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New South Wales

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The following is an index to convicts in New south Wales who were granted Pardons, Certificates of Freedom or Tickets-of-Leave in the year 1827. It is not necessarily a complete list of all certificates issued - only for those some 1800 men and women listed in the Sydney Gazette for this year.
The usual information given is applicants name, ship and residence and date of issue (if a duplicate certificate is issued this also noted). Both applicants and ship's name are commonly mispelt (eg: General Stuart,General Stewart) in the newspapers so it is important to vary the spelling options when searching.
Further information can be obtained from Jenny Fawcett

Surname		Name		Ship			Certificate
							TL=Ticket of Leave
							CP=Conditional Pardon
							CF=Certificate of Freedom
							FP=Free Pardon
							AP=Absolute Pardon

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Macbabe/MacCap	Philip		Dick			CF
MacCap/Macbabe	Philip		Dick			CF
MacCourt	Bernard		John Barry		TL
MacDowell	Benjamin	Shipley			TL
Mack		Michael		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Mack		Thomas		Dorothy			CF
Macken		Patrick		Dorothy			CF
Mackenzie	John		General Hewitt		CF
Mackin		George		Almorah 2		CF
MacNish		Henry		Mangles 1		TL
Maconnell	James		Adamant			CF
Madden		John		John Barry 2		CF
Madden		John		Isabella 2		CF
Maddin		Thomas		Atlas 4			TL
Magennis	Andrew		Daphne			TL
Maggs/White	George/Stephen	Grenada 2		CF
Maginnis	John		Almorah 2		CF
Magner		Thomas		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Maguire		Michael		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Maguire		Thomas		Dorothy			TL
Maguire		Alexander	Guilford 6		CF
Maher		Jane		John Bull		CF
Mahon		John		Recovery 2		TL
Mahoney		Dennis		Earl St Vincent 3	CF
Mahony		Michael		Prince Regent 2		CF
Malone		Edward		Brampton		TL
Malony		Patrick		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Maple		Daniel		Guilford 5		CF
Maran/Mason	Michael		John Barry 2		TL
Mare		John		Earl Spencer		TL
Markham		Edmond		Mangles 2		TL
Markham		Richard		Elizabeth 3		TL
Marley/Marlow	Dominick	Tyne			TL
Marlow/Marley	Dominick	Tyne			TL
		John		Indefatigable 2		TL
Marsh		Isaac		Price of Orange 1	TL
Marshall	Amos		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
		Peter/Thos/Steph Grenada 2		CF
Martin		James		Neptune			TL
Marum		Catherine	Almorah 3		TL
Mason		Thomas		Dick			TL
Mason		William		Guilford 5		TL
Mason/Maran	Michael					TL
Mather		John		Adamant			CF
Mathews		Patrick		John Barry 2		CF
Matthews	Alexander	Neptune 3		CF
Maw		Samuel		Speke 2			TL
Maydew		Solomon		Asia 1			CF
Mayes		Charles		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Maynard		John		Hindostan		TL
Mayo		James		Neptune 3		CF

