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Convict Absconders 1829,
New South Wales,
Index no 1.

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The following is a list of persons mentioned in Sydney newspaper articles 1829.The list was created by the Government, and is those men and women who were convicts and who had absconded.Example of information given:-

	Richard Atkinson, (convict no 27. 1985).
	Ship -  Cambridge
	Age  -  21 years
	occupation - soldier/labourer
	place    - Donnegal.
	physical description- stout, 5 1/2 feet tall, light grey eyes,
	brown hair, ruddy pock pitted complexion, 
	escaped from No 19 Road Gang.
Further Information can be obtained from: Jenny Fawcett. All care taken in transcription, but errors may at times occur.


Surname Firstname Ship Age Index Abernathy Hugh Princess Royal 50y 5 Adams Maurice Minerva 8 Ahern see HERN Allan Richard Hooghley 16y 11 Allen Thomas Recovery 39y 4 Anderson Thomas Henry Porcher 30y 5 Anderson William aka Thompson Bussorah Merchant 15y 13 Anton Peter see Peter Orton. Archer Thomas Guildford 30y 5 Ashard Samuel Prince Regent 22y 2 Atkins William 12 Atkinson Richard Cambridge 21y 5 Avory Richard Ocean 34 13 Avery William Ocean 34 15 Baker William Eliza 22y 1 Baldwin Frederick Somersetshire 45y 6 Ball John or Joshua Speke 28y 6 Ballentine see Valentine Barlow John Prince Regent 32y 16 Barnes James Agamemnon 32 15 Barnes Wm or Thos Isabella 26y 7 & 12 Barron Richard Shipley 22y 5 Barry Edward Mangles 23y 5 Barnett Robert Sesostris 32y 6 Bates John Syd General Hewett 42y 9 Begley Thos Grenada 30y 14 Bell George Eliza 16y 5 Bellenger James 27y 9 Bennett John Mangles 35y 5 Bennett Lawrence Asia 27y 5 Bent James Midus 28y 5 Bird John Minerva 20y 15 Birmingham Patrick Countess of Harcourt 16y 15 Blackman Wm or Geo Countess of Harcourt 23y 5 Blackman John or Geo Countess Harcourt 28y 3 Bodkin Thos Castle Forbes 23y 12 Bolton Nicholas Countess Harcourt 16y 4 Bonnor William Regalia 18y 11 Boswell Thomas Vittoria 27y 11 Bounes Wm or Thos Isabella 25y 4 Bowers Jeffrey Mariner 11 Bradley William Almorah 45y 13 Brady James Speke 34y 12 Brannagan Michael Cambridge 27y 6 Breedon Charles Albion 22y 15 Breedon Henry Shipley 36y 5 Breedon Henry Shipley 36y 10 Brennon Chris Countess of Harcourt 28y 16 Brennan Thomas Countess of Harcourt 28y 18 Bridges Charles Surry 37y 5 Brisland Charles Martha 34y 1 Broughton Thos Ann & Amelia 25y 5 Brown Ann (wife of Jn)Elizabeth 20y 9 Brown Charles alias Wm Jones Earl Spencer 2 Brown James Cambridge 23y 12 Brown John Guildford 20y 5 Browne John Countess of Harcourt 28y 7 Bucknell Henry Earl St Vincent 25y 8 Bunter or Burcher George Mangles 29y 5 Burgan Mary see Mary Keevan Burford Richard - - 5 Burland Charles see Brisland Burley Thos see Burnett Burnell John Phoenix 26y 13 Burnett George Prince Regent 32 15 Burnett (Burley) Thos Prince Regent 43y 2 Byrne Michael Cambridge 25y 2 Byrne Michael Marquis Huntley 29y 2 Byrne Michael Countess of Harcourt 24y 15 Byrne Patrick Ann & Amelia 25y 5 Byrnes James Hooghly 28y 14 