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Convict Marriages
Tasmania 1844.

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The following index is to references to some convicts and free persons marrying in the year 1844 in Tasmania.It is not a list of ALL such persons, just some of those available in newspaper articles mentioned in the Cornwall Chronicle.
The marriages may not have taken place, the Governer was simply giving his permission for them to occur, it was common for convicts to apply for permission to marry several times, permission to marry may have been denied on conditions such as behaviour, further convictions,sobriety etc.
One lady is known to have applied to marry five husbands over two years!
At least one of each couple below mentioned was a convict.

The usual information given is,eg:-
Date: Joseph Benjamin, free, and
Mary Gale, per Gilbert Henderson, assigned service, Longford,
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In Accordance with the Act of Council 6th Victoria, No 18,
I hereby give notice that his Excellency the Lieutenant-
Governer has been pleased to approve of the solemnization of
Matrimony between the undermentioned parties:

Surname		Firstname	to  Firstname  Surname

Abell		John		to  Blanch	Tassell
Adams		Mary		to  Charles	Nye *
Agnew		Margaret	to  Henry	Aldred +
Akers		Joseph		to  Ann 	Elliker
Alderson	Joseph		to  Ann		Campbell +
Aldred		Henry		to  Margaret	Agnew +
Amer		William		to  Ann		Collins +
Anderson	William		to  Elizabeth	Gregg +

Barker		William		to  Bridget	Madden *
Bates		Thomas		to  Mary	Bolton
Benjamin	Joseph		to  Mary 	Gale
Benton		William		to  Hannah	Wilson +
Binks		James		to  Ann		Hodgeson +
Blacket		Joseph		to  Christie	McCleod
Blair		Eliza		to  Daniel	Ricketts  )
Blanchard	William		to  Johanna	Saunders
Blight		Charles		to  Grave	Stevens *
Blount		Henry		to  Ann		Collins
Bolton		Mary		to  Thomas	Bates
Booth		Hannah		to  Paul 	Crawford *
Brabazon	William		to  Margaret	Welsh +
Bridley		John		to  Ellen	Welsh +
Broof		Joseph		to  Mary	Heritage +
Brooks		Elizabeth	to  James	Radford
Brooks		Mary		to  John	Bryan |
Brown		Elizabeth	to  William	Holt *
Brown		Richard		to  Ann 	Kennedy *
Brown		Thomas		to  Maria	Davis
Brown		William		to  Ann		Ward )
Broxham		Edward		to  Ann		McKenzie
Bryan		John		to  Mary 	Brooks  |
Burke		Eliza		to  David	Compte

Calton		Edgar		to  Bridget	Quinn  |
Campbell	Ann		to  Joseph	Alderson +
Carroll		Margaret	to  George	Staff
Cartmell	Mary		to  David	Holt *
Caston		Benjamin Wm	to  Ann		Forsyth +
Chapman		James		to  Matilda	Gillingham +
Charlon		Jane		to  James	Yarrow
Clarkeson	Ellen		to  Edwin	Turner
Clayton		William		to  Mary	Connor +
Clines		Mary Ann	to  Frederick	Saunders  )
Collins		Ann		to  Henry	Blount
Collins		Ann		to  William	Amer +
Compte		David		to  Eliza	Burke
Connor		Mary		to  William	Clayton +
Cook		Mary		to  Jacob 	Waite  )
Cox		John		to  Ann		Gardiner
Crawford	Paul		to  Hannah	Booth *

Dale		Sarah		to  Edward	Siggings +
Daley		Maria		to  John	Williams  )
Davies		John		to  Martha 	Lock *
Davis		Maria		to  Thomas	Brown
Denyar		Daniel		to  Sophia	Mendozer  )
Dundas		Alexander	to  Sarah	Herod
Dundas		Charlotte	to  Hugh	Gorman +
Dunn		Bridget		to  George	Moody  )
Dunn		Mary		to  George	Wilshaw *
Dunn		Samuel		to  Mary Ann	Smith *

