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1821 Old News Index
Births,Deaths & Marriages Index

This index created and provided by and, all rights reserved ©J,Fawcett 2000-2004

The following list is an index of
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
taken from Sydney papers for the year 1821.
note - some deaths occurred in other years
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname	Details
Aboriginal  	Polly		married at Richmond /aboriginal husband granted land
Aboriginal			see FULTON
Aboriginal 	A.White		Andrew Sneap Hammond Douglass White/death/adopted 1788
Aboriginal			see Michael YARRINGUY
Allen	    	Mrs		wife of settler/Wallish Plains/drowned
Allen	    	Daniel		drowned/in lagoon/duck shooting
Amber				lascar/Phatisalam/drowned VDL
Amur				lascar/Phatisalam/drowned VDL
Arnaud	  	Mr		french officer/Alexander/murdered at Manilla
Arndell	   	Thomas		executors estate administration notice
Arndell	   	Thomas		Caddie Creek/death
Arndell	   	Thomas		Funeral service interrupted by Doyle
Aspinal	   	William		late farm for sale

Baptist	   	John		seacunny/drowned/VDL/Phatisalam
Barlow	   	Walter		19yo/filecutter/inquest/death by suicide
Beaumont   	Mrs		drowned/VDL/Phatisalam
Benson	   	Rev Joseph  	death of
Berrisford	John		settler/death/68yo
Blackett   	Mrs Thos	Parramatta/death from burns
Block	   	James		murdered by natives whilst in search of cedar
Bluff	   	John		Inquest/death by eating poisonous toadfish
Bonaparte  	Napolean	death of/at St Helena
Bowerman	George		previously executed for crime/now innocent/
Brady		Edward		executed/VDL
Broughton	William		estate administration notice
Broughton	William		death of
Brown		Gilbert		executed for crime
Brown		Mrs		wife of sea capt/dau. of Wm Browne/Syd/death
Brown		Richard		drowned/sealing venture
Browning	Thomas		cooper/estate administration notice
Bunker		Margaret	wife of Eber/death/42yo
Butler				bushranger/shot dead
Butler		Lawrence	estate administration notice

Campbell	Lieut.John	death/48th Regiment
Campbell	Mrs Robt	birth of son/Sydney
Carno				lascar/Phatisalam/drowned VDL
Claridge	Mr		Chief Officer/Hope/drowned
Cockrone	John		executed for crime
Conell		John		married Mary Ann Risdon Howe
Connor		Elizabeth	married at Hobart to John Eddington
Connor		John		superintendent of Hyde Park barracks/m. Mgt Murphy
Cook		Joseph		Tasmania/drowned/near Kangaroo Point
Cooper		Mrs Robert	Sydney/died in childbirth
Cooper		Miss		dau of Robert of Sydney/married Richard Heany
Cordeaux	Mrs DACG	birth of son
Corry		Matthew		48th Regt/inquest
Cox		Mrs Wm		birth of son/Clarendon
Crombie		Mr		seaman/murdered Friendly Isles
Cunningham	Charlotte	Mrs/nee Marr/sister Mrs Read/died Hobart
Curner		Mary		Sydney/inquest
Curtis		Francis		drowned/sealing venture

Dade		Townsend	shot in duel/Virginia/USA
Davey		Lucy M		dau of Thos of Royal Marines/married Jas Scott
Dibar		Mr		french seaman on the Cultivator/murdered Manilla
Duff		Mr		Abeona/1st mate/drowned
Duntzfelt	Mr		danish merchant/murdered Manilla
Dupeyrat	Mr		french/former seacaptain/murdered Manilla

Eager		Mrs		Sydney/birth of son.
Eddington	John		married at Hobart to Elizabeth Connor
Estoup		Mr		french seaman/Alexander/murdered at Manilla
Evans		Thomas		private in Royal Marines/drowned
Evans		Mrs.G.W		Tasmania/birth of dau.

