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Convict Absconders 1826,
New South Wales


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The following is a list of convict absconders for the colony of New South Wales, 1826.

Many convicts ran away with regularity so will appear often throughout the Convict Absconder indices.

	Example of information given:-
	Richard Atkinson, (convict no 27. 1985).
	Ship -  Cambridge
	Age  -  21 years
	occupation - soldier/labourer
	place    - Donnegal.
	physical description- stout, 5 1/2 feet tall, light grey eyes,
	brown hair, ruddy pock pitted complexion, 
	escaped from No 19 Road Gang.
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Surname Firstname Ship Abbott Benjamin Asia Abdy Thomas Minerva 4 Adams John Norfolk Adams George Prince of Orange Allan Thomas Recovery Allen Israel Lady Casatlereagh Allen Thomas Eaarl St Vincent Allen Thoms Earl St Vincent Alnut ? James Neptune Anderson Henry Mangles 1 Andrews William Baring Angleton Richard Isabella 2 Ashton John Medway Atkins John Dick Badham Thomas Tottenham Badham Thomas Tottenham Bailey Edmund Mangles 3 Baker Sterry John Malabar Baker James Asia 5 Baker James Norfolk Ball Robert Sesostris Banks James/Joseph Hindostan Banks Joseph/James Hindostan Bannister Richard Baring 2 Barlow Richard Eliza Barlow Richard Eliza Barlow/Yates James Speke Baxter William Baring Baylis Joseph Eliza Beckley Charles Countess of Harcourt 2 Bedford Ann Almorah Bedgham Thomas Medina Beldger Henry Minerva Bennett Thomas Grenada 1 Benyon Edward Lord Sidmouth Best John General Hewitt Bird William Minerva 5 Bird William Eliza Black Catharine Almorah Blackmore John Hadlow 1 Blanchard Walter Ocean 3 Blockley Thomas Royal Charlotte Bodham Thomas Tottenham Bodney Thomas Grenada 1 Bogle James Hadlow Bolton Thomas Guilford 5 Bolton Thomas Guilford Bolton Thomas Guilford Bolton George Lonach Bones John Fanny Booth John Fortune Bour/Bowen Thomas Asia 4 Bourke James Southworth Bowden Thomas Guilford 6 Bowen/Bour Thomas Asia 4 Bowers Peter Mangles Brady William Almorah Bramley Thomas Eliza Brandon Isaac Mangles 3 Brenworth Dennis Countess Harcourt Bridget Henry Minerva Brown John Grenada Brown James Indefatigable Brown John Grenada Brown James Indefatigable Browne John Hebe Browne John Medway Bryan Margaret Grenada Brzil Alexander Countess Harcourt Bush William Malabar Butler James Larkins Butler William Speke 2 Butterworth Edward Hercules Button Stephen Elizabeth Byrne Patrick Ann & Amelia Byrne John Lonach Byrne Patrick Ann & Amelia Byrne Michael Guilford Byrne John Neptune 2 Callaghan William free Campbell Charles Hooghly Cannon Michael Ann and Amelia Cannon Michael Ann & Amelia Cannon Michael Ann & Amelia Cannon Michael Ann & Amelia Carden Francis Surry 4 Carey John Castle Forbes 2 Carley John Mary Carley John Mary 2 Carney Peter Shipley 4 Carney John soldier/57th regt Carpenter Patrick Lunatic Asylum Carr John Recovery Carroll Matthew Recovery Carroll John Countess Harcourt Carroll Peter Marquis Hastings Carter John Countess Harcourt Carter/Wood William Lord Eldon Catteral Thomas Speke Cavannagh William Daphne Celliers/Villiers Dennis Mangles 2 Charlton David Surry Christian Henry Isabella 2 Clarke John Lord Sidmouth Clarke Bernard Hindostan Clarke Bernard Hindostan Clarke Robert Guilford 5 Clarke Mary Providence Clifford James Isabella 2 Clue George Atlas 4 Cochrane John Minerva 3 Cochrane William Minerva 3 Cohen John Almorah Colefox/Henshaw Esan Mangles Collins Patrick Earl St Vincent Collis William Ocean 3 Collman Edward L Canada 5 Condon Michael John Barry Condron Michael John Barry Condron Michael John Barry Connell John Asia 1 Connell John Asia Connell John Asia Connolly Michael Almorah Connor Terence Castle Forbes Conway George Mangles Cook William Adamant Cook Thomas Asia 2 Cook William Minerva Cooper Enoch Hindostan Cooper Richard Baring