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1836 Old News Index
Births,Deaths,Marriages and Inquests

This index created and provided by and, all rights reserved ©J Fawcett 2000-2004

The following list is an index of
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
taken from Sydney papers for the year 1836.
note - some deaths occurred in other years
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname					B/D/M

Abbott		Elizabeth	dau of John/Ire/to Wm Hirst	M
Aberfield	Mrs		Illawarra/murdered/married	D
Aboriginal	Native		of McLeay River region/murdered	D
Aboriginal	Native		murdered by fellow native	M
Aboriginal	Jabbingee	murdered by Jack Congo Murrell	D
Aboriginal	women (2)	murdered Port Phillip		D
Abraham		E.J		to Mary Story Harper		M
Ackroyd		Mrs.D.A.C.G	at Port Macquarie/daughter	B
Acres		George		estate claims notice		D
Adair		James		Patersons River/shot		D?
Adams		William		67y/at Hampstead/Eng/reformer	D
Ainsworth	Mr		to Anna Jane Bowen		M
Aird		William		to Mrs Ann Campbell/Syd		M
Alderson	Mrs James	son/Sydney			B
Allman		Sarah		20y/dau of Capt			D
Andrews		Mrs Alex	Sydney/son			B
Angell		Miss		of Newfoundland to Thos Gill	M
Angelo		Henry		70yo/died Twickenham/		D
Ansler		Frederick	m to Elizabeth Pearson		M
Archer		Isaac		Estate administration		D
Arnold		James Henry Fortington/Dorchestor	D
Ascough		William		60yo/of Lower Hawkesbury	D
Atkins		Eliza		Sydney/inquest			D

Bailey		William		murdered Green Hills		D
Ball		Henry		died General Hospital		D
Banks		Sophia		to Thomas Collevill		M
Barnett		Mrs		Sydney/son			B
Barney		Mrs 		husb in 102nd regt/dau		B 
				see also Burney
Baylis		son		of John.c9yo.			D
Bayliss		John		Richmond/admin of estate	D
Beal		Robert Job	infant of Charles/Sydney	D
Bean		Miss E		to T.T.Smith			M
Beet		Sarah		to James Pye/Toongabbie		M
Bell		Mrs Wm		Hunters River/son		B
Bennett		S		69yo/Alderman of Chester	D
Betts		Mrs John	Glebe/dau			B
Bickerton	David		mate "Adonis"/d Kings Island	D
Blizard		Sir Wm		at Birxton Hill Surrey/93yo	D
Bobart		Frances		wife of Rev H.H./Parramatta	D
Bolger		James		ex convict/at Sydney		D
Bootey		John		late of London/death		D
Booth		John		of Glendon Hall.Northampshire to
				Augusta de Capell./1835		M
Bowen		Anna Jane	to Mr Ainsworth			M
Bowerman	Mrs D.A.C.G	Field of Mars/dau		B
Bowler		Alfred		c6yo - drowned-inquest		D
Bowers		William		died in gaol			D
Bowman		John		re estate promised		D
Bragg		Captain		murdered at sea			D  [4]
Bretford	William		elderly gardener/inquest	D
Brooks		Mrs Wm		son born Newcastle		B
Brown		George		Commissariat Dept/Sydney	D
Brown		John		inquest/crushed to death	D
Browne		Andrew		inquest/overseer		D
Buartere	native		Sandwhich Islands/died 1835	D
Bunn		Geo		re estate promised		D
Buonaparte	Mada Marie Let	died Rome			D
Burke		Mary		inquest/died suddenly		D
Burnell		H.C		to Sarah Gray			M
Burney		Mrs 		husb in 102nd regt/dau		B 
				see also Barney
Campbell	Angus		of Argyle to Anna Storer	M
Campbell	Ann (Mrs)	to William Aird/Sydney		M
Campbell	Margaret	to J.A Cook			M
Campbell	Mrs R.M		"Wingello" - a son		B
Campbell	Mrs R.		Bligh St/son			B
Cape		Eliza		to Wm Hindson			M
Capell		Augusta de	dau of Sir Richd Brooke de Capell Brook
				of Northampshire.Eng to J Booth	M

