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Convict Marriages
Tasmania 1843.

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The following index is to references to some convicts and free persons marrying in the year 1843 in Tasmania.It is not a list of ALL such persons, just some of those available in newspaper articles mentioned in the Cornwall Chronicle.
The marriages may not have taken place, the Governer was simply giving his permission for them to occur, it was common for convicts to apply for permission to marry several times, permission to marry may have been denied on conditions such as behaviour, further convictions,sobriety etc.
One lady is known to have applied to marry five husbands over two years!
At least one of each couple below mentioned was a convict.

The usual information given is,eg:-
Date:Joseph Benjamin, free, and
Mary Gale, per Gilbert Henderson, assigned service, Longford,
further information can be obtained: contact Jenny

In Accordance with the Act of Council 6th Victoria, No 18,
I hereby give notice that his Excellency the Lieutenant-
Governer has been pleased to approve of the solemnization of
Matrimony between the undermentioned parties:

Surname		Firstname	to  Firstname  Surname

Alexander	George		to  Sarah Ann	Goodson  	@
Alexander	Violet		to  Henry	Smith		/
Arnold		James		to  Fanny	Wallace  	\
Austin		Harriet		to  Michael	McGlun  	\

Bailey		John		to  Sarah	Driver 		!
Bailey		John		to  Ann		Woodhead	/
Bailey		William		to  Mary	Brennan		/
Banbury		Charles		to  Sarah	Taylor  	!
Barker		Thomas		to  Eliza 	Hughes		/
Barrett		Mary		to  Fred	Sharman  	!
Barton		William		to  Ellen	King  		=
Batchelor	Mary		to  Joseph	Woodward  	!
Batchelor	William		to  Mary	Clark  		!
Bayley		Louisa		to  William	Halford  	*
Bennett		Ann Frances	to  William	Pearce  	=
Berwick		James		to  Bertha	Morris		:
Bevan		Henry		to  Elizabeth	Richwood	:
Bird		Thomas		to  Ann 	Moreland	/
Bottery		Samuel		to  Margaret 	Cairnes		/
Bowden		Richard S	to  Mary	Casey		>
Bowman		Elizabeth	to  William	Thompson  	!
Boyd		Ellen		to  John 	Parr  		!
Brace		Ann		to  William	Wiseman		:
Brennan		Mary		to  William	Bailey		/
Bridger		James		to  Jane	Key  		!
Brigg		Sarah		to  Joseph	McMahon  	!
Bryan		Jane		to  Michael	Fruer  		+
Broadhurst	Edwin		to  Amelia	Chapman  	#
Brock		Isaac		to  Mary Ann	Neal		>
Brookery	Thomas		to  Mary	Lynch		<
Brooks		John		to  Louisa	Woolger  	!
Brooksbank	Amelia Ann	to  John	Phillis  	)
Brown		Sarah		to  William	Hodgetts  	\
Burgess		Hannah		to  Fred	Ellis  		*
Buchannan	Mary		to  William	Preston  	@
Bullimore	William		to  Elizabeth	Craig		/
Burrell		Jane		to  Paul	Peers  		+
Butcher		Mary		to  James	Leary  		*
Byrne		Elizabeth	to  Richard	Lyddon  	#

Cahill		Bernard		to  Eliza	Thomas  	\
Cairnes		Margaret	to  Samuel	Bottery		/
Cannon		Jane		to  Edward	Mann  		|
Carter		William		to  Margaret	Draddy  	|
Casey		Mary		to  Richard	Bowden		>
Chapel		Chris		to  Mary	Wells  		)
Chapmen		Amelia		to  Edwin	Broadhurst  	#
Clark		Mary		to  William	Batchelor  	!
Clark		Mary Ann	to  John	Smith		:
Clarke		Daniel		to  Mary	McMillan  	*
Clarke		Margaret	to  William	Open  		\
Clarke		Mary		to  Henry	Godfrey  	|
Clements	Eliza		to  Abraham	Powell		/
Codgell		William		to  Mary	Leman  		@ 
Cole		Amos		to  Ann		Newman		/
Cole		James		to  Matilda	Young  		|
Collett		Nathaniel	to  Mary Ann	Savage  	\
Collins		John		to  Mary 	Ford  		\
Collins		James		to  Mary 	Ford  		|
Coleman		Mary		to  William	Powell		/
Connolly	John		to  Jane	Elliott  	|
Connor		Margaret	to  Joseph	Watson  	(
Cook		Joseph		to  Eliza	King		/
Cooper		Charles		to   ?		Sawyer		>
Cotter		Julia		to  Michael	Shehan  	@
Cox		William		to  Sarah 	Jones  		\
Craddox		Eleanor		to  William	Jex  		*
Craig		Elizabeth	to  William	Bullimore	/
Craig		James		to  Jane	Jones  		#
Cruse		John		to  Martha	Frampton  	!
Culling		Susan		to  Robert	Taylor  	!
Cunningham	Hanorah		to  Edward	Williams 	+
Cutter		Sarah		to  James	Wright		:

Dawson		Catherine	to  William	Goodger  	\
Dawson		Sarah		to  John	Perry  		!
Davis		Joseph		to  Ellen	Smith		|
Davis		Mary		to  Henry	Hillyard  	*
Davis		Mary		to  Henry	Whorrard	:
Degan		Ann		to  James	Drew  		*
Dogherty	Elizabeth	to  Henry	Painter		/
Dogherty	Mary		to  Samuel	Rigley  	@
Draddy		Margaret	to  William	Carter  	|
Drew		James		to  Ann		Degan  		*
Drew		John		to  Violet	Welsh  		\
Drewitt		James		to  Caroline	Torrington  	*
Driver		Sarah		to  John	Bailey  	!
Driver		Robert		to  Bridget	Whelan  	#
Dudley		John		to  Mary	Gellard  	!
Duke		Charles		to  Margaret	Jones  		@
Dunbar		Julia		to  Charles	Stagg		<
Dundas		Charlotte	to  George	Kerton  	+

Edwards		John		to  Mary	Morris  	)
Elliott		Jane		to  John 	Connolly  	|
Ellis		Elizabeth	to  Thomas	Johnson  	#
Ellis		Frederick	to  Hannah	Burgess  	*
England		John		to  Ann		Gibbons		:
Erskine		Elizabeth	to  William	Short		/

Fenner		William		to  Jane 	Jones  		\
Ford		Margaret	to  James	Collins  	|
Ford		Mary		to  John	Collins  	\
Forster		Elizabeth	to  John	Stott		/
Fitzpatrick	Mary		to  John	Frankelin  	*
Forsyth		Ann		to  Edward	Jones  		!
Frampton	Martha		to  John	Cruse  		!
Frankelin	John		to  Mary	Fitzpatrick  	*
Fruer		Michael		to  Jane	Bryan  		+
Fulford		Thomas		to  Catherine	Murphy		:

Galvin		Bridget		to  John	Wells		<
Gatehouse	Georgiana	to  William	Grubb  		)
Gault		Eliza		to  Henry	Johnson		:
Gee		Daniel		to  Sarah	Walton  	!
Gellard		Mary		to  John	Dudley  	!	
Gibbons		Ann		to  John	England		:
Godfrey		Henry		to  Mary	Clarke  	|
Goodger		William		to  Catherine	Dawson  	\
Goodson		Sarah		to  George	Alexander  	@
Goodyer		Eliza		to  Charles	Sims		:
Gray		Sarah		to  William	Howell  	!
Green		Francis		to  John	Shaw  		|
Griffen		George		to  Eliza	Haide  		!
Grisdee		William		to  Eliza	Watson		>
Grubb		William		to  Georgiana	Gatehouse  	)
Gunn		Rhoda		to  Francis	Perkins  	*