Cahoon Edward see Cohoon Callow John Champion 15y 11 Calvert James Hebe 42y 2 Campbell Ellen Almorah 25y 12 Carsons William Albion 22y 10 Cassidy Patrick Henry Porcher 29y 6 Chaffey William Tottenham 30y 7 Christopher John Eliz 32y 17 Church William or John Surry 25y 16 Clarke Anthy or Arth. Morley 29y 16 Clarke John Phoenix 20y 4 Clarke Patrick Mangles 25y 15 Cleary Thomas Mangles 18y 5 Cobson Joseph Neptune 26y 5 Cockloft or Cobcroft James Atlas 4 34y 5 Cocklan Honorah Elizabeth 21y 1 Cohoon (Cahoon) Edward Castle Forbes 19y 10 Cole (Cone) Joseph Surry 42y 15 Collins Patrick Isabella 30y 9 Collins Thos Surry 26y 3 Collins Thos Surry 22y 10 Condon Patrick Mariner 45y 6 Connolly William Hadlow 52y 2 Connor John Countess of Harcourt 28y 6 Corrigan Patrick Sir Wm.Bensley 25y 16 Cosgrove Michael Recovery 23y 6 Const see COURT Court (or Const) James Marquis of Hastings 25y 6 Cowen (Coyne) John General Hewitt 37y 2 Coyne see Cowen Craughan Thos native of colony of NSW - 6 Crampton Joseph Shipley 24y 16 Cronan Denis Mangles 25y 1 Crozier Thomas Guildford 8 Crozier Thomas Marquis of Huntley 34y 13 Cullingham Timothy (Cullinan).Isabella 25y 10 Cullinan Timothy (Cullingham)Isabella 25y 10 Cunningham Fergus Lord Sidmouth 25y 1 Cunningham William Dorothy 32y 5 Curran Matthew Marquis of Huntley 45y 1 Curtis Nicholas Lord Sidmouth 32y 12 Daley John Sir Godfrey Webster 28y 6 Daley John Hooghly 24y 7 Daley Patrick Borodino 30y 14 Daley Patrick Countess of Harcourt 22y 15 Dalton William Norfolk 22y 16 Darcy James Hooghly 24y 15 Darlington Richard roadgang 15 Davis Henry Phoenix 28y 5 Davis James Eliza 17y 5 Davis John or Saml Adamant 29y 10 Davis John Ocean 36y 5 Davis John Ocean 37y 15 Davis Samuel see John Davis Davis Wm England 21y 3 Derry Andrew Champion 18y 13 Dick Belcher Sesostris 23y 3 Dick James Guildford 18y 9 Dixon Wm or Samuel Henry Porcher 25y 3 Dogherty Timothy (Dorothy?) Phoenix 22y 10 Doherty Patrick Mariner 28y 6 Doherty Timothy Phoenix 32y 4 Donnelly aka Quin James Eliza 52y 12 Donnelly aka Qun James Eliza 52y 14 Donnelly Laurence Cambridge 27y 5 Donnelly Laurence Cambridge 19y 16 Donnelly Thomas Anne & Amelia 35y 15 Doolan Thomas Borodino 30y 14 Dover Thos Asia 26y 1 Downs Francis Brampton 27y 16 Donovan Daniel Mangles 26y 2 Donovan Martin Mangles 29y 6 Dorothy see Dogherty Duncan Graham Guildford 30y 6 Duncan John Norfolk 23y 2 Dunn Joshua Aust Agricultural Co 22y 2 Duvall John Sesostris 30y 6 Duvey/Durey Lazarus Mangles 25y 4 Dwyer John Medina 26y 7 Dyson Joseph Prince Regent 42y 15 Earl William Asia 30y 4 Earp William Minerva 29y 13 Eaton John Albion 23y 5 Eckersley Reuben Guildford 21y 5 Eckersley Reuben Guildford 22y 16 Egan John Earl St Vincent 29y 12 Egan Thos Phoenix 40y 4 Elliott William Mangles 25y 15 Emmett Daniel Ministrel 24y 5 Entwhistle John Phoenix 25y 5 Entwhistle John Phoenix 26y 13 Evans (Hiscock) Charles Prince Regent 30y 1 Evans Thomas Albion 21y 5 Faggetter James (Fogotter) Albion 25y 11 Fairmanner Henry Ministrel 30y 6 Farrar Isaac John Barry 33y 6 Farrell/Farrelly John Countess of