Corcoran John Minerva Cordingly David Minerva Corner William Hercules Cosgrove Manus Recovery 2 Cotton James Mangles Coughlin John Hadlow Craghan John Mangles Craven Matthew Guilford 6 Craven Thomas Hercules Creghan John Mangles Cribb Thomas Agamemnon Crippen Brook Coromandel Croneen Timothy Countess Harcourt Cropper Samuel John Barry Cunnington William Henry Curry William Prince Regent Curry James Ann & Amelia Dalton William Lord Eldon Danford John Guilford 6 Davidson James Minstrel Davidson James Minstrel Davis Emanuel Elizabeth Davis William Mangles 1 Davis John Sir William Bensley Davis Thomas Recovery 1 Davis Thomas Recovery Davison Robert Minerva Dawson James Eliza 2 Day James Norfolk Deane Isaac Asia Dearlove William Mary 2 Dickenson Joseph Ocean Digmond Daniel Hercules Dillon Robert Isabella Dimmett William Guilford 4 Dobson Roger Ocean 3 Doughty Clement Medina Downs James Countess Harcourt Doyle James Asia 4 Doyle Patrick Atlas 4 Draper Mary Mariner Duff James Shipley 4 Duff Edward John Barry Duggan Edward Lord Sidmouth 2 Duggan John Speke Dunn Michael Castle Forbes 2 Dunn Michael Castle Forbes Dunn James Surry Dunn Michael Castle Forbes Dunnegan John Hoogley Dwyer William Hindostan Dyers William Elizabeth 3 Eastezle John Isabella Edwards Edward Minstrel Eggleton James Marquis Hastings Ellard Thomas Sir William Bensly Elliott William Marquis Hastings Evans Samuel Coramandel Evans Robert Minerva 4 Exley Joseph Minerva 5 Exley Joseph Minerva Fagan Charles Countess Harcourt Farrell Garratt John Barry Farrell Garrett John Barry Fennell Lawrence Surry 2 Fidler Alexander Norfolk Fields Patrick Castle Forbes Finlay Margaret John Bull Finnhegan Michael Lord Sidmouth Fisher Richard Asia 2 Fisher/Harrington James/Thos Recovery Foster John Indefatigable Fox John Mangles 1 Fox John Hooghly Frans ? Charles Neptune Freeman William Ambyona Gaddis Mary Mariner Galloway Thomas Marquis Hastings Gardener/Hughes Sarah Lord Sidmouth Garforth John Minstrel Garland John Lord Sidmouth Garrett Grace Almorah Gascoigne Henry Fame Gearon Francis Medina Geary William Recoveery Geer William Sesostris Goodall Thomas Lord Eldon Goodwin/Johnston Andrew Recovery Goran Thomas Hadlow Goulding Alexander Minerva Goulding Alex Minerva Grady Patrick Isabella 3 Grady Patrick Isabella Graystone John Shipley 1 Green Robert Fortune Green William Sesostris Green Henry Minerva 5 Greenwood Henry Baring 2 Gregory Thomas Hadlow Griffith Charles Grenada Groves Thomas Henry Hadscom William Ocean 4 Hall Samuel Hadlow Hall William Hindostan Haly John Mangles 4 Hanscomb Charles Baring Harding Christopher Eliza 2 Harding Thomas Mangles Harding Thomas Mangles Harding Christopher Eliza 2 Harney Michael Countess Harcourt Harrington/Fisher Thomas/Jas Recovery Harris John Minerva 4 Harris William Sesostris Harris John England Harris Constable John General Stuart/Stewart Harris John England Harrison James Recovery Harrison William Minerva Hartigan Mary Almorah Hartigan Mary Almorah Hartland William Mary 2 Harwood John Somersetshire Hastings Hugh Marquis of Hastings Hawkins John Guilford Hawkins James Marquis Huntly Hazle James Prince Regent Henly David Royal Charlotte Henshaw/Colefax Esan Mangles Herris Constable John General Stewart Hewitt John Norfolk Hewson James Surry Hitchcock John Lord Eldon Hogan John Dorothy Holland James Isabella 1 Horan Miles Almorah Howarth James Hooghley Hughes Edward Neptune 1 Hughes John Marquis of Huntley Hughes Edward Neptune Hughes Mark Shipley 4 Hughes/Gardener Sarah Lord Sidmouth Hunt Matthew Sesostris Hutton Henry Guilford 5 Innis William Minstrel Jancock George Eliza Jeffrey Robert England Jennings/Leary Ann Almorah Johnson Thomas Asia 5 Johnson William Ocean 3 Johnson John Guilford 6 Johnson Andrew Recovery Johnson Thomas Medina Johnston/Goodwin Andrew Recovery Johnstone Thomas government servant Johnstone Richard Hindostan Johnstone