Haide		Eliza		to  Geo		Griffin  	!
Halford		William		to  Louisa	Bayley  	*
Hanslow		Richard		to  Eliza	Stout  		#
Harris		John		to  Amelia	Laing  		\
Harrison	Mary Ann	to  William	Rawlinson  	#
Harford		Mary		to  Edward	Tilley  	#
Hart		Mary		to  George	Leek		~
Hart		Thomas		to  Eliza	Nixon  		!
Harvey		Edward		to  Mary	Magrath  	|
Hasleton	William		to  Martha 	Webster  	|
Haw		Richard		to  Agnes	Henry  		#
Hawkins		Mary		to  Edward	Power  		!
Heald		Betsey		to  Dan 	Skelton  	)
Healy		Mary		to  John	Prince  	+
Henry		Agnes		to  Richard	Haw  		#
Herrick		Ellen		to  John	Perry  		(
Hewitt		Mary Ann	to  Joseph	Lawrence  	+
Hillyard	Hy Burgess	to  Mary	Davis  		*
Hillyard	Jane		to  Thomas	Ridge  		+
Hingley		Benjamin	to  Christiana	McKay  		!
Hodgetts	William		to  Sarah	Brown  		\
Holbrook	Jane		to  Henry	Sullivan  	@
Howard		William		to  Ann		King		:
Howell		William		to  Sarah	Gray  		!
Hoy		Robert		to  Catherine	Mitchell	:
Huggins		Joseph		to  Margaret	Johnston	/
Hughes		Eliza		to  Thomas	Barker		/
Hughes		Sarah		to  William	Jones		/ 
Hunter		Catherine	to  Joseph	Newcombe  	|

Imbert		Jane		to  Edward	Lambert  	#
Irving		Betsy		to  John	Larkom		/

Jackson		Ann		to  John	Sykes  		*
James		Elizabeth	to  Thomas	Radford		<
Jennings	Elizabeth	to  William	Savage		/
Jex		William		to  Eleanor 	Craddock  	*
Johnson		Ann		to  George	Williams  	@
Johnson		Henry		to  Eliza	Gault		:
Johnson		James		to  Mgt		McKenzie  	!
Johnson		Thomas		to  Elizabeth	Ellis		#
Johnston	Margaret	to  Joseph	Huggins		/
Jones		Charles		to  Ellen	Wallis  	!	
Jones		Edward		to  Ann		Forsythe  	!
Jones		Jane		to  James	Craig  		#
Jones		Jane		to  William	Fenner  	\
Jones		Margaret	to  Charles 	Duke  		@
Jones		Sarah		to  William	Cox  		\
Jones		Sarah		to  Henry	Roebuck		/
Jones		William		to  Bridget	Mayers  	=
Jones		William		to  Sarah	Hughes		/

Kendrick	William		to  Mary	Ryan		/
Kerton  	George		to  Charlotte	Dundas  	+
Key		Jane		to  James	Bridger  	!
King		Ann		to  William	Howard		:
King		Ellen		to  William	Barton  	=
King		Eliza		to  Joseph	Cook		/
King		James		to  Petsy	Pearce  	!
King		Joseph		to  Elizabeth	Studham  	)
Kitchen		George		to  Emma	Smith		/

Laing		Amelia		to  John	Harris  	\
Lambert		Edward		to  Jane 	Imbert  	#
Larg		Thomas		to  Margaret	McDonald  	*
Larkom		John		to  Betsy	Irving		/
Lawrence	Joseph		to  Mary Ann	Hewitt  	+
Lee		Mary Ann	to  John	Thomas		/
Lefavre		Isaac		to  Elizabeth	McIntosh	/
Lenian		Mary		to  William	Codgell  	@
Leary		James		to  Mary	Butcher  	*
Leek		George		to  Mary	Hart		~
Lewis		Jacob		to  Mary	Lewis  		!
Lewis		Mary		to  Jacob	Lewis  		!
Lindus		Edward		to  Elizabeth	Warren		>
Lyddon		Richard		to  Elizabeth	Byrne  		#
Lynch		Mary		to  Thomas	Brookery	<

McCue		Mathew		to  Sally	Verso		/
McDonald	Margaret	to  Thomas	Larg  		*
McGlun		Michael		to  Harriet	Austin  	\
McIlveene	Eliza		to  George	Thomas  	)
McIntosh	Elizabeth	to  Isaac	Lefavre		/
McHenry		William		to  Mary Ann	Welsh  		!
McIntosh	John		to  Alice	Priestly	-
McMallard	Elizabeth	to  John	Stokes		/
McKay		Christiana	to  Benj	Hingley  	!
McKenna		Ann		to  William	Sampson  	#
McKenzie	Margaret	to  James	Johnson  	!
McLoughlin	Elizabeth	to  George	Tait  		!
McMahon		Joseph		to  Sarah	Brigg  		!
McMillan	Mary		to  Daniel	Clark  		*