McAlin		John		Almorah 2		CF
McArdle		Isaac		Shipley 4		TL
McAulff		John		Dorothy			TL
McBride		Charles		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
McBridge	Patrick		General Hewitt		TL
Mccabe		Michael		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
McCallum	Hugh		Minerva 4		CF
McCallum	Duncan		Dick			TL
McCan		Connor		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
McCarthy	Laurence	Isabella 2		TL
McCarthy	Dennis		Agamemnon		CF
McCarthy	Florence	Three Bees		TL
McClure		John		Lord Sidmouth		CF
McConville	Daniel		Mangles 2		TL
McCormick	Patrick		Atlas 4			TL
McCormick	John		Prince Regent 2		CF
McCoy		Michael		Almorah 2		TL
McCraw		John		Neptune 3		CF
McCue		Mary		John Bull		CF
McCurdy		John		Asia 1			CF
McDonagh	John		Southworth		TL
Mcdonagh/Donaghy James		Almorah 2		CF
McDonald	Bernard		Isabella 2		TL
McDonald	Charles		Dorothy			CF
McDonald	James		Isabella 2		CF
McDonald	William		Asia 1			CF
McDonald	John		Shipley 3		CF
McDonnel	Charles		Francis and Eliza	CF
McDonnell	James		Dorothy			TL
McDonnell/Burnett John		Almorah 2		TL
McDonough	Michael		Guilford 2		TL
McDowell	Robert		Lord Eldon		TL
McElligot	Michael		Southwark		TL
McEvoy		Simeon		John Barry 2		CF
Mcevoy		Patrick		Prince Regent 2		TL
Mcfarland	John		Almorah 2		CF
McGee		Michael		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Mcgilloray/Rhind Isabella	Mary Ann 3		TL
McGomery	Thomas		Brampton		TL
McGorman/McGowran Manus/Thos	Southworth		CF
McGowran/McGorman Thomas/Manus	Southworth		CF
McGragh		John		Lord Sidmouth 2		TL
McGragh		Redmond		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
McGrath		James		John Barry 2		CF
McGrath		Michael		Prince Regent 2		CF
McGuffin	Adam		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
McHoogue	James		Almorah 2		CF
McJeveet	John		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
McKay		Alexander	Princess Royal		TL
McKenna		William		Prince Regent 2		CF
McKeown		Roger		Martha			TL
McKernehan	Richard		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
McKinley	Peter		Mangles 1		CF
McKNight	Martin		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
McLaren		Robert		Somersetshire		CF
McLean/Paisley	Donald		Asia 1			CF
McLoughlin	Bernard		Isabella 2		TL
McMahon		Arthur		Isabella 2		TL
McManus		Terence		John Barry 2		CF
McManus		Darby		Martha			TL
McmIllan	James		Atlas 4			TL
McMillan	William		Minerva 4		TL
McMillian	William		Minerva 4		CF
McNamara	Francis		Dorothy			TL
McNamara	Michael		Shipley 1		TL
McNeil/Bogue	Joseph		Mangles 1		CF
McNulty		John		Southwark		TL

Meacher		James		Ocean 2			TL
Mead		John		Agamemnon		CF
Meadows		Edward		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Meanly		Benjamin	Eliza 1			TL
Meller		Margaret	Nile			TL
Mellish		William		Shipley 3		CF
Mellon		John		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Meredith	Samuel Benjm	Dick			TL
Merrett		Charles		Neptune 3		CF

Midgley		John		Speke 2			CF
Miles		Richard		Adamant			CF
Miller		Aaron		Larkins			TL
Miller/Stanley	Charlotte	Mary Anne 2		TL
Mills		John		Baring 2		TL
Minchen/Marriott/Baker John	Indefatigable 2		TL
Minchin		Henry		Southworth		CF
Minshull	James		Shipley 4		TL
Mitchel		Patrick		Countess of Harcourt	TL
Mitchell	Jane		John Bull		CF
		Thos/Steph/Peter	Grenada 2	CF

Mold		John		Grenada 2		TL
Molloy		Ellen		Janus			CF
Molloy		James		Almorah 2		CF
Monaghan	John		Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Monaghan	James		Almorah 2		TL
Monaghan	Patrick		Larkins			TL
Moore		John		Shipley 3		CF
Moore/Broam? Bream George/Thos	Adamant			CF
Moran		James		Almorah 2		TL
Moran		John		Brampton		TL
Moran		Patrick		Almorah 2		TL
Moran		Mary		John Bull		TL
Morgan		Lewis		Adamant			CF
Morgan		John		Surry 1			TL
Morley		William		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Morley		William		Somersetshire		CF
Morowny		John		Isabella 2		CF
Morrell		Henry		Fame			TL
Morris		Francis		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Morris		Benjamin	Richmond		CF
Morris		Mary		Wanstead		CF
Morris		Christiana	Janus			CF
Morris		Richard		General Stewart		TL
Morris		Francis		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Morris		Patrick		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Morris/Cowburn	John		Surry 4			TL
Morrison	John		Minerva 4		TL
Morrison	John		Minerva 4		CF
Morton		John		Ocean 3			TL