Thomas Prince Regent Jones David Eliza 2 Jones John Asia Jones Bernard Asia Jones Mary Grenada 3 Jones Edward Ocean Jones John John Barry 2 Jones John John Barry Jones William Malabar Jones Thomas Sesostris Jones Thomas John Barry 1 Jones William Countess Harcourt Jones John Recovery 1 Jones Joseph Lady Castlereagh Jopson John Countess Harcourt Jordan Matthew Henry Joy William Lord Sidmouth Joyce John Prince Regent Kavanagh Patrick Recovery Keane Patrick Prince Regent Kearnes Francis Shipley Kearney Francis Shipley 4 Keenan James Minstrel Kelly Arthur Minstrel Kelly Thomas Asia 4 Kelly John Minerva Kelly John Minerva Kelsey John Shipley 4 Killen James Southworth King Thomas Baring Ladane John Guilford Lambert William Princess Royal Lambert William Princess Royal Lane Richard Ocean 4 Lane Joseph Guilford 6 Lane Richard Ocean 4 Lane Matthew Prince Regent Langbridge John Grenada Langley George Minerva 5 Langton Henry Shipley Laragy John Isabelaa 2 Lawson Johannah Grenada Lawson Johanna Grenada Lazarus Lewis Isabella 1 Leary/Jennings Ann Almorah Ledden Joseph Boyne Leicester William Ocean 4 Lewis Richard Mangles Lindsay Farley Minstrel Lloyd Isabella Grenada Lomas John Ann & Amelia Longbridge John Grenada 2 Loughlin/O'Hara Eleanor John Bull Louis Antonio Earl St Vincent 2 Louis Antonio Earl St Vincent 2 Loveday Charles Norfolk Loveday Charles Norfolk Luke James Dick Lynch Michael Isabella Lynch John Ann & Amelia Mackay James Adamant Macpherson Alex Elizabeth 3 Madden James Ann & Amelia Maher James Brampton Mahoney Dennis Medina Mallone Owen Hadlow Maloney Michael Lord Sidmouth Maltman William Marquis Hastings Mangin Michael Mangles 4 Marks Henry Norfolk Martin Henry Batavia Martin Richard Elizabeth Martineer Henry Lord Hungerford Matingly William John Barry Matthews John Asia 3 McAllister Caesar Countess Harcourt McArthy Edward Prince of Orange McCabe Phillip Dick McCafferty William Henry Porcher McCaley Phillip Prince Regent McCally Andrew Dorothy McCarthy Edward Prince of Orange McCarthy Charles Hooghly McDade James Henry Porcher McDonald Edward Asia McEnroe Patrick Countess Harcourt McGonnagle Patrick Recovery 2 Mcgueniss John Almorah McGuinity Patrick Archduke Charles McKinnon John Royal Charlotte McLeod John Isabella 3 McNamara James Ann & Amelia McNamara John Brampton Meaher John Sir Godfrey Webster Mears James Guilford Mignott Andrew Marquis Wellington Millar Robert Norfolk Millar Peter Neptune Mills Thomas Eliza Mitchell George Princess Royal Molloy Bernard Ann & Amelia Monaghan James Castle Forbes Monaghan James Castle Forbes Moore William Guilford 5 Moore John Hooghley Morgan Daniel Marquis of Hastings Morris Benjamin Royal Charlotte Morris Patrick Almorah Mostfame Michael Sir Godfrey Webster Murphy Thomas Recovery 2 Murphy James Asia 4 Murphy Patrick Lord Sidmouth Murphy Patrick Mangles 4 Murphy James Hooghley Murphy John Dick Muston Thomas Hindostan Napper Thomas Sesostris Napper Thomas Sesostris Napper Thomas Sesostris Newland James Guildford Newman John Guilford 6 Newman John Asia 1 Newman William Norfolk Newman George Minerva 5 Noonan Michael Ann & Amelia Noonan Jeremiah Asia 4 Noonan Jeremiah Asia 4 Norgrove John Mangles 3 Norman James Mangles 1 Norman William Hercules Norton Catherine Woodman Nugent William Countess Harcourt O;Donnell Thomas Mangles 4 O'Brien Robert Dorothy O'Hara/Loughlin Eleanor John Bull O'Neil John Agamemnon Ormrod Archibald Henry Padden/Pattler Bernard Hooghly Painter John Speke 2 Palmer James Countess Harcourt Parker William Surry Pattler/Padden Bernard Hooghly Peacey William Adamant Pearce/Proudly William Minerva Peck George Mangles 3 Pendergrast Thomas Mangles 4 Penney William Grenada Penny Charles Speke Perry John Norfolk Phillips James Minstrel Phillips Patrick Henry Porcher Pittman William Asia Powers William Medina Preece William Ocean 3 Pritchard Joseph Lady Castlereagh Pritchard