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Convict Absconders 1829,
New South Wales,
Index no 2.

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The following is a list of persons mentioned in Sydney newspaper articles 1829, those men and women who were convicts and who had absconded from their employers, gangs, or work stations etc.Many men absconded several times in the one year.Example of information given:-

	Richard Atkinson, (convict no 27. 1985).
	Ship -  Cambridge
	Age  -  21 years
	occupation - soldier/labourer
	place    - Donnegal.
	physical description- stout, 5 1/2 feet tall, light grey eyes,
	brown hair, ruddy pock pitted complexion, 
	escaped from No 19 Road Gang.
Further Information can be obtained from: Jenny Fawcett. All care taken in transcription, but errors may at times occur.


Surname Firstname Ship Age Ref Adams Maurice Mariner 20y 34 Aldis Henry Prince Regent 20y 28 Alexander Samuel Norfolk 25y 22 Allen George Eliza 18y 21 Allen Judy City of Edinburgh 28y 27 Allen Maria Princess Royal 21y 31 Antrobus William Albion 18y 20 Arundale Samuel Princess Royal 23 02/44 Archer James Phoenix 21y 22 Austin John Hebe 31y 26 Balls Thomas 02 Barnes John Agememnon 32y 22 Barnett Wilfred Marquis of Hastings 25y 02 Bass John or Thos Marquis Huntley 22y 30 Bates Ann see CHEESEMAN Bates Mary Princess Royal 20y 29 Battie Patrick Minerva (3) 29y 23 Belcher/Butcher Thomas Prince Regent 21y 38/03 /45 Bennett John Mangles 24y 22 Bennett John Vittoria 21y 29 Best Thomas Ocean 47y 47 "Black Thom" Bussorah Merchant 23y 30 Blowers James/Bernard Countess of Harcourt 29 46 Bogs Charles native of colony 45 Bolton Thomas Countess of Harcourt 18y 43 Bolton William Eliza 13y 46 Bond / Bonner James Albion 20y 37 Booth Ralph Adamant 29y 37 Bouller/Buttle Maria Edward 32y 35 Bowden/Boden Patrick Morley 26y 32 Bowen Edward John 24y 36/45 Boyd Wm alias Robertson Mangles 28y 38 Brassington George Bussorah Merchant 18y 34 Bray Thomas Midas 24y 03/42 Breedon Christopher Albion 22y 34 Breedon Henry Shipley 34y 21 Brennan Richard Phoenix 19y 38/40 Brickfield John Countess of Harcourt 19y 27 Brickman or Bateman Thomas Guildford 41y 24 Brisland Charles Ocean 32y 33 Broughton Samuel Minstrel 28y 27 Brown James Cambridge 21y 20 Brown John Guildford 36y 25 Brown John England 20y 27 Brown William Royal George 21y 21 Bruce rose Princess Charlotte 25y 19 Bryant William Asia 24y 42 Buckley Daniel Eliza 19y 36 Buckley Timothy Isabella 26y 19 Buckley Thomas Isabella 26y 23 Buckley William Prince Regent 24y 24 Burcher George Mangles (3) 30y 27 Burell James or John Phoenix 26y 35 Burke Thomas Lonach 24y 47 Burley edward Mangles 24y 45 Burns Thomas Regalia 22y 27 Byrne Michael Marquis Huntley 22y 27 Byrne Michael Countess of Harcourt 24y 36 Byrne Patrick Medina 25y 19 Cafender Jane (alias Sergison (alias Sarah Robinson)Brothers 41y 21 Cain / O'Cain Felix Phoenix 23y 38 Callaghan Timothy Eliza 21y 31 Callaghan Timothy Eliza 22y/26 34/47 Campbell or Cambrill Thomas Ocean 32y 23 Campbell William Countess of Harcourt 25y 38 Cannon/Canning Thomas Champion 27y 36 Carlisle Joseph Speke 23y 46 Carnavan Thomas Mangles 52y 02 Carney see KEARNEY Carney Richard Asia 25y 42 Carrey/Garvey Alex Fergusson 28y 03 Carroll Bryan Florentia 21y 23 Cartwright Benjamin Florentia 24y 21 Casey John Guildford 26y 41 Cash Peter Boyne 22y 35 Cassens Thos Morley 21y? 47 Cassidy Roger Lord Sidmouth 30y 46 Castor (a Madagascar) Governor Phillip 46 Catlon James Mangles 24y 27 Cavenagh Thomas Vittoria 25y 46 Cawain James Mangles 26y 29 Cheeseman Ann alias Bates Princess Royal 20y 24 Cheeseman Thomas Vittoria 21y 47 Church Wm or Jno Surry 26y 29 Clarke James Eliza 16y 30/03 43 Clarke Patrick Mangles 28y 19 Clayton William Fortune 34 Coffee Daniel colonial sentence 28 Colemore/Colman Wm Royal George 21y 45 Collins Samuel Norfolk 50y 31 Condon Patrick Mariner 45y 18 Condon Patrick Mariner 45y 25 Connor John Medina 32y 42 Connor / Toole Mary Almorah 42y 04 Connor Matthew Mangles 21y 02 Connor/Connell Michael Governor Ready 24y 39 Conroy John see DONOVAN Conway Peter Mangles 28y 22 Coogan Michael Marquis of Huntley 19y 38 Cooney Edward Phoenix 18y 43 Cooper John Minerva 39y 21 Corrigan William Countess of Harcourt 19y 34 Cox William Minerva 25y 40 Cozener John Tottenham 34y 45 Crampton Joseph Shipley 24y 24 Crawford / Lindsay James Morley 28y 42 Crawford Samuel Morley 24y 20 Crisp Joshua Phoenix 29y 18 Crooks Richard Lonach 29y 35 Cummins Patrick see LEHANY Curtin Richard General Stewart 32y 38 Cutler James Surry 39y 41 Daley Bryan Morley 17y 34 Daley Patrick Henry Porcher 30y 23 Dalton William Norfolk 22y 22/42 Daniels George Marquis of Hastings 28y 44 Davis James/John Ocean 37y 45 Davis Joseph Ocean 48y 40 Dean Ralph Eliza 34y 20 Deane Josiah Mangles 24y 43 Delahunt Margaret Woodman 36y 36 Dempsