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New South Wales
1834 Old News Index
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests

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The following list is an index to
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
mentioned in Sydney newspapers for the year 1834.
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname	Reference

Abell		Capt Thomas	62nd Regt/died Madras
Ackroyd		Mrs		birth of son/Port Macquarie
Aboriginal	Native		murdered by natives/Govt Domain
Aboriginal	skeleton	found /inquest
Adams		Charles. (D.C)	married at Chinsurah to 
				Amelia Garratt
Affriat		Lydia		m Charles A Wilson/Parramatta
Agar		Richard		assigned servant/inquest
Allan		Richard		R.N Supt Surgeon/suicide.
Allen		Richard		infant son of George/death
Alexander	James (tertius)	married Glasgow (Scot) to
				Sarah Redfern of NSW.
Andrews		Alexander	married Hebe Chippendale
Atkinson	James		J.P/death/Oldbury/Argyle
Audrey		Mrs Sir John	birth of son East India

Babington	Mr		31st Regt/India/death
Badgers		Henry		married Mary Ann Reiley
Bagot		Henrietta Maria m at Pimlico to Henry Earl of
Baldy		Mrs		birth of son
Barclay		John		inquest/gaol/convict
Barlow		Walter		39yo/pauper/death/Ardgate whouse
Baxter		Alex Macduff	died Isle of Man/
Baxter		Andrew		50th Regt/married Anna Hadden
Baxter		George		inquest/Syd
Beattie		Captain		HMS 31st Regt/death/dual
Bell		Eliza		married William Bell
Bell		George		married Sarah Danby
Bell		William		married Eliza Bell
Bennett		Mrs Richard	Hunter St/birth of son
Berner		Mrs		birth of son
Berry		Andrew		MD/death/Newtown/Perthshire
Betts		Mrs John	Globe Farm/birth of son
Bevan		Mrs		died recently/husband formerly
				a constable in police force
Billy Blue			married/5 ch/death of.
Blair		Lt.		m Bengal to Louisa Killick
Blaxland	Geo		married Maria Dowling
Blaxland	Maria		19yo /nee Dowling/death
Bloodsworth	Maria		married Thomas Coutts
Bloomfield	Mrs Doctor	birth of son.
Bodenham	Thomas		auctioneer/40y/death
Boileau		Amelia		wife of Chas/died/Bangalore
Bolger		Capt .Edw	married Elizabeth Shukers/Syd
Boniver				seaman/presumed drowned at
				Preservation Island
Bonivazer	William		child/inquest/South Head
Bowden		Thomas		snr/56yo/death
Bowles		Sarah		wife of Wm/inquest/murdered
Bowman		Mrs J		Woolloomoolloo/birth of dau
Boyce		Andrew		mariner/death
Bradley		Mrs		Argyle/birth of dau
Breton		Eliza		wife of Major/death/Syd
Breton		Mrs Major	birth of dau.
Brewer		child c 5yo	drowned/Syd
Brooks		Mrs W		Hunters River/birth of son
Broughton	Francis Matilda m Campbell Town to B.Clayton.
Broughton	James Gordon	administration of estate
Brown		Mrs Capt	birth of dau.
Brown		Mrs		Rose St/drowned/per 
Brown		Mary		drowned/inquest
Brown		Mr M		married Matilda De Metz
Bryce		Ellen		drowned/per Amphrite
Buckland	Mrs John	Hoare/birth of son
Bunker		Nathaniel	died Nantucket/aged 90yo
Bunn		George		administration of estate.
Busby		Mrs James	New Zealand/birth of son
Butler		John		seaman/drowned.
Byrnes		William		married ANn Oakes./Parramatta

