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1828 Old News Index
Births,Deaths & Marriages Index

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The following list is an index of
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
taken from Sydney papers for the year 1828.
note - some deaths occurred in other years
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname	Details

Aboriginal	Tommy		executed/Sydney
		female child	aged c8yo/shot in back of head/
				trial of murderer George Brown/
				Wellington Valley.
Allen		Richard 	married to Emily M Robinson
Allen		Mr		adminstrators estate sale.

Bates		Thomas		dcd/estate administration dispute
Bailey		Mr		married Syd/ to Sarah Carmichael
Bayley		Nicholas	estate sale 
Berry		Mary Ann E	child/ran over by cart/dau of Eliz
Blackburn	Benjamin	estate administration notice
Bowerman	Mrs D.A.C.G	birth of son /Parramatta
Brooks		Mary		Campbelltown/m Captain James Wilson
Byers		Mr		married to Elizabeth Pear

Campbell	John		estate sale
Carmichael	Sarah		married Syd/to Mr Bailey
Carrington	Jonathon	executed/Sydney		
Carrol		Lawrence	death/Sydney/48y
Cavenagh	Nathaniel	death of/father of Philip of Sydney
Chambers	MRs		Hyde Park/birth of dau
Charlton	James		executed/Sydney	
Connor		Charles		executed/Argyle
Cox		Mrs William	of Clarendon/birth of son.

Doyle		John		Parramatta/inquest

Fox				Blacksmith/death

Gold		Dr John		death/Melville island
Green		John  Henry	son of Mr Green of NSW/death/
Gunning		Mona		dau of G.W/Hobart/death

Hart		James		murdered/Newcastle
Horton		Mrs.Revd.Wm	birth of son/Sydney
Howe		Sarah		married to Edward Lee

Jackson		Burke		death of/eccentric genius/
				of Langley Hall?/wife Miss Jones
Lamb		William Buch	estate administration.
Leary		Samuel		estate administration notice
Lee		Edward		married to Sarah Howe
Lee		William		executed/Sydney
Leighton	John		estate administration notice
Lennigan	Bryan		inquest/Sydney
Logan/Loggan	Malcolm		murdered

McDonald	Hugh		late 15th Regt/estate admin.notice
McNamara	Lot		executed/for murder of Mrs Mackeller

Mackeller	Mrs Janet	murdered/Upper Minto
Mansfield	Revd.R		birth of son/SYdney/error
Mills		George Galway	death/inquest/& estate sales/claims
Moore		Charles		married Mrs Roedemer
Moore		Gabriel		Parramatta/suicide
Mountgarret	Dr		death/Launceston/VDL

Onely		John		murdered/Macquarie Harbour

Pear		Elizabeth	married Mr Byers
Pearce		Michael		executed/Sydney
Penson		Captain		death
Piesley		John snr	Parramatta/death

Reddalt		John		married Campbelltown/Martha Wentworth
Redmond		Miss		married Syd to John Scarvell
Robinson	Emily M		married to Richard Allen/Sydney
Robinson	John		convict/drowned/Watsons Bay
Roedemer	Mrs		married Charles Moore
Rose		Jane		wife of Thos snr/of Wilberforce/death

Scarvel		John Larkins	married Syd/to Miss Redmond
Shadforth	Lt Henry	married Mary Ann Stephen
Stephen		Mary Ann	married Henry Shadforth

Townson		Dr		estate sale
Tucker		Thomas		Cudgee Swamp/inquest
				reward offered for murder.

Walker		Mrs Revd.Wm	birth of son
Watkins		Elizabeth	inquest/Sydney
				-trial of murdered Hartland
Wentworth	Martha		married John Reddalt
Williams	Mary		inquest/Sydney
Wilson		Captain James	married Campbelltown to Mary Brooks
Wood		Dr		Melville Island/death

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