Cardwell	Maria		to T.H.Mate			M
Carr		Sarah		M ..see Wm RIDGLEY		M
Cavanagh	Mrs Geo		son/				B
Christy		William		at Windson/son of Benj of Hertfd D
Clarke		Thomas		found drowned			D
Cleland		Mrs		dau				B
Clyde		John		VDL..murdered			D
Cobbitt		William		estate sale/Ash/Farnham		D
Coll		Thos		re his estate - NSW		D
Collevill	Thomas		to Sophia Banks			M
Collins		Mrs Thos	Annandale Cottage		B
Colner		Thomas		murdered/Windsor/servant	D
Colvin		Thos		died /Indigo Planter/36yo	D
Conway		Fanny Sophia	dau of Lt Col Thos/at Madras to
				Capt Horation Walpole /1835	M
Cook		J.A		to Mrs Mgt Murray nee Campbell	M
Cooper		Mrs Robert	South Heard Rd/dau		B
Copley		Mrs		Eng/mother of Lord Lyndhurst	D
Corbett		William		will proven Wm	
				to be buried Farnham/Surrey	D
Cowper		Mrs Charles	Kirkham/son			B
Cowper		Rev Wm		to Miss Swaine - Sydney		M
Cummins		Richard Power	m Sophia R Searle		M
Cummings	Catherine	inquest/Syd			D
Curlewis	Mrs		Argyle/dau			B
Curtis		Mrs		son				B
Curtis		Mrs J.J		son/Millers Point		B

Danks		Joseph		gunsmith/inquest		D
Darcy		Pat		ass servant/inquest		D
Davis		David		12yo/Port Macquarie		D
Dawson		James		woodcutter/inquest		D
Dempster	John		Merchant/Glasgow/interest claims D
Dickinson	Honoria Mary	dau of Revd Chas to N.Lawson	M
Dobbs		Tom Windor	drowned - re inquest		D
Donnelly	Mr		died 1827 - 1836 - his estate	D
Douglas		boy		c 9yo - accidental death	D
Dowling		Ann		dau of Mr Justice/18yo		D
Dowling		Major Genl Henry at Geneva			D
Doyle		James		Sydney/death, burial & will (3)	D
Doyle		James		legacy to Sydney Dispensary	D
Drummond	John Murray	of Perth/Scot to F.J.Oswold	M
Duncan		Capt Sir Henry	Aid de camp - d 1835		D
Dutton		W.H		inft son's death		D
Dutton		Mrs W.H		birth of dau/Yass		B

Earl		John		Rt.Hon.of Chatham.80yo/Eng	D
East		Miss Charlotte	at Penrith			D
Elder		James		estate notice			D
Elley		Capt Thos Augus	at sea "Marion Watson" nephew
				of C.Elley/Court of Chancery	D
Evans		Mary Ann	to Charles Hy Jenkins		M

Farren		John		Custom House tide waiter	D  [4]
Fasque		Ann		wife of John/Liverpool/Eng	D
Faunce		Mrs Captn	birth of dau			B
Favell		J.B		m Elizabeth Jackson		M
Ferrers		Countess	account of family 		D
Ferriter	John .(R.N)	to Eliza Jones			M
Fisher		James		inquest/elderly			D
Fisher		William		Matiland/to Elizabeth Wingate	M
Fitzgibbon	Gerald		Co Wicklow/to Charlotte Kick	M
Fitzpatrick	Mrs		murdered Bathurst [1835?]	D
Fletcher	Mrs		Maitland/birth of dau		B
Foreman		Elizabeth E	wife of John/at Parramatta	D
Foster		Susanah		to Charles D Street		M
Fox		Patrick		overseer/Wollongong/murdered (2)D
Free		Joseph		executed			D
French		Mrs J.H		birth of son and heir/Belfast	B
Friend		John		mariner/Wollongong/estate admin	D

Galbraith	George		Sydney/birth of son		B
Garling		Samuel		inquest/mining gang		D
Gill		Thos		Sarum.Eng to Miss Angell	M
Glover		Thos		publican -r e inquest (4)	D
Goddard		Benjamin	elderly/inquest			D
Gordon		Agnest		to Captn.Wm.Parsons		M
Gordon		Lt Col Robert	formerly EIC./73yo/d 1835	D
Gore		convict		executed for murder		D 
Gordon		Lt Col Sir C	42nd Regt/at Geneva		D
Gouldrick	John		free/puntman			D
Gray		Sarah		to H.C.Burnell			M
Greg		John		executed			D
Guest		Mrs.Revd.J	dau/at Bangalore/Madras		B

