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South Australia 1838. B.D.M's Index

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The following is a list of Births, Deaths or Marriages as listed in the newspaper titled South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register for the year 1838. Index created by Jenny Fawcett. Due care taken in transcription, but errors may at times occur.


Surname Name Event Spouse Event Date Abbott Mercy M Henry Hewitt 30th Nov 37 Allen Julia Elizabeth D 10y,6m, dau of Thomas & Sarah 10th Aug 38 Anderson Mary M John Hill 14th May 38 Andrew Elizabeth M Joseph Harner 14th Jan 38 Arnold Catherine M Joseph Lonsdale 15th May 38 Atkins Jane M John Turner 20th Aug 38 Bailes William B M Georgina Knapp 29th Jan 38 Bailey William D inquest * Sep 38 Baird Jane M Thomas Duell 18th Jun 38 Baker Mary M Samuel Bennett 9th Apr 38 Ball Sarah M Wm Joule 27th Mar 38 Barnard Elizabeth M Thomas Bright 14th Aug 38 Barnard Jane M Henry Turner 30th Jul 38 Barnett Joseph D carpenter/inquest Dec 38 Barrett Henry M Caroline McDonald 2nd July 38 Barrett Samuel D drowned * 29th Dec 38 Barrowcliff Thos Pearson M Emma Neate 9th Oct 38 Beaven Harriet M Albion Cowley 10th Jun 38 Bennett Samuel M Mary Baker 9th Apr 38 Bishop Enoch M Mary Fennel 17th Sep 38 Bishop John M Ann Mullins 24th Nov 38 Bladon Joseph M Fanny Scratchley 19th Mar 38 Blenkinsopp Capt D 12th Dec 37 Brassington George M Susanna Davis 13th Nov 37 Bright Thomas M Elizab Barnard 14th Aug 38 Bromley Walter D Coroners Inquest 19th May 38 Bruce Joseph D inquest * Sep 38 Carmichael Frances M John S Duncan 30th Jan 38 Carr Ann M Wm Shephard 4th Jun 38 Carter Miss M John Woodforde 18th Aug 38 Champness John M Maria Cook 22nd Oct 38 Chandler Charles M Harriet Clark 15th Jan 38 Clark Harriet M Charles Chandler 15th Jan 38 Clarke James M Emily McManus 25th Jun 38 Conway Mary M William Edwards 5th Jul 38 Cook Maria M John Champness 22nd Oct 38 Cowley Albion M Harriet Beaven 10th Jun 38 Cummings James M Christina Mitchell 22nd Oct 38 Cummins Eliza M John Harris 18th Jun 38 Davis Joseph M Keziah Teakle 28th Jun 38 Davis Susanna M George Brassington 13th Nov 37 Devlin Pat John M Elizab Hanby 16th Oct 38 Dormer JOseph M Elizab Teague 3rd Sep 38 Dorrington Henry M Rhoda Grigg 28th Aug 38 Drew Mary M James S Hatlin 16th Jul 38 Duell Thomas M Jane Baid 18th Jun 38 Duncan John Stew M Frances Carmichael 30th Jan 38 Edwards William M Mary Conway 5th Jul 38 Ellery James M Ann Elliott 18th Feb 38 Elliott Ann M James Ellery 18th Feb 38 Fennel Mary M Enoch Bishop 22nd Sep 38 Fielder Ann M Edmund Parsons 4th Mar 38 Fisher Miss M John Morphett 15th Aug 38 Fisher Robert M Mary Lillywhite 11th Dec 37 Flaxman Lady of Chas B of a daughter. 18th Dec 38 Forrester William Innes M Jane Herbert 28th Aug 38 Freeth George M Elizab Nicholls 27th Aug 38 Gandie Thomas M Margaret McCue 9th Jan 38 Gibling Jane PN deserted husband John Gibling 18th Aug 38 Gillard Jane M Charles Powell May 14th 38 Goble Amelia M Wm Turner 20th Aug 38 Greig Andrew M Ann Phillips 22nd Jul 38 Grigg Rhoda M Henry Dorrington 28th Aug 38 Greening Job M Ann Harker 5th Sep 38 Hamilton Elizabeth Cath M Henry Nell 26th Jul 38 Hanby Elizabeth M Pat John Devlin 16th Oct 38 Harker Ann M Job Greening 5th Sep 38 Harker Mary M Wm Parker 17th Oct 38 Harner Joseph M Elizabeth Andrews 14th Jan 38 Harris John M Eliza Cummins 18th Jun 38 Hart John M Bridget Malony 5th Dec 37 Hastings Charles D inquest * Sep 38 Hatlin James Sml M Mary Drew 16th Jul 38 Helps Mr D 2nd Mate of the David drowned Dec 38 Henderson Edw Hy Geo M Sarah Watson 12th Jun 38 Herbert Jane M William Forrester 28th Aug 38 Hewitt Henry Greg M Mercy Abbott 30th Nov 37 