLOP		taken to court by Wm Rutledge
Wm DYSON		master 'Elizabeth'/regular trader

Wm.D.EAMES		Apothecaries Hall.
			-accounts due/please present
			-sells Apothecary Hall

Dr FINDLAY		Portland/temporary replacement magistrate
John FINN		RC Church/tenders for completion
			-Keyholder for old cemetery
Lawrence FINN		stone cottage tender/Portland Road
F.FORSTER		Treasurer/Western Turf Club
Mr FOSTER		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Horace FLOWER		popish racist remarks/local elections
			-chairman/Belfast District Roads Board
P.W.FLOWER		threshing machine sold
F.FRECKLETON		cattle sale
W.F.G FRECKLETON	v T.W.Shevill/court case
John FRIZZELL		implicated in insolvency fraud?
Mr FUSDER		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy

Mr GAUNT		receiver/ trouble for dummyism
Mr GEARY		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Mr GILBERT		Ararat/stolen horse/reward
Denis GLEESON		death of /Tower Hill./29y
E & P GLEESON		Manchester Wharehouse
			-opens new premises
			-Koroit farm land to let.
Patrick GLEESON		Duffy meeting/elections
			juror/bushranger trial
W.GORRINGE		Flagstaff contract/Belfast
H.GOTTREUX		returning office/electoral district
			-committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
G.GOULD			Glass and Paperhanging Wharehouse
Charles GREEN		Butcher/Port Fairy
Mr GREGORY		Port Fairy Annual Regetta
Captain GREIG		master of Lady Bird/regular trader
Patrick GRIFFITHS	robbed Portland Road/bushrangers
Robert GROSSERT		late premised used by Rhodes
GRUBB and BLAIR		Drapers/Grocers
George GWEITHEREz/r	former owner/Woolpack Inn/Dunkeld.

Mr HARCOAN		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
George HARKER		Govt agent/Forage Tenders
Geo & James HARMAN	Boodcarra Farm/Port Fairy land for sale
James HARMAN		gave evidence/Bushranger inquest
Mr HARPER		passenger/Port Fairy to Melbourne
W.L.HAWKINS		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
HAYNES and Young	Albion House/Drapers
Mrs and Misses HEATLEY	Belfast Boarding School
Chares O HELMS		Belfast Grammar School
Geo HELYAR		Botanic Gardens tender
George HOLMES		Belfast Windmill/gristing accounts
Robert HOOD		Menang/Konawan/fence tender
G.S.W.HORNE		candidate/Warrnambool elections
W.N.HOSKING		Life insurance agent
			-immigration agent. (2)
D.HOURIGAN		Bridge/Road Contractor (2)
			-roads board compensation sought/Sheehans Lane
			-qarrymen/stone breakers wanted
			-tenders/Ararat Road
Daniel HOURIGAN		juror/bushranger trial
D.J.HOWES		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Mrs HOWLETT		school teacher/advt.
W.H.HOWLETT		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
			-juror/bushranger trial
A.HUME			trustee/Old Cemetery
J.F HUNT		Actuary-Belfast Savings Bank
J.HUNTLEY		innkeeper
Mr HUNTLEY		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Alexander HUTCHINSON	juror/bushranger trial
family HUTTON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy

J & R. IRELAND		farmers/Kirkstall/stock sale.
Mr ISAACS		mason/Roman Catholic Church/paid up
George ISAACS		mason/stone cutter/advt

R.JAMES			committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Mr JAMES		construction of pianoforte
Mrs JAMES		pianoforte teacher.
William JAMES		cabinet maker/picture framer etc
			-organ to be raffled.
William JELLIE		won award/Agricult.Association.
JENKINS and Barclay	tenders for Caramut Land taken up
Thomas JENKINSON	Innkeeper
			-Caramut Blacksmith shop for sale
			-hotel for sale.
Dr JERMYN		gave evidence/bushranger inquest

A.C.KELL		won award/Agricult.Assocition.
KELLY and Perkins	paid for contract work/Roads Board
John KERR		agent for Samuel Alford (2)
			-auctioneer/moves premises
Mr KEYS			Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
C.KINGK			passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
J.M KNIGHT		trustee for Belf.Savings Bank
			-trustee for Bertheaux
			-indenture for Bertheaux
			-Villiers and Heytesbury Ag Society
Mr KNOX			Port Fairy Annual Regetta

Mrs Ladd		school teacher/advt
David LAIDLAW		juror/bushranger trial
			-accounts due for remittance
Mr LAIDLAW		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
W.LANE			St Kilda/candidate for local elections
LANGDON & Emery		Botanic Gardens tenders
George LEVI		death of/Merri
A.LYALL			'Lyne Station'/Branxholme/claims stock

Capt McArthur		master Port Fairy
C.McBRIDE		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Cornelius McBRIDE	cabinet maker
John MCCARTHY		per John & Lucy/letter for
Mr McDANIELS		Port Fairy Annual Regetta
Patrick McGINNIS	leaving for Europe/selling "Table Flat"
			and "Greenhills"/Bootaphool
D.McKELLER		-Villiers and Heytesbury Ag Society
McKENZIE & McGOWAN	Builders/Belfast
			-Botanic gardens tenders
A.McKINLAY		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Alex McKINLAY		'Pollockdale"/horse stolen.
McKINNEY & Rogers	stoneworks/payments claimed
D.McLAWS		tenders/Scots Church Belfast
			-agent for Mrs Pierce/missing horse
			-threshing machine for sale.
Mr MCLAWS		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Miss McPHERSON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy

S.MacGREGOR		Warrnambool Elections
			-Villiers and Heytesbury Ag Society
Samuel MacGREGOR	auctioneer
George MALTBY		Bread and Biscuit maker
Mr MASON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
John MIDGELY		won award/Agricult.Association.
			-Villiers and Heytesbury Ag Society
J.MILLS			Port Fairy Annual Regetta
Mathew MONAGHAN		Yangery Prince Hotel/owner
			-Villiers and Heytesbury Ag Society
Jeremiah MORRIS		Black Swamp/advt
			-draught horse for sale.
K.MURISON		won award/Agricult.Assocition.