Mulcahy		Darby		John Barry 2		CF
Mulcahy		John		John Barry 2		CF
Muldoon		Robert		Almorah 2		CF
Muldoone	Thomas		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Mulhall		Hugh		Born in Colony		CF
Mulleany	John		Dorothy			TL
Mullen		Robert		Dorothy			CF
Mullens		Michael		Dorothy			CF
Mulligan	Peter		Recovery 2		TL
Mulligan	Andrew		Almorah 2		TL
Mulvey		Daniel		Almorah 2		CF
Mulvihill	John		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Munn		Abednego ?	Prince Regent 1		TL
Muns		William		Countess of Harcourt	TL
Murphy		Patrick		Brampton		TL
Murphy		John		Dick			CF
Murphy		Patrick		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Murphy		Francis		Prince Regent 2		CF
Murphy		James		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Murphy		John		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Murphy		Samuel		Mangles 2		TL
Murphy		Patrick		Isabella 2		TL
Murray		James		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Murray		James		Dorothy			CF
Murray		John		Almorah 2		CF
Murray		Hamilton	Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Murray		Patrick		Isabella 2		TL
Murray		Denis		Prince Regent 2		CF
Murray		Thomas		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
Murray		Henry		Grenada 2		CF
Myers		Samuel		Agamemnon		CF

Nangle		William		Almorah 2		CF
Nash		Charles 	Darmour	Minerva 4	CF
Nash		James		Earl St Vincent 1	CF
Naughton	Matthew		Countess of Harcourt 2	TL
Nead		Patrick		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Neal		Patrick		Dorothy			CF
Neal		Thomas		Juliana			CF
Neal		Samuel		Isabella		TL
Neal/Keating	William		Isabella 2		TL
Neary		Walter		Asia 2			TL
Neill		Catherine	John Bull		CF
Nelson		Daniel		Prince Regent 2		TL
New		Edward		Baring 2		TL
Newman		John		Asia 1			CF
Newport		Matthew		Three Bees		CF
Newson		George		Mary 2			TL
Newton		Edward		General Stewert		TL
Newton		John		Larkins			TL
Nichols		Joshua		Hadlow 1		TL
Nichols		John		Asia 2			TL
Nicholson	William		Shipley 3		CF
Nish		George		Asia 1			CF
Nix		William		Mangles 2		TL
Nixon		Samuel		Shipley 2		TL
Nixon		Ralph		Princess Royal		TL
N'Keadray	John		Almorah 2		TL
Noblett		John		Countess of Harcourt 1	CF
Nocholey	Patrick		Prince Regent 2		CF
Nock		Samuel		Neptune 2		TL
Nolan		Eleanor		John Bull		CF
Norton		Thomas		Mary 2			TL
Norton		James  jnr	Hadlow 1		TL
Norton		Thomas		General Hewitt		TL
Norville	Nathaniel	Shipley 4		TL
Nulty		Thomas		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Nye		James jnr	General Stewart		TL

O'Brien		Michael		Countess of Harcourt 2	TL
O'Brien		Robert		Dorothy			CF
Ockendon	Charles		Surry 1			CF
O'Connor	John		Prince Regent 2		TL
O'Donnell	Hugh		Mangles 2		TL
O'Flerty	Letitia		Wanstead		CF
O'Hara		Thomas		John Barry 2		TL
Oldham		Margaret	Morley 3		CF
Oldham		George		Grenada 2		CF
O'Loughlan	Thomas		Lord Sidmouth		CF
O'Neil		Patrick		Agamemnon		CF
O'Neil		John		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
O'Neil		William		Mangles 2		TL
O'Neill		Daniel		Almorah 2		TL
O'Neill		Mary		John Bull		CF
Oricher		Hugh		Morley 2		TL
Ormond		John		Isabella 2		CF
Orpin		William		Princess Royal		TL
Overton		John		General Stewart		TL
Oxborough	John		Morley 2		CF
Oxenham		William		Shipley 2		TL

Pade		John		Princess Royal		TL
Page		Henry		Asia 2			TL
Page		Richard		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Paine		John		Asia 1			CF
Paisley/Mclean	Donald		Asia 1			CF
Palford		John		John Barry 2		CF
Palmer		Richard		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Palmer		William		Dick			CF
Palmer/Blucker	John		Mary 2			TL
Pannifer	John		Asia 1			CF
Parker		James		Indefatigabe 1		TL
Parker		Jane		Morley 3		CF
Parker		Thomas		Grenada 2		CF
Parker		George		Hooghley		TL
Parkes		Thomas		Elizabeth 3		TL
Parsley		James		Princess Royal		TL
Parsons		John		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Partell		John		Prince Regent 2		TL
Parton		John		General Stewart		TL
Payne		Richard		Malabar 1		CF