Cadell		Margaret	married John Neilson
Campbell	Peter Laurentz	married Barbara McLeay/Syd
Campbell	Mrs.R.M		Wingello/birth of dau
Campbell	William		son of Robt of Sydney/
				died Calcutta
Cameron		Ann Slade	inft.dau of Lt Col.Chas.death
Carey		Dr		died Serampore
Carmichael	Mrs		birth of dau/Aust Coll.Buildng.
Cape		Mrs W.T		birth of son
Carew		Mrs Paymaster	birth of dau
Carrick		Fredk Adolphus	20yo/death
Castle		Mrs H.A		birth of dau
Cavanagh	James		executed for murder
Cavanagh	Mrs Margt	67yo/Hawkesbury/death/arrived
				in first fleet.
Chadman		Mary		married/death of/inquest
Chambers	Mrs B		birth of dau.
Chambers	Mrs David	Syd/birth of son
Chapman		William		executed
Chesterfield	Blitzen		executed for murder.
Chippendale	Hebe		married Alex.Andrews.
Church		Lt		lost when ship foundered
Clarke		Thomas		servant/inquest
Clarke		William		alias Thomson/convict/executed
Clayton		Benjamin	m Campbell Town to 
				Francis Broughton
Clegg		John		publican/death
Cohen		Simon		Grand Jewish Rabbi/death
Collins		John		Hunters River/inquest/free
Cooper		Herbetta Charl.	infant/death
Cooper		Miss		16yo/niece of Mrs Thompson/
Cooper		Mrs Robert	birth of son
Corlette	James (Capt)	married Miss Turnbull/Syd
Corrigan	Hugh		ex publican/death/Maitland(3)
Coutts		Thomas		married Maria Bloodsworth
Craig		Mrs Skeine	birth/son
Crerar		Janet		nee Anderson/of Scotd/drowned
Crerar		dau of Janet	c14yo/drwoned/Perth		
Cressy (Crasey)	Richard		inquest and burial
Cromwell	Susan		death/great grandaughter of 
				Oliver Cromwell/last of fam.	
Crotty		Francis Cashel	died.Epsom/major HMS 39th of Foot	
Cunningham	Fergus		inquest/ (2)

Danby		Sarah		m George Bell
Dargan		Mrs Thos	Maitland/death
Davis		Thomas Martyn	married Sarah Wiseman
De Mestre	Mrs		birth of dau
De Metz		Matilda		married MR M Brown.
Denier		Cornelius	infant/death/13mos
Devaney		Francis		death/originally coloured slave/
				South Carolina
Diggles		Robert		m to Eliza Garling./Malacca
Dobson		James		married Mrs Eliza Morgan
Dowling		Maria		married George Blaxland.
Dowling		Maria		death of.
Doyle		Mrs.C.M		Ulin Bawn.birth of son
Duke		Mrs		Sydney/birth of ch
Dunn		Mr		millwright/NSW/drowned
Dye		R.H		owner Farewell/died 14 days
				after leaving port.

Earle		Robert		Darling Harbour/inquest.
Eaton		James		free man/groom/inquest
Edwards		Mrs Capt	11th Regt/.birth of son
Edwards		William		executed
Elkins		Emanuel		London/suicide/
Elliott		William		executed for shooting at police
Ellis		Mrs capt	at Bangalore/birth of son
Ellis		Thomas Wm	seaman/married Francis Mackie
Elthorpe	John		coxswain.died Sth Africa
Erskine		Miss		infant dau of Revd Geo/death
Evendon		Mrs Thos	Bathurst/birth of dau

Fanning(Fannon)	Wm		boot & shoemaker/murdered
Farrell		John		inquest/wife and children
Farnell		Charlotte	murdered by husb.Pat/1833/court
Farnell		Thomas		34yo/mason/death
Ferrier		Capt James	72nd/died Singapore/Arab
Ferrier		Robt Salter	14yo/died Singapore/
				son of Capt.J
Fife				seaman/presumed drowned at
				Preservation Island
Fletcher	Mrs G		Hunters River/birth of dau.
Fletcher	John		married Mary A.Hely/St Phillips
Fontrin/Fontayne John		suicide/inquest (2)
Foreman		William		publican/inquest/suicide.
Forester	Dr		drowned/previously arrived per
				"Southworth" to New South Wales
Forsyth		Mrs Janet	wife of blacksmith/death
Foster		Anna Maria	48yo/death
Fraser		Helen		drowned/per Amphrite
Fraser		John		Brisbane Water/death
Fraser		Mrs		Borong/birth of son
French		J.H		46th Regt/married Charlotte
				Willowe nee Gore at Middlesex

Galloher (sic)	Patrick	
Gallagher			executed for rape.
Gollaher		Michael		executed
Garling		Eliza		m Robert Diggles at Malacca.
Garratt		Amelia		m at Chinsurah to Charles Adams
Garratt		Harriett	m at Chinsurah to Geo.Vallancy
Garvin				seaman/presumed drowned at
				Preservation Island
Gaunson		Mrs		Darling Harbour/birth of dau.
Gibbs		THomas		surgeon/drowned 'Edward Lombe'
Giles		Edward		executed for assault 
Gold		Edward		elderly/death/inquest
Goldsmid	Frederick	of Champion HIll..married to
				Caroline Samuel of Bedford Place
Grenthead	Ellen		inquest/during childbirth
Gudges		Jane		50y/inquest/Syd