Edwards		Charles		to  Mary	Hart *
Edwards		Margaret	to  Edward  	Hughes +
Edwards		Robert		to  Mary	Power
Elliker		Ann		to  Joseph	Akers
Elliston	Robert		to  Eleanor	Sullivan
Erle		Thomas		to  Hannah 	Wallace
Esp		Sarah		to  William	Kerr
Evans		Edward		to  Eliza	Redman *
Ewan		Mary		to  James	Heath

Fairhurst	Eliza		to  Thomas	Smith  |
Fisher		Ambrose		to  Ann		Langdon
Forsythe	Ann		to  Benj	Caston +
Fowler		William		to  Mary	Odeland
Freeth		Louisa		to  William	Stevens  )
Fryer		Sarah		to  Robert	Tyrer *
Fulford		William		to  Ann		Hanion *

Gale		Mary		to  Joseph	Benjamin
Gardiner	Ann		to  John	Cox
Gibbons		Edward		to  Ann		Worthington +
Gillingham	Matilda		to  James	Chapman +
Gorman		Hugh		to  Charlotte	Dundas +
Granger		William		to  Mary	Fitzgerald
Grant		Grace		to  William	Howell  |
Greaghan	Mary		to  David 	Hardcastle +
Gregg		Elizabeth	to  William	Anderson
Guthrie		Ann		to  James	Sent

Hair		William		to  Marian	McMillan
Hanion		Ann		to  William	Fulford *
Hardcastle	David		to  Mary	Greaghan +
Harding		William		to  Jane	Hillyard +
Hart		Henry		to  Sarah	Rose
Hart		Mary		to  Charles	Edwards *
Harvey		John		to  Mary Ann	Williams
Harvey		Stephen		to  Eliza	Warner  )
Harwood		Henry		to  Ann		Kelly +
Heath		James		to  Mary	Ewan
Heritage	Mary		to  Joseph	Broof +
Herod		Sarah		to  Alex	Dundas 
Herodd		Sarah		to  James	Lovett *
Hill		Thomas		to  Elizabeth	Knowles  )
Hillyard	Jane		to  William	Harding +
Hitchmore	John		to  Catherine	Robinson *
Hodgeson	Ann		to  James	Binks +
Holden		John		to  Ann		Williams +
Holt		David		to  Mary	Cartmell *
Holt		William		to  Elizabeth	Brown *
Horton		Rachael		to  Frederick	Thelwell  )
Howell		William		to  Grace	Grant  |
Hughes		Edward		to  Margaret	Edwards +

Ingham		Henry		to  Catherine	Ritchie +
Irwin		Elizabeth	to  Abraham	Spritely +
Ives		George		to  Mary	Kenney  )

Jarvis		Fanny		to  Thomas	Weldon +
Jarvis		Thomas		to  Susanna	Qinn
Jepson		John		to  Julia	St Clair Newman +

Kelly		Ann		to  Henry	Harwood +
Kennedy		Ann		to  Richard	Brown *
Kenney		Mary		to  George 	Ives  )
Kerr		William		to  Sarah	Esp
Knowles		Elizabeth	to  Thomas	Hill  )

Langdon		Ann		to  Ambrose	Fisher
Lewis		Harriet		to  William	Salter
Lock		Martha		to  John	Davies *
Lovett		James		to  Sarah	Herrod *
Luttman		Joseph		to  Mary 	Lynch +
Lynch		Mary		to  Joseph	Luttman +

McArthur	Alice		to  Robert	Threkheld +
McKenzie	Ann		to  Edward	Broxham
McLeod		Christie	to  Josephn	Blackett
McMillan	Marian		to  William	Hair

Madden		Bridget		to  William	Barker
Marsh		Joseph		to  Mary Ann 	Nicholls  )
Marvel		Charles		to  Ann		Day
Mendoza		Sophia		to  Daniel	Denyer  )
Mitchell	George		to  Mary Ann	Pye +
Molineaux	William		to  Ann		Ure *
Moody		George		to  Bridget	Dunn  )
Moody		John		to  Bridget	O'Leary  )
Morriss		Letitia		to  Henry	Ship
Mortlock	John		to  Mary	Smith
Mullighan	Mary Ann	to  William	Topham  )

