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The following index is a list of passengers taken from the Launceston Advertiser for the year 1830.
Many of the references are for passengers to and from New South Wales, and also to Western Australia,and NewZealand.
A lot of people where also returning to England/Scotland, and elsewhere. If there is an intended point of arrival this does not always mean that is where the person disembarked, as many of the vessels stopped at several ports on the way to their destined point of arrival.

More Information regarding status,dates,nature of vessel, port etc can be obtained from


Surname				Ship			Arrivl/Dept
Adams		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Adams		Miss		Resource		to Tas
Aird		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Alice		Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Allen		Mr		Friendship		to Tas
Allen 		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Allen		W		Lady of the Lake	to W.A
Alord		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Anderson	Dr.W.[RN]	Bussorah Merchant	to Tas
Anderson	Dr.[RN]		Bussorah Merchant	to WA
Anderson	S		Lang			to Tas
Arnold		Mr [D.A.C.G]	Mary			to Tas
Ash		J		Juno			to Syd
Ashton		J		Norval			to Tas
Axford		William		Wanstead		to Tas

Ball		Mr & Mrs	Manlius			to Tas
Ball		Lt		Manlius			to Tas
Bankier		Mr		Nancy			to Tas
Barclay		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Barker		Wm		Henry			to Tas
Bartlett	Edmund		Resolution		to Tas
Barton		William		Resolution		to Tas
Bates		Lt		James Pattison		to Madras
Beales		Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Beasemore	Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Bell		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Bell		Mr		Medway			to Syd
Bell		S		Lang			to Tas
Bennet		Mrs & Ch	Eagle			to Tas
Bethune		Mrs		George			to Tas
Bethune		W.A		George			to Tas
Betts		Harriet		Resource		to Tas
Bevan		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	George Canning		to Tas
Bevitt		William		Henry			to Tas
Billinger	Mr		George Canning		to Tas
Bingham		James		Henry			ex Tas
Bird		T		Friendship		to C.H	
Bisbone		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Bishop		James		Thompson		to W.A
Blackman	Mr & Mrs & fam	Janet Izat		to Tas
Blair		Alf		Vittoria		to Tas
Blair		Capt		Vittoria		to Tas
Blair		David		Wanstead		to Tas
Blair		Miss		Norval			to Tas
Blair		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Blanchard	E		Deveron			to Syd
Blaxland	Mr		Lang			to Syd
Blaxland	W		George			to Syd
Bligh		Robert		Lang			to Tas
Boardman	Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Born		Mr		Juno			to Tas
Bowling		Mr		Deveron			to Syd
Boxer		J		Greenock		to Tas
Boyce		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Boyes		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Bradley		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Bragg		Mrs		Chatham			to Lond
Brenand		Mr		Juno			ex Tas
Briggs		Capt John	Elizabeth		to Syd
Briton		Lt		Elizabeth		to Tas
Brodie		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Brodie		R & D		Greenock		to Tas
Broughton	Archdeacon	Crocodile		to Tas
Broughton	Archdeacon	Crocodile		to Syd
Brown		Abraham		Wellington		to Tas
Brown		J		Resource		to Tas
Brown		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Brown		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Brown		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Brown		Martha		Wellington		to Tas
Brown		Moses		Wellington		to Tas
Bourke		D		Norval			to Tas
Bourke		Mr & Mrs	Norval			to Tas
Bourke		Cath & 2ch	Elizabeth		to Lau
Bourke		William		Elizabeth		to Lau
Boys		Mr		Mary			to Tas
Braithwaite	Mr & Mrs	Arab			to Tas
Brenand		T		Norval			to Tas
Breton		Lt		Royal George		ex Tas
Briscott	W.H		Juno			to Tas
Brown		John		Bombay			to Lon
Brown		Mr		Enterprise		to Syd
Brown		Mr		Janet Izat		to Tas
Brown		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Brown		Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Browne		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Browne		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Brownhill	Mr & Mrs & 2ch	Warrier			to Tas
Bryan		John		William			to WA
Bryan		Messrs		William			to WA
Bryan		Mr		of Glenore		to WA
Bryan		Samuel		William			to WA
Buchanan	Mr		Bee			to Tas
Bullingham	Mrs & ch	Resolution		to Tas
Bunney		Mrs & 4 ch	Henry			to Tas
Bunney		Mrs & fam	Henry			to Syd
Burdekin	Mr		Medway			to Tas
Burke		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	Friendship[see Bourke]	to C.H
Burke		Mr & Mrs & 4ch	Wellington		to Tas
Burnett		Jane		Henry			to Tas
Burnett		Mrs		Royal George		ex Tas
Burns		John		Friendship		to Tas
Burns		Mr		Nancy			to Tas
Buscombe	Mr		Resource		to Tas