Mack		Elizabeth	to  John	Powlett		/
Mackrain	John		to  Mary Ann	Thorpe  	^
Magrath		Mary		to  Edward	Harvey  	|
Makin		Martha		to  John	Sherratt  	!
Makin		Mary Ann	to  Joseph	Selby  		+
Malone		Esther		to  Richard	Powell		/
Mann		Edward		to  Jane	Cannon  	|
May		Henry		to  Sarah	Wood		/
May		Robert		to  Christian 	Ross  		+
Mayers		Bridget		to  William 	Jones  		=
Mee		John		to  Ann		Perry		/
Mitchell	Catherine	to  Robert	Hoy		:
Moreland	Ann		to  Thomas	Bird		/
Morris		Bertha		to  James	Berwick		:
Morris		Mary		to  John	Edwards  	)
Moss		Henry		to  Mary	Thompson  	!
Murphy		Catherine	to  Thomas	Fulford		:

Neal		Mary Ann	to  Isaac	Brock		>
Neilham		William		to  Margaret 	Nowlan 		+ 
Newcombe	Joseph		to  Catherine	Hunter  	|
Newitt		Sarah		to  Edward	Randle		/
Newman		Ann		to  Amos 	Cole		/
Nicholls	Ellen		to  Richard	Wilson  	#
Nixon		Eliza		to  Thomas	Hart  		!
Nowlan		Margaret	to  William	Neilham 	+

Open		William		to  Margaret	Clarke  	\
Orton		Martha		to  Thomas	Smith 		^
Owen		Evan		to  Janet	Patterson  	\
Oysten		John		to  Mary	Smith  		| 

Page		James		to  Fanny	Stanford	~
Painter		Henry		to  ELizabeth	Dogherty	/
Parker		William		to  Eliza	Wilson  	!
Parr		John Edw	to  Ellen	Boyd  		!
Patterson	Janet		to  Evan	Owen  		\
Pearce		Joseph		to  Eliza	Truebody	/
Pearce		Petsy		to  James	King  		!
Pearce		William		to  Ann Fran	Bennett  	=
Peers		Paul		to  Jane	Burrell  	+
Perkins		Francis		to  Rhoda	Gunn  		*
Perrie		Janet		to  William	Williams	:
Perry		Ann		to  John	Mee		/
Perry		John		to  Ellen	Herrick  	(
Perry		John		to  Sarah	Dawson  	!
Pete		Ann		to  John	Plant  		#
Phillips	Caroline	to  Lewis 	Wilson  	+
Phillips	John		to  Amelia Ann	Brooksbank  	)
Plant		John		to  Ann		Pete  		#
Powell		Abraham		to  Eliza	Clements	/
Powell		Richard		to  Esther	Malone		/
Powell		William		to  Mary 	Coleman		/
Powlett		John		to  Elizabeth	Mack		/
Power		Edward		to  Mary	Hawkins  	!
Priestly	Alice		to  John	McIntosh	-
Preston		William		to  Mary 	Buchannan  	@
Prince		John		to  Mary	Healy  		+
Prosser		Thomas		to  Elizabeth	Roberts		:
Pugh		John		to  Mary Ann	Watts		~

Radford		Thomas		to  Elizabeth	James		<
Randle		Edward		to  Sarah	Newitt		/
Rawlings	Stephen		to  Elizabeth	Smith		/
Rawlinson	William		to  Mary Ann	Harrison  	#
Ray		Mary Ann	to  William	Smith		<
Richwood	Elizabeth	to  Henry	Bevan		:
Ridge		Thomas		to  Jane	Hillyard  	+
Rigley		Samuel		to  Mary	Dogherty  	@
Roberts		Charles		to  Nancy	Robertson  	^
Roberts		Elizabeth	to  Thomas	Prosser		:
Robertson	Nancy		to  Charles	Roberts  	^
Roebuck		Henry		to  Sarah	Jones 		/
Ross		Christian	to  Robert	May  		+
Ryan		Mary		to  William	Kendrick	/

