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Hawker's & Carrier's Licences. Tasmania.1842

A list of names of those people issed with Hawkers or Carriers licences in Tasmania
in 1842, as was published in the Hobart Town Gazette and transcribed by Betty Joyner
who has kindly given her permission for the index to be published here at Genseek.
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Name			   Paperdate    Residence
				 	/Licence Type  
			   yyyyddmm     c=carriers.
					H = hawkers
       					e = expired
HASLAM WILLIAM             18420101	LAUNCESTON H                                                                        
PRINCE JOHN                18420101	LAUNCESTON H                                                                  
JONES JOHN                 18420101	LAUNCESTON H                                                                         
LONGHURST JOHN             18420101	HOBART     H                                                                         
THOMPSON HENRY             18420101	HOBART     H                                                                           
LYALL ROBERT               18420101	WESTBURY   C                                           
ANDREWS EDWARD             18420101	BOTHWELL   C                                           
MANSFIELD WILLIAM          18420101	HAMILTON   C                                           
JOHNSTON MARGARET          18420702	HOBART     H                                                  
GROSS CHARLES              18420702	LAUNCESTON H                                                  
WEBB RICHARD               18420702	LONGFORD   C                                       
WRIGHT GEORGE              18420702	ROSS       C                                       
MCKEONE DUDLEY             18420702	HAMILTON   C                                          
PHILLIPS SAMUEL            18420702	PERTH      C                                       
LANE JAMES                 18420703	HAMILTON   C                                         
JACOB PETER                18420703	LONGFORD   C                                       
LAKE HENRY                 18420703	HOBART     H                                                                        
KEVILLE ROBERT             18420703	HOBART     H                                                                       
ALEXANDER ABRAHAM          18420703	LAUNCESTON H                                                                        
LAUGHLIN COLEMAN           18420703	AVOCA	   E                                                             
COPPING JAMES              18420703	CAMPBELL TOWN-E
RUSSELL JOHN               18420703	HOBART	   E                                          
BINKS JAMES                18420205	HOBART     H                                                
MORRIN TIMOTHY             18420205	HOBART     H                                                                        
CASS JOHN ALIAS JOHN SMITH 18420205	LONGFORD   H                                                                         
FISHER ANN                 18420205	LONGFORD   H                                                                          
WOODMAN WILLIAM            18420205	LAUNCESTON H                                                                       
PERRIN LAWRENCE            18420205	LAUNCESTON H                                                                        
LOVEDAY CHARLES            18420205	LAUNCESTON H                                                                         
BOUKETT JAMES              18420205	LONGFORD   C                                       
STACEY ASHA JOHN GAD       18420205	HAMILTON   C                                     
COUSINS RICHARD            18420205	HAMILTON   C                                     
WILLIAMS CHARLES           18420205	HAMILTON   C                                       
MOORHOUSE ALFRED           18423105	AVOCA      C                                    
BYGRAVE GEORGE             18423105	LONGFORD   C                                       
THOMAS CHARLES             18423105	LAUNCESTON C                                      
SUTTON CHARLES             18423105	OATLANDS   C                                        
WEBBERLY ISAAC             18423105	HAMILTON   C                                     
MAIKLEN ROBERT             18423105	CAMPBELL TOWN C                                   
PURTON SHADRACH            18423105	WESTBURY   C                                       
HARRIS JAMES               18423105	LAUNCESTON H                                          
JOSEPHS MOSES              18423105	LAUNCESTON H                                                                       
JACOBS ISAAC               18423105	CAMPBELL T H                                                                    
LEVY SAMUEL                18423105	LAUNCESTON H                                                                    
CLAYTON MATTHEW            18423105	HOBART     H                                                                   
SMITH GEORGE               18423105	HOBART     H                                                                          
WHYLD MORRIS               18423105	LAUNCESTON H                                                                    
SAVAGE WILLIAM             18423105	LONGFORD   C                             
CATO WILLIAM               18423105	RICHMOND   C                                         
TEETHAM GEORGE             18423105	HAMILTON   C                                         
COUSINS RICHARD            18423105	HAMILTON   C                                         
FELLOWS GEORGE             18423105	CAMPBELL T C                                      
HUTCHINSON H S             18423105	LONGFORD   C                                   
MCKEONE DUDLEY             18420407	HAMILTON   C                                        
CLAYTON MATTHEW            18420407	HAMILTON   C                                      
CROUCH JOSEPH              18420407	LONGFORD   H                                              
CAMPBELL HENRY             18420407	LONGFORD   H                                                                        
JONES THOMAS               18420407	MORVEN     H                                                                       
BROWN WILLIAM              18420407	HOBART     H                                                                       
BUMPSTEAD WILLIAM          18420407	HOBART     H                                                                      
SOLOMON SIMON              18420407	HOBART     H                                                                       
BAINBRDIGE ROBERT          18420407	LAUNCESTON H                                                                        
KNEALE JOHN                18420407	LAUNCESTON H                                                                        
HAYES ANN                  18420108	LAUNCESTON H                                                                      
SMITH THOMAS               18420108	HOBART     H                                                                         
SPENCER JAMES              18420108	CAMPBELL T H                                                                     
JAMES GOERGE               18420108	HOBART     H                                                                        
TAYLOR THOMAS              18420108	HOBART     H                                                                        