Cable		J		Nancy			ex W.A
Callachan	Mr & Mrs	Medway			to Tas
Cameron		Dr.C[Supt Surg]	David			to Tas
Cameron		Mr		Ceylon			to Tas
Cameron		Mr & mrs & ch	George Canning		to Tas
Cameron		William		Henry			to Tas
Campbell	A		Greenock		to Tas
Campbell	C.		America			to London
Campbell	Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Campbell	Master		Resource		to Tas
Carpenter	J		Prince Regent		to Syd
Capon		Mrs		Prince Regent		to London
Carvossa	Rev & Mrs & 5ch Lady Harewood		ex Tas
Castle		Morris		Deveron			to Syd
Cathcart	George		Dragon			to Tas
Cathcart	George		Dragon			ex Tas
Chapman		Mr & Mrs	Arab			to NZ
Chapman		Mr & Mrs	Arab			ex Tas
Charlton	A		Surry			to Tas
Chilcote	Mr & Mrs & 4 ch	Eagle			to Tas
Chiver		G		Lang			to Tas
Clark		Mr		Juno			to Tas
Clark		Mrs		Friendship		to Tas
Clarke		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Clarke		Miss.M.A	Elizabeth		to Tas
Codd		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Cole		Mr & Mrs	Elizabeth		to Tas
Cooley		Thos		Nancy			to Tas
Cooper		Mr		Clyde			to Tas
Cooper		Thos & 2 ch	Wanstead		to Tas
Cobb		Mr & Mrs	Arab			ex Tas
Coker		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Collett		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Colter		Mr		Juno			to Tas
Compton		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Condall		Mr & Mrs & fam	Prince Leopold		to Tas
Connor		Mr		Friendship		to C.H
Cooper		Lt.D		Clyde			to Tas
Cope		George		Juno			to Tas
Cope		Mr & Mrs	Juno			to Tas
Coulston	Mr		Resource		to Tas
Cox		Miss Agnes.B	Chatham			to Lond
Cox		J.E		Chatham			to Lond
Crocker		John		Wanstead		ex Tas
Craine		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Crook		J		Norval			to Tas
Croul		J		Mary			ex Tas
Cummings	Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Cunge		Mr		Lion			to Tas
Cunningham	Mr		Norval			to Tas
Curr		D.A.C.G 	Henry			to Tas
Curr		Edward		Fanny			to Lau
Curr		Edm		Friendship		to C.H
Curr		Mrs & ch	Henry			to Tas
Curson		Mr		Prince Regent		to Tas
Cursons		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Curtis		John		Thompson		to W.A
Curtis		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Cuthburt	Mr		Bee			to Tas

Daniels 	Dr		Nancy			to Syd
Darley		Lt		Southwark		to Tas
Darley		Mr & Mrs	Warrier			to Tas
Darlin		Lt		Arab			ex Tas
Davis		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Davis		Rev.R		Wanstead		to Tas
Dawe		Mr		Lang			to Tas
Day		James		Elizabeth		to Lau
Dean		Mr		Ceylon			to Tas
Delittle	Mr & Mrs & 8ch	Cleopatra		to Tas
Denham		J		Lang			to Tas
Dent		T		Elizabeth		to Tas
Dent		T		Elizabeth		to Syd
Dixon		Mr & Mrs & 5ch	Medway			to Tas
D'Lancey	Capt		Ceylon			to Tas
Donal		Mrs		America			to Lond
Dow		Mrs & ch	Prince Regent		ex Tas
Dow		Miss		Warrier			to Tas
Dow		J		Warrier			to Tas
Dowdle		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Dowling		H & Miss	Lang			to Tas
Drought		Rev		Lang			to Tas
Drummon		Dr John.R.N	Prince Regent		to Tas
Dudley		Mrs & 1 ch	Cleopatra		to Tas
Dugan		T & Mrs		Greenock		to Tas
Dunbar		Ensign		Mary			to Tas
Duncan		Donald		Greenock		to Tas
Duncan		James		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
Duncan		James		Resolution		to Syd
Dunn		Supt Surg	Dunvegan Castle		to Tas
Dunningham	J		Mary			ex Tas
Dwyer		Mrs		Resource		to Tas