Harcourt 20y 10 Ferguson James Mangles 31y 5 Fergusson James Mangles 31y 10 Fernee Joseph India 13 Finlay Patrick Mangles 30y 9 Fisher James Recovery 46y 17 Fitzgerald Thomas Borodino 19y 6 Fitzpatrick Thomas Anne & Amelia 35y 15 Flannigan James Henry Porcher 17y 5 Flannigan John Henry Porcher 17y 6 & 13 Flemmins Patrick Cambridge 23y 11 Fleming Patrick Cambridge 25y 3 Flowers Joseph Marquis of Hastings 23y 2 Flynn Edward Surry 32y 4 Forrester Fredk Minerva 49y 5 Franks Hyam Surry/notorius runaway 11 Freshwater Thomas Manlius 21y 13 Galligan Thos Albion 17y 1 Gannon Mary Grenada 24y 4 Gannon (Granby) Richard Brampton 32y 9 Garford John Ministrel 25y 14 Garvin John Recovery 30y 12 Geary Patrick Eliza 36y 15 Gee or Jee Henry Hadlow 28y 16 Gibbons Francis Sir Godfrey Webster 23y 1 Gibbons James Guildford 28y 5 Giles Edward Hooghley 17y 12 Giles Edward Hooghley 17y 14 Gill John Cambridge 35y 5 Gilleen John Fergusson 36y 15 Gisborne Francis Sir Godfrey Webster 23y 6 Givenlock Chris Asia 26y 15 Goldsworthy George Albion 25y 12 Good Peter Mariner 26y 15 Gordon John Agamemnon 30y 10 Grady Thomas Eliza 25y 9 Granby Richard see Gannon Green Henry Minerva 27y 3 Green James Recovery 30y 14 Green John Fame 28y 5 Green John Earl St Vincent 29y 12 Green William Speke 18y 10 Gregory James Hooghly 20y 12 Grey Elizabeth see GUISE Guise (Grey) Elizabeth Competitor 24y 11 Hadley Thomas 9 Hagan John Earl St Vincent 32y 3 Haimes George Asia 22y 4 Halfpenny Patrick Lonach 28y 6 Hall James Phoenix 33y 15 Hammond Edward Surry 30y 1 Hannon Patrick Hooghley 35y 15 Harley John Brampton 33y 7 Hartland John Guildford 25y 8 Hartley John Guildford 25y 4 Harvey John or Wm Manlius 31y 6 Harvey John Larkins 32y 3 Hatchman Robert Guildford 38y 5 Hatchman Robert Guildford 28y 10 Hawkins William Royal Charlotte 25y 2 Hayes Thomas or Geo Manlius 23y 15 Haywood Israel Surry 36y 7 Heaney Daniel Regalia 20y 16 Henrie Jane alias Wilkinson, alias New Medway 20y 16 Henry Wm Morley 32y 6 Hern (Ahern) William Borodino 30y 16 Heys James see Jas Keys Hetheringon William Cambridge 23y 5 Hetherington William Cumberland 3 Hill Samuel Hadlow 32y 15 Higgins James Adamant 25y 5 Hiscock Charles see EVANS Hoare Michael Eliza 10 Holding Richard Albion 31y 2 Holland Daniel Mary 29y 7 Holmes Charles Prince Regent 26y 6 Honey Thos or John Guildford 23y 3 Howard James Surry 10 Hopkins William Minerva 32y? 6 Hudley Thos - - 5 Hughes Edward Ocean 24y 4 Hughes Thomas Elizabeth 30y 6 Hughes William Mangles 29y 5 Hunt Alexander Countess of Harcourt 28y 5 Hurley John Mariner 22y 6 Hustlewaite Philip Phoenix 27y 17 Hymes Andrew Guildford 19y 13 Hynes Andrew Guildford 192 15 James Benjamin Recovery 25y 5 Jarley Jeremiah Manlius 10 Jeffries William Shipley 22y 16 Johnson Thos Asia 18y 2 Johnston Thomas Eliza 11 Jones Anthony Hooghley 21y 14 Jones David Eliza (1) 29y 15 Jones John Marquis of Huntley 23y 3 Jones John Hadlow 29y 16 Jones Thos John Barry 30y 2 Jones Wm see Chas Brown Jones William Countess of Harcourt 32y 16 Kay William John 42y 5 Keane Wm or John Phoenix 18y 5 Keenan