Farrell		Edward		executed for crime
Fitzsimmons	Thomas		executed for crime
Flinn		James		executed/VDL
Foulon		Mr		french offier on the Cultivator/murdered Manilla
Frankish	John		drowned/sealing venture
Fulton		Betty		Aboriginal/married at Richmond/husb. granted land

Gay		Micheal		estate administration notice
Geary		William		executed for crime
Godefri		Mr		french naturalist/murdered at Manilla
Guillot		Mr		french supercargo/Englantine/murdered Manilla

Hall		Thomas		presumed drowned/Middle Harbour/married & children
Hall		Widow		wife of drowned Thomas/subscription list (2)
Hancock		George		murdered Jacobs Plains/1820
Harmer		Samuel		bricklayer/Inquest
Hassall		Rowland		estate administration notice
Hassall		Mrs Saml	birth of dau
Hassan				serang/drowned/VDL/Phatisalam
Hayes		Thomas		Ensign/48th Regiment/died VDL
Hazard		R.B		estate administration notice
Hazard		Mrs		married Robert Lowe
Heany		Richard		captain/married Miss Cooper of Sydney
Heny		Saml.P		married Miss Wood
Higgins		John		executed/VDL
Hill		John		executed/VDL
Hills		Joseph		drowned/sealing venture
Hitchcock	Eliza		dau of Benjamin of Sydney.married Richard Read
Hoddycott	Pasco		executed for crime
Howe		Mary Ann	dau of George Howe of Sydney/married John Connell
Howe		George		Government Printer/estate administration notice
Humphrey	John		seaman/murdered Friendly Isles
Hunt		Edward		of Sydney/married Hannah Padgetts Mason
Hunter		Robert		executed/VDL
Hutchison	John		Lachlin Mills/estate administration notice

Indley		George		drowned/wife recently had returned to England
Irvine		Mrs.Capt.F	husband in 11th Bengal/birth of son

Jaques		John		Sydney/estate administration notice
Johnson		Samuel		seaman/murdered/Friendly Isles
Johnson		Isabella	Cockle Bay/death
Jones		Thomas		Sydney butcher/known as 'Butcher Jones'/death
Jones		Mrs Jane	estate administration notice
Jordan		Miles		executed for crime
Joseph				french/cook on the Alexander/murdered/Manilla
Josephson	Mrs		birth of son
Judge Advocate	Mrs		birth of son
Justus				french/apprentice on the Alexander/murdered/Manilla

Kennedy		William		executed for crime
Kenny		Thomas		executed/VDL
Kent		Captain Wm	deceased/Trespass caution/estate administration
King		not stated	38th Regent/killed by Natives/near Parramatta
King		Mrs.P.P		birth of son/Parramatta

Lawry		Mrs.Rev		birth of son/Parramatta
Linton		Charles		trial of accused murderer
Lowe		Robert		married Mrs Hazard

Maggs		Robert		executed for crime
Mansel		W.H		deceased/O'Connell street house for sale
Marsh		James		drowned/in lagoon/duck shooting
Martin				french /apprentice on the Alexander/murdered Manilla
Mason		Hannah		dau of Dr Mason/married Edward Hunt

McAvoy		boy		12you son of Hugh/death
McCabe		Mr		schoolmaster/Port Macquarie/drowned
McDonald	Mr & Mrs	drowned/Pulpit/with son in law
McDonald	Alex		estate administration notice
McGinis		John		executed/VDL
McGuire		John		executed for crime
McLaren		Mrs		and four children/drowned/Abeona
McMahon		Henry		Saracen/14yo boy/died from fall on ship

Mills		John		executed for crime
Minchin		William		death of.
Minchin		William		deceased/replaced at Superintendent of Police/Govt Notice
Minchin		William		estate administration notice (2nd)
Minton		Mrs Maria	trial of accused murderer
Minton		Mrs Michl	murdered/Evan district
Monroe		Mark		captain/Sarah/death
Morris		Edward		convict/Adamant/drowned
Mungaloo			lascar/Phatisalam/drowned VDL
Munroe		Captain		whaling captain/death/sons calls in to port to 
				obtain news of his father's death
Murphy		Margaret	married John Connor/Sydney
Murphy		Michael		Prospect/estate administration notice
Myers		Daniel		seaman/Medway/death
Narringguy	Robert		son of Creek Jemmy/aboriginal/married Richmond/
				granted land to settle
Nicholls	Isaac		deceased/1480 acres to Let/estate administration
Nicholls	Mr		english seaman/Merope of Calcutta/murdered Manilla
Nicholson	Mrs		Sydney/birth of daughter
Norton		Emma		married John Oxley

Oakes		Mrs		Parramatta/birth of son
O'Donal		John		married to Elizabeth SQUIRE
Oliver		John		executed/VDL
Oliver		William		death/Inquest
O'Neil		Jeremiah	convict/drowned
Oxley		John		married Emma Norton