MUNDAY GEORGE              18420108	HOBART     H                                                                        
HARGRAVES JOHN             18420108	HOBART     H                                                                      
HAWKINS THOMAS             18420108	HOBART     H                                                                    
BLOOR RICHARD              18420108	LAUNCESTON   C                                       
BRAMWELL GEORGE            18420108	HOBART       C                                       
WOODWARD JOHN              18420108	RICHMOND     C                                       
COOPER GEORGE              18420108	HAMILTON     C                                       
BASSETT THOMAS             18420108	PERTH        C                                      
JOHNSON THOMAS             18420108	PERTH        C                                        
COOPER GEORGE              18420509	HAMILTON     C                                        
JOHNSON THOMAS             18420509	PERTH        C                                         
JACOBS BENJAMIN            18420509	RICHMOND     C                                       
STEVENSON JOHN             18420509	HOBART       C                                         
HANGAN JAMES               18420509	HAMILTON     C                                          
MANN ANTHONY               18420509	NEW NORFOLK  C                                          
WRIGHT GEORGE              18420509	ROSS         H                                                                      
PETTIFORD HENRY            18420509	HOBART       H                                                                       
BELASCO SAMUEL             18420509	NEW NORFOLK  H                                                                    
CARLOW FRIEND              18420509	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                   
PERRIN LAWRENCE            18420509	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                        
JONES JOSEPH               18420509	HOBART       H                                                                       
LAMB FRANCIS               18420509	HOBART       H                                                                      
PARKER JAMES               18420509	OATLANDS     H                                                                  
AWAAN JOHN                 18420509	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                    
HART ROBERT                18420509	HOBART       H                                                                
BURRELL JOHN               18420509	HOBART       H                                                                   
GOODMAN TEMPLE             18420509	HOBART       H                                                                   
ABBISTON JOHN              18420509	HOBART       H                                                                    
HANNIFORD WILLIAM S        18420509	HOBART       H                                                                   
STEPHENS HENRY             18420711	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                    
JACOBS JOHN L              18420711	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                       
COLLINS MARTIN             18420711	HOBART       H                                                                     
MCCALL JOHN                18420711	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                       
MILES ISAIAH               18420711	HOBART       H                                                                       
GEORGE RICHARD             18420711	LAUNCESTON   H                                                                        
JACK ALEXANDER             18420711	HOBART       H                                                                      
BENJAMIN HENRY             18420711	HOBART       H                                                                   
BARRETT JOHN               18420711	LONGFORD     H                                                                      
MITTON WALTER              18420711     HOBART       H                                                                      
SOLOMON MAURICE            18420711     HOBART       H                                                                        
SMITH WILLIAM              18420711     HOBART       H                                                                  
OSBORNE JAMES              18420711    	HOBART       H                                                                  
CRAIG JOHN                 18420711     LONGFORD     H                                                                     
COOPER CHARLES             18420711     LONGFORD    C                                         
HENDRICK GEORGE            18420711     HOBART      C                                       
WEBB DANIEL                18420711     AVOCA       C                                     
HARTNELL WILLIAM           18420711     LONGFORD    C                                       
LAMBERT JAMES              18420711     AVOCA       C                                      
SAWYER WILLIAM             18421212     AVOCA       C                                   
LEVY GEORGE                18421212     LAUNCESTON  H                                                                     
WOODROW THOMAS             18421212	HOBARTOWN   H                                                                    
SOMERFIELD CHARLES WILLM   18421212     LAUNCESTON  H                                                                   
PLATT GEORGE               18421212     HOBARTOWN   H                                                                       
FUSE FREDERICK             18421212     HOBARTOWN   H                                                                    
BARNET JOSEPH              18421212     HOBARTOWN   H                                                                  
SMALLWOOD JOSEPH           18421212     HOBARTOWN   H                                                                       
SQUIRES THOMAS             18421212     HOBARTOWN   H                                                                
SAMS JOHN                  18421212     HOBARTOWN   H                                                                     
TYLER JOHN                 18421212     LAUNCESTON  H                                                                        
MARKS GEORGE               18421212     LAUNCESTON  H                                                                       
LORD SAMUEL                18421212     HOBART      H                                                                    
GIBBS WILLIAM              18421212     OATLANDS    H                                                                     
MYERS GODFREY              18421212     HOBART      H                                                                        
ADAMS JOHN                 18421212     LAUNCESTON  H                                                                       
ROBINSON CHARLES           18421212     WESTBURY     C                                  
MOXHAM JOHN                18421212     HAMILTON     C                                       
HENDRICK GEORGE            18421212     HOBARTOWN    C                                   
LAMBERT JAMES              18421212     AVOCA        C                               
PADFIELD JOB               18421212     CAMPBELLTOWN C