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The following index is a list of passengers taken from the Advertiser, for the year 1831, for shipping inward and outward of Tasmania, (the main ports being Launceston and Hobart.)
Many of the references are for passengers to and from New South Wales, Western Australia,New Zealand. A lot of people where also returning to England/Scotland, and elsewhere. If there is an intended point of arrival this does not always mean that this is where the person disembarked, as many of the vessels stopped at several different ports on the way to and from their destined point of arrival.

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Surname				Ship			Arrivl/Dept

Abbott		William		Schnapper		to Syd
Adams		Mr		Fame			to Tas
Allen		Mrs		Hind			ex Tas
Allport		Mr & Mrs	Platina			to Tas
Ambridge	William		Thomas Laurie		to Tas
Anderson	James		Persian			to London
Andrews		Mrs [Captn]	David Owen		to Tas
Angel		William		Czar			to Tas
Armstrong	Captn		Merope			to Tas
Asson		Meeson		Hind			ex Tas
August		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas

Baker		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Ball		Mr & Mrs & ch	Platina			to Tas
Bambridge	Lt & wife	Isabella		to Tas
Barkers		Messers		Mary Ann		to Tas
Barrowcase	Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Bates		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Bates[y?]	Joseph		Thomas Laurie		to Tas
Baxter		A.M		Czar			to Tas
Baylis		W & fam		Mary Ann		to Tas
Beaumont	Mrs		Wave			ex Tas
Bell		Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Bent		Mr		Funchal			to Tas
Betts		Mr		Caroline		to Tas
Betts		Mrs		Celia			to Tas
Betts		Mr		Platina			to Tas
Blackie		William		Drummore		to Tas
Blackwell	Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Blair		A		Vittoria		to Syd
Blair		Capt		Vittoria		ex Tas
Bouchier	Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Braham		Mr		Platina			to Tas
Brennan		Micheal		Friendship		to C.H
Brennand	Mr		Renown			to Syd
Brennand	Mr		Renown			to Syd
Brennand	Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Britton		Major		William Glen Anderson	to Tas
Brock		Dr		Argyle			to Tas
Brock		Dr		Vibilia			to Tas
Brook		Lt		William Glen Anderson	to Tas
Brough		Miss		North Briton		to Tas
Brough		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Brown		James		Czar			to Tas
Brown		Mr		Fame			to Tas
Browning	Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Brown		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Brown		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Brunton		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Buchanan	Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Bunney		Mrs[Captn]& 4	Henry			to Tas
Burdekin	F		Guide			to Syd
Burke		Wm,Mrs & 2ch	Fanny			to Lau
Burnett		C		Austin			to Calc
Burnett		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Burns		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Butler		E.P		Auriga			to Tas

Cameron		J		Vittoria		to Syd
Campbell	Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Campbell	R		Thomas Laurie		to Tas
Capon		Mr		America			to Tas
Carew		Paymaster	Mary			to Tas
Carey		Mr		Drummore		to Tas
Carpenter	Mr		Mary			to Tas
Carr		Mr		Platina			to Tas
Chalmer		Robert		Fame			to Tas
Chalmbers	Mrs		Auriga			to Tas
Chapman		Mr		Funchal			to Tas
Chapman		Mr & Mrs & ch	Platina			to Tas
Clare		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Clark		C		Research		to Tas
Clark		Mr		Platina			to Tas
Clark		William		Drummore		to Tas
Clarke		Mr		David Owen		to Tas
Cleland		William		Drummore		to Tas
Clyne		Peter		Drummore		to Tas
Coffey		Mr		Research		to Tas
Coleman		Mr & Mrs & ch	Lotus			to Tas
Collins		Capt		Hind			to Tas
Collins		Mr & Mrs	Britannia		to Tas
Collins		Mr		Funchal			to Tas
Colmoy		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Colpoy		Captn		Brittania		to Tas
Cookney		Mr & Mrs	Hind			to Tas
Coombs		Richard		Czar			to Tas
Cooper		Mr & Mrs & fam	Duckenfield		to Tas
Cowper		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Cox		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Cox		Miss		Surrey			to Tas
Cox		Miss		Hind			ex Tas
Craig		Mrs & 2 ch	North Briton		to Tas
Crear		J		Drummore		to Tas
Crear		Mrs Joan & 4 ch	Drummore		to Tas
Croker		Major,Mrs & 2ch	Prince Regent		to Tas
Crombie		A		Sovereign		to Syd
Crombie		A		Mary			to Tas
Christison	Helen		Drummore		to Tas
Curr		E		Fanny			to Tas
Curry		Hugh		Czar			to Tas
Curry		Mr		Funchal			to Tas
Cushell		Mr		Nereus			to Tas