Elkin		Mr & Mrs	Arab			to Syd
Elkin		Mr & Mrs	Arab			ex Tas
Elliot		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Ellis		Mr		Wanstead		to Tas
Embleton	Mrs		Royal George		ex Tas
Emsley		Miss 		Wanstead		to Tas
England		John		William			to WA
Erskine		Lt		Elizabeth		to WA
Espie		Robert [Surg]	Mary			to Tas
Espie		Dr		Mary			ex Tas
Everard		Lt		Wanstead		to Tas
Everard		Lt		Royal George		ex Tas

Fairclough	Major		James Pattison		to Tas
Farnel		Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Fawkes		Lt		Ceylon			to Tas
Fenton		H & ch		Nancy			ex W.A
Fletcher	Mr & Mrs 1 ch	Eagle			to Tas
Flude		Thomas		William			to WA
Fodden		James		Prince Regent		to London
Fossey		Mr		Fanny			to Lau
Foster		Capt [63rd]	James Pattison		to Tas
Frampton	Mr		Resource		to Tas
France		Dr		Lady Harewood		ex Tas
Frazer		Capt & wife	James Pattison		to Tas
Frazier		Capt		Prince Regent		to Tas
Frazier		Mrs		Prince Regent		to Tas
Frazier		Capt		Deveron			to Syd
Frazier		Mrs		Deveron			to Syd
Freestone	Charles		Nancy			ex W.A
Freestone	Edm		Nancy			ex W.A
French		Mr		Mary			to Tas
Friend		Daniel		Wanstead		to Tas
Friend		Mrs.M.C		Wanstead		ex Tas
Fry		Lt		Medway			to Syd
Fuller		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Fulman		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas

Gale		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Galloway	John		William			to WA
Gardmier	J [gardner?]	Lion			to Tas
Garrett		Mrs		Wave			to Syd
Garrett		Thomas		Wanstead		to Tas
Gellibrand	Mr [snr]	Wanstead		to Tas
Gellibrand	J.T		charters Elizabeth	to WA
George		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Gibbons		Wm		Lang  [2 refs]		to Syd
Gilbert		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Gilbert		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	Mary			to Tas
Gilham		Mary		Resource		to Tas
Gilham		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Gilpin		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Gitliff?	Micheal		Friendship		to C.H
Gloster		G.L		Wanstead		ex Tas
Glover		Mr					to WA
Goldie		Alex		Volusia			ex Tas
Goldsmith	George		Juno			to Tas
Goldsmith	Capt & Mrs & 2	Elizabeth		ex Tas
Goodall		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Goodman		H		Lang			to Tas
Goodsir		Dr		Royal George		to Tas
Goodwin		B		Nancy			ex W.A
Goodwin		J		Harlequin		to Syd
Gordon		J		Lang			to Tas
Gordon		T		Medway			to Tas
Gore		Mr.T		Henry			to Syd
Gore		Mrs		Henry			to Tas
Graham		Robert		Wanstead		to Tas
Graham		Robert		Wanstead		ex Tas
Gray		Mrs & 2ch	Lang			to Tas
Green		Charles		Arab			to Tas
Greenwood	M		Nancy			ex W.A
Griffin		G		Nancy			to Syd
Griffiths	James		Resolution		to Syd
Griffiths	Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Griffiths	Mrs John & 2 ch	Henry			ex Tas
Griffiths	Mrs Eliza & 2ch Henry			to Tas
Griffiths	Thos		Wanstead		to Tas
Griffiths	T		Britannia		to Syd
Gronet		Juan		Enterprise		to Syd
Gunn		Mr & Mrs & ch	Greenock		to Tas
Gunn		Mr & Mrs	Prince Leopold		to Tas
Gurden		Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Gurragorie	Mr		Dunvegan Castle		to Sth America

Hamilton	George		Lucy Davidson		to Tas
Hamilton	Mr & Mrs	Warrier			to Tas
Hamilton	Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Hamilton	William		Henry			to Tas
Hanks		Mary		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
Harper		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Harper		John		America			to Lond
Harrol		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Hartley		D		Henry			to Tas
Harvey		J		Deveron			to Syd
Harvie		Mrs		Greenock		to Tas
Hawker		Stephen		William			to WA
Hayden		P		Arab			to Syd
Haywood		Mr		Wanstead		to Tas
Hayward		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Hazelby		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	George Canning		to Tas
Heaton		Mrs & 6 ch	Friendship		to Tas
Henderson	Mr		Friendship		to C.H
Henrick		Mrs		George Canning		to Syd
Heriot		Miss		William			to Tas
Hesdie		Srgt & wife	Wave			to Syd
Heyden		Mr		Arab			ex Tas
Hickley		J		Norval			to Tas
Hilns		T		Medway			to Tas
Hindley		G		Mary			ex Tas
Hine		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Hobley		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Hobson		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Hodges		Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Hodgkinson	Mr & Mrs	Lang			to Syd
Hodgkinson	Miss x 2	Lang			to Tas	
Hodgkinson	Mr J & 3ch	Lang			to Tas
Hogg		Lt		Deveron			to Syd
Holdship	Mr		Nancy			ex W.A
Holman		James		Flora			to Tas
Hone		Mrs & ch	Warrier			to Tas
Hopkins		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Hopkins		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Hopkins		Mr & Mrs	Arab			to Tas
Horby		Mr		Medway			to Syd
Horne		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	William			to Tas
Houghton	James		Resolution		to Tas
Houghton	James		Resolution		to Tas
Hughes		Mr & Mrs & dau	Deveron			to Syd
Hughes		Mrs		Mary			ex Tas
Husley		C		Lang			to Tas
Hutchens	Capt		Medway			to Syd
Hutchenson	Rev & Mrs & ch	William			to Tas
Hynd		Mr		Ceylon			to Tas

