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1837.Port of Launceston
(Van Diemens Land)
Passengers - Special Clearances

The following list of names is for those people were given special clearance for the port of Launceston 1837.

compiled and presented Jenny Fawcett.2002 - 2004

At this time,and especially as Van Diemen's Land was essentially still a island penal centre, it was necessary for a ship's master to present to the Launceston Harbour Master a list of passengers and crew departing on the vessel. The ship was then inspected and cleared and readied for sail.Sometimes though, passengers applied at the list minute to board ship and they needed a special clearance from the local police.Also if convicts wanted to travel, even though freed by servitude, they still had to apply for a special clearance or be required to present their certificate to prove their freedom.
This list below covers April-Sept 1837, and is a list of those who were given such a special clearance. A greater majority cannot be confirmed that they actually travelled on the particular voyage nominated by them, some can be shown to travel shortly after on another vessel, and some are known soon after at their original destination, but it cannot be said conclusively that they travelled on their nominated vessel,though given that the fees were paid for each individual it is likely they did leave on their nominated vessel.
The information is generally:(e.g)
(Name) John Smith Free by Servitude
(Ship) Industry (ship of departure)
(Date): of the ship leaving
(Comments:) Arrived per Waterwitch to Sydney. (most have no comments)
(Fee:) Amount collected
The ship nominated can be checked for comparison to see if the passenger departed. Further information can be obtained from:Jenny Fawcett
All care taken in transcription but spelling errors may occur, or may have occurred at the time of the original entry.
Surname		Name		

Baldwin		Edward
Batts		Ada
Batts		George
Beasley		James
Bentley		Phillip
Beviett		Harriett
Beviett		Joseph
Birch		Charles
Birrell		David
Bradford	Selina
Broxup		John		(seaman on other records?)
Bryan		S
Butcher		William
Butter		John

Carter		John
Coleman		Bryan
Coleman		Mary
Cook		see WISEMAN
Cooper		Thomas
Corbet		James
Cordens		Benjamin
Coulstock	George
Cove		William		Free by Servitude.
Coventry	Thomas Western
Culling		George		
Curnow		Thomas

Day		James
Debnan		Joseph
Dibble		William
Dowsett		G.F

Egan		Patrick
Eastwood	James 		noted as William on next list.

Fall		Thomas

George?		Charles Grey
Gresley ?	Mrs
Hammond		William
Harris		Clement
Hassell		Eliza
Hassell		John William
Henty		James
Herberton	Robert
Herse		John
Hood		Thomas		went out on another boat
Hough		Peter
Howard		Charles
Howe		Robert		(arrived prior from Sydney)
Hutton		Mr

Kinghorne	Charles

Lambert		Charles
Landers		Morris
Lang		William
Lloyd		William

McKenzie	William
Mainstone	Richard
Mills		John
Montague	Judge & Lady	
Moore		Joseph
Morris		A

O'Connor	Michael		

Pender		Elizabeth and four children
Pender		Michael
Pencher		Elder

Quinn		Hugh		(to remain at Spencers Gulf)

Neale		Francis		

Osborne		James

Parry		Thomas

Reynolds	George
Rhodes		George
Roache		George		Free by Servitude
Rogers		John		
Rosetta		Henry
Ross		John		Free by Servitude
Ross		William		

Sawgood		William
Scott		Robert
Smith		William
Stone		Edward
Sullivan	Samuel
Sundry/Saunders	John		listed next as William Sundry

Taylor		William	

Waugh		Thomas
Weatherly	Thomas		went on another boat
Weatherson	James
Weaver		Theo John
Weston		Joseph
Williams	Charles
Wiseman/Cook	Edward
Wood		Louis	

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