Halket		Mr		assigned servant/drowned	D
Hall		Colonel Robert	Eng/Chelsea/82y/of Devon	D
Hallen		Mrs Edward	son/at Bathampton		B
Hamilton	Mr		drowned/swamp/inquest		D  [2]
Hamilton	Wm		elderly pensioner/inquest	D
Hamlyn		Dr		death/Goulbourn			D
Hardie		John		baker/Sydney			D
Hare		John		catholic - executed		D
Harper		Elizabeth	to Charles Whalan		M
Harper		Mary Story	to E.J.Abraham/Syd		M
Harper		William		44yo/Hunters River		D
Harrington	Francis Leonora nee McLeay (& funeral)		D
Harrington	Thos.C		to Frances McLeay/Sydney	M
Hayley		Charlotte	to James Ralfe			M
Hayley		Amelia		to W.S.Parker			M
Hely		Fredk August	Supt of Convicts/death		D
Henderson	Mrs		Sydney/daughter			B
Hennessy	Mrs		inquest/Sydney			D
Heth		Joice		162yo/Geo Washington's nursemaid D
Hevenden	John		4th Regt/estate admin		D
Higgins		John		prisoner/at General Hospital	D
Hill		Revd.Richard	a Sydney (also admin/estate)	D
Hilton		John		former surgeon/inquest/Syd	D
Hindson		William		to Eliza Cape			M
Hirst		William		to Elizabeth Abbott		M
Hogg		James		"Ettrick Shepherd"/died		D
Holden		infant		son of J.R/Carbramatta		D
Hood		Mary Ann	to Robert Maddox		M
Hook		Sarah		nee Palmer/sist of D.A.G	D
Howe		Richard		Estate dispute			D
Howe		Rt.Hon.Baroness	wife of Sir Wathan Walker	D
				at Twickenham/England
Howey		Mrs.H		Strathern/son			B
Humphrey	Mrs T.B		Maitland/son & heir		B
Humphrey	William		at Dominica/son of Rev.W of Antigua/D
Humphries	Evan		Gen Hospita/inquest		D
Hunt		Mrs.R.A		husband in G.P.O		D

Icely		Thomas		Devonport/Eng/6yo		D
Ikin		Sarah		to captain John Papps		M
Inch		Joseph		at Sydney/old colonist		D
Innes		Mrs John	[husb a bookseller]/dau		B
Irvine		Cath		dau of P Mallon		M

Jacks		Thomas		butcher/suddenly		D
Jackson		Elizabeth	m J.B.Favell			M
James		Mary		murdered by husband Wm		D
Jenkins		Charles Hy	married to Mary Ann Evans/Davies M (2)
Jilkes		George		see WALKER
Johnson		F.W		at Liverpool Sydney/son of
				F.Johnson of Belfast.Ireland.	D
Johnson		Mrs Robert	son				B
Jones		Ann		over 70yrs./re inquest		D
Jones		Edward		infant of Edward		D
Jones		Edward		bro of Richard of Syd/a Manilla D
Jones		Eliza		to John Ferriter RN		D

Keeling		John		laborer/inquest			D
Kelly		Charles		ex convict/Custom Crew/drowned	D
Kelly		Hugh		Windsor Road/estate admin	D (2)
Kelly		Mary		drowned/inquest/Sydney		D
Khan		Kureem		executed Delhi 1835		D
Kightley	Miss		m George Muckle/Syd		M
Kitchen		Mary/Ann	wife of Wm/murdered		D [2]
Kitchen		William		executed/murder of wife 	D
Knathbull	Captn Charles	46yo/bro of Sir Edward		D
Knowles		Newman		late recorder of London		D

Larken		Samuel		d 1834/estate sale/		D
Lawler		Patrick		ships cook/inquest Syd		D
Lawson		Nelson		of Mudgee to H.M.Dickinson	M
Lethbridge	Mrs Robt	dau born Okehampton Park	B
Lewis		Elizabeth	Sydney/inquest			D
Lord		Emma Candida	dau of John/9m			D
Lowe		Mrs A.B		Maitland/dau			B
Lowe		Mrs J.W		Bathurst/dau			B
Lowe		Robert		to Eliza Middleton/Syd		M
Ljumstedt	Sir Andrew	died 1835 at Macao/c80yo	D

McCaffrey	Dr Wm		murdered/New York/Irish		D
McCormack	Matthew		prisoner/died in gaol		D
McCumming	John. Esq	68yo/at Wrecklesham		D
McDonald	Mr		murdered by brother		D
McDonald	[three]		all at one place/varying dates 	D
McDonell	Mary Jane	at Cannanore/to Lt J Matyr	M
McLeay		Frances		Syd/to Thos Harrington		M
McMahon		Dr Patrick	at Paris/formerly of  Ireland	D