Indy		P		Greenock		to Tas
Inglis		Mr & Mrs	Greenock		to Tas
Innes		Mr		Resource		to Tas

Jack		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Jackson		Mr		Norval			to Tas
Jackson		Mrs		Lang			to Tas
Jacob		P		Persian			ex Tas
Jacobs		Mrs		Mary			to Tas
Jaques		W & 9		Roslyn Castle		to Syd
Jaques		Mrs[doj]	Roslyn Castle		to Syd
James		Capt Jos	Guide			to Syd
James		Capt Jos	Guide			to Tas
Jay		W		Wanstead		to Tas
Jenkins		Reubin		Friendship		to Lau
Jermot		Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Jestin		Thomas		Mary Ann		to London
Johnson		E [Supt Surg]	Manlius			to Tas
Johnson		Dr		Manlius			ex Tas
Johnston	Mr		Resource		to Tas
Jolly		Mr		Lang			to Tas
Jones		Elizabeth	Lion			ex Tas
Jones		Elizabeth	Lion			to Tas
Jones		Elizabeth	Nimrod			ex Tas
Jones		Ensign [63rd]	James Pattison		to Tas
Jones		Mr		Eagle			to Tas

Kelly		R		Nancy			ex W.A
Kennedy		M		Lady of the Lake	to W.A
Kent		Christan	Prince Regent		ex Tas
King		James		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
King		Mr		George Canning		to Tas
Kinsman		Mr & Mrs	Juno			to Tas
Kirk		A		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		E		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		A		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		A		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		M		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Kirk		Mr		Prince Leopold		to Tas
Kirk		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		R		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		S		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		S.A		Resource		to Tas
Kirk		W		Resource		to Tas
Knowles		C		Wanstead		to Tas

Laird		Mr & Miss	Wanstead		to Tas
Lamb		Mr		Lady Harewood		ex Tas
Lamb		Lt.J		Britannia		to Syd
Lambe		J		Science			to Tas
Lambert		Mr		George Canning		to Syd
Lamoy		John		Henry			to Tas
Lancy		Mr		Prince Regent		to Syd
Lander		Mr & Mrs	Janet Izat		to Tas
Langham		James		Friendship		to C.H
Large		Mr & Mrs	Janet Izat		to Tas
Laughlon	Mr		Lang			to Syd
Laurence	William		Dart			to Tas
Laurie		Mrs & Mrs& 2ch	see Lowrie
Lawless		F		Norval			to Tas
Layal		Mr		Dunvegan Castle		to Tas
Lazarus		Mr & Mrs & ch	Wave			to Syd
Leach		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Leach		Mr		Ceylon			to Tas
Lee		Mrs		Active			to Tas
Lee		Mrs		Active			ex Tas
Leslie		F.		Juno			to Tas
Lewis		Charles		Thompson		to W.A
Lewis		John		Wanstead		to Tas
Lister		Mrs & 2 ch	Wave			to Syd
Loane		Mr		Juno			to Syd
Loane		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Lockhart	Lt		Persian			to Tas
Lockyer		Lt		Ceylon			to Tas
Logan		Colonel		Royal George		to Tas
Logan		Mrs		Royal George		to Tas
Lord		John		Medway			to Tas
Lord		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Lord		Major & 3ch	Charlotte		to M.I.
Lord		Dr [Surg]	Mellish			to Tas
Lovel		John		George Canning		to Tas
Loughton	Thos		Lang			to Syd
Lowe		Lt,		Prince Regent		to London
Lowe		Mrs & Ch	Prince Regent		to London
Lowrie		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	Arab			ex Tas
Loyd		Mr		George Canning		to Tas
Ludgator	Mr & Mrs	Arab			to Tas
Ludgator	Miss		Arab			to Tas
Lumley		Mr		Lang			to Tas
Luthman		Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Lyall		Wm		Elizabeth		to Syd