Joseph Lady Castlereagh Proudlove Thomas Morley 2 Proudly/Pearce William Minerva Quigley Thomas Lord Sidmouth Quinn John Lonach Ralph William Fanny Ralph William Fanny Rattler/Rotton? Thomas Hercules Raynor Richard Prince of Orange Ready Daniel Hadlow 2 Ready Daniel Hadlow 2 Reardon Timothy Isabella Reddy Joseph Princess Royal Reece John Guilford 5 Reeves James Sesostris Reilly Bernard Coromandel Reilly Peter Dorothy Rhoden John Bampton Rhoden John Brampton Richards Joseph Shipley 4 Richards Samuel Earl St Vincent Richardson John Minerva Ridd William Mangles 3 Riley John John Barry 2 Riley James Isabella 3 Riley Peter Dorothy Riley John John Barry 2 Riley William Elizabeth Riley James John Barry Bobinson Samuel Hibernia Robinson Charles Morley 1 Robinson Robert Minerva Rogers Daniel Recovery Rolls Charles Asia 3 Ronaldson David Minerva Ross John Countess Harcourt Rotton/Ratler Thomas Hercules Rush Edward Henry Russell Charles Glory Ryan Patrick Lonarch Ryan Dennis Earl St Vincent Ryan Patrick Lonach Salt John Baring 2 Sampson William Henry Sanderson Cornelius Guilford 6 Savage Jonatan Asia 1 Scarr Thomas Morley 1 Scarratt Richard Mangles Scarratt Richard Mangles Scolding Joseph Hindostan Scriven John Asia Scrivens John Asia Selwood Stephen Norfolk Shaw Daniel Asia 4 Shaw Martha Brothers Shepherd Sam Coromandel 2 Simms Thomas Fame Simpson Edward Martha Simpson John Coromandel Slater James Hindostan Slavin Bernard Recovery Smith William Hindostan Smith James Minstrel Smith Maria Midas Smith James Somersetshire Smith James Asia Smith Jervis Anne? Smith William Hadlow Smith George Princess Royal Smith William Lord Sidmouth Smith William Henry Smith William Adamant Smith Riley General Hewitt Smith Riley General Hewitt Spearman Michael Mangles 2 Speir/Spicer Joseph Brampton Spicer/Speir Joseph Brampton Stanley George Norfolk Stewart Bridget Almorah Stewart John Recovery Stones John Larkins Sullivan Michael Ann & Amelia Sullivan John Southworth Sullivan James Mangles 4 Summerfield Charles Minerva 4 Sutor Henry Mangles Swaine Robert Coromandel Taylor Thomas Minerva 5 Taylor John Ocean 2 Taylor John Elizabeth Tennent John Prince Regent Thomas John Mary Thompson Thomas Mangles 4 Tickturn Francis Neptune 3 Ticton Francis Neptune Tiernan John Ann & Amelia Tingle Thomas Guilford 5 Todd John Mangles 4 Todd John Elizabeth Todd John Mangles 4 Tolly Francis Eliza 2 Tolly Francis Eliza Toohy/Tookey Cicely Mariner Tookey Cicely Mariner Tookey/Toohy Cicely Mariner Tracey Edward Recovery 2 Tunny Owen Chapman Turner James Prince Regent 1 Turner James Prince Regent Turvy Edward Guilford 6 Villiers/Celliers Dennis Mangles 2 Walker John Recovery 2 Walker William Minerva 5 Walker William Minerva Walmsley John Minerva Walmsley John Minerva Walmsley John Minerva Walsh Patrick Prince Regent Walsh John Guilford Walsh John Regalia Walsh Michael Baring 2 Ward William Dick Ward William Dick Ward William Dick Warnham William Shipley 4 Watson John Guilford 5 Watson James Somersetshire Watson William Minerva Weavers Mary Midas Webb William Mangles 1 Webster Robert Grenada 2 Weldon John Ocean 3 Weldon Thomas Asia Welsh John Prince Regent West Robert Prince Regent White George Earl St Vincent White George Earl St Vincent Whiting Samuel from Lunatic Asylum Wilkinson James Royal Charlotte William George Eliza 2 Williams John Asia 2 Williams Thomas Minstrel Williams Joseph Ocean Williams James Mary Williams John Elizabeth Williams James Watkins Williamson Mary Ann Mariner Williamson Mary Ann Mariner Wilson Charles Minstrel Wilson Charles Minstrel Wilson Robert Isabella Wilson George Larkins Wilson Joseph Marquis of Hastings Wood Thomas Marquis Wellington Wood Henry Shipley 4 Wood/Carter William Lord Eldon Woods Thomas Calder/soldier Woods Thomas soldier/Calder Word William Dick Worthing Richard Speke Yates George Ocean Yates/Barlow James Speke Young George Baring 1