John Borodino 20y 17 Keevan (Burgan) Mary Lady Rowena 39y 6 Keily John Marquis of Huntley 40y 15 Kelly John Countess of Harcourt 20y 16 Kelly James Speke 18y 5 Kelly Michael Cambridge 68y 5 Kelly Thomas Asia 25y 13 Kelly William Earl St Vincent 29y 5 Kelso Edward Castle Forbes 22y 16 Kennyon William Prince Regent 14y 11 Kerbey William Atlas 73y 5 Ketland (Kaitlan) John Guildford 24y 10 Keys (Heys) James Manlius 16y 9 Keys Samuel Ministrel 37y 5 Kiernan Timothy Sir Godfrey Webster 29y 13 King Chris see James King King Jas aka Chris Sesostris 25y 5 King Mark Marquis of Huntley 23y 5 Kingsgrove or Kingswell John Phoenix 34y 14 Kinsley George Isabella 32y 7 Kitchener Wm or Elizha Prince Regent 24y 10 Knight Thomas Marquis of Hastings 23y 11 Knowles John (alias) Wm Thurtell Phoenix 45y 17 Laffey Martin Borodino 21y 6 Lamb Denis or John Asia 25y 17 Lang Robert Tottenham 29y 2 Langley George Minerva 26y 15 Leach Andrew General Hewitt 35y 11 Lee John or Thos Mangles 20y 5 Lennard James Prince Regent 25y 5 Levey Ann see Ann Turner Levey Thos Ann & Amelia 23y 14 Lewis William Sir Wm Bensley 36y 11 Lewis William Sir Wm Bensley 36y 14 LLoyd George Hooghly 13 Lloyde Thos Florentia 18y 10 Lloydle Thos Florentia 18y 14 Long Moses Phoenix 25y 6 Long Moses Phoenix 26y 14 Long Richard Borodino 18y 12 Love Samuel Fanny 54y 16 Lowe Joseph Marquis of Hastings 36y 5 Lowe Thos Prince of Orange 34y 1 Lunagan Edward Recovery 35y 5 Lunnigan Edward Recovery 32y 5 McAllister William Minerva 28y 9 McCabe John Phoenix 25y 5 McCann Richard Mangles 23y 5 McCarthy John Borodino 31y 15 McGuigan see William WILLSON McGuiness John 4 McGuiness John notorious runaway (Ad) 28y 9 McGuire Patrick Borodino 23y 14 McHugh Ricard Borodino 36 5 McHugh Richard Borodino 26y 17 McKean Owen Countess Harcourt 26y 1 McKenna/McKann Patrick Countess of Harcourt 26y 11 & 15 McKeon Owen Countess of Harcourt 16y 13 & 15 McLeod Daniel Prince Regent 25y 10 McMahon Andrew Chapman 8 McNamara John Brampton 32y 9 Madden Edward Countess of Harcourt 26y 11 Mahoney Dennis Medina 28y 1 Mahoney Patrick/Denis Medina 30y 8 Malone Bernard Anne and Amelia 24y 12 Mangden John Marquis of Hastings 20y 13 Marks Wm Hercules 28y 5 Martin William Sophia 20y 13 Masterman Terrence 4 Mason William Countess of Harcourt 39y 3 Mayo George Bengal Merchant 16y 1 Metagar Charles Florentia 28y 13 Mews Richard Albion 19y 8 Mills James Hindostan 39y 2 Mills Thos or Wm Cawdry 28y 5 Mills Thos Eliza 27y 5 Mitchell Anthony Mangles 39y 15 Mitchell John Marquis of Hastings 19y 13 Mitzgar Charles Florentia 23y 17 Mimory John Hercules 23y 10 Monoghan John Mangles 34y 5 Moody John Asia 28y 5 Moore James Asia 30y 4 Moore Wm Earl St Vincent 26y 5 Moroney Henry Dorothy 32y 8 Morris Thos - - 5 Moses Abraham Surry (1) 34y 17 Motley Christoper Anne & Amelia 23y 15 Mottrom Joseph/John Guiuldford 29y 13 Mulholland Alexander Morley 24y 3 & 15 Mullen Ann (alias) Ross Brothers 26y 17 Mullen James Lonach 28y 12 Munroe Thomas Mangles 25y 11 & 13 Murdoch Sarah Mariner 42y 11 Murphy Anthony Agamemnon 27y 6 Murphy Anthony