Dacre		Captn & Mrs	Surrey			to Tas
Davidson	Capt		Research		to Tas
Davidson	Mrs		Research		to Tas
Davis		Mr & Mrs	America			to Tas
Dawson		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Day		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Dean		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Demingo		Antony		Drummore		to Tas
Demmit		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Dick		Mr		Czar			to Tas
Dixon		Cap & Mrs & 4ch	Nereus			to Tas
Doclery		Mrs & ch	Mary			to Tas
Douglass	M		North Briton		to Tas
Dow		Mr & Mrs & ch	Friendship		to C.H
Dow		James,Mrs & 2ch	Fanny			ex C.H
Dowling		Rec & sister	Mary Ann		to Tas
Doyle		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Driscoll	Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Drury		Mr		Henry			to Tas
Duncan		Mr		Nereus ex W.A to	to Port Louis
Duncan		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Dunlop		Mr & Mrs	Mary			to Tas
Dunnage		G		Brittania		to Tas
Dunnage		Mrs		Brittania		to Tas

Ebden		C.H		Kate			to W.A
Elmslie		Mr		Nimrod			to Tas
Elmslie		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
England		Ensign		Strathfieldsay		to Tas
Evans		Miss E		Thomas Laurie		to Lon
Evans		Dr [Supt Surg]	Larkins			to Tas
Everett		Mr & Mrs & ch   Lotus			to Tas
Ewing		J		Brenda			to Tas

Fay		Mr		Resolution		to Hob
Ferguson	John		Drummore		to Tas
Fisher		John		Brenda			to Tas
Fitzgerald	Mrs * ch	Duckenfield		to Tas
Fitzsimmons	Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Flaherty	J		Mary			to Tas
Fleming		Charles		Drummore		to Tas
Fleming		Janet & ch	Drummore		to Tas
Fleming		Mr & Mrs & ch	Thomas Laurie		to Lau
Fleming		Robert		Drummore		to Tas
Fletcher	Joseph		Auriga			to Tas
Fletcher	Mrs		Auriga			to Tas
Fletcher	Mr & Mrs	Auriga			to Tas
Flower		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Forster		Mrs		Hind			to Tas
Fortescue	Ens		Larkins			to Tas
Fosterich	Mr & Mrs	Mary Ann		to Tas
Fox		Mr		Ceylon			ex Tas
Frankland	A		Drummore		to Tas
Furguson	John		Brenda			to Tas
Furguson	Mrs & 3 ch	Brenda			to Tas
Furlong		Andrew		Czar			to Tas
Furlong		Elizabeth[Mrs]	Czar			to Tas
Furlong		John		Czar			to Tas
Furlong		Mr		Czar	[2nd]		to Tas

Gamble		Sarah		Brenda			to Tas
Gilchrist	Mr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Gillain		John		Fame			to Tas
Gilliam		Thos		Mary			to Tas
Gillard		Lt		Argyle			to Tas
Gles?		A		Elizabeth		to Tas
Godfrey		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Gordon		T		Elizabeth		to Tas
Gore		C		Mary			to Tas
Gory		Mr		Prince Regent		to Hob
Gory		Thomas		Prince Regent		to Tas
Grant		Ann		Drummore		to Tas
Gray		Mr		Platina			to Tas
Gray		Mr		Hind			to Tas
Gray		W		Hind			ex Tas
Green		Helen		Drummore		to Tas
Green		Mr		Drummore		to Tas
Greenway	Mr		Nereus..ex W.A		to Port Louis
Greenway	Mr & Mrs	Nereus			to Tas
Guthrie		Mr		North Briton		to Tas