Pearce		William		Indian			TL
Pearsall	Joseph		Shipley 4		TL
Pearson		Thomas		Asia 1			CF
Pearson		Thomas		Asia 2			TL
Pearson		Peter		Batavia			TL
Pease		George		Agamemnon		CF
Peck		Joseph		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Peck		Joshua jnr	Born in Colony		TL
Peel		William		Agamemnon		CF
Peele		Thomas		Mangles 1		CF
Pegler		James		Tottenham		TL
Pegler		Richard		Elizabeth 3		CF
Penkett/Penkidge Henry		Princess Royal		TL
Penkidge/Penkett Henry		Princess Royal		TL
Pepper		John		Malabar 1		TL
Perrett		Isaac		Hadlow 1		TL
Pettifer	James		Neptune 2		TL

Phillips	Thomas		Dick			CF
Phillips	James		Grenada 2		CF
Phillips	Patt		Lord Sidmouth 2		TL
Phillips	William jnr	Shipley 3		TL
Phillips	William		Princess Royal		TL
Phillips	Patt		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Phoenix		John		Princess Royal		TL
Picket		William		Prince Regent 2		TL
Pilkington	John T		Tottenham		TL
Pinfold		William		Adamant			CF
Pinkston	Charles		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Pinnell		Samuel		Asia 1			CF
Pitt		Joseph		Hebe			TL

Polack		Abraham		Agamemnon		CF
Popple		John		Hindostan		CF
Porch		Thomas		Hebe			CF
Potter		John		Eliza 2			TL
Pow/Pry		Sampson		General Stewart		TL
Powell		Joseph		Somersetshire		CF
Powell		Richard		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Powell		William		Shipley 3		CF
Powell/Power	Thomas		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Power		William		Southworth		TL
Power		James		Henry			CF
Power/Powell	Thomas		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Powers		Laurence	John Barry 2		CF
Poynton		Thomas		Countess Harcourt 2	TL

Pratt		Ralph		Surry 3			TL
Preston		Joseph		Asia 1			CF
Price		William		Hebe			TL
Price		Thomas		Adamant			TL
Price		William		Minerva 4		CF
Price		Benjamin	Princess Royal		TL
Prindeville	Martin		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
Pringle		Charles		Mangles 1		CF
Proctor		James		Somersetshire		CF
Proctor		John		Prince Regent 2		TL
Pry/Pow		Sampson		General Stewart		TL
Pugh		William		General Hewitt		CF
Purcell		William		Dorothy			CF
Purtell		John		Mangles 2		TL

Quigley		Thomas		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Quin		Timothy		Mangles 2		TL
Quinlan		John		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Quinn		Patrick		Recovery 2		TL
Quirk		John		Prince Regent 2		TL

Radford		Isaac		Batavia			TL
Rae/Rea		Thomas		Mangles 1		TL
Ralph		James		Surry 1			CF
Rapley		Daniel		General Stuart		TL
Ratsford	William		Agamemnon		CF
Rawlinson	Thomas		Coromandel 3		CF
Rawson		Thomas		Adamant			CF

Rea		James		Adamant			CF
Rea/Rae		Thomas		Mangles 1		TL
Reardon		Michael		Isabella 2		TL
Reardon		Daniel		Prince Regent 2		CF
Reardon		Dennis		Asia 1			TL
Reddy		John		Brampton		CF
Reece		Charles jnr	Asia 1			CF
Reed		Joseph		Isabella 2		CF
Reed		Laurence	Prince Regent 2		CF
Reed		Thomas		Asia 1			CF
Reely		Philip		Dorothy			CF
Reilly		Peter		Dorothy			CF
Reilly		Mary		Janus			CF
Reilly		John		Countess of Harcourt 2	TL
Renihan		William		Brampton		TL
Reynolds	Stephen		Mary 2			TL
Reynolds	Maurice		Dorothy			TL

Rhind/Mcgilloray Isabella	Mary Ann 3		TL
Rhodes		James		Shipley 4		TL
Rice		John		Neptune			TL
Richards	James		Elizabeth 3		CF
Richards	Martin		Martha			TL
Richards/Richardson John	Surry 4			CF
Richardson	John		Minerva 4		CF
Richardson	John		Asia 1			TL
Richardson/Richards John	Surry 4			CF
Riches		Samuel		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Richmond	Joseph		Hebe			CF
Riglin		Peter jnr	John Barry 1		CF
Riley		John  1st	Baring 2		TL
Rilly		James		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Rimmer		Thomas		Surry 4			TL
Ring		Darby		Tyne			TL

