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1819 Old News Index
Births,Deaths,Marriages and Inquests

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The following list is an index for
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
mtnioned in Sydney papers for the year 1819.
note - some deaths occurred in other years
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname	Details

Abbott		Mrs Edward	birth of dau/Hobart
Ambridge	John		drowned/VDL
Amos		Thomas		estate administration notice
Amos		Thomas S	death of
Anson		John		57yo/carpenter/death

Baird		John		Irishman/died at the Glasgow Infirmary/Scotland
Bayly		Ellen		infant of Nicholas Bayly/death
Bevan		John		ropemaker/death
Blaxcell	Graham		Sydney/Letters of Administration notice
Blaxcell	Garnham		estate administration to John Oxley
Brennan		John		executed
Briddy		T		clerk in Commissioners Office/death
Briscoe		Benjamin	drowned/VDL/wife and children
Brown		Miss		12yo daughter of David/Wilberforce/death
Burdett		Major		& family/killed St Lucia ?
Butterworth	James		estate administration notice

Cook		William		of Sydney/died Parramatta
Cooper		Thomas		convict/drowned
Cordeaux	Mrs		birth of daughter
Cosgrove	William		estate administration to Mary Yorke
Cosgroves	Wm		settler/Southbank/bro. Of Thos/trial of murderers
Coutel		Madame		died 1818/mother of Mrs Chas McIntosh/NSW
Cox		Mrs		died/at Clarendon

Dawson		William		VDL/drowned
Dixon		John Povie	'Argo'/estate administration to brother
Dogherty	James		overseer/Revd Marsden/drowned in Floods/marrd/chn
Douglass	R		mate/'Lord Gardiner'/shot
Dunlap		James		Parramatta/estate administration notice

Earl		of Upper Ossary	deceased estate administration
Earl		of Sandwich	burial/England

Feen		Charles		chief officer/Jupiter/drowned Kangaroo Island
Fitzpatrick	Bridget		Sydney/re John McCallum estate
Foss		Henry		Sydney/probate granted/notice
Free		Samuel		ex Norfolk Island/death

Glenholme	Capt Henry	73rd Regt/died India
Gorman		Mr		elderly overseer/Revd Marsen/suicide
Gowen		Mrs Aldry	Liverpool/death
Green		John		executed
Grono		granddaughter	granddaughter of Grono/died of snake bite/c8yo

Haslam		James		labourer/death
Hassall		Samuel		married at Parramatta to Miss Mileham
Hassall		Jonathan	married at Parramatta to Miss Rouse
Hassall		Miss		married Revd Laurie at Parramatta
Hatton		George		drowned/VDL/
Hill		Solomon		convict per Atlas/died enroute
Howard		Thomas		Launceston/VDL/death

Jeffries	Mr		former Captain 'Archduke Charles'/drowned NZ
Johnson		Robert		showmaker/suicide
Johnston	William		married Miss Pall at Windsor
Jones		Capt Wm Townsen 'Bridgewater'/estate administration notice
Jones		John		executed/NSW
Jones		John		estate administratio notice/of Sydney

Kable		Miss		married James Mileham
Kappitipola			executed/Ceylon
Kearns		girl		drowned/The Rocks/NSW

Lane		Mrs		Pitt street/death
Laurie		Revered		married Miss Hassall at Parramatta
Lewin		J.W		Coroner/death/NSW
Littlejohn	Robert		VDL/letters of administration notice
Lowe		Anthony		estate administration to James Lord

Macdougall	Captain		death of
Macdougall	Captain		estate admin to Richard Brooks
Macdougall	Dugald		master 'Tottenham'/Estate Administration Notice
Madugalle			executed/Ceylon
Mansell		William 	Hobart	deceased estate sale/notice
McCallum	Mrs Bridget	death
McCallum	Daniel		Sydney/probate granted
McCoy		Daniel		former gaol keeper/buried Sydney
McDonald	Hugh		Quarter Master/46th/death/widow & 4 chn
McIntosh	Mrs Charles	NSW/mother died/Madame Coutel
McNicol		Peter Nicol	of Calcutta/merchant/deceased estate sale
Merrill		Mary		coroners inquest held
Mileham		James		married Miss Kable
Mileham		Miss		married at Parramatta to Samuel Hassall
Monroe		Alexander	drowned off New Zealand
Mooney		R		VDL/drowned

Nash		Robert		settler/Pittwater VDL/death
Nash		Robert		VDL/Letters of Administation notice
Nichols		Isaac		death of
Norman		John		deceased estate sale advertisment
Nowlen		James		Estate Administration notice

O'Brien		Captain		commodore of indepence fleet/Valparaiso/death of

Pall		Miss		married William Johnston at Windsor
Panton				infant of George K	died enroute to NSW
Parsons		Sergeant Harry	death/NSW
Peters		Mrs Ann		wife of Thomas/died/Sydney
Petree/Petrie	John		executed
Pountey		John		convict/'General Stewart'/died enroute to NSW
Powell		Edward		innkeeper/Letters of Administration to wife Elizabeth
Price		James		VDL/Letters of Administration notice

Ray		Thomas		executed/NSW
Reddington	John		estate administration claims notice
Reddington	John		deceased estate sale/notice
Redfers		Mrs		birth of son/Syd
Reston		Lord		died at Glendotch/Scot/relative of Dr Adam Smith
Roberts		William		Sydney/probate application
Roberts		William		Sydney/carpenter/death
Roberts		William		Sydney/early resident of colony/death
Robinson	Thomas		drowned off New Zealand
Ross		M		Commander 'Duke of Wellington'/death
Rouse		Miss		married at Parramatta to Jonathon Hassall
Russel		William		Letters of Adminstration to Mary Lewis

Salter		constable	/Cow Pasture/found drowned/flood
Sculley		Michael		VDL/soldier/47th regt/Suicide
Smith		Thomas		executed/NSW
Statham		Lt		estate sale
Statham		Lt Henry	died enroute to NSW/son of Saml/'Surrey'

Taylor		John		VDL/Letters of Administration notice
Thompson	Andrew		Glasgow Farm/estate sale
Thompson	Andrew		Estate administration notice
Tomlins		Samuel		'Jupiter'/drowned Kangaroo Island
Topie		John		of Otahetie/Otaheita/died aboard 'General Stewart'

unnamed		convict		'Globe'/died enroute to NSW
unnamed		2 men		suspected drowned/ex Five Islands
unnamed		boy		'General Stewart' died enroute to NSW
unnamed		convicts 2	'Daphne'/death
unnamed		male		drowned in Floods/NSW
unnamed		3 convicts	'Surrey'/died enroute to NSW
unnamed		sailor		'General Stewart' died enroute to NSW
unnamed		sailor/Mate	'Dick'/drowned of NZ
unnamed		labourer	at Bunbury Curran/death by snake bite
unnamed		3 convicts	'Hibernia'/died enroute to NSW

Watson		Robert		former pilot & harbourmaster/died/Rocks
Watson		Robert		estate administration notice
Welch		Captain		'Bencoolen'/not dead at Calcutta as advertised
White		James		murdered Newcastle/trial of accused
Whiting		Francis		Sydney/letters of administration to wife Sarah
Williams	John		murdered Newcastle
Willis		Mrs Sarah	Brickfields/estate Administration Notice
Wilson		Mrs		wife of Missionary/Society Islands/died 1818
Wood		Matthew		VDL/inquest held
Wood		Matthew		murdered New Norfolk/Tas/of Nottingham/married

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