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New South Wales
1830 Old News Index
Births,Deaths & Marriages

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The following list is an index to
Births,Deaths,Marriages & Inquests,
mentioned in the Sydney papers for the year 1830.
note - some deaths occurred in other years
Unless stated otherwise, the event took place in New South Wales

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Surname		Firstname	Details

Aboriginal	Broger		executed Campell Town
Aboriginal	Boongarie	Supreme Chief of Sydney Tribe/death
Aboriginal	Boongarie	Supreme Chief/to be buried Rose Bay
Aboriginal	Muddgee		chief of Five Islands/death & Inquest
Aboriginal			inquest for/died at Sydney/excess alcohol
Adair		Miss		married Lit James Nunn
Addison		Captain		master of Waterloo/drowned/Isle of France
Alderson	Mrs Jas		birth of dau
Allen/Allan	Sophia		married John Tyre
Arthur		Lt.Gov		birth of son/Hobart
Ashton		Samuel		death/Illawarra
Attwood		Wm		inquest*

Bailey				assigned servant/death/inquest
Baker		boy		c2yo/death from burns/inquest
Bannister	John Wm		brother of Atty.General of NSW?death
Barker		John		estate administration notice
Barker		John		settler/Parramatta/estate adminstration notice
Barker		John		publican/Inquest
Barker		John		estate administration notice/Claims
Baxter		Mrs Alex McDuff	birth of twins
Bayly		Henry		married Hannah Lawson
Bennet		John		Field of Mars/estate administration notice/caution
Bennett		John		estate administratio notice/trespass caution
Bennett		Wm		granted administration of brother John's estate
Benson		Mrs		widow of Lt.W.W.H/birth of son at sea
Bettington	Bill		carpenter/death & inquest
Bettington	James Brindley	married Rebecca Lawson
Blewitt		infant		still born child of Thomas and Alice
Boodle		John		of Pitt Town/estate administration caution
Boon		Mrs		birth of triplets/boys/Liverpool NSW
Bourke		Walter		murdered/Ballinahinch Limerick, 1829
Bowerman	Mrs		birth of dau.
Boyd		William		estate administration notice
Bradey		Jane		married James Lachlan Macgillivray
Brisbane	Sir James	monument to arrives on ship
Brisbane	Sir Chas	death/Africa/brother of Sir Thomas Brisbane
Brown		Mrs George	birth of dau
Brown		infant		son of Robert/inquest/father in gaol
Brown		Mrs Sarah	Sydney/wife of John./death
Brown		Jacob		inquest/17th Regt/25yo
Brownside	Mrs		aged woman/wife and mother/death /Sydney
Brunton		Thomas		estate claims notice
Brunton		Mr		Sydney/death
Brunton		Mr		former dance master/decd/replacement appointed
Buckland	Mrs John	birth of son
Buckton		Thomas		estate administration notice
Buckton		Thomas		publican/death/inquest
Budge		Samuel		45yo/of Dundee Scot/death/sea captain
Bunn		Mrs.G		birth of son
Burgess		John		murdered/City of Norwich
Burnside	Sarah		death/inquest
Bush		Miss		burial report/Hobart/VDL
Byers		Mrs.Edward	birth of son
Byrne		Thomas		child/8yo/death

Campbell	John.Thos	died/Sydney
Campbell	John.T.		estate administration sale/household furniture
Campbell	Mr		death at Broken Bay denied
Campbell	John.Thos	estate administration notice
Campbell	Mr		former Music Shop Keeper/drowned Oyster Bay
Campbell	John.Thos	estate administration of library books
Campbell	J.T		estate adminstration notice/cattle sale
Campbell	Ann		married John Scarr at Liverpool NSW
Campbell	John.T		estate administration notice
Campbell	Robert		Parramatta/married Ann Hassall
Campbell	Mr		death at Oyster bay/denied and then confirmed
Carmichael	James		drowned Woolloomoolloo/inquest/
Carmichael	Ann		late of Sydney/Married T.Hanway/Isle of France
Carter		James Alex	estate administration notice
Cartwright	Ann		married Richard Sadlier
Chamberlaine	Mr		Chief Officer /Elizabeth/23yo/death
Chapman		Miles		estate administration notice
Clarke		Archibald	Richmond/inquest for
Clements	Mr		murdered/Hunters River
Clowers		Thomas		estate administration notice
Cobb		Jas		35yo/of Donnison and Cobb/death
Cochrane	Thomas		estate administration notice
Coleman		executed
Collins		Mrs		widow of LT.Gov of VDL/death
Connolly	James		inquest
Cooke		Elizabeth	marriage to Captain Duncan Forbes
Cope		boy		of Sydney & Windsor/drowned
Cope		master		inquest held
Croghan		Thomas		estate administration notice
Cunningham	Andrew		estate administration notice
Cunningham	Andrew		Bankstown farm to be sold/estate administration
Curlewis	Sarah Isabella	married James Hamilton Kennedy
Curven		Daniel		executed

