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1826 Old News Index
Births,Deaths & Marriages Index

This index created and provided by and, all rights reserved ©J,Fawcett 2004

The following list is an index of
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
taken from Sydney papers for the year 1826.
note - some deaths occurred in other years
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname	Details

Aboriginal	unnamed		death/shot by Mr Byron/Newcastle district
Aboriginal	Tommy		murdered/Miau River/Port Stephens
Aboriginal	Terribolong	died near Wharf/Sydney
Acres		Mrs George	birth of dau.
Adcock		Henry		estate adminstration notice
Amsden		Mrs Thomas	death of
Arkell		Mrs		publican/estate sale
Armstrong	Mr		surveyor/married Elizabeth Oakes
Atkinson	Mrs John	Wilberforce/birth of son

Bainbridge	Thomas		Lieut/57th Regt/married Sarah Bates
Barnes		Mr		publican/Campbell Town/death of.
Bates		Sarah		married Thomas Bainbridge
Bayly		Nicholas	estate administration notice
Bayly		Nicholas	estate administration notice
Benson		young man	captain's clerk/per Sir Godfrey Webster/well connected
Beveridge	Mrs.A		birth of dau
Birt		Thomas		Parramatta/estate administration notice
Bose		Chundychurn	32yo/Khulsany/wife burnt on funeral pyre.
Bowman		Mrs John	Richmond/death of
Brackfield	John		estate administration notice
Bradney		John		estate administration notice
Brown		Mr		executed for crime
Brown		John		drowned/ VDL
Bull		James		estate administration notice
Burke		James		executed
Butler		Charles		executed/murder charge

Campbell	Mrs John	death of/Boongarabee
Carmon/Collins	Kitty		murdered/arrest of accused
Carroll		Widow		subscription fund notice
Carroll		James		death/subscription fund for widow & 8 children
Carvosso	Mrs		birth of son/VDL
Chaise/Chase	S		captain/drowned Maria Island
Clarke		William		drowned/Hawkesbury
Cobb		Mrs John	still born birth of child
Cogan		John		Settler/Bringelly/murdered/reward for information
Cole		John		drowned sealing/New Zealand
Collins		John		executed for highway robbery
Collins		Catherine	trial of accused
Collins/Carmon	Kitty		murdered/arrest of accused
connor		John		labourer/Cockle Bay/death & inquest
Connor		Catherine	drowned/possibly murdered
Cooper		Mrs R		birth of dau.Sydney
Corbett		William		executed (2)
Cottle		shepherd	murdered Hunters River/by Glennys Greek natives
Coulson		Thomas		Quarter Master/R.N/death
Coulson		Mr		funeral report
Cox		Mrs Wm (jnr)	Hobartville/birth of dau
Croaker		Mrs Susannah K	married William Love
Curtan		William		executed NSW
Cusack		William		executed for crime.

Daly		Pat		estate administration notice
Davies		Mrs.W.O		birth of son
Davis		Mr		waterman/Dawes Point/drowned
Dignum		Mary		married Phillip Tully
Dillin		Miss		of Newcastle/married captain Alexander Livingstone
Dillon		Miss		of Hunter's River/married Mr Sutherland
Dunn		Stephen		estate administration notice

Edwards		Rowland		Clarendon/estate administration notice
Edwardson	Laurence	estate administration notice
Edwardson	Laurence	estate administration notice

Fairless	Bridget		executed for highway robbery
Farrier		Mrs Catherine	of Syd./married Caleb Wilson
Farthing	Charlotte	child/drowned
Fennell		John		Bathurst/death/son in law of A.Bell of Windsor
Ferrier		child of Mr	Wilberforce/died from drinking boiling water
Fieldgate	Miles		estate adminstration notice
Finnighan	James		Evans district/inquest
Fisher		John		Campbell Town/murdered
Flinn		Mrs		wife of James/of Sydney/death
Forster		Miss		of Sydney/married Timothy Goodwin Pitman
Fowler		Sophia M	estate administration notice
Frankland	G.J		Vineyard Cottage/decd/For Lease
Frankland	Mr		estate adminstration notice
Frankland	Mr		Vineyard Cottage/decd/estate sale
Franklin	Captain		Estate claims to be presented to R.Campbell
Franklin	Captain		Hunters River/deceased/estate trespass caution notice
Fulloon		Mrs.E		married Robert Raine