Hadden		Anna Maria	married Alex Baxter.
Harper		Barbara		aka Martin/drowned/per 
Harris		Eliza		10yo/drowned
Harris		William		convict/executed
Harrison	Mrs Capt	'Rose'/birth of dau
Hassall		Mrs Elizabeth	death/husb.Missionary/Tahiti
Hassall		Jonathan	drowned South Creek/inquest
Hatchman	Sarah		husb a convict/death
Hawkins		Mrs 		Portsmouth/death/wife of Stephen
				mother in law of Mrs Pearson.
Hay		Henry		commanderMars/40th Regt/dth
Haydon		Peter		married Elizabeth Jenkins
Heffernan	Roger		died suddenly/Syd
Hepburn		Geo Swaine	late captain in India..death
Herbert		Capt J.D	9th Regt/died Lucknow.India
Hewitt		John		4th Regt/Inquest/Darling Harbr
Hewson		Lt.		4th Regt/death & burial report.
Hill		Arthur		printer/death
Hill		mr		sailor/died/his brother a sailor
				on the Harmony at Syd was robbed
Hodel		Gottfried.	A.A.G.C/death
Holden		John Rose	married Mary Hutchison
Holden		Thomas		inquest./
Hollingsted	Mrs		Syd/birth of sauu
Honson		Elizabeth	2/3yo/death
Hood		Jemima S	Syd/m J.Pritchard
Horsford	Grace		married A.M.F Rusden
Horsley		John		coroner/death
Howe		Richard		Sydney/inqest
Howell		Mary Ann	dau of Thomas/death
Houston		Betty		drowned/per Amphrite
Hughes		Henry		c62yo/died Botany Bay
Huston		James		m to Ann Watersone
Hutchison	Mary		married to John Rose Holden

Innis		Mrs Lt.		birth of son
Iredale		Mrs I		Surry Hills/birth of dau.
Ironside	John Fredk	infant son of James /death
Ivory		Mary		married James Poplin

Jackie Isaacs			New Zealander/died/inquest
Jackson		Benjamin	ex Launceston/suicide/Syd
Jackson		Thomas		Windsor/inquest
Jarrett		Revd W		married Mary Ann Russell
Jenkins		Elizabeth	married PEter Haydon
Jenkins				bushranger/executed
Jenner		Mrs		widow of Dr/died Plymouth
Johnson		Elizabeth	married Mr Parker/chemist
Johnson		Margaret	drowned/per Amphrite
Johnson		Mr		39th Regt/India/death
Johnson		William		executed Sydney
Johnston	Rev John	death/Edinburgh

Kable		William Henry	son of Wm/6yo/death
Kane		Bryan		executed for murder/formerly  
				in Commission of Peace/
				well connected in Ireland.
Keihly		Thomas		Supt of Police Bangalore/death
Keilk		Eliza Holland	married George Morton
Kemmis		Mrs Arthur	birth of dau.
Kemp		Charles		drowned/'Edward Lombe'.
Kent		Thomas		administration of estate
Killick		Louisa 		m at Bengal to Lt.Blair.
Kirsopp		John		4th Regt/death &
				administration of estate

Laidley		Henry Augustus	infant son of Henry/death
Laurie		John		married Louisa Stokes
Lee				seaman/presumed drowned at
				Preservation Island
Lempriere	Dr William	70yo/died Bath/
Lethbridge	Mrs Robt	birth of dau.
Levey		Solomon		death/London/of Cooper & Levey.
Liscombe	Mrs John	Bathurst/birth of dau.
Lockyer		Fanny		married Wm Rothey
Logan		Mrs Capt A.S	birth of dau at Vellore/Madras
Lowe		Joseph		shoemaker/inquest/Syd
Loundes		James		inquest/death
Lynch				bushranger/executed