Dangar		Mrs Henry	birth of son
Davies		Mrs.W.O		birth of dau
Davis		Mary		estate administration notice
Davis		Hugh		drowned/Kangaroo Point
Davis		William		infant son of Wm Davis/7 mos old/death
Deegan		Patrick		aka Huolan/per Dorothy/convict/inquest
Dibbs		Mrs Capt.	birth of son
Divine		Nicholas	104yo/death
Donahoe		John		per Ann and Amelia/bushranger/inquest
Donnison	Mrs Henry	Sydney/birth of dau.
Dooling				old man	inquest/
Dossett		William		died in hospital/inquest
Downey		Pat		deceased/calf sold to Redmond Connor
D'Oyley		John Adley	EICS/divorce granted
Duffey		Pat		examination of evidence/death
Duffey		Pat		inquest/body found on beach
Duguid		Leslie		married Ann Scargill
Dumaresq	Wm.John		married Christina McLeay
Dummagan	William		estate administration notice/cattle caution
Dunks		Isaiah		child/son of a gunsmith/inquest

Ellis		Henry		seaman/brother of Thames policeman/death
Erasmus		William		estate administration notice
Erasmus		William		late of Sydney/estate administration notice
Evans		J.		57th regt/surgeon/died at NZ enroute to England
Evernden	Thomas		marriage to Mary Jane Hawkins at Bathurst

Farquhar	Sir.R		Governor of Mauritius/death
Fenton		John		Sydney/death/inquest
Fielder		Mrs.M.A		wife of Wm/death
Fisher		Miss		niece of Dr Wardell/married Alfred Potter
Fisk		Mr		death/subscription raised for surviving family
Foley		John		convict/arrived c1826/death & in quest
Forbes		Capt.Duncan	marriage to Elizabeth Cooke of Sydney
Forster		Mr		committed Suicide/Syd
Forster		Mrs Thomas	birth of dau.
Foster		Stephen		Minto/estate administration notice
Foster		Samuel		Staff Corps/inquest/suicide

Garling		Elizabeth	dau of Fred/of Syd/married George STUART
Garling		Mrs.F		birth of dau
Geary		Mrs Wm.Hy	birth of son
Gibbons		Louisa		per Minstrel/see Louisa NIELD
Graves		Lord		death/suicide
Green		Georgina	married Lt John Ovens/Sydney
Gregson		Matthew		death/Eng/father of Mr Gregson of Sydney/antiquian

Hadey		Charles		Nepean/estate administration sale/cattle
Hall		Edward		estate administration notice
Hamilton	Mrs		buried/New Burial Ground
Hancy		Wm		elderly settler/death/inquest
Hanway		Thomas		married Isle of France to Ann Carmichael
Harrinson	Jas Sterling	estate administration notice
Harrison	James Sterling	deceased/Estate Administration notice
Harrison	James Stirling	death
Harrison	james Sterling	estate administration notice
Hassall		Samuel Otoo	son of Rowland of Parramatta/death
Hassall		Ann		married Robert CAMPBELL at Parramatta
Hawdon		Mrs John	birth of dau
Hawes		John		also known as LLOYD/executed
Hawkins		Mary Jane	marriage to Thomas Evernden at Bathurst
Hawkins		Elizabeth	married John Henderson
Henderson	John		married Elizabeth Hawkins
Hopkins		Llewellen	trial of accused murderer
Hopkins		Lewellin	murdered/body found/former servant of T.Jones
Howe		Robert		estate administration notice
Howe		Robert		dcd/books missing from Library/notice
Hume		Francis.R	married Emma Mitchell
Hunter		Mrs A		birth of dau.
Huolan		Patrick		see Patrick DEEGAN/convict
Hussack/Hussock	Margaret	6 1/2 yo/drowned/inquest
Hyde				convict/dragged into sea/presumed drowned South Head

Inglis		Mrs		birth of dau

Jackson		Mrs Jas.Lowry	birth of dau.
Jackson		Mrs M		wife of Major/death
Jobbins		John		c 6yo/drowned/inquest
Jolly		Henry		39th regt/death/inquest

Kelly		Ann		aged convict/inquest
Kelly		David		48yo butcher/death
Kemp		Mrs Susannah	death/aged 35
Kennedy		James Hamilton	married Sarah Isabella Curlewis
Kenny		Constable	murdered by McNamara/reward offered
King		Mark		murdered Moreton Bay/trial of murderer
Kinnaird	Hon.Douglas	b1786/obit