M.NEIMAN		Boot and Shoemaker./wharehouse
P.NICHOLSON		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Peter NICHOLSON		trustee for Belf.Savings Bank
Geo.NIXON		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Chris NORMAN		juror/bushranger trial
Thomas NORTHWAY		carpenter/partnership dissolved
John NUNN		Secty/Western Turf Club
Mr NUNN			Port Fairy Annual Regetta

Leonard Patrick O'BRIEN	impounding cattle charges/stepchildren
John OFFICER		appointed rate collector
Dr.Henry O'HARA		letter re Dr Brainbridge
			-leaving district.
			-new premises
Michael O'RIELLY	v John Martin Ardlie/electrol printing

James PARFREY		Botanic Gardens tenders
Rev James PARKER	trustee for Belf.Savings Bank
John PEARSON		Melb. Leather Wharehouse
PERKINS & Kelly		tender for fencing accepted.
Alexander PETTIGREW	agricultural implement maker
Mr and Mrs PHAGEN	passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Henry PHILLIPS		steward/Western Turf Club
Mr PHILLIPS		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Mrs PIERCE		Spring Creek./horse missing
Mr PICK			Port Fairy Annual Regetta

Thomas RAINGILL		Villiers/Heytesbury Agricultural Ass.
Thomas REVELL		house painter
James RHODES		butcher./Killarney.
W & R ROBB		import steam thresher
Mr ROBINSON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
ROBSON and Love		grubbing contract paid
T.ROGERS		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Mrs ROSSDRON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Samuel ROWBOTTOM	Credit caution for wife.
Charles RUFFLE		auctioneer
Lloyd RUTLEDGE		steward/Western Turf Club
Mr RUTLEDGE		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Mr.W.RUTLEDGE		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
			-lost cheque found
			-re letter read in Leg. Assembly.
			-local elections/Neil Black etc
			-passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
			-to England to see Mr Gladstone? (2)
James RYAN		leaving district/furniture sale

SCOTT and Houghton	Botanic Gardens tenders
Mr SELIM		visiting dentist/from Melbourne
Wm.B.SHEVILL		Warrnambool/20yo/death
Mr SIMPSON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Miss SINGLETON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Hugh SLOLEY		Bell Hanger & Brazier
John SMITH		Yambuk/134a for sale.
T.S.SMITH		Belfast Brewery
T.A.SMITH		Belfast Brewery
Joseph SOUTHCOMBE	juror/bushranger trial
Sarah & Chris SPARROW	take in laws Baulch to court
Joseph SUTHERLAND	juror/bushranger trial
John SPEARS		juror/bushranger trial
Mr SPEARS		passenger/Port Fairy to Melbourne
STEVENS and Denny	commence in Warrnambool
George STEWART		trustee for Belf.Savings Bank
Misses STOKES		Mantlemakers 
			-move premises
William STREET		cabinet maker

D.TALBOLT		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
George THOMPSON		threshing machine for sale
			-Villiers and Heytesbury Ag Society
James THOMPSON		death/Eumeralla
Mr THOMSON		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
S.W.THORN		Bell Hanger and Brazier
Thomas TIERNEY		Judge/Agricultural Association
Mr TONRY		Koroit Farm to Let.
Thomas TRANGMER		seagull with message attached 1858
Denis TWOMEY		late Cork/son of John/bro of John/death

Joshua VINE		agent for COBB and CO.

J.WALL			Farnham Survey/cattle sale.
W.WALL			won award/Agricult.Assocition.
W & P WALLACE		blacksmiths/Port Fairy
Captain Geo WARCUS	death.  (2)/ex 'Elizabeth'.
Joseph WARE		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Mrs WATSON		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Mrs.W.W.Watson		birth of daughter.
Mr WATTS		Carleton (Killarney) Races/entrant
Wm WATTS		transfer hotel licence
Mr WAY			Port Fairy Annual Regetta
Henry WEBB		juror/bushranger trial
William WEBB		juror/bushranger trial
Penry WEST		Yambuk/land trespass caution
William WESTON		Belfast Bazaar
W.G.WHEELER		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Mr WHITE		Port Fairy Annual Regetta
Joseph WHITEHEAD	Duffy meeting/elections
			-committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
Mr WHITEHEAD		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
B.WIDGLEY		Warrnambool/masons wanted
J.T WILD		jeweller/clock maker
			-shop to let/Belfast
Mr WILLIAMS		passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy
Robert WOOD		committee/Belfast Hospital & 
			Benevolent Asylum
R.H.WOODWARD		Judge/agricultural association
			-blamed for closure of Belfast Survey Office
			-blamed for closure of Belfast Race Coure
			-tender for Lighthouse site.
			-steward/Western Turf Club
			-trustee for Belf.Savings Bank
			-passenger/Melbourne to Port Fairy

Mr YOUNG		passenger/Melb to Port Fairy
			(Haynes and Young)

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