Hill John M Mary Anderson 14th May 38 Hill Joseph M Jane Simmonds 1st Jan 38 Holloway John M Lucy A O'Brien 2nd Nov 38 Hornsby Elizabeth M William McBeth 14th Feb 38 Hornsby Thomas M Eliza Willoughby 28th Aug 38 Houchin Elizabeth M John Roberts 30th Jul 38 Jeffcott Sir John D 12th Dec 37 Jones Jane M Wm Strummy 24th Sep 38 Joule William M Sarah Ball 27th Mar 38 Knapp Georgina M William Bailes 29th Jan 38 Lee Joseph D inquest * Mar 38 Levett Sarah M Joseph Stacey 25th Dec 37 Lillywhite Mary M Robert Fisher 11th Dec 37 Lines Oscar J M Bella Sladden 3rd May 38 Lockhart Isabella M Hugh Quinn 24th Apr 38 Lonsdale Joseph M Cath Arnold 15th May 38 Macareth George M Sarah A O'Brien 15th Apr 38 Macklin James D emigrant/inquest* Nov 38 Maloney Bridget Mary M John Hart 5th Dec 37 Marks Thomas D settler * Aug 38 Maslin Thomas M Sarah Shephard 4th Jun 38 Maynard Alice M Henry Mosley 27th Aug 38 McBeth William M Elizabeth Hornsby 14th Feb 38 McCormack Agnes M John Miller 14th May 38 McCue Mary Ann M John Parsons 9th Jan 38 McCue Margaret M Thomas Gandie 9th Jan 38 McDonald Caroline M Henry Barrett 2nd Jul 38 McManus Emily M James Clarke 25th Jun 38 Mildred Henry D age 1y 6m. son of Henry. at North Adel 28th Nov 38 Miller John M Agnes McCormack 14th May 38 Mitchell Christina M Jas Cummings 22nd Oct 38 Morphett John M Miss Fisher 15th Aug 38 Mosely Jenry M Alice Maynard 27th Aug 38 Mullins Ann M John Bishop 20th Nov 38 Mungra (Hindu) D* from India./inquest c18yo Sep 38 Nash son B of Lady of James Geo Nash Esquire, Surgeon. 2nd Sep 38 Neate Emma Matilda M Thos Barrowcliff 9th Oct 38 Nell Henry M Elizab Hamilton 26th Jul 38 Neville Susan Jarvis M Robert Seager 28th Jun 38 Nicholls Elizabeth M Geo Freeth 27th Aug 38 O'Brien Lucy Ann M John Holloway 2nd Nov 38 O'Brien Sarah Ann M Geo Mackareth 15th Apr 38 Packer William M Mary Harker 17th Oct 38 Pallant Mary M Chas Parrington 8th Oct 38 Parrington Charles M Mary Pallant 8th Oct 38 Parson Edmund M Ann Fielder 4th Mar 38 Parsons John M Mary Ann Cue 9th Jan 38 Pegler D * Mar 38 Phillips Ann M Andrew Greig 22nd Jul 38 Powell Charles M Jane Gillard 14th May 38 Quin Hugh M Isabella Lockhart 24th Apr 38 Roberts Ann M Thomas White 21st Jul 38 Roberts John Richard M Elizab Houchin 30th Jul 38 Rogers Francis Mary M Thomas Skuce 31st July 38 Rucke Mary M Fred Geo Smith 20th Jan 38 Rudd James John M Jemima Wicks 26th Feb 38 Scratchley Fanny M Joseph Bladon 19th Mar 38 Seager Robert M Susan Neville 28th Jun 38 Shephard Sarah M Thomas Maslin 4th Jun 38 Shephard William M Ann Carr 4th June 38 Simmonds Jane M Joseph Hill 1st Jan 38 Skuce Thomas M Francis Rogers 21st Jul 38 Sladden Bella M Oscar Lines 3rd May 38 Smith Fred Geo M Mary Rucke 20th Jan 38 Stacey Joseph M Sarah Levett 25th Dec 37 Storey Joseph M Charlotte Warden 9th Apr 38 Strummy William M Jane Jones 24th Sep 38 Teague Elizabeth M Joseph Dormar 3rd Sep 38 Teakel Enoch M Hannah Watts 15th Feb 38 Teakle Keziah M Joseph Davis 28th Jun 38 Thomson Elizabeth M Geo Wells 18th Jun 38 Todd Mrs Robert B of a Adelaide. 15th Sep 38 Turner Henry M Jane Barnard 30th Jul 38 Turner John M Jane Atkins 20th Aug 38 Turner William M Amelia Goble 20th Aug 38 Walsh Jeffrey Guy D inquest * Dec 38 Warden Charlotte M Joseph Storey 9th Apr 38 Watts Hannah M Enoch Teakel 15th Feb 38 Watson Sarah M Edw Henderson 12th Jun 38 Wells Geo M Elizab Thomson 18th Jun 38 White Thomas M Ann Roberts 21st Jul 38 Wicks Phoebe M Wm Wright 22nd Mar 38 Wicks Jemima M James J Rudd 26th Feb 38 Willoughby Eliza M Thomas Hornsby 28th Aug 38 Woodford John M Miss Carter 18th Aug 38 Wright William M Phoebe Wicks 22nd Mar 38 Wyatt Lady of W ,Esq B of a son 19th Mar 38
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