Gorman		dau of Mr	c 3yo/Parramatta/died from effects of burns
Green		William		murdered/trial of accused
Green		William		constable/Windsor/murdered
Griffith	Thomas		Tasmanian/died from fall off horse

Hall		Mrs Charlotte	wife of E.S/death of (& stillborn child)
Hamilton	Joseph		murdered/inquest
Hardy		Robert		drowned sealing/New Zealand
Hassal		Mrs Jonathan	birth of son/Matavia
Hely		Mrs		birth of son
Hillas		John		Parramatta/married Martha Pearce
Hook		Charles		Denbeigh estate/farm sale notice
Hook		Charles		Denbeigh estate administration notice
Hook		Charles		died at Denbeigh
Hooker		Sarah		drowned/ VDL
Horton		Mrs Rev		birth of daughter
Hossel		John		executed for crimes.
Howell		George		drowned sealing/New Zealand
Hughes		Mrs J.T		birth of daughter
Hunt		child of John	missing Hunter River/family formerly of Windsor
Hussey		Peter		estate administration notice
Hutchinson	Rev John	married at Parramatta/to Mary Oakes

Inglis		Dr		died Africa/Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Innis		Miss		dau of John/married Mr Nightingale
Irving		Clarence	7 yo son of John/Hunters River/death of

Jackson		George		servant of Mr Redman/death & inquest
Jackson		Joseph		murdered Bringelly 1825/trial of accused
James		William		Parramatta road/death & inquest
Jessop		William		estate administration notice
Johnson		Thomas		drowned/ VDL
Jones		Mrs		death of/at Sydney/husband a dealer
Jordan		Joseph		drowned/Evan

Keith		Frances		dau of Revd/married R.M Martin
Keith		Mrs E.J		birth of son
Kelly		son of Richard	c9yo/death of/Portland Head
Kelly		Mary		8yo dau of Hugh/died from effect of burns
Kennedy		James		executed for crime.
Kennedy		John		estate administration notice
Kennedy		Mr		Windsor/c72yo/death of
Kerkshaw	Thomas		deceased/estate adminstration notice
Kershaw		Thomas		estate administration notice
Kinley		Robert		murdered Bathurst 1825/trial of accused

Lander		Christopher	death & inquest
Lane		Eliza		estate claims notice
Lane		Elijah		estate administration notice
Lawrence	Nathaniel	of "Natty's Brewery'/death &inqest
Leighton	John		estate claims notice
Lett		Stafford	deceased/property administration notice
Livingstone	Alexander	(captain)/married Miss Dillin of Newcastle
Lockyer		Mrs Major	birth of daughter
Loder		Mrs		wife of George the gaoler/died/Windsor
Longford	Mrs		Parramatta/death
Love		William		married Mrs Sussannah K Croaker

Macdougall	Thomas		death of/at Baulkham Hills/4 siblings
Mackenzie	Alex		late Burton Crescent London/died Hobart
Magrath		Ansle ?		estate administration notice
Malhearn	Timothy		groom of Rev Marsden/death & inquest
Mansfield	Lydia Ann	dau of Revd/death
Mansfield	Mrs		birth of dau
Marshal		William		estate administration notice
Martin		R.M		son of John (solicitor-Dublin)/married Frances Keith
Mathews		Mr		private/3rd Regt/inquest
McCallum	Duncan		executed NSW
McCallum	Peter		estate administration notice
McCullum	Mr		bookdealer/Syd/suicide of/arrived c 1824/1825
McGlynn		Mr		death/inquest
McIntyre	Mr		death/inquest/Parramatta
McManus		Mrs Jane	estate adminstration notice
Meehan		James		surveyor/death of.
Meehan		James		estate administration notice
Minton		Michael		estate administration notice
Moddie		Mrs		VDL/nee Ryrie/death of
Molle		George		Lt Col/46th Regt/estate administration notice
Moodie		A		VDL/married Miss Ryrie of Sydney
Morrison	William		exected
Murphy		Norah		died from effects of burns
Murray		Lindley		81yo/died New York/America
Murray		Mrs		widow of pilot at Sydney/death of
Mustin		Mr		executed for crime