Agamemnon 36y 16 Murphy Francis Mangles 21y 5 Murphy (Williams) Mary Ann Brothers 24 10 Murphy Nicholas Borodino 21y 3 & 13 Murphy Timothy Eliza 36y 3 Neil John Eliza 35y 5 Nelson James Prince Regent 28y 2 Nelson Thos Phoenix 20y 1 New James see James HENRIE Newman John Countess of Harcourt 33y 4 Nickson Wm Nice Norfolk 28y 5 O'Brien Denis Mariner 47y 7 O'Neil Bernard Sophia 27y 15 Orton (Anton) Peter Ocean 36y 2 Outley William Phoenix 20y 9 Padden Bernard Hooghly 29y 7 Palmer James Countess of Harcourt - 5 Palmer James aka Joseph Ministrel 24y 12 Palmer John Royal George 23y 16 Parker Isaac Lord Eldon 23y 5 Parker James Albion 22y 13 Patterson Joseph Princess Royal 25y 12 Patterson William Glory 31y 7 Paul Charles Prince Regent 22y 5 Peacock Richard Asia 28y 14 Perkins William Hooghley 33y 13 Perry Robert Guildford 25y 5 Pethers Henry Hercules 29y 6 Pezzy William Hebe 28y 7 & 12 Pike Wm Ocean 25y 2 Pike or Pitt Wm Ocean 27y 16 Ploughman Edward Prince Regent 33y 13 Powers Jeffry Mariner 27y 17 Pritchard Wm Florentia 24y 5 Quinn alias Donnelly see Donnelly 12 Rae Alexander Isabella 32y 9 Rafter Michael Almorah 30y 6 Rall Michael Mangles 18y 5 Reece John Royal Charlotte 20y 5 Reece Joseph Midas 19y 4 Reeves James Sesostris 31y 2 Reid (Scot) John Countess of Harcourt 35y 3 Reynolds Michael Lord Sidmouth 29y 2 Rice Thomas Isabella 29y 7 Richards George Grenada 28y 15 Ridd Wm Mangles 25y 5 Rielly John Dorothy 42y 3 Riley Richard Surry 37y 3 Ripley Jeremiah Asia 23y 8 Ritchie Alexander Hindostan 23y 4 Ritchie or Richardson Robert Asia 49y 5 Ritcharson Thomas Royal Charlotte 36y 4 Roach Robert Medina 32y 5 Roberts James Albion 28y 17 Roberts William alias Smith Hooghley 25y 16 Robinson Edward John - 5 Robinson John Sir William Bensley 48y 6 Robinson Robt or Jas Marquis Huntley 23y 17 Rodgers Thomas Larkins 31y 15 Rogers Daniel Royal Charlotte 34y 5 Rogers Daniel Royal Charlotte 24y 6 Rooney John Albion 19y 3 Rooney John Albion 26y 16 Rooney Matthew Mariner 18y 15 Rose Israel Norfolk 25y 11 Ross Ann see MULLEN Rothwell John Henry 24y 10 Russell William Morley 30y 10 Rutledge Michael John barry 27y 16 Ryan Catherine Brothers 29y 4 Ryan Owen Sir Godfrey Webster 27y 6 Ryder Peter Asia 34y 1 Salt John Baring 28y 14 Savage (Weels) Amelia Granada 23y 4 Sawford (Stafford) Richard Marquis of Hastings 25y 3 Sawyer Jonathan General Stewart 34y 10 Searson Jno or Joseph Marquis of Huntly 28y 8 Seawood Charles Prince Regent 22y 5 Schofield William John 27y 5 Schofield John Phoenix 23y 13 Scott John see John Reid. 3 Scott Wm aka John Hebe 36y 13 Seige Charles Phoenix 26y 6 Shadwick Edward Greyhound 14 Shadwick (Chadwick) Samuel Ocean 32y 15 Shannon John Champion 18y 5 Sharrett William Shipley 22y 9 Shaughnessy Patrick Countess Harcourt 26y 5 Shaw Anthony Adamant 20 2 Shaw Thomas Indefatigable 33y 15 Sheehan Dennis Castle Forbes 25y 11 Sheehan Dennis Castle Forbes 25y 16 Sherry John Medina 40y 14 Shields Wm Hooghly 28y 3 Shorter John Countess of Harcourt 43y 7 Simcox Edward Bussorah Merchant 24y 16 Simmonds George Cambridge 23y 