McAlliston	Arch		Wanstead		to Tas
McAughnie	James		William			to WA
McClymont	John		Lucy Davidson		to Tas
McClymont	Mrs		Lucy Davidson		to Tas
McDonald	H		Lady of the Lake	to W.A
McDonald	John		Resolution		to Tas
McDonald	Mr		George			to Tas
McDonald	Mr		Vittoria		to Tas
McDonell	Mrs & 2 ch	Elizabeth		ex Tas
McFarlane	Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
McGuire		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	Cleopatra		to Tas
McKay		John		Mary Ann		to Lond
McKenzie	A		Resource		to Tas
McKenzie	G.E		Arab			ex Tas
McKenzie	Miss		Resource		to Tas
McKenzie	Mr		Resource		to Tas
McKenzie	Mr		Resource		to Tas
McKenzie	Mrs		Resource		to Tas
McLachlan	C		Elizabeth		to Syd
McLachlan	C		Lang			to Tas
McLachlan	Mr & Mrs	Elizabeth		to Tas
McLaren		J		Elizabeth		ex Tas
McLaren		Mr		Nancy			to Tas
McLean		Hugh		Mary Ann		to Lond
McLean		Mr		Dunvegan Castle		to Sth America
McLeod		Mrs & ch	Lion			to Tas
McLeod		Mrs		Lion			ex Tas
McLeod		Mrs		Lion			to Tas
McLeod		Mrs		Nimrod[see also Lion]	ex Tas
McLunnon	Mr & Mrs	Resource		to Tas
McNaughton	Mrs & Miss	Greenock		to Tas
McRae		D		Resource		to Tas
McRae		H		Resource		to Tas
McVicker	Mr & Mrs	Lang			to Tas

MacDonald	Mrs & fam	Elizabeth		to Tas
MacDougall	Miss		Norval			to Tas
Maclaine	Capt and Mrs	Charlotte		to M.I
MacPherson	Capt		David			to Tas
Maher		Mr & Mrs & 5ch	Norval			to Tas
Mahon		Capt		Medway			to Tas
Mahoney		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Mairy		Thos		Elizabeth		to Syd
Mandieba	Don.M		Ocean			ex Manilla
Manning		Margaret	Eagle			to Tas
Manton		Mr		Lang			to Syd
Mara		Mr & Mrs & 5ch	Norval			to Tas
Marsden		Samuel		Thompson		to W.A
Martin		Mr		Mary			to Tas
Mason		Lt		Britannia		to Syd
Mason		Mr		Arab			to Tas
Maughan		Capt		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
Megge		Mr & Mrs	Resolution		to Tas
Menzies		A		Science			to Tas
Menzies		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Menzies		Mr		Wave			to Syd
Miller		Rev & Mrs	Lang			to Tas
Morgan		Master		Juno			to Syd
Morley		J		Norval			to Tas
Morrison	Mr		William			to Tas
Morrison	Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Muddle		James		Persian			ex Tas
Murdoch		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Murphy		James		Friendship		to C.H
Murphy		Mrs & 3 ch	Medway			to Tas
Murray		A		Greenock		to Tas
Murray		Lt		Mary			to Tas
Murray		Mrs & 3 ch	Mary			to Tas
Myers		Mr		Ceylon			to Tas

Neil		Miss		Lady Harewood		ex Tas
Neil		Mr		Friendship		to C.H
Nettleton	Mrs & ch	Lang			to Tas
Nettleton	Mr		Medway			to Tas
Newland		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Newman		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Nichol		G		Mary			ex Tas
Nicholson	Mrs		George Canning		to Syd
Nicholson	William		Henry			to Tas
Norgate		Miss		Resource		to Tas
North		Miss		Juno			to Syd
Norton		Thos		Wanstead		to Tas
Nowlan		J		Science			to Tas
Nowlan		John		Lucy Davidson		to Tas
Nowlan		Mrs		Lucy Davidson		to Tas

O'Brien		Chris		Friendship		to Tas
O'Brien		Chris		Friendship		to C.H
O'Brien		Mrs & 4ch	Resource		to Tas
O'Connell	Mr		Medway			to Tas
O'Connell	W		Medway			to Tas
Oliver		Mr		Greenock		to Tas
Oliver		A		Nancy			ex W.A
Orgill		Mr & Mrs & dau	Warrier			to Tas
Osborne		Dr [RN]		America			to Lond
Outridge	Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Owen		Mr		George			to Tas
Oxford		Mr		Janet Izat		to Tas