Laidley		Sophia		dau of James/death/6 mos
Laidley		Mrs James	birth of dau
Lamb		Mrs		birth of son
Lamb		Jessie		dau of John/death/10 mos old.
Lambe		William		native of Leath/death/VDL
Lawrence	Sir Thos	death & obit
Lawson		Sarah		wife of Wm/death
Lawson		Hannah		married Henry Bayly
Lawson		Rebecca		day of Wm/married James Bettington
Lee		Mrs Edward	birth of dau.
Lethbridge	Mrs		birth of son/Fushcombe
LLOYD		John		see John Hawes/executed

Maas				ordered for execution
Maas		Jean Hy		originaly from Isle of France/executed
Macdonald	Mrs.W		birth of son
Macgillivray	James Lachlan	married Jane Bradey
Macintosh	Robert		estate administration notice
Macnamara			bushranger/shot when captured/death
Macquoid	Mrs.Thos	birth of son
Maingy		William		married Helen McLeod
Maingy		Mrs.W.A		birth of dau
Manogh				inquest/Brickfield Hill
Mansfield	Mrs Rev.Ralph	birth of dau
Marland		James		died at General Hospital/inquest
Martin		John		executed
Martindale	J.W		married Harriet Eliza Singer
Mason		Mary		married to James Rook/Sydney
Mason		Mrs		Parramatta/estate administration notice

McClymont	James		deceased/late property To Let/A.Halton
McClymot	James		estate administration notice/Claims
McGibbon			ordered for execution
McGibbon	James		executed
Mcguire		male		drowned/Middle Harbour
McIntosh	Mr		Barrack Master/death/subscription for widow
McIntosh	Robert		Parramatta/estate administration notice
McLachlan	Mrs Charles	Hobart Town/birth of dau.
McLeay		Christina	married William.John Dumaresq
McLeod		Helen		married William Maingy

Meoman		Catherine	inquest held Sydney
Merchant	girl		dau of sawyer/7yo/drowned in a drain
Mitchell	Emma		dau of Wm/married Francis.R.Hume
Montefiore	Mrs.J.Barrow	birth of dau
Moore		Mrs		Surry Hills/birth of son
Moriset		Mrs Lt.Col	Norfolk Island/birth of son
Morris		Miss		married Charles Thompson jnr.
Morris		Mrs		birth of son
Morrison	Mr		baker/death report incorrect
Moss		Isabella	widow/estate adminstration notice
Moss		Isabella	sale of effects/estate administration
Moss		Mrs		publican/Sydney/inquest
Moss		Isabella	estate administration notice
Muckleton	Henry		executed for murder of Mark KING
Mudie		Maria		dau of James/married George WHITE

Nagle		Sir Edmund	73yo/death
Nicholas	Captain		master of the Eliza/drowned Isle of France
Nicholson	Mrs John	birth of son
Nield		Louisa		aka Gibbons/per Minstrel/convict/inquest
North		Mrs.S		birth of dau.
Norton		Mrs Jas		birth of son
Nunn		Lt.James	EICS/married Miss Adair

O'Donnel	Mrs		funeral report
Openshaw			death/inquest
Oven		Mr Asst Sorg	son in law of Jas.Underwood/died at Launceston
Ovens		John		Lt/married Georgina GREEN/Sydney

Palmer		M.Joseph	27yo/per Nancy/death/left wife and children
Parry		Mrs Sir Wm	birth of twins
Parry		Sir Edw.	twin infants christened
Parsons		Sergeant	of NSW/his daughter died/Mrs Corporal THACKER
Pekevers	Charles		estate administration notice
Pettit		Mr		carpenter/death by accident
Pickever	Charles		death
Pickever	Charles		56yo/death/
Pickles		R		estate administration notice
Pitman		Eliza		Sydney/wife of Timothy/death
Potter		Alfred		son of John of Lancashire/married Miss Fisher
Power		Rev Daniel	death/inquest
Power		Rev		funeral and inquest report
Power		Revd Dan	estate administration notice
Prinsep / Princep ?Captain Thomas death/India
Pritchard	Mr		Parramatta/death by suffocation
Pritchard	William		estate administration notice

Rapsey		Mrs.P.H		birth of dau.
Raymond		Mrs Jas.	birth of son
Raynor		John		Spring Bay/beaten to death/Tasmania
Reese		Joseph		60yo/per PITT/inquest
Reynolds	Edward		Wilberforce/estate administration notice
Riley		Mrs Edward	death/Liverpool
Riley		Edward		estate at Woolloomoolloo sold
Robinson	Edwin Australia	son of Captain/infant/died aged 5 mos
Roeche		Lt.Gen.Sir Philip	death/at London
Rook		James		married to Mary MASON/Sydney
Ruskey		Polowskey	AB/ex Poland/drowned/Sydney