Roach		Margaret	Minstrel 1		CF
Roarke		David		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Robens		Michael		Dick			CF
Roberts		Robert		Elizabeth 3		CF
Roberts		John		Elizabeth 3		CF
Roberts		William		Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Roberts		William		Surry 4			TL
Roberts		John		Asia 1			CF
Roberts		Richard		Elizabeth 3		CF
Roberts		James		Shipley 4		TL
Robertson	William		Prince Regent 2		TL
Robertson	John		Speke 2			CF
Robinson	Sandy		Tyne			TL
Robinson	Charles		Morley 1		TL
Robinson	Peter		Shipley			CF
Rogers		George		General Stuart		TL
Rogers		Thomas		Larkins			TL
Rogers		James		Shipley 4		CF
Rolfe		Edmund		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Rolfe		Edmund		Prince of Orange 1	TL
Rolls		George		Grenada 2		TL
Roper		John		Isabella 1		TL
Rose		Thomas		Recovery 1		TL
Rose/Groves	Jesse/Thos	Adamant			CF
Ross		Hamilton	Prince Regent 1		TL
Rostern		Alexander	Speke 2			CF
Rostern		Alexander	Speke 2			TL
Rotherd		Edward		Hebe			TL
Rotton		Walter		came free		TL
Rough/Sheldon	Dick/Richard	Princess Royal		TL
Rourke		Charles		Prince Regent 2		TL
Rourke		Elenor		John Bull		CF
Rowland		John		Neptune 3		CF
Royan		Daniel		Prince Regent 2		TL

Rudge/Brown	Prudence	Morley 3		TL
Ruscoe		Benjamin	Adamant			CF
Rush		Francis		Agamemnon		CF
Rush		Peter		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
Rushton/Wright	William		Dick			CF
Russell		Henry		Somersetshire		CP
Russell		James		Countess of Harcourt 1	CF
Ruth/Kearney	Michael		Almorah 2		TL
Ryan		William		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Ryan		Michael		Southworth		TL
Ryan		James		Tyne			TL
Ryan		Patrick		John Barry 2		CF
Ryan		Michael		Southworth		TL
Ryan		John		John Barry 2		CF
Ryan/White	Patrick		Henry Porcher		TL
Ryland		William		Neptune 2		TL

Sadler		Edward		Countess of Harcourt 2	TL
Salmon		John		General Stuart		TL
Samuels		Henry		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Sanders		William		Mary 2			CF
Sant		Abel		Adamant			TL
Sapy		James		Shipley 4		TL
Sarsfield	Thomas		Isabella 2		CF
Saunders	Edward		Guilford 5		CF
Savage		Jonathon	Asia 1			CF
Savery		John		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Sawyer		Henry		Hebe			CF
Sawyer		Samuel		Shipley 2		TL
Sawyer		William		Tottenham		TL

Scarfe		George		Mary 1			CF
Schevell/Lawson	P		Guilford 5		TL
Scolding	Joseph		Hindostan		CF
Scott		William		Agamemnon		CF
Scurnell	Benjamin	Hindostan		TL
Seago		Charles		Adamant			CF
Seago		Charles		Adamant			TL
Sedley		John		Adamant			TL
Seery		William		Guilford 2		TL

Shakerley	William		Neptune 3		CF
Shanahan	James		Mangles 2		TL
Sharpe/Grundy	William		Dick			CF
Shaughnessy	Thomas		Mangles 2		TL
Shaw		William		Asia 1			CF
Shaw		Robert		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Shaw		Ralph		Princess Royal		TL
Shea		Patt		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Shea		Derby/Michael	Prince Regent 2		TL
Shea		Michael/Darby	Prince Regent 2		TL
Shea		Daniel		Brampton		TL
Sheals		James		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Shean		Martin		Coromandel 3		TL
Sheldon		James		Hebe			TL
Sheldon/Rough	Richard/Dick	Princess Royal		TL
Shelly		Joseph		Hebe			TL
Shepherd	Henry		Elizabeth 3		TL
Shepherd	George		Mary 2			TL
Sherborne	George		Adamant			TL
Sherborne	George		Adamant			CF
Sheridon	Patrick		Isabella 2		TL
Shields		William		Dorothy			TL
Shine		Denis		Dorothy			CF
Shinfield	Thomas		Adamant			CF
Short		James		Neptune 3		TL
Shreeve		James  snr	Grenada 2		TL
Shreeve		James jnr	Grenada 2		TL
Shutt		Thomas		Earl St Vincent 2	CF