Sampson		William		to  Ann		McKenna  	#
Savage		Mary Ann	to  Nathaniel	Collett  	\
Savage		William		to  Elizabeth	Jennings	/
Selby		Joseph		to  Mary Ann	Makin  		+
Sharman		Frederick	to  Mary	Barrett  	!
Shaw		John		to  Frances	Green  		|
Shehan		Michael		to  Julia	Cotter  	@
Sherratt	John		to  Martha	Makin  		!
Short		William		to  Elizabeth	Erskine		/
Skelton		Dan		to  Betsy	Heald  		)
Simpson		Archibald	to  Hannah	Stone  		+
Sims		Charles		to  Elizabeth	Goodyer		:
Smith		Elizabeth	to  Stephen	Rawlings	/
Smith		Ellen		to  Joseph	Davis  		|
Smith		Emma		to  George	Kitchen		/
Smith		Henry		to  Violet	Alexander	/
Smith		John		to  Mary Ann	Clark		:
Smith		Mary		to  John	Oysten  	|
Smith		Thomas		to  Martha	Orton  		^
Smith		William		to  Mary Ann	Ray		<
Stagg		Charles		to  Julia	Dunbar		<
Stanford	Fanny		to  James	Page		~
Stokes		John		to  Elizabeth	McMallard	/
Stokes		John		to  Elizabeth	McMillard	/
Stone		Hannah		to  Archibald	Simpson  	+
Stott		John		to  Elizabeth	Forster		/
Stout		Eliza		to  Richard	Hanslow  	#
Studham		Elizabeth	to  Joseph	King  		)
Sullivan	Henry		to  Jane	Holbrook  	@
Sykes		John		to  Ann		Jackson  	*

Tait		George		to  Elizabeth	McLoughlin  	!
Taylor		Robert		to  Susan	Culling  	!
Taylor		Sarah		to  Charles	Banbury  	!
Thomas		Eliza		to  Bernard	Cahill  	\
Thomas		George		to  Eliza 	McIlveene  	)
Thomas		John		to  Mary Ann	Lee		/
Thompson	Mary		to  Henry	Moss  		!
Thompson	William		to  Elizabeth	Bowman  	!
Thorpe		Mary Ann	to  John	Mackrain  	^
Tilley		Edward		to  Mary	Harford  	#
Torrington	Caroline	to  James	Drewitt  	*
Truebody	Eliza		to  Joseph	Pearce		/
Twining		Thomas		to  Barbara	Wright  	!

Verso		Sally		to  Matthew	McCue		/

Waddell		John		to  Sarah	Whitehouse	:
Wallace		Fanny		to  James	Arnold  	\
Wallis		Ellen		to  Charles 	Jones  		!
Warren		Elizabeth	to  Edward	Lindus		>
Watson		Eliza		to  William	Grisdee		>
Walton		Sarah		to  Daniel	Gee  		!
Watson		Joseph		to  Margaret	Connor  	(
Watts		Mary Ann	to  John	Pugh		~
Webster		Martha		to  William	Hasleton  	|
Wells		John		to  Bridget	Galvin		<
Wells		Mary		to  Chris	Chapel  	)
Welsh		Mary A		to  William	McHenry  	!
Welsh		Violet		to  John	Drew  		\
Whelan		Bridget		to  Robert	Driver  	#
Whitehouse	Sarah		to  John	Waddell		:
Whorrod		Henry		to  Mary	Davis		:
Williams	Edward		to  Honorah	Cunningham  	+
Williams	George		to  Ann		Johnson		@
Williams	William		to  Janet	Perrie		:
Wilson		Eliza		to  William	Parker  	!
Wilson		Lewis		to  Caroline	Phillips  	+
Wilson		Richard		to  Ellen	Nicholls  	#
Wiseman		William		to  Ann		Brace		:
Wood		Sarah		to  Henry	May		/
Woodhead	Ann		to  John	Bailey		/
Woodward	Joseph		to  Mary	Batchelor  	!
Woolger		Louisa		to  John	Brooks  	!
Wright		Barbara		to  Thomas	Twining  	!
Wright		James		to  Sarah	Cutter		:

Young		Matilda		to  James	Cole  		|

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