Mackie		Mrs John	Sydney/son			B
Maddox		Robert		to Mary Hood.			M
Maher		Joseph		elderly man/re inquest		D
Mallon		Pat Walsh	to Cath Irvine			M
Mansfield	Mrs Rev R	twins - Sydney			B
Marsden		John		to Sarah Munroe/at Sydney	M
Mate		T.H		to Maria Cardwell		M
Matyr		Lt J (36th Regt) to Mary McDonell/at Cannanore	M
Mein		James		re estate promised		D
Mein		Mrs G.S		Sydney/dau			B
Meredith	Mr jnr		son of Geo/died New Holland 	D
Metcalf		Thomas		inquest/son of Mr		D
Milligan	Mrs Dr.		son/Madras			B
Mitchell	Edward Chas.	35yo/at Parmaribo/Surinan	D
Mitchell	Mrs James	a son				B
Mitchell	Mrs Thos	New Zealand/birth of dau	B
Mole		Mrs Cath	at Pari/wife of George		D
Morris		Capt		to Sarah Whalan/Prospect	M
Muckle		Geo		m to Miss Kightley/Syd		M
Mudie 		Mr		drowned Westernport/Port Phillip D
Mules		Jane		dau of Robt [of Devon] to 
				J.Richards/in colony		M
Munroe		Joseph		elderly man/re inquest		D
Munroe		Sarah		at Sydney/to John Marsden	M
Murdoch		Mrs P		Hobart/son			B
Murphy		John.S		to Elizabeth Ann Styles		M
Murray		Elizabeth	infant/inquest/mother deceased	D
Murray		Margaret	to J.A Cook			M
Murray		Mrs		birth/dau/Sydney		B
Musson		John Paynter	Barrister/at Cologne		D

Neate		Elizabeth	relict of late Major Neate
				at Hadley/Middlesex/Eng		D
Newman		Revd Wm		of Oldford/Bow			D
Nolan		Thomas		murdered Castlereagh		D
Norton		Charles Franc	at Nova Scotia/52nd Regt	D
North		Grace Amy	m to R.Wyatt/Windsor		M
Norton		Mrs		Elsternwick/son			B
Nugent		Eugene		Esq/33yo/England		D

O'Neil		John		4th Regt/murdered Emu Plains	D
Onslow		Mrs Lt.W.W.C	at Trichinopoly 1835/son	B
O'Sullivan	Mrs		Hobart/birth of dau		B
Oswold		Francis Jemima	SCot to John M Drummond		M
Otway		Lt.  (R.N)	suicide/50th Regt		D

Palmer		John		at Calcutta/ Obit		D
Papps		Capt John Smith	to Sarah Ikin/Syd		M
Parker		Mrs I.S		Moretan Bay/Brisbane/dau	B
Parker		W.S		to Amelia Hayley		M
Parry		Isabella	da of Sir Edward/Norfolk	D
Parsons		Captn.William	to Agnes Gordon			M
Pato		native		Sandwhich Island/died 1835	D
Pawley		Mrs W		son				B
Pearson		Elizabeth Esther m to Frederick Ansley		M
Pearson		Jane (Mrs)	nee Mackay/birth of ch		B
Pearson		Richard		M.D/71yo/at Eng/Birmingham	D
Pemberton	John		inquest/Lane Cove		D
Pickering			executed/Syd			D
Piggott		Geo		boatswain/drowned/Wellevreden	D
Pilcher		Mrs H.J		son				B
Pitman		John		respectable relations in Eng
				drowned in colony		D  [2]
Platt		John Laurie	54yo/Newcastle			D
Platt		John.L		estate claims			D
Potter		Captain		Rachael			D
Price		Mrs Rev Chas	son				B
Pye		James		Tooongabbie/to Sarah Beet	M

Radford		Dr		estate sale/cattle		D
Raine		Mrs Thos	of Bathurst/dau			B
Ralfe		James		to Charlotte Hayley		M
Reid		Mrs David	son/Inverary Park		B
Reynolds	Lt Colnl T.V	71yo - at Geneva		D
Richards	James Byron	to Jane Mules			M
Ridley		Edward		28th Regt/Goat Island		D
Ridgly		William		m at Fultehgar to Sarah Carr	M 1835
Riley		John		emigrant/inquest		D
Robison		Gervaise	Deputy Post Master at Benare	D 1835
Rothery		Nicholas	infant of W.Mont/at Concord	D
Rottler		Revd.J.P	Missionary/86y/at Madras	D (2)
Rowell		Mrs		Sydney/son			B
Rowlands	Margaret	wife of Thos of Hobart/32yo	D
Rowley		Thomas		solder 102nd Regt/his estate	D
Rust		Mrs Geo		dau				B