Hack		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Hamilton	Lt		Argyle			to Tas
Hamilton	Thos		Fame			to Tas
Harper		Captn		Elizabeth		to Tas
Harrison	Edward		Fame			to Tas
Harvey		Captn		Funchall		ex Tas
Hasselyne	Mr		David Owen		to Tas
Hawthorn	Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Hawthorn	Mrs & 2 ch	Nereus			to Tas
Hayward		Mrs		North Briton		to Tas
Hay		Henry		Britannia		to Tas
Hays		George		Czar			to Tas
Hays		Mr		Funchall		ex Tas
Henderson	Mr & Mrs	North Briton		to Tas
Heritage	Mr		Nimrod			to Tas
Hill		John		Thomas Laurie		to Tas
Hilton		Dr		Nereus			to Tas
Hinds		William		Mary			to Tas
Hitchcock	Jane		Drummore		to Tas
Hitchcock	Richard		Drummore		to Tas
Hitchcock	Richard		Drummore		to Tas
Holmes		Lt		Merope			to Tas
Hood		David		Drummore		to Tas
Hornman		Mr		David Owen		to Tas
Hoskins		H		Gambia			to W.A
Hoswell		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Howe		Robert		Mary			to Tas
Hoyes		Mrs		Nereus			to Tas
Hunter		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Hurst		Mr & Mrs	Lotus			to Tas
Hutchinson	Miss & ch	Elizabeth		to Tas
Hutchinson	Miss		Celia			to Tas

Inches		Chas [Supt Sur] William Glen Anderson	to Tas
Irving		Mr & Mrs	Lotus			to Tas

Jackson		MR		David Owen		to Tas
Jacobs		David		Research		to Tas
Johnson		Dr		North Briton		to Tas
Johnson		Mr		Britannia		to Tas
Joins		Mr & Mrs	Vibilia			to Tas
Jones		Ann		Drummore		to Tas
Jones		Ann		Drummore		to Tas
Jones		Caroline	Drummore		to Tas
Jones		Edward		Drummore		to Tas
Jones		Elizabeth	Drummore		to Tas
Jones		John Rose	Drummore		to Tas
Jones		Lilla		Drummore		to Tas
Jones		R		Drummore		to Tas
Jones		Richard		Drummore		to Tas

Kelsh		John & 2 ch	Fame			to Tas
Kennedy		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Kennedy		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Kennedy		W		Research		to Tas
Kerr		Charles		Drummore		to Tas
Kinchela	J		Renown			to Syd
King		Sarah		Janet Izat		to Syd
Kirby		Lt		Proteus			to Tas
Kyle		Capt,Mrs & 2ch	David Owen		to Tas

Lachlan		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Lambe		David		Auriga			to Tas
Langdon		Mrs & Miss	Thomas Laurie		to Lon
Langham		Miss		Friendship ex C.H	to Lau
Lewin		Lt		Eliza			to Tas
Lincoln		Charles		Thomas Laurie		to Tas
Lister		Mrs & 2 ch	Wave			ex Tas
Littleton	Edward		Funchall		ex Tas
Loane		R.W		Mary			ex Tas
Logan		Dr		Proteus			to Tas
Lord		F		Resolution		to Syd
Lord		John & fam	Austin			to Calc
Lord		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Lord		S		Hind			ex Tas
Lowe		Captn		Proteus			to Tas
Luckford	Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Lynch		Mr & Mrs	Mary			ex Tas

McClyment	Mrs		Hind			ex Tas
McCormack	Catherine	Czar			to Tas
McCormack	Mrs		Fame			to Tas
McDougall	J.G [see MacD]	Funchall		ex Tas
McGilevray	Mr		Integrity		to Syd
McGregor	Agnes		Drummore		to Tas
McGregor	Alexander	Drummore		to Tas
McGregor	James		Drummore		to Tas
McGregor	James		Drummore		to Tas
McGregor	Janet		Drummore		to Tas
McGregor	Jean		Drummore		to Tas
McKetterie	Mrs		David Owen		to Tas
McMayley	Mrs		Vibilia			to Tas
McPherson	Captn& Mrs	Strathfieldsay		to Syd
McQuinn		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
McRider		Mr		North Briton		to Tas