Newman		Julia		to  John	Jepson +
Nicholls	Mary Ann	to  Joseph	Marsh  )
Nye		Charles		to  Mary 	Adams *

Odeland		Mary		to  William	Fowler
O'Leary		Bridget		to  John	Moody  )

Penman		Jane		to  Webber	Scales +
Power		Mary		to  Robert	Edwards
Pye		Mary Ann	to  George	Mitchell +

Quinn		Susanna		to  Thomas	Jarvis

Radford		James		to  Elizabeth	Brooks
Redman		Eliza		to  Edward	Evans *
Ricketts	Daniel		to  Eliza	Blair  )
Ritchie		Catherine	to  Henry 	Ingham +
Roberts		Mary		to  William	Williams
Robinson	Catherine	to  John	Hitchmore *
Rose		Sarah		to  Henry	Hart
Russell		George		to  Susan 	Wanford +
Ryan		Sarah		to  Robert	Samuel  |

Salter		William		to  Harriet	Lewis
Samuel		Robert		to  Sarah	Ryan  |
Sandy		James		to  Martha	Ware +
Saunders	Frederick	to  Mary Ann 	Cline  )
Saunders	Johanna		to  William	Blanchard
Scales		Webber		to  Jane	Penman +
Scholes		THomas		to  Mary Ann	Smith  +
Sent		James		to  Ann		Guthrie
Sheldon		Ann		to  John	Wakeman  )
Ship		Henry		to  Letitia	Morris
Siggings	Edward		to  Sarah	Dale +
Sim		Mary		to  John	Taylor +
Smith		Mary		to  John	Mortlock
Smith		Mary Ann	to  Thomas	Scoles +
Smith		Mary Ann	to  Samuel 	Dunn *
Smith		Thomas		to  Eliza	Fairhurst  |
Spritely	Abraham		to  Elizabeth	Irwin +
Staff		Geo		to  Margaret	Carroll +
Steel		William		to  Ann 	Ward +
Stevens		Grace		to  Charles 	Blight *
Stevens		William		to  Louisa	Freeth  )
Sullivan	Eleanor		to  Robert	Elliston

Tassekk		Blanch		to  John	Abell
Thelwell	Frederick	to  Rachael	Horton  )
Threkheld	Robert		to  Alice	McArthur +
Topham		WIlliam		to  Mary Ann	Mullighan  )
Turner		Edwin		to  Ellen	Clarkson
Taylor		John		to  Mary	Sim +
Tyrer		Robert		to  Sarah	Fryer *

Ure		Ann		to  William	Molineaux *

Waite		Jacob		to  Mary	Cook  )
Wakeman		John		to  Ann		Sheldon  )
Wallace		Hannah		to  Thomas	Erle
Walton		Sarah		to  John	Watson +
Wanford		Susan		to  George	Russell +
Ward		Ann		to  William	Steel +
Ward		Ann		to  William	Brown  )
Ware		Martha		to  James	Sandy +
Warner		Eliza		to  Stephen	Harvey  )
Warrington	Samuel		to  Eleanor	Wilson
Watson		John		to  Sarah	Walton +
Whatley		Henry		to  Maria	Whotrill  |
Whotrill	Maria		to  Henry	Whatley  |
Weldon		Thomas		to  Fanny 	Jarvis +
Welsh		Ellen		to  John	Bridley +
Welsh		Margaret	to  William	Brabazon +
Wicks		John		to  Mary Ann	Williams *
Williams	Ann		to  John	Holden +
Williams	John		to  Maria 	Daley  )
Williams	Mary Ann	to  John 	Harvey
Williams	Mary Ann	to  John	Wicks *	
Williams	Thomas		to  Janet 	McKean *
Williams	William		to  Mary	Roberts
Wilshaw		George		to  Mary	Dunn *
Wilson		Eleanor		to  Samuel	Warrington
Wilson		Hannah		to  William	Benton

Yarrow		James		to  Jane	Charlon

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