Siborn		William		Asia 1			CF
Siddon		James		Canada 5		CF
Silk		Daniel		Mangles 2		CF
Simcox		George		Asia 1			CF
Simpson		William		Mangles 1		TL
Singleton	Hugh		Almorah 2		TL
Sky		George		Dick			CF
Slack		Joseph		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Slater		Thomas		Earl Spencer		CF

Smeeton		Daniel		Dick			TL
Smith		William		Glory			TL
Smith		John		Elizabeth 3		TL
Smith		Thomas		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Smith		William		Batavia			TL
Smith		Peter		John Barry 2		TL
Smith		John		Elizabeth 3		CF
Smith		John		Hebe			TL
Smith		Joseph		Mary 2			CF
Smith		John		Eliza 2			TL
Smith		James		Asia 1			CF
Smith		Thomas		General Hewitt		CF
Smith		John		Prince Regent 1		TL
Smith		William		Ocean 2			TL
Smith		Charles		Lady Ridley		TL
Smith		Thomas		Elizabeth 3		TL
Smith		Joseph		Batavia			TL
Smith		Robert		Tottenham		TL
Smith		William		Adamant			TL
Smith		Charles		Baring 2		TL
Smith		Richard		Neptune 3		CF
Smith		William		Somersetshire		CF
Smith		Stephen		John Barry 2		CF
Smith		Joseph		Batavia			TL
Smith		James		Surry 4			TL
Smith		James		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Smith		Hartley		Marquis Wellington	TL
Smith		Charles		Lady Ridley		CF
Smith		Isaac		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Smith		Thomas		Grenada 2		CF
Smith		William		Larkins			TL
Smith		Mcdonald	Isabella 1		TL
Smith		Martha		Wanstead		CF
Smith/Hartly	John		Baring 1		TL
Smith/Kimley	Charles		Isabella 1		TL

Somers		James		Asia 2			TL
Spencer		Robert		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
Spiller		John		John Barry 1		CF
Spruce		Samuel		Hebe			CF
Squires		John		Asia 2			TL

Stafford	Catherine	John Bull		CF
Stanley		William		Hebe			CF
Stanley		Edward		Adamant			CF
Stanley/Miller	Charlotte	Mary Anne 2		TL
Stapleton	John		Asia 1			CF
Starkey		William		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
Steel		Arthur/Anthony	Isabella 2		TL
Steel		Anthy/Arthur	Isabella 2		TL
Steel		Robert		Isabella 2		CF
Stephens	George		Asia 2			TL
Stevens		Matthew		Hindostan		TL
Stevenson	Thomas		Surry 1			CF
Steward		Peter		Almorah 2		CF
Stewart		Edmund		Asia 2			TL
Stocks		Samuel		Asia 1			CF
Stoddard	Robert		Guilford 5		CF
Stones		George		Fortune 2		TL
Storin		George		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Strachan/Burnet	Isabel		Morley 3		CF
Stroud		George		Asia 1			CF
Sturgeon	William		Guilford 5		TL

Sullivan	Michael		Dick			CF
Sullivan	Edward		Minerva 4		CF
Sullivan	Peter		Mangles 2		TL
Sullivan	John		Asia 2			CF
Sullivan	Peter		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Sullivan	Patrick		Southworth		TL
Sullivan	Thomas		Prince Regent 2		TL
Sullivan	Daniel		Dorothy			TL
Sullivan	John		Dorothy			CF
Sumers		Samuel		Mangles 1		TL
Summerfield	William		Grenada 2		CF
		Isaac		Malabar 1		TL
		Isaac		Malabar 1		TL
Summons		William		Hebe			TL
Suter		John		Grenada 2		CF
Swan		James		Hadlow 1		TL
Swindells	James		Neptune 3		CF
Sword		James		General Stewart		TL