Macdougall	J.C		Duckenfield		to Tas
Mackay		Mr & Mrs	Mary Ann		to Tas
Mackey		John		Czar			to Tas
Mackie		Elizabeth	Brenda			to Tas
Mackie		Mr & Mrs	Brenda			to Tas
Mackie		Sarah		Brenda			to Tas
Maddock		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Malcom		Mr		David Owen		to Tas
Mainfold	Miss x 3	Brenda			to Tas
Manifold	P		Brenda			to Tas
Manifold	W.J		Brenda			to Tas
Manton		Rev		Surrey			to Tas
Marshall	Mr		Platina			to Tas
Mason		Mr		Britannia		to W.A
Mason		Mr		Britannia		to Tas
Matthews	Rev & Miss	Argyle			to NZ
Matthews	Miss		Auriga			to Tas
Maycock		Mr		Enterprise		to Tas
Meeson		Boxo		Hind			ex Tas
Meredith	Mr		Henry 			to Tas
Meret		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Milburn		Mr & Mrs	Vibilia			to Tas
Miller		D		Isabella		to Tas
Miller		John		Drummore		to Tas
Minshull	Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Molborn		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Moncrief	Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Moneypenny	Mr		Strathfieldsay		to Tas
Montague	Captn & Mrs	John			to Tas
Moody		Adam		Nereus			to Tas
Moore		Captn		Eliza			to Tas
Morgan		Mr & mrs & 2ch	Fame			to Tas
Morris		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Moses		John & Fam	Duckenfield		to Tas
Moses		Mr & Mrs & 5ch	Duckenfield		to Tas
Moyes		William		Drummore		to Tas
Muir		Archi		Drummore		to Tas
Muir		Robert		Czar			to Tas
Munce		Mr & Mrs & 3 ch	Nereus			to Tas
Muncer		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Munday		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Murdoch		John		Mary			to Tas
Murdock		Mr & Mrs	North Briton		to Tas
Murdock		Master		North Briton		to Tas
Murdock		Thos		North Briton		to Tas
Murray		John		Czar			to Tas

Naine		Mrs & 4ch	Thomas Laurie		to Lau
Nash		Mr		Flora			to Tas
Natives		7 from NSW	Brittania		to Tas
Neish		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Nelson		Mr		David Owen		to Tas
Nichols		Andrew		Mary			to Tas
Nicholso	C		Funchal			to Tas
Nowlan		T		Hind			ex Tas
Noyle		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Nutal		Mr & Mrs	Auriga			to Tas

Orton		Rev Jos		Auriga	to Tas and 	to Syd
Orton		Mrs		Auriga			to Tas

Page		Mr		Enterprise		to Tas
Paine		Charles		Surrey			to Tas
Paine		Mr & Mrs & Miss	Surrey			to Tas
Parker		N		Funchal			to Tas
Parkins		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Parkinson	Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Parry		Asst Surg	Larkin			to Tas
Patado		Mr & Mrs	Thomas Laurie		to Tas
Patefield	Mrs		Auriga			to Tas
Paul		Mr& Mrs		Surrey			to Tas
Pearce		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Pierce		John		Drummore		to Tas
Pike		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Pillard		Mrs & ch	Funchall		ex Tas
Piper		Mr		Research		to Tas
Plunkett	Mrs [of Captn]	Persian			to Lond
Poette?		J		Research		to Tas
Puisne		Judge		Czar			to Tas
Pum		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas

Ramsdale	John,Mrs & 6ch	Fanny			to Lau
Rand		George		Renown			to Syd
Rand		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Rand		Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Rand		Master		Vibilia			to Tas
Rattray		Mrs & ch	Brenda			to Tas
Rattray		William		Brenda			to Tas
Rawling		John		Auriga			to Tas
Reed		Mr		Mary Ann		to Tas
Reid		A		Research		to Tas
Rich		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Ritchardson	Mr		Platina			to Tas
Ritchie		Captn		David Owen		to Tas
Roach		Mrs		Friendship  ex C.H	to Lau
Robinson	Captn		Isabella		to Tas
Robinson	Dr		Elizabeth		to Tas
Robinson	Mr		Vibilia			to Tas
Robinson	Thomas		Drummore		to Tas
Robson		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Roe		R.W		Merope			to Tas
Ronaldson	A.W		Drummore		to Tas
Ronaldson	Mrs H & ch	Drummore		to Tas
Ronaldson	William		Drummore		to Tas
Rose		Francis		Persian			to Lond
Ross		Dr		Strathfieldsay		to Syd
Rotchford	Pat		Resolution		to Syd
Rowland		H.W		Brenda			to Tas
Rue		Terrence	Cleopatra		to Lau
Rush		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Russell		George		Drummore		to Tas
Russell		Mr		Thomas Laurie		to Lon