McAdam		Mr & 2 ch	drowned/per Amphrite
McArthur	John		68y/death/Camden
McCormack	Maria		wife of Pat/inquest
McCumming	Mrs Capt	birth of dau
McDonald			bushranger/executed
McDonald	Isabella	aka Campbell/drowned/
				per Amphrite
McDougall	Mrs Alex	Maitland/birth of dau
McInvee		Mrs Magdalene	of Kilburchain/death/Edinburgh
McLaren		Mrs J		birth of son/at Kirkwillock.
McLeay		Barbara Isab	married Peter Campbell
McLeod		Mr		Aust Ago Co surgeon/suicide.
McNaughton	Mrs		Syd/birth of son

Macdonald	George		60yo/Field of Mars/death
Mackenzie	Kythe Caroline	wife of Francis/nee Smithwright
				died Rosshire/Scot at Gaerbch
				aged 23year..and infant son died.
Mackie		Francis		married Thos Wm Ellis
Macklehose	Mrs		Syd/birth of son
Maitland	John		administration of estate
Makeig		John Edm	son of John/death
Mann		Elizabeth	married Edward Terry
Margaret	Captain		Norfolk Island/drowned
Marsden		Mrs Ann		wife of Edward (dcd)/died at
				Madras/formerly of London
Martin		Mrs A		Talbot Inn/birth of dau
Mason		Peter		inquest/arr.per Eldon
Mason		William		infant/c2yo/death/inquest
Matthew		William		m to Susanna Matilda Pollard
May		Capt Wm Aug	died Singapore
Mein		Mrs Mary	estate sale.
Merritt		Samuel		mariner/inquest/suicide
Miller		Ann		aka Allison
				drowned/per Amphrite
Mills		Lt Col Chas	55th Regt/India/death
Mills		Henry		executed
Mitchell	Mrs James	birth of dau
Mitchell	Peter		50th Regt/inquest
Montefiore	Mrs Baro	birth of dau.
Moore		Chas.Dodwell	death/at Leppington
Moore		Mrs Joseph	birth of son
Morgan		Mrs Eliza	married James Dobson
Morrisett	Mrs		brother Capt.Vaux drowned.
Morris		Mrs		birth of twins
Morton		George		married Eliza Holland Keilk
Mullins		Charles		Wilberforce/inquest
Murphy		Mary		inquest/marrie/husband a convict
				who arrived c 8 yo/she arr c1832.
Murray		Maria		servant/convict/inquest
Murray		Mrs		birth of dau/publicans

Neilson		John		married Margaret Cadell.
Norman		Geo		2nd mate/Edward Lombe/drowned

Oakes		Ann		married Wm Byrnes
O'Brien		Charles C	m at Cannanore to Emma Snow
Orgai		Charles		drowned/Macao/lad.
Orton		Thomas		seaman/struck by whale/death

Parbury		Mrs Fredk.	birth of son
Park		Mungo		nephew of the traveller/son of
				Mr  Park of Mull/death
Parker		Mr		chemist/married Elizab.Johnson
Paul		George		son of Geo/6yo/death
Pester		John Jacob	ex London/death/laid down keel
				of 'Maid of Australia'.
Peterson	Mary		died in hospital
Perry		Joseph		wheelwright/inquest
Pickey		Valentine	R.N/death
Pinkerton	Revd Wm		death of.
Piper		Mrs Capt	Alloway/birth of son.
Pollard		Susanna Matilda m William Matthew
Pollard		Mrs		Norfolk Island/birth of son
Poplin		James		married Mary Ivory/Syd
Price		John		inquuest/carpenter
Pritchard	J		married Jemma S Hood/Syd
Prosser		Thomas		elderly man/inquest

Ready		Michael		mariner/inquest/Currency Lass
Redfern		Sarah		of Campbellfield/New South Wales
				m Glasgow to James Alexander
Reiley		Mary Ann	married Henry Badgers
Reynolds	girl		died of burns/Syd
Roach		William		convict/executed
Robertson	Mr		31st Regt/India/death
Robinson	Mrs T		birth of dau
Rogers		Mrs G.T		Parramatta Rd/birth of dau
Rooke		Mrs James	birth of son/husb a publican
Rothey		Wm Montas	married Fanny Lockyer
Rowley		Captn Robert	RN/51yo/died Lewisham/Kent
				captain of Egeria etc.
Rusden		A.M.F		married Grace Horsford
Russell		James		blacksmith/inquest
Russell				seaman/presumed drowned at
				Preservation Island
Russell		Mary Ann	dau of mariner/married
Rutledge	Alexander	builder/Syd/inquest/m & 8 ch (3)
Ryan		Mrs. Sir Edwd	birth of son/Bengal