Scarr		Elizab Campb.	dau of John/ 15 mos.		D
Scobell		Lt		95th Regt/Cephalonia/shot	D
seaman		not named	drowned Experiment	D
seaman		(2)		drowned NorvalWesternport D
Shehan		Patrick		assigned servant/inquest	D
Searle		Sophia R	m Richard Cummins		M
Simmons		Capt Wm		'Kingsdown'London Whaler	D
Shumsoodeen			Delhi rebel/ordered for exect.	D
Skelton		Charles Pit	of Madras Civil Service		D
Sloman		Mrs Ann		39yo				D
Smedley		Miss Emma	Sydney				D
Smidmore	Mrs Mary	Sydney/son			B
Smith		Hannah		inquest				D
Smith		John		executed - Sydney		D
Smith		Richard (R.N)	bro of Dr Smith of Syd/Estate	D
Smith		Mrs Thomas	Darling Point/daughter		B
Smith		T.T		to Miss E Bean			M
Smith		Wm Edward	son of James [Builder]		D
South		Benjamin	at Richmond/old resident	D
Stavers		Mrs P.M		son/on board ship nr Mayopoor	B
Stephen		Mrs Sydney	son				B
St John		Capt Oliver	to Helen Anson Nutt nee Young-Lon M
Steening	Anthony		5yo/inquest			D
Steere		Thomas		seaman/inquest/Isabella		D
Stirling	Major Gen	d 1834.formerly 42nd Regt or
				Royal Highland Regt.		D
Storer		Anna		to Angus Campbell		M
Street		Charles.D	to Susannah Foster		M
Styles		Elizabeth Ann	to John S Murphy		M
Stubbs		John		24yo/n.o.Colony/died Syd	D
Sutton		Geo Manners	Commandor/RN/at Hammersmith	D
Swaine		Miss		to Rev Wm Cowper		M
Swan		Captain		missing at sea			D
Swan		Captain		estate administration		D
Sweeney		Joseph		drowned				D

Tate		George 		of George St			D
Tayler		Admiral Sir C	at Geneva			D
Taylor		Thomas		murder by John Reddell		D
Templeton	Isabella Ann	at Macao/madras/wife of John	D
Terry		Joseph		to Sarah West/Yass		M
Terry		Mrs Susanah	Sydney/dau			B
Throsby		Mrs		Throsby Park/son		B
Tobin		James		executed for murder of Pat Fox	D
Toole		Elizabeth	inquest/Sydney			D
Treish		John		executed - NSW			D
Trimmer		Wm		drowned nr Bassendeen 1835	D

Upjohn		Peter		London/Eng/			D

Walker		Joseph Jennings	young son of George Jilks/inquest (2)
Walker		convict		executed for Murder		D
Wallace		James		died New York/105y/of Scot	D
Walpole		Captn Horatio	at Madras to Fanny Conway/1835	M
Ward		John		Concord/Estate Admin		D
Watson		John		Canton/of James Goddard and Co	D
Watt				executed Syd			D
West		Sarah		Yass/m to John Terry		M
Whalan		Charles		to Elizabeth Harper		M
Whalan		Sarah		Prospect/to Captain Morris	M
Whately		Mrs Kath	dau of Joseph of Bath		D
Watkin		Thomas		inquest/son of innkeeper	D
White		Charles James	32yo/Geo St/suddenly		D
White		Mrs		Greenwood/Patricks Plains/dau	B
Whitehead	John		executed - Sydney		D
Wighton		John		of Brandon/NSW			D
Wighton		John		probate granted/Brandon		D
Wilcox		David		Syd				D
Wilcox		David		estate claims			D
Williams	Ellen		Sydney/inquest			D
Williams	Margaret	death/inquest/recent new baby	D
Williams	William		ex Liverpool - re inquest (2)	D
Willis		John		d Sept 1835 Branston nr Lincoln.
				one of 5 sons of Dr Willis	D
Wilson		Joseph		64y/Ravensworth/postal servant	D
Wilson		Mrs Wm		dau born Dawes battery		B
Wingate		Elizabeth	dau of Thos/RN/m Wm Fisher	M
Wood		Thomas		murdered/Cassilis/N.O.Colony	D
Wright		Edmund		estate admin			D
Wyatt		R		married to Grace Amy North	M

Young		Sir Aretas	son of Govenor (next) in 1836	D
Young		Thomas		at Leith/Scotland		D
Young		Sir William	Governor of Prince Edward Island 			D
				died 1835
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