Scott		J		Elizabeth		to Lond
Seal		Mr & Mrs	Surrey			to Tas
Seales		Adolphus	Drummore		to Tas
Sharpe		Mr		Duckenfield		to Tas
Sheerott	Mr		Platina			to Tas
Shelton		Lt Col		Flora			to Tas
Simpson		Rev Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Simpson		Mrs		Surrey			to Tas
Sinclair	Dr		Mary			to Tas
Sinclair	Helen		Drummore		to Tas
Sincall		R.W		Drummore		to Tas
Sloane		J.T		Drummore		to Tas
Smith		Captain		Mary			to Tas
Smith		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Smith		Mr		Research		to Tas
Smith		Mr		Flora			to Tas
Smythe		Mrs & Miss	Britannia		to Tas
Smythe		Mr & Mrs	Britannia [2 ref]	to Tas
Solomon		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Solomon		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Steward		Mj.Gen		Research		to Tas
Stewart		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Stacey		Mr		Britannia		to Tas
Stephens	D		Bee			to Tas
Street		Mr		Enterprise		to Tas
Southman	Mrs [Capt]	Vittoria		ex Tas
Swanston	Captain		Caroline		to Tas
Symons		Mrs & son	Friendship		to C.H

Taylor		Mr		Nereus..ex W.A		to Port Louis
Taylor		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Templeton	Agnes		Czar			to Tas
Templeton	Caroline	Czar			to Tas
Templeton	Janet Mrs	Czar			to Tas
Templeton	Janet		Czar			to Tas
Templeton	John		Czar			to Tas
Templeton	John		Czar			to Tas
Templeton	Margaret	Czar			to Tas
Templeton	Marion		Czar			to Tas
Terrie		Cath		Czar			to Tas
Thomas		E.H		David Owen		to Tas
Thomas		George		David Owen		to Tas
Thomas		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Thompson	A		Auriga			to Tas
Thompson	Mrs		Auriga			to Tas
Thompson	John		Elizabeth		to Tas
Thompson	Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Thompson	Mr		Nimrod			to Tas
Thompson	Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Thorneloe	Thos		Funchal			to Tas
Thwals		Newson		Schnapper		ex Tas
Tooth		Mr		Mary			ex Tas
Tower		Miss x 2	David Owen		to Tas
Trulove		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Turnball	J.S		Drummore		to Tas
Tyall		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Tyne		Robert		Nereus			to Tas
Tytler		Ensign		Strathfieldsay		to Tas

UpJohn		Mr		Platina			to Tas

Viveash		C.B		Drummore		to Tas
Viveash		Ellen		Drummore		to Tas
VonBibra	C		Lotus			to Tas
VonBibra	T		Lotus			to Tas

Walsh		Elizabeth	Persian			to Lond
Walsh		Thos		Persian			to Lond
Ward		Mr		Platina			to Tas
Weavel		John		Eagle			to W.A
Wedderbulk	Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Weir		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Weir		William		Brenda			to Tas
Weston		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Whexland	John		Friendship		to C.H
Wilkes		Mr		Funchal			to Tas
Williams	Ensign		Argyle			to Tas
Williams	Captn		Larkins			to Tas
Williams	J [Mr]		Wave			ex Tas
Williamson	A		Drummore		to Tas
Williamson	James		Drummore		to Tas
Williamson	Janet		Drummore		to Tas
Williamson	John		Drummore		to Tas
Williamson	Thos		Drummore		to Tas
Willis		Mr		Persian			to Lond
Willis		Mr		Lotus			to Tas
Wilson		Dr		John			to Tas
Wilson		Dr		Mary			to Tas
Wilson		Edward		Surrey			to Tas
Wilson		Hetty		Surrey			to Tas
Wilson		Mr & Mrs	Surrey			to Tas
Wilson		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
Wilson		Mr		Research		to Tas
Wilson		Mr		North Briton		to Tas
Wilson		Mrs		Platina			to Tas
Wise		R		Janet Izat		ex Tas
Woodward	Dr		Brenda			to Tas
Wright		Mr		Janet Izat		to Syd

Young		Mr		Nereus			to Tas
Young		Thomas		Czar			to Tas

Zaddock		Mr		Surrey			to Tas
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