Sadlier		Richard		RN/married Anne Cartwright
Sampson		John		estate administration notice
Scargill	Ann		married Leslie Duguid
Scarr		John		married Ann Campbell at Liverpool NSW
Scarvell	Mrs		birth of son
Scott		Ellis Martin	estate administration notice
Sergeant	Mr		Pilot/drowned/Deal, England
Shoemaker	John		estate administration notice
Shoemaker	Samuel		seaman/death
Singer		Harriet Eliza	married J.W.Martindale
Slattery			convict/died suddenly/inquest
Smith		Gilbert		death/lately cared for by Armstrong/letter
Smith		Mr		innkeeper/died Parramatta
Smith				death/estate administration to Mr Rose
Smith		Thomas		known as 'The Schemer'/horse dealer/death
Smith		Mrs John	Newcastle/birth of son
Smith		Stephen		convict/executed
Smith		John		descd/Brickfield Hill residence sold
Smithaime	Elizabeth	murdered 1829/husband's trial.
Snook		Henry		died Tasmania/well connected in England
Solomon		Solomon		estate adminstration notice
Sparke		Andrew		son of Edward/drowned at Maitland
Stacey		Benjamin	AAC servant/death/widow and 4 chn
Stafford	John		shopkeeper/death/inquest
Stephen		Mrs.F		birth of dau
Stewart		Mr		death/near Newcastle
Still		Mr		subscription fund for widow/merchant ex Greenock
Still		Alexander	subscription fund report
Stirling	Capt.Robert	3rd Regiment/Obituary
Stoodley	John		Hawkesbury/estate administration notice
Stratford	John		executed/City of Norwich
Street		Mrs John	birth of dau.
Stuart		Major Genl Sir David	death/St Lucia
Stuart		George Humming	of VDL/married Elizabeth GARLING of Syd
Sutherland	Ann		58yo/Inquest
Suttor		Mrs.W		Parramatta/birth of son
Swaine		Thomas		government officer/Calcutta/death/53yo
Syme		Andrew		estate administration notice
Symes		Captain		57th Regt/Sydney/death/inquest

Tate		George		estate administration notice
Tate		George		estate administration notice
Tate		George		innkeeper/death/left widow and child
Taylor		Lt.Col.		48th Regt/death/near Madras
Thacker		Mrs Corporal	nee Benson/born NSW/death
Thompson	Mrs.Asst.Suryr	birth of son
Thompson	Isabella	married James While
Thompson	Charles jnr	married Miss MORRIS
Thompson	John		son of John of London/marriage to Ann WINDEYER
Throsby		Mrs		jnr/birth of son
Tierney		Rt.Hon.George	barrister/bc1756/son of London Merchant/death
Toole		Michael		irish/executed
Turner		boy		5yo son of a carpenter/Inquest/Sydney
Turner		woman		elderly/inquest
Tyre		John		married Sophia Allen/Allan
unnamed		male		murdered by bushrangers/near old toll house
unnamed		convict		accidentally shot
unnamed		soldier 	39th	inquest/stabbed to death
unnamed		male		death/knocked down by bullock cart/Sydney
unnamed		servant		servant of Mr Barton/Port Stephens/suicide
unnamed		seaman		'Jesse'/drowned/over board/South Head
unnamed		stockkeeper	servant of Wm.Hutchinson/murdered
unnamed		male		drowned/Middle Harbour
unnamed		elderly man	suicide/inquest/
unnamed		male		died in a public house/inquest
unnamed		stockman	of D.C Ryrie/died/attended to by aborigines
unnamed		male		drowned Darling Harbour/inquest
unnamed		boy		drowned/Botany Heads

Vincent		Mrs Rev John	birth of son/Moreton Bay
Vincent		Edwin.H		son of Revd./death/13 mos

Walsh		Edward		murdered Bathurst 1829/trial of accused
Wardell		Mrs Jane	wife of Robert/73yo/obituary
Wells		William		unclaimed estate sale
Wells		Mrs Richard	birth of son/Western Australia
Wentworth	D'Arcy		estate administratio notice/sale of horses
Wheatley	William		estate administration notice
Wheatley	Mr		estate administration notice/stock sale.
While		James		married Isabella Thompson
White		George Boyle	married Maria Mudie
Whitfield	Wm.Gibson	estate administration notice/court case
Wigley		John		estate administration notice
Wilshire jnr	Mrs		birth of son
Wilson		James.Thos	estate administration notice/Claims
Windeyer	Ann		of Sydney/marriage to John THOMPSON
Wood		Matthew		convict per Guildford/death/inquest
Wright		Mr		publican/Parramatta Road/death/inquest
Wright		James		widow thanks public
Wright		James		deceased/Executors estate sale notice
Wright		James		estate administration notice

Young		John		LLD/died Belfast (Ire) 1829/Obit
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