Palmer		Joshua		letters of administration notice (2)
Palmer		Joshua		death
Panton		infant		infant son of George/death
Parkinson	Stephen		shot/inquest
Parry		Capt.W.P	48th Regt/married Eliza Flora Sanderson/at Hobart
Pasco		Francis		executed for crime
Patterson	John		ran over by cart/Parramatta/inquest
Pearson		John		Tasmania/drowned/near Kangaroo Point
Pitt		Thos Match	Richmond/death/distant relation of Lord Nelson
Potaskie	Joseph		executed/VDL
Pulett		James		settler/estate administration notice

Quinn		Edward		estate adminstration notice

Read		Elizabeth	wife of G.Frederick Reid/death of/24yo
Read		Richard		artist/of Sydney/married Eliza Hitchcock
Reibey		Eliza		dau of Thomas/married Lt Thomson at Hobart
Richardson	Robert		drowned/sealing venture
Rigley		Charles		convict/drowned/VDL/Phatisalam
Riley		Michael		executed/VDL
Riley		Mrs Edward	birth of son
Roberts		Mrs		birth of twin daughters
Roberts		Ellis		seaman/Medway/drowned
Robinson	James		executed
Robinson	Edward		Windsor/deceased/horse stolen/estate administration
Robinson	James		native of Angola (coloured man)/death sentence NSW
Robinson	Edwin		publican/Sydney/estate administration notice
Rutter		William		deceased/property dispute/estate administration
Ryan		John		convict/drowned/VDL/Phatisalam
Ryan		John		executed for crime

Sanderson	Eliza Flor	married Captain W.p. Parry/ at Hobart
Schaffalitzky	Mr		danish man/murdered/Manilla
Scott		James		surgeon/married Lucy Davey
Simpson		Wm		deceased/Yarramondy Lagoon property for sale
Simpson		Mrs.F.C		VDL/still born birth of child
Sindrey		Captain		death/at VDL
Smith		Thomas		executed for crime
Smith		not stated	Private Royal Vet Co/death details incorrect/see KING
Smith?		John		found drowned near Manly/Govt servant
Squire		Elizabeth	married to John O'Donal
Stone		Palmer		VDL/Inquest/death by suicide
Storer		Thomas		Sydney/death of
Storer		Thomas		estate administration  notice
Styles		Mr		drowned Pulpit/with in laws McDonald
Styles		Thomas		Field of Mars/estate administration notice
Swan		infant		of Mrs/drowned
Swan		Mrs		wife of settler/Pattersons Plains/drowned
Swift		William		executed NSW

Taylor		William		drowned off Point Piper
Thompson	William		seaman/died on board ship
Thomson		Lt Thos		married at Hobart to Eliza Reibey
Thorn		Henry		reported drowned in cedar party/found alive
Thorne		Mrs Ann		death/Tasmania
Tibbett		William		seaman/inquest
Tollis		Corp.Thos	estate administration notice
Tollis		Corp Thos	estate administration granted
Trainer		Thomas		convict/drowned

unknown		English 11	seamen on the privateer Argentine/murdered Manilla
unknown		Chines 16	massacred Manilla/buried in grave on beach
unknown		Frenchman	sailmaker on the L'Orion/murdered Manilla
unnamed		2 men		drowned/Middle Harbour/with Thomas Hall
Unnamed		not stated	2 stockmen/killed by natives/near Parramatta
unnamed		convict		drowned/Port Macquarie
unnamed		convicts 2	per Speke/one death by drowning/one death by old age
unnamed		convict		per Claudine/drowned
unnamed		sailors		Nantuck ship Essex/eaten by survivors

Wall		William		estate administration notice
Wall		William		early settler/death by suicide
Wallis		James		death by suicide/inquest
Watson		infant		birth of at sea/son of J.T.Watson RN
Wheeler		Thomas		estate administration notice
Whitaker	Thomas		overseer/Cedar Party/reported drowned/found alive
White		Andrew S	aboriginal/death of/former seaman on the Reliance
Whitear		Thomas		former banker/Sydney/death
Whitehead	Mrs		Tasmania/birth of son
Whiteman	John		executed for crime
Whittaker	Thomas		see Whitaker
Whyte		Mrs		Sydney/birth of dau
Williams	Thomas		carpenter/death by suicide
Williams	John Thos	Captain/estate administration notice
Williams	William		executed for crime
Wilseman	Mrs Sol		Hawkesbury/death
Wood		Mrs John	birth of daughter
Wood		Mrs Isaac	death
Wood		Miss		dau of Mrs Lucy of Richmond/married Capt.Saml P Henry
Wylde		Thomas		Crown solicitor/death

Yarringuy	Michael		Aboriginal/married at Richmond/granted land to settle
Young		Charles		executed for crime
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