Samuel		Caroline	married Fredk Goldsmid
Savage		Mr		Presbyterian missionary in 
Scott		John		murdered convict/trial of accusd
Scougall	John		33yo/merchant/death
Sergeant	Charles		executed for murder
Shairn		Henry Bromley	MD/Edinburgh/death
Shean		Dennis		North Harbour/inquest.
Shelley		Mrs Wm		birth of son/Argyle
Shukers		Mrs Elizabeth	married Capt Edw Bolger.
Simpson		Edward Raworth	Administration of Estate
Simpson		Mrs		birth of son.
Simpson		Mrs.G.M		birth of dau.
Simpson		Pearson		Lane Cove/inquest
Skyring		Commander	death/served under P.P King
				in South America./
Smith		Henry		bushranger/inquest
Smith		Martha		married David Warden
Snow		Emma Eliza	m at Cannanore to Chas.O'Brien
Spencer		Mrs Capt Rich	birth of son/King George Sound.
Spendilove	George		passenger/printer/died on voyage
				to Australia.
Starkey		John		seaman/drowned/'Edward Lombe'
Steel		Mr W		drowned/Jean of Falmouth
				brother of Mr Steel of Hobart.
Stevens		Thomas		miller/death
Still		Alex		Commissariatt/death
Stokes		Louisa		married John Laurie
Stubbs		Mrs Lt. W.T	birth of son at Cannanore.
Sutton		Mrs G.B		Baulchan Hills/birth of son
Suttor		Mrs Wm		Bathurst/birth of son
Sweeney		Patrick		sawyer/Pennant Hills/Inquest

Templeton	Janet		death
Tennison	Elizabeth	inquest
Terry		Edward		married Elizabeth Mann
Thomas		John		convict/died Goat Island/inquest
Thompson	Geo Fred Adam	died Tanjore/son of Rev.A.C/6m.
Thompson	William		see Wm Clark.
Thomson		Dudley		of Wembury House/Devon/17yo/dth
Thomson		Mrs Edward Deas birth of dau
Thomson		Hugh		engineer/death /28yo
Thorne		Mrs Humphrey	birth of son
Tomlins		Mrs		birth of dau
Townshend	Mrs Geo		Trevalyn/birth of dau
Turnbull	Mr		Lord Rodney/drowned
Turnbull	Janet		drowned/per Amphrite
Turnbull	Miss		married Capt Corlette
Turner		Mrs.J.E		birth of son
Twigg		William		died Blacktown/editor of 
				Madras Gazette

Unwin		Mrs		Pitt St/birth of son

Vallancy	George.P	m at Chinsurah/Harrtt Garratt
Vandermulle	Mrs		wife of Major/death
Vaux		Commander	bro of Mrs Morrisett/drowned
				Norfolk Island.
Verschoyle	Dr		Bishop of Killala/death/66y
Vial		William		exected for murder

Walker		Jane Neilson	married Joseph Williamson
Wallace		Robert		servant/inquest
Walsh		William		27yo/death
Walton		John		executed
Ward		Samuel		convict on hulk Phoenix/inquest
Wardell		DrRobert	funeral report
Warden		David		married Martha Smith
Watson		Elizabeth	assigned servant/inquest
Watersone	Anne		m to James Huston
Weller		son of Mr.G	aged 5 months/death/Syd
Wesley		Charles		nephew of Revd John Wesley,
				founder of Methodists/death
Westmacott	Mrs Capt	birth of son
Wetherman	William		death/Port Stephens
White		infant of Geo	daughter/death/Hunters River
Whittaker	Thomas		drowned/inquest
Whitfield	Elizabeth	12yo dau of W.G/death
Wilde		Mrs		death/at Vanderville.
Williams	Elizabeth	infant/dau of W.H/death
Williams			seaman/presumed drowned at
				Preservation Island
Williams	Hector		publican/inquest
Williams	Isaac		timber merchant/Syd/death
Williamson	Joseph Short	married Jane Neilson Walker
Wilson		James A		died Singapore
Wilson		Charles	A	m Lydia Affriat/Parramatta
Wiseman		Sarah		married Thomas Davis
Woodgate	Charles		murdered New Zealand
Wright		Susannah	Botany Bay./inquest
Wright		Mrs		Africa/wife of methodist

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