5 Simpson John Coromandel 30y 12 Simpson Robert Prince Regent 32y 15 Skyrme Richard Midas 22y 6 Smith Bernard Countess of Harcourt 38y 11 Smith Bernard Countess of Harcourt 38y 14 Smith Charles Dick 27y 3 Smith Charles Dick 26y 17 Smith James Speke 52y 1 Smith James Marquis of Huntly 25y 7 Smith James Asia 24y 8 Smith John Marquis of Huntly 25y 8 Smith Luke Eliza 30y 3 Smith Peter Cambridge 23y 10 Smith Thomas Shipley 22y 6 Smith Thomas Malabar 35y 1 Smith William Countess of Harcourt 27y 3 Smith William Henry 31y 11 Smith William Eliza 32y 13 Smith William Chapman 26y 10 Smith William Champion 26y 11 Smith William see Wm Roberts Smithson Robert Prince Regent 18y 5 Solomon Moses Hercules 29y 1 Spencer Thos Lord Sidmouth 27y 5 Spencer William Surry 43y 4 Stafford Richard see Sawford 3 Staunton Patrick Hooghly 42y 10 Steele George Hebe 42y 10 Stephenson Joseph Lady Castlereagh 36y 12 Stephenson Joseph Lady Castlereagh 37y 15 Stewart George Larkins 36y 6 Sullivan George Governor Ready 21y 15 Sullivan John Mangles 32y 14 Surgay John Albion 28y 2 Surridge Joseph Chapman 29y 2 Sutton Henry Albion 22y 11 Sweeney Daniel Castle Forbes 10 Tate John Guildford 27y 5 Thomas John Countess of Harcourt 22y 9 Thomas John Asia (4) 26y 15 Thompson Elizabeth Competitor 26y 5 Thompson Joseph Asia 18y 5 Thompson William aka Anderson Bussorah Merchant 15y 13 Thorp Joseph Mangles 39y 2 Thurtell Wm see John Knowles Tinkler Wm Lord Sidmouth 28y 3 Todd John Elizabeth 29y 3 Toleman Geo Marquis of Hastings 26y 2 Toole (Connor) Margaret ALmorah 41y 10 Toole Michael Morley 25y 17 Tooley William Fanny 32y 7 Trethaway James Asia 28y 5 Tucker Samuel Chapman 26y 14 Turner Ann (ux Levey) Mary Ann 23y 3 Turner John England 25y 15 Turner Thos Elizabeth 35y 3 Turton Richard Henry 27y 4 Tyler Peter Grenada 26y 13 Valentine aka Ballantyne John Eliza 32y 12 &14 Walker William Guildford 26y 6 Walker William Marquis of Hastings 18y 15 Wallis Edward or Geo Princess Royal 23y 15 Walsh John Prince Regent 24y 10 Walsh John Hooghly 22y 11 & 13 Walsh Owen Ann & Amelia 27y 6 & 15 Walsh Patrick Countes of Harcourt 21y 6 Watkins James Marquis of Hastings 24y 11 & 13 Watts John Forentia 32y 3 Weels see Amelia Savage Wells John England - 2 Welsh Bridget City of Edinburgh 20y 6 Welsh Michael Anne & Amelia 30y 3 White Benjamin Bussorah Merchant 23y 3 Whitehead or Whitebread James Asia 40y 5 Whittaker George Grenada 25y 8 Woodhead James Marquis of Hastings 22y 13 Wiggy George Henry 28y 13 Wilcoxon John Shipley 54y 5 Wilkinson James see James HENRIE Wilkinson Thomas Hooghley 18y 16 Williams George Phoenix 18y 5 Williams Joseph Ocean 26y 1 Williams Mary Ann see MURPHY Williams Thos Baring 32y 3 Williams Thos Ministrel 23y 13 & 15 Williams William Morley 20y 5 Willson William aka McGuigan Marquis of Hastings 22y 13 Wilson Michael Mangles 20y 11 Wilson Thos Malabar 36y 3 Wilson William Eliza 18y 1 Woodward Robert Eliza 32y 7 Wood John Earl St Vincent 30y 10 Woods Henry Countess Harcourt 25y 6 Woolley James Albion 20y 9 Wylde Matthew Mangles 28y 4 Click here for Index 2