Palmer		Mr & Mrs & 4 ch	Nancy			ex W.A
Park		Mr		Juno			to Tas
Parker		Mr & Mrs & 3ch	Nancy			ex W.A
Parker		W		Arab			to Tas
Parlow		Flora		Flora			ex Tas
Parlow		Mary		Flora			ex Tas
Parry		Sir Edw.& fam	William	
Passley		George		Resolution		to Tas
Parsley		Mrs & Ch	Resolution		to Tas
Passley		George		Resolution		to Syd
Passley		Joseph		Resolution		to Tas
Passley		Joseph		Resolution		to Syd
Paterson	Mr		Wave			to Syd
Payne		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Pearce		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Peat		Lt J.G		Wanstead		to Tas
Peat		Lt J.G		Volusia			ex Tas
Peddar		Lt		Orelia			to Tas
Peel		Thos		Gilmore			to W.A
Percy		Henry		Queen Charlotte		to Tas
Peters		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Petrie		Dr [Surg]	Sir Charles Forbes	to Tas
Phillips	Mr		welsh immig		to Syd
Phillips	Mr & Mrs	Nancy			ex W.A
Philpot		Miss		Wanstead		to Tas
Pitcairn	David		Greenock		to Tas
Pitchstock	James		Friendship		to C.H
Plunkett	Mrs		Persian			to Tas
Plunkett	Mrs		Persian			ex Tas
Poole		Mr.P		Nancy			ex W.A
Porter		Isabella & ch	Greenock		to Tas
Porteous	Mr		Greenock		to Tas
Pratt		Mr & Mrs	Eagle			to Tas
Pratt		Master		Eagle			to Tas
Pratt		Miss x 2	Eagle			to Tas
Price		Thos		America			to Lond
Pritchard	Miss		Bee			to Tas
Proctor		Isaac		Wanstead		to Tas
Proctor		Mr & Mrs & 6ch	Warrier			to Tas
Puddlefoot	C		Arab			to Syd
Puddlefoot	C		Arab			ex Tas
Pugh		John		William			to WA
Puncheon	Mr		Warrier			to Tas

Quinn		Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Quiros		A.N		Ocean			ex Manilla

Radcliff	Mr		Deveron			to Syd
Radcliffe	Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
Ralston		G		Lucy Davidson		to Tas
Rand		E		Lady of the Lake	to W.A
Rand		Edward		Wanstead		to Tas
Rand		Mrs.E		Mary			ex Tas
Ratcliffe	William		Juno			to Tas
Rattenbury	Mrs & 2ch	George			to Tas
Reece		Mrs & 2ch	Resolution		to Tas
Reed		Henry		Guide			to Syd
Reems 		Chas		Harlequin		to Syd
Reeves		Mr		Friendship		to Tas
Reeves		Mr& Mrs & 8ch	Friendship		to C.H
Reiby		J.H		Guide			to Tas
Reiby		James.H		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
Reiby		Thos		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
Reiby		Thos		Resolution		to Tas
Riby		Mr		Wanstead [see Reibey]	to Tas
Ridler		Mrs		Warrier			to Tas
Riley		Pat		Wanstead		to Tas
Riley		Mr		Arab			ex Tas
Ritchie		Capt		America			to Lond
Roberts		J		Nancy			to Syd
Roberts		Miss x 2	Wanstead		to Tas
Roberts		Miss		Wanstead		ex Tas
Roberts		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Roberts		Mr		Wave			to Syd
Roberts		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Roberts		Mr		Nancy			to Tas
Robinson	Mrs & 2 ch	Lang [2 refs]		to Tas
Roe		Captain		Orelia			to Tas
Romney		Capt		Sir Charles Forbes	to Tas
Rose		George		America			to Lond
Rose		Henry		Wanstead		to Tas
Rusden		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Rush		Mr & Mrs & dau	Wanstead		to Tas
Russell		Mr		Harlequin		to Syd
Russell		Mr		Wanstead		to Tas
Rutter		Mr & Mrs & 3ch	Warrier			to Tas
Ryan		Mr		Eagle			to Tas