Nightingale	Mr		married Miss Innis
Noble		William		estate administration notice

Oakes		Mary		dau of Francis/married Rev John Hutchinson
Oakes		Elizabeth	dau.of Francis/of Parramatta/married Mr Armstrong
Oxley		Mrs		birth of son/at Kirkham

Panton		Mrs.George	birth of son
Parker		William		estate administration notice
Parker		William		estate adminstration notice
Parker		William		merchant/death/inquest
Parkes		Mr		funeral report
Parr		unnamed child	died from drinking boiling hot water
Patient		Charles		executed NSW
Patient		William		executed
Pear		Matthew		estate adminstration notice
Pearce		Martha		dau of Matt/Parramatta/married John Hillas
Pitcher		Mrs Mary	drowned/ VDL
Pitman		Timothy Goodwin	married Miss Forster of Sydney

Quinn		Pat		estate administration notice

Radcliffe	Mr		drowned Woolloomooloo/inquest
Radley		Mr		butcher/stabbed to death by wife
Raine		Robert		married Mrs.E.Fuloon
Raine		Thomas		married Fanny E Worsley
Reid		Mrs.J		birth of daughter/Hunters River
Reynolds	Mrs		Parramatta/death of.
Richardson	John		drowned sealing/New Zealand
Roberts		William		estate adminstration notice
Roberts		Peter		exected NSW
Robinson	Michael		Sydney/former public servant/death
Rose		Mrs Thomas	death of
Rushton		Thomas		estate administration notice
Rushton		Charles		married Mary Ann Talmage
Russel		Alice		death & inquest
Ryrie		Miss		of Sydney/married A Moodie of VDL
Ryrie		Mrs.S		DACG/birth of son

Shannan		Mr		overseer for Raine and Ramsey/suicide of
Shepherd	William		husband of Ann/estate administration notice
Simms		William		estate administration notice
Simons		John		drowned sealing/New Zealand
Simpson		Mrs Percy	Wellinton Valley/birth of son
Smith		George		48yo/publican/death
Smith		Isaac		executed/murder charge
Squire		James		estate administration notice
Squires		James		of Kissing Point/death of.
Stoodley	Mrs		drowned/Hawkesbury
Stoodley	Isabella	inquest
Stowers		Edward		drowned sealing/New Zealand
Street		Mrs Thomas	death of.
Sutherland	Mr		of Sydney/married Miss Dillon
Sweetman	Edward		estate administration notice

Talmage		Mary Ann	married Charles Rushton
Tatin		child of Elizabeth c9yo/died from effects of burns
Thew		Mr		& 8 others/drowned per Newcastle ?
Thompson	Martha Louisa	17yo dau of Charles/death of
Thompson	child		death of dau of Mr Thompson/harness maker/Parramatta
Throsby		Mrs Charles	birth of daughter.
Tully		Phillip		married Mary Dignum

Uniacke		J.P		deceased/estate adminstration sale
unnamed		seaman		drowned/ VDL
unnamed		seaman		drowned/ VDL
unnamed		sailor		death of/Cockle Bay
unnamed		child		parents lived near Barracks/died from poisonous Berry
unnamed		male		drowned/Kings Wharf
unnamed		three men	drowned/Bathurst
unnamed		whaler		murdered/New Zealand/ 'Ann'
unnamed		male servant	of Mr Gillies/Pennyroyal Creek/murdered by natives
unnamed		seaman		'Medway'/drowned
unnamed		infant		drowned/Windsor
unnamed		2 shepherds	murdered/Hunter River/by Glennys Creek Natives

Walker		Charles		innkeeper/Parramata/burial report
Walker		Charles		estate administration notice/wife Hannah
Walker		Mrs Rev Wm	birth of dau
Watkins		Mr		executed for crime
West		Mr		serjeant/3rd Regt/drowned Cockle Bay/epeleptic
Whatham		Jonathon	drowned/ VDL
White		Andrew		executed for murder
Whiting		Sarah		estate claims notice
Willet		Mrs Elizabeth	drowned/ VDL
Willet		5 children of	drowned/ VDL
Williams	John		private/Royal Staff Corps/drowned Cockle Bay
Williamson	dau of Captain	E.I.C/accidentally shot
Wilson		Caleb		Sydney trader/married Mrs Cath.Farrier
Wilson		J.C		Lloyds Agent/death/Africa
Worsley		Fanny E		married Thomas Raine
Yearley		Edward	Bower,  NSW/estate administration notice

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