Tabor		Daniel		Neptune 2		TL
Tallentire	George		Batavia			TL
Tavener		Susannah	Janus			TL
Taylor		George		Lady Castlereagh	TL
Taylor		William		Neptune 2		TL
Taylor		William		General Hewett		CF
Taylor		James  jnr	Eliza 2			TL
Taylor		John		Larkins			TL

Teare		Thomas		Shipley 3		TL
Tennant		Sarah		Morley 3		CF
Tennant		David		Lord Eldon		TL
Terry		John		Baring 2		TL
Tether		John		Dick			CF
Teyne		Emanuel		Isabella 1		TL

Thaxter		Joseph		Grenada 2		TL
Thom		George		Guilford 5		TL
Thomas		William		Phatisalum (Fattysalaum) CF
Thomas		Morgan		Adamant			CF
Thomas		James		Elizabeth 1		CF
Thompkin	John		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Thompson	William		Somersetshire		CF
Thompson	Joseph		Dick			CF
Thompson	Henry		Elizabeth 3		TL
Thompson	William		Baring 1		TL
Thompson	George		John Barry 1		TL
Thompson	Patrick		Surry 2			TL
Thompson	William		Canada 5		CF
Thompson	John		Morley 1		TL
Thompson	William		Surry 1			CF
Thomson		Alexander	Elizabeth 3		CF
Thornton	Edward		Hebe			CF

Tierney		George		Hadlow 1		TL
Timmins		Charles		Baring 2		TL
Ting		James		Neptune 2		TL
Titterton	Isaac		Mangles 1		TL
Tobin		Thomas		Earl St Vincent 1	TL
Todd		William		Lord Eldon		TL
Todd		John		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Toole		Barnard		Somersetshire		CF
Toole		Daniel		Bencoolen		TL
Tose		William		Speke 2			CF
Townsend	John		Fame			TL

Tracy		Andrew		Prince Regent 2		TL
Treasure	John		Brampton		CF
Trickett	Henry		Hindostan		TL
Trueman		Sarah		Morley 3		CF
Tucker		James		General Hewitt		CF
Tunny		Hugh		Minerva 3		CF
Tuomey		Jeremiah	Prince Regent 2		CF
Turner		Edward		Isabella 1		TL
Turner		Thomas		Atlas 3			TL
Turner		Thomas		Elizabeth 1		TL
Turner		Thomas		Asia 2			TL
Turner		Joseph		Tottenham		TL

Vickery		Francis		Dick			CF
Von Brienen	Abraham		Agamemnon		CF

Waid		John		Dick			CF
Wain/Birch	John		Dick			CF
Wainwright	Samuel		Neptune 2		TL
Waite		Thomas		Somersetshire		CF
Walker		John		Mangles (4 or 1)	TL
Walker		John		Prince Regent 1		TL
Walker		Richard		Somersetshire		CF
Walker		William		General Stuart		TL
Walker		John		Surry 1			CF
Walker Bird	Mary (w.o.John)	Providence 2		TL
Walsh		Patrick		Recovery 2		TL
Walsh		James		John Barry 2		CF
Walsh		John		Asia 4			TL
Walsh		Thomas		Almorah 2		CF
Walsh		Thomas		Almorah 2		TL
Walsh/Fox	Henry		John Barry 2		CF
Warburton	Thomas		Shipley 3		CF
Ward		Judith		Woodman			CF
Waring		George		Ocean 1			TL
Warnes		George		Grenada 2		TL
Warren		Margaret	Woodman			CF
Warren		Joseph		Adamant			CF
Warren		Stephen		Shipley 3		CF
Warren		Henry		Princess Royal		TL
Warren		Gilbert		Grenada 1		TL
Warwick		Thomas		Malabar 1		TL
Wason		Suannah		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Watkins		Watkin		Neptune 3		TL
Watsford	James		Guilford 1		AP
Watson		William		Elizabeth 3		CF
Watt		James Wm	Neptune 2		TL
Watts		Joseph		Adamant			CF
Weatherspoon	John		Baring 2		TL

Webber		William		General Stuart		TL
Weeks		Jacob		Neptune 3		CF
Welladvice	Richard		Elizabeth 3		CF
Wells		John jnr	Shipley 2		TL
Wells		William		Fame			TL
Welsh		James		Prince Regent 2		TL
Wenman		Robert		Dick			TL
West		Robert		Princess Royal		TL
Weston		John		Lord Eldon		TL

