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Port Fairy - Portland - George Town
Passenger Arrivals and Departures

The following is an index to references for passengers,1840,between the ports of Port Fairy,Portland,and George Town.It is not a complete list.CLICK HERE for more passenger arrivals and departures for these ports

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Ablum		Thomas
Ables		Thomas		?same as Ablum
Addison		J
Adkins		Matthew
Akhurst ?	George 		(Okhurst/Parkhurst?)
Aldonford	A
Aldridge	William
Allan		Georbe
Allan		James		?or Thos
Allan		Mrs
Allan		Miss Jessie
Allan		Thomas
Allender	George
Allworth	John
Aspinall	Jamse and Mary
Atkins		Matthew
Atkin		Matthew
Austin		James Wm

Baker		Maria and ch	? Bateer
Baker		Thomas
Bannarose ?	Mr and Mrs
Barber		John		
Barker		William
Barkenzie?	Thomas and wife
Bassett		William		
Bale		William		?Baillee
Bayles		George
Baley		George
Bedmore		William
Bell		C
Beniger		George
Bennett		John
Bennett		William
Benson		David
Bennson		Richard		?Benson
Bird		Thomas
Black		Josiah
Black		Mr
Booth		Mr and Mrs & 4ch
Boxer		James
Boxer		William
Boyd		Charles
Boyd		Charles
Brames		Moses
Brarold ?	Thomas		? probably Branan/Brennan
Branon		Thomas
Brew		William
Briggs		John
Brock		Mr
Brown		Edward
Brown		George
Brown		Henry
Brown		John
Brown		Richard
Brown		Mr
Brown		William
Brown		William
Bryan		George
Budds		William
Burker		H
Burn		John
Burns		J
Burns		Wm
Butcher		John
Burgess		John
Butters		John
Butters		John
Byatt		John

Cains		George
Cains		James
Campbell	Alexander
Campbell	Alexander
Campbell	Mr
Campbell	Mr
Campbell	Mr
Campbell	Mr
Carmen		John
Carroll		John
Cassady		John
Cawling		Thomas
Charlton	Benjamin
Child		William
Clark		James
Clark		Sarah
Clarke		Mrs & 2 ch
Clements	John
Cohen		Moses
Cole		William
Collins		Henry
Conolly		John
Cook		Mr	
Cook		Mr
Connell		Thomas
Corney		Henry
Corney		Isaac
Corney		John.F
Corney		Mr
Cordeevoy ?	Phillip
Coventry	Joseph
Cowtan		J
Cox		Mr
Crane		D
Crickton	James		?Crighton?
Crighton ?			see Crickton
Crisp		William
Crockford	George
Cross		Edward
Cudy		Daniel
Curry		Joseph

Dalton		John
Dalton		John
Dana		James		
Dana		H.P
Dana		Henry Pultney
Davies		David
Delaney		Captain
Delaney		Captain
Delaney		Captain
Delaney		Captain
Dempsey		Arthur
Dennis		Thomas
Dunlop		John
Dunlop		John		
Dunlop		John
Dunlop		John
Dunlop		John
Dunlop		John	 & sister
Dunlop		James
Dunlop		Miss
Dunlop		Mr
Dunn		Evan
Dunn		John
Dunn		Mr
Dwyer		Matthew
Dwyer		Matthew
Dyer		James

Earl		James and Henrietta
Edwards		John
Edwards		Mr.
Elliott		Henry
Evans		David
Evans		William

Faden		James
Fenn		James
Feny ?		William		?Pheny ?Ferry
Ferry		William
Firth		Thomas
Fisher		George
Fletcher	James
Flannigan	Patrick
Fleming		John
Foreman		William
Foster		Charles
Forward		Andrew
Forward		Andrew
Fox		J
Franklin	George
Frost		Mr and Mrs
Fry		William
Furley		Matilda

Gardiner	John
Gibbon		Mr
Gibbs		William
Gooding		John
Gould		Thomas
Graham		John
Gaves		Thomas
Groves		Thomas
Gray		Janet
Green		John
Green		John
Green		William
Greive		Robert

Harris		George
Harris		James
Harris		John
Harris		Mrs 
Harrison	Charles
Harrison	Lt
Haslem		James
Hatten		Alexander
Healps		Michael
Hearn		W
Hems		C		?Hams
Henty		Edward
Henty		Mr and Mr E.
Henty		S.G
Henty		S.G
Hewitt		T
Higgs		Charles
Hill		Charles
Hill		Charles
Hill		Charles
Hill		Henry
Hill		Mr
Hillman		Wm
Hoares		Jane
Hocking		Nicholas
Holt		Moses
Hope		Morris
Howard		Henry
Howard		Mr
Hull		Charles
Humpey		George		Humpage
Humpay		George
Hunter		Edward
Hutton		Alexander

Ives		A
Ives		Arthur

Jackson		Thos
Jackson		William
Jeffrey		James
Jeffries	John
Jeffries	T
Jeffreys	William
Jefferson	William
Johnson		Thomas
Johnson		George
Johnson		Jas
Johnson		William
Johnstone	George
Jones		James
Jones		William
Jones		William
Jones		William
Jordan		Benjamin
Joynson		George
Judear		Henry     

Kean		Joseph
Kelly		John
Kemp		Robert
Kilgour		James
Kilgour		James
Kitchen		Page

Lacey		D
Lambert		Charles
Lambert		Henry
Lamford		Thomas
Lavender	Rubin
Lawfoot?	John		?Lewfoot
Lawrence	William
Lawson		George
Lelyrand	Capt.
Lette		P
Lewis		Mr
Lillycrop	Joseph
Livear		Thomas
Louder		Thomas
Lucas		Thomas		?Livear
Lynch		L.S or J.S?	

