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1803 Old News Index
Births,Deaths,Marriages and Inquests

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The following list is an index for
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
from the Sydney Gazette.1803 (March to December).

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Surname		Firstname	Details

Aboriginal	male		shot at Garden Island
Aboriginal	male		speared by natives/punishment

Beach		Mr		a marine/drowned
Bowman		Mrs William	of Richmond Hill/death of.
Brady		Lawrence	baker/married M.Peat
Brown		G		prisoner/death by suicide
Buck		John		baker/Brickfields/death of.
Buck		John		estate administration notice
Byers		Maurice		death of.

Castle		John		estate administration sale notice
Chapman		Robert		mariner/HMS Investigator/death
Clarke		John Samuel	former soldier/death of
Cupid		Mrs		birth of son.

Davis		Elizabeth	death/mother of infant
Driver		Mrs.E		birth of boy

Falconer	Elizabeth	death of.
Fenwick		infant of	Thomas Fenwick/death

Gallacher/	Eleanor		spinister/married John Kenny
Gannan		Patrick		executed
Good		Mr		botanist from the 'Investigator'/death of.
Gorman		Mary		drowned/Swallow Rocks
Griffiths	John		NSW Corps Serjeant/death of.

Jackson		Ann		ex Port Jackson/killed by natives/Canada?

Kenelly		Andrew		private/death by suicide
Kenny		John		baker/married Eleanor Gallacher (Gallagher?)

Luker		Joseph		constable/murdered
Luker		Joseph		gravestone erected
Lynch		John		convict per 'Atlas'/executed

Marsden		son of Revd	death of.
Maundril	Ensign		death of/Norfolk Island
McDonald	Eleanor		wife of Alex/estate administration notice & obit
Mileham		infant son	of Mr James Mileham/death

New Zealander	'Woodoo'	died some time ago/previously on Norfolk Island
Otahetian	'Mouje'		ex England per Glatton/death of enroute home.

Palmer		Mrs John	birth of daughter.
Partridge	John		drowned/boat off Barenjoy
Patterson	George		death/labourer
Peat		M		spinister/Parramatta/married Lawrence Brady

Reid		James		64yo/Settlers/former Officer/death
Rourke		Catherine	(Widow)/married Henry Simpson

Sampson		J		drowned/boat off Barenjoy/buried by natives
Simpson		Francis		executed
Simpson		Henry		shipwright/married Catherine Rourke (Widow)

Thompson	William		marine ex Buffalo/death of.
Tracey		John		convict per 'Hercules'/executed/Insurgent

Unnamed		6 men		drowned from boat/Philip Island to Norfolk Island
Unnamed		male		died suddenly in baker's shop.
Unnamed		seaman/sealer	died/New Zealand

Walburne	infant dau.	of Rosetta/Parramatta.death from burns
Wethers		Robert		estate administration notice/Hawkesbury
Withers		R		Death/Hawkesbury Settler (see Wethers)
Wood		Maria		Death/mother of three
Wood		Mary		wife of settler, Kissing Point/death

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