Sams		Mr		Wanstead		to Tas
Sarson		John		Clyde			to Tas
Sarson		Mrs		Clyde			to Tas
Schofield	William		Friendship		to C.H	
Scubby		John		George Canning		to Tas
Seal		C		Lady of the Lake	to W.A
Seal		Charles		Wanstead		to Tas
Seal		Charles		Chatham			to Lond
Searl		Mrs & 4 ch	Ocean			ex Manilla
Secombe		Mrs & dau	Mary			ex Tas
Semphill	Mr & Mrs & 4ch	Warrier			to Tas
Sewell		Charles		Resolution		to Tas
Shadwell	Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Sharp		Deborah		George Canning		to Tas
Shaw		Mr [Bengal In]	James Pattison		to Tas
Shaw		Mr		Eagle			to Tas
Shelly		Mr		Juno			to Tas
Sherwin		Henry		Wanstead		to Tas
Sherwin		J		Orelia			to Tas
Sherwin		Mr [jnr]	Wanstead		to Tas
Sherwin		Mr [jnr]	Elizabeth		to WA
Shilveston	Mr		Wave			to Tas
Sieca		Ocean			ex Manilla
Simmons		J		Arab			to Syd
Simmonds	Mr [see simmons]Arab			ex Tas
Simmons		T		Nancy			ex W.A
Simms		Mr		Arab			to Tas
Sim[s]		Mr		Arab			ex Tas
Sinclair	John		Friendship		to C.H	
Slade		Lt [40th]	Lion			to Tas
Smith		H		Friendship		to C.H	
Smith		James		Arab			to Tas
Smith		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Smith		Mr		Lang	[2 refs]	to Syd
Smith		Mr		Mary			to Tas
Smith		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Smith		Mrs		Medway			to Tas
Smith		Mrs		Eagle			to Tas
Snell		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Sodgraves	Mr & Mrs	Lang			to Tas
Solomon		H		Prince Regent		to Syd
Solomon		Ikey		Prince Regent		to London
Solomon		Emanuel		Resolution		to Syd
Solomon		M		Harlequin		to Syd
Solomon		Mr		Deveron			to Tas
Solomon		Mr & Mrs	Elizabeth		to Syd
Solomon		Mrs		Resolution		to Syd
Solomon		Master		Resolution		to Syd
Southman	Mr		Vittoria		to Tas
Speak		Mrs		Norval			to Tas
Speak		Mary		Norval			to Tas
Speak		Sarah		Norval			to Tas
Speed		Col & son	Elizabeth		to Syd
Spence		Dr		Wave			to Tas
Spencer		T		Lang			to Tas
Sprent		J		Norval			to Tas
Squires		Thos		Wanstead		to Tas
Stacey		J		Prince Regent		to Tas
Stanfield	Mr & Mrs	Arab			to Tas
Steel		Mr		David			to Tas
Seiglitz	H.L		Juno			to Tas
Stenhouse	A		Greenock		to Tas
Stephenson	D		Greenock		to Tas
Stephenson	Joseph		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
Steward		A		Greenock		to Tas	
Stewart		Dr		Southward		to Tas
Stewart		K		Greenock		to Tas
Stewart		Mr & Mrs	Queen Charlotte		to Tas
Stracey		Mr		Nancy			ex W.A
Stewart		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Story		Mr & Mrs & 5 ch	Mary			to Tas
Stracey		Mr.H		Nancy			ex W.A
Stracey		Miss x 2	Nancy			ex W.A
Stubbs		F		Resource		to Tas
Stubbs		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Stubbs		M		Resource		to Tas
Sullivan	Mr & Mrs & ch	Wave			to Syd
Sutherland	Mrs		Lang			to Syd
Sutherland	Mrs		Lang			to Tas
Swanson		Capt		James Pattison		
Swayne		Gordon		George Canning		to Tas
Symonds		Mr & Mrs & fam	Janet Izat		to Tas

Tabart		Mr & Mrs	Mary			to Tas
Tabart		Miss		Mary			to Tas
Tabart		5 children	Mary			to Tas
Talbot		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Taylor		D		Science			to Tas
Thomas		E.H & son	America			to London
Thompson	Dr[Surg]	Eliza			to Tas
Thompson	James		Elizabeth		to Tas
Thorn		Mr & Mrs	Elizabeth		to Tas
Thurston	Mr		Prince Regent		to London
Todd		Col[E.I.Co]	Dunvegan Castle		to Tas
Todd		wife of Col	Dunvegan Castle		to Tas
Todd		Mr & 5 ch	Dunvegan Castle		to Tas
Todd		Mrs		Resource		to Tas
Todd		George		Chatham			to Lond
Toosey		Mr		Lang			to Tas
Tooth		Mr & Mrs	Mary			to Tas
Towers		James		America			to London
Townsend	B		Lang			to Tas
Travers		Lt		Prince Regent		to London
Tucker		Mr		Cleopatra		to Tas
Tullock		Mr		Wave			to Tas
Turner		Mr & Mrs & sn	Lang			to Tas