McCabe		Patrick
McCabe		Patrick
McCabe		Patrick
McCann		Matthew		
McCollock	J.W		?McCullock
McColls		William		?Nicolls
McConnell	Thomas
McCrea		Mr
McDonald	M
McDonald	Mr
McDonald	William
McDowell	William
McDowell	George
McFarlane	Mr
McKay		William
McKenzie	Donald
McKenzie	James
McKenzie	James and wife
McKinnon	Mr
McClane		Donald		? McLean
McLary	?	James		?McLowry/McLean
McLachlan	Mr
McLachlan	Mrs
McLoughlan	Joseph
McLean		James
McLean		Mrs
McLean		Mr and Mrs and 2ch
MacLean		Mary
McLennan	William
McOwen		James
McRae		Daniel

Macral ?	Charles		?McCrae
MacIntosh	John
Mackay		John
MacKenzie	Hugh
MacKenzie	James
Macnamarra	George
Main		Mr
Majoy ?		Thomas
Malbury		Thomas
Mallett		George
Manifold	William
Mansfield	William
Marshall	George
Martin		Captain
Massey		Thomas
Matey		William		
Matthews	Thomas
Matthews	William
Maytum		George
Miller		William
Mills		Charles
Mills		Mrs
Mills		Thomas
Mills		Mr and Mrs & 2ch
Molden		H
Molden		Wm
Moreton		E
Mundine		Charles
Munyard		Captain
Munyard 	Captain
Munyard		Captain
Murphy		Pat
Murry		James	or William
Murray		Thomas

Nelson		Mr
Neves ?		John		Neven ?
Neeves		Thomas		
Newell ?	John		?Revell
Nicholls	Wm
Norman		Mr

O Meara		Daniel

Pace		Miss
Parish		James
Parker		T.T or F.T
Parsley		James
Partridge	H.
Partridge	Edward
Patterson	James
Penback		William
Petrie		Baker
Phillips	George
Pilinger	Geo		?Beninger
Pitcher		Josiah
Poole		Thomas
Porter		Thomas
Poulson		William
Powling		Sarah
Powling		Thomas
Preston		Edward
Price		John

Radley		William
Radley		William
Ratford		Charles
Reece		James
Regan		J
Regan		James
Rentmore	William
Revell		see Newell	?or Rowell
Richads		William
Richards	William
Richardson	Charles
Richardson	Joseph
Richardson	Thomas
Ridges		James
Richie		John
Ritche		Mr
Riley		James
Riley		Mr and Mrs Owen & 4ch
Ritchie		John
Robertson	George
Robertson	G
Robertson	John, wife & ch
Robertson	Messr
Robertson	J.G
Robertson	James
Robertson	James
Robertson	Mr and Mrs	Roberts ?
Robinson	John
Rodie 		 James		? Roders
Rose		A
Rudd		William and wife
Rudge		Thomas
Rudge		Thomas
Ryan		John
Ryder		O

Samuels		Charles
Saunders	Henry Salfred
Salvage		Mr
Savage ?	Robert		?Salvage
Savage		John
Sawyer		H
Sayers		E
Schultz		Miss
Shadwick	Peter
Shaft		Robert
Shaw		Benjamin
Sinclair	William
Smeed		James
Smeed/Sneed	William		?Smear
Smith		George
Smith		Henry
Smith		Henry
Smith		James
Smith		James
Smith		James
Smith		John
Smith		John
Smith		Mr and Mrs & 2 ch
Smith		Louis
Smith		Thomas
Smith		William
Smith		William
Smith		William
Spiers		William
Stewart		William
Storry		Thomas
Sullivan	Jeremiah

Tapper		Daniel
Taylor		C
Thomas		John
Timms		George
Tucker		Daniel
Tulloh		Mr
Tulloch		Thomas
Tulloh		Mr
Tulloh		William
Turner		Frederick
Turner		George
Turner		Mr
Turner		Samuel
Turner		William

Verner		Daniel
Vine		Robert

Wailen ?	Thomas		? Waivers/Weavors?
Wailen ?	Christina
Wailen ?	Isabella	?Whelan
Wall		Mr
Warwick		John
Watson		William
Webb		Thomas
Wedge		Charles
Wentor		George		probably Geo Winter
West		Edward
West		Elizabeth
West		Mary
Wyer ?Weyer	Henry
Weatherall ?	Henry		?greathall
Wheatly		Mrs
Wheatly		Joseph
Wheatly		William
Whitley		James		? Wheatley
White		Charles
White		G
White		James
Whyte		Charles James
Whyte		Pringle
Whitehouse	John
WIggins		Mr and Mrs & 3ch
Williams	Antonio
Williams	Morgan
Williams	T
Willis		Edward
Willman		Henry		?Hillman
Wilson		Thomas
Winnicot	John
Winter		George		see Wentor
Winter		James
Woodruff	James
Woods		Jas
Woodward	James
Woodward	William
Worwick		Roger		?Warwick
Wright		George
Wright		James

Young		George
Young		John
Young		John
Young		Robert
Young		Robert
Young		Robert
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