Whalan		James		Lord Sidmouth		CF
Whaley		John jnr	Isabella 2		TL
Whalley		Nathaniel	Princes Royal		TL
Whaly		John		Isabella 2		TL
Wheatcraft	Abraham		Dick			CF
Wheatmore	William		Elizabeth 3		CF
White		Edward		John Barry 2		CF
White		Robert		Princess Royal		TL
White		Maria		Friends			CF
White		William		Speke 2			CF
White		John		Lord Sidmouth		CF
White		William		Minerva 4		TL
White		Thomas		Grenada 2		CF
White		Denis		Dorothy			CF
White		John		Eliza 2			TL
White		John		Dorothy			TL
White		Mary		Francis and Eliza	CF
White/Joseph	Ann		Minstrel 1		TL
White/Maggs	Stephen/George	Grenada 2		CF
White/Ryan	Patrick		Henry Porcher		TL

Wilcox		John		Tottenham		TL
Wild		Joseph		Grenada 2		CF
Wildgoose	Philip		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Wildon		John		John Barry 2		TL
Wilie		Robert		Asia 1			CF
Wilkin		Joseph snr	Adamant			CF
Wilkinson	William		Speke 2			CF
Wilkinson	George		Dick			CF
Willcox		John		Speke 2			TL
Williams	John		Prince of Orange 1	CF
Williams	John		Grenanda 2		TL
Williams	John		Baring 2		TL
Williams	John		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Williams	John		Guilford 5		CF
Williams	Thomas		Asia 1			CF
Williams	George		Eliza 1			CF
Williams	Emanuel		Minerva			TL
Williams	John		Hindostan		TL
Williams	James		Mary 2			CF
Williams	George		Almorah 2		CF
Williams	Joseph		Princess Royal		TL
Williams	Henry		Elizabeth 3		CF
Williams	Edward		Henry 1			TL
Williams	Stephen		Shipley 2		TL
Williams	Samuel		Neptune 3		CF
Williams	William		Dick			CF
Williams	William		Morley 1		TL
Williams	John		General Stuart		TL
Williams	Charles		Prince Regent 2		CF
Williamson	George		Mangles 1		TL

Willis		Thomas		Minerva 4		CF
Willock		Richard		General Hewitt		CF
Wills		John		Morley 2		TL
Wilson		Charles		Almorah 2		TL
Wilson		Edward		Countess of Harcourt 1	CF
Wilson		Elizabeth	John Bull		CF
Wilson		John		Adamant			CF
Wilson		George		Agamemnon		CF
Wilson		Jane		Morley 3		CF
Wilson		William		Hadlow 1		TL
Wilson/King	Wm / King	Elizabeth 3		TL
Wiltshire	William		General Stuart		TL
Wiltshire	Joseph		Hadlow 1		TL
Windley		John		Coromandel 3		CF
Winter		Jacob		Mariner 1		TL
Withers/Blue	Robert/Bob	Hindostan		CF

Wodley		James		Elizabeth 3		CF
Wood		Samuel		Countess of Harcourt 1	CF
Wood		Charles		General Stuart		TL
Wood		James		Countess of Harcourt 1	CF
Wood		William		Asia 2			TL
Wood		Patrick		John Barry 2		CF
Woodcock	William		Agamemnon		CF
Woodhall	Daniel		Countess of Harcourt 1	CF
Woodham		Francis		Atlas 4			TL
Woods		Bernard		Chapman			CF
Woodworth	Henry		Surry 1			CF
Wookey		James		Elizabeth 3		CF
Woolahan	James		Lord Sidmouth		TL
Wooller		Samuel		Agamemnon		CF

Wright		John		Grenada 2		CF
Wright		James		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Wright		John		John Barry 2		TL
Wright		James		Hebe			TL
Wright		John		Grenada 2		TL
Wright		John		Baring 1		CF
Wright/Rushton	William		Dick			CF
Yates		William/Thos	Princess Royal		TL
Yates		Thomas/Wm	Princess Royal		TL
Yates		Joseph		Princess Royal		TL
Yaw		James		Hadlow 2		CF
		Henry		Adamant			CF
Young		Frederick	Adamant			CF
Young		Thomas		Asia 1			CF
Young		Thomas		Agamemnon		CF

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