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Tipperary Lease & Landholders
1838 and 1839
(from Voter's Registers)

for the Districts of Nenagh,Clonmel and Cashel,
and Boroughs of Clonmel and Cashel.

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In Tipperary it was necessary for men to meet certain qualifications to secure their right to vote (which usually included leasing or owning land to a certain value). As part of the proceedure of ensuring their right to vote,if they wished to take part in the election of a member (or members) for Parliament it was necessary for them to attend nominated Quarter Session's sittings and register their intent to vote. A Register was then compiled by the Clerk of Courts of all those men intending to vote. These Registers were then sometimes copied into local newspapers.
Jenny Fawcett has compiled indexes to those men intending to vote in 1838 and 1839,as published in a Tipperary newspaper, which has created a list of land and leaseholders for the Divisions of Nenagh, Cashel and Clonmel, and the Boroughs of Cashel and Clonmel.
These indexes give an indication of landowners and leaseholders in a particular region.
They cannot be confidently used as a true indication of all land/lease holders in the district, as some men may have chosen not to exercise their right to vote (for a variety of reasons), and many would have had their applications challenged and/or rejected, if they did not meet the necessary qualifications (including the value of their leasehold).Alternatively if a man owned land in several districts,he might (?Improperly)register to vote in each of those regions and thus show up on several rolls:) e.g. John Ryan who lived at Boulick, might own lands in Boulick and lease lands at Ballina, so he might register at both towns of Nenagh and Thurles with intent to vote,and therefore he will show up twice in voting rolls.
A man did not have to live in the region he intended to vote in, he simply had to own or lease land to a certain value.(eg.Thomas Power who lives in Springfield, Co Waterford, owns lands in the Nenagh division of Co Tipperary. At the elections he has the right to vote, as he is a land owner. )
Also, in 1839 many men had to re-register for the right to vote, so these indexes might show both registrations.Also,these indexes are made up of several published lists, and sometime reflect the former registration of an applicant.
The usual format for the information given in relation to the voters was:(eg)
Surname:	Addis
Firstname:	Thomas
Occupation:	Farmer
Place:		Cramps Castle
		Lands Townland of Cramps Castle
Baroney:	Middlethird.
Qualification:	As a Freeholder  (10)

Index No:	Borough/Division

01		1839.Tipperary County 	
		(mostly farmers/landholders & some Tipperary businessmen)

02		1839.Cashel Borough    	
		(businessmen/tradesmen & farmers of Cashel town)	
04		1839.Cashel Division   	
		(mostly farmers in surrounding districts )	
03		1839.Nenagh Division  
		(most all farmers/landholders in farming districts)

05		1839.Clonmel Borough 	
06		1839.Clonmel Division 	
		(mostly farmers, unless otherwise noted)