Von Bibra	Mrs & 5 ch	Prince Regent		to London

Waddell		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Waddington	R		Venus			to Syd
Walch		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Wales		Capt		Prince Regent		ex Tas
Wales		Mrs & son	Prince Regent		ex Tas
Walkinshaw	Mr		Resource		to Tas
Walker		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Wallace		Hamilton	Britannia		to Syd
Wallis		John		William			to Tas
Walters		Thos		Friendship		to C.H
Ward		Caroline	Juno			to Tas
Ward		D		Norval			to Tas
Ward		John		Henry			to Tas
Ward		Mary		Juno			to Tas
Ward		Mr		Warrier			to Tas
Ward		Mr & Mrs	Juno			to Tas
Ward		Thos		Juno			to Tas
Ward		William		Henry			ex Tas
Watson		Capt		Wave			to Tas
Watson		Robert		Wave			to Tas
Watson		Thomas		Wave			to Tas
Watson		A		Resource		to Tas
Watson		G		Resource		to Tas
Watson		H		Resource		to Tas
Watson		J		Resource		to Tas
Watson		Mr & Mrs	Resource		to Tas
Watson		Miss		Resource		to Tas
White		Mr		Resource		to Tas
Wedge		Mrs		Wanstead		to Tas
Wedge		Master.H	Wanstead		to Tas
Wedge		Miss x 3	Wanstead		to Tas
Wellard		Mr & Mrs & 2ch	Warrier			to Tas
Wellard		Mr [jnr]	Warrier			to Tas
Weller		Mr & Mrs	Nancy			ex W.A
Weller		Miss x 2	Nancy			ex W.A
Wells		Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Wells		Mrs		Genii			ex Tas
Wentworth	Capt		Deveron			to Syd
Wentworth	Captn & wife	Elizabeth		to Tas
Westbrook	Mrs		Prince Regent		to Hob
Westlake	Samuel		Friendship		to C.H
Whatley		Mrs & 2ch	Cleopatra		to Tas
Whick		Solomon		Persian			ex Tas
Whickham	Mr		Lang			to Tas
Whilwood	John		Friendship		to C.H
White		Joseph		Deveron			to Tas
White		Joseph		Queen Charlotte		to Syd
White		Mr		Harlequin		to Tas
White		Srgt,Mrs& 4 ch	Resolution		to Tas
White		William		Greenock		to Tas
Whitesides	Mr		Friendship		to C.H
Whitten		William		George Canning		to Tas
Whittaker	Mr		Lang			to Tas
Wilcox		Mr & Mrs & 4ch	Arab			to Tas
Wildon		Mr & Mrs & 3ch	Juno			to Tas
Williams	B		Lang			to Tas
Williams	G		Science			to Tas
Williams	John		William			to Tas
Williams	Mr		Wave			to Syd
Williams	Mrs		Active			ex Tas
Wiliams		Mrs		Wave			to Tas
Williams	Mrs & 3 ch	Dunvegan Castle		to Tas
Williams	Mr & Mrs & 3ch	Wave			to Tas
Williamson	Mr		Wave			to Syd
Willison	John,wife & 2ch	George Canning		to Tas
Willman		William		Friendship		to C.H
Wilson		Mrs		Elizabeth		to Tas
Wilson		Henry		Elizabeth		to Tas
Wilson		Mary Ann	Elizabeth		to Tas
Wilson		Mr J		Deveron			to Syd
Wilton		Wm		Elizabeth		to Syd
Wiltshire	Mr		Ceylon			to Tas
Winter		Robert		Resolution		to Tas
Wise		Mr & Mrs & ch	Wanstead		to Tas
Withers		Mr		Medway			to Tas
Wood		John		William			to Tas
Wood		W		Greenock		to Tas
Woolrabe	Mr		Tamar			to Macq.Is
Wright		C		Science			to Tas
Wright		G		Resolution		to Syd
Wright		George		Resolution		to Tas
Wright		John		Elizabeth		to Tas
Wright		Mary		Elizabeth		to Tas
Wright		Mr		Ceylon			to Tas
Wright		Mrs & 2 ch	Active			to Tas
Wright		Mrs & 2 ch	Active			ex Tas
Wyatt		W.C [Surg]	Roslyn Castle		to Syd
Wyld		Mr		Juno			to Tas
Wynn		Robert		Thompson		to W.A

Yates		Mr		Norval			to Tas
Yates		W.C		Venus			to Tas
Yates		W.C		Venus			to Syd
Yeoland		Mr		Venus			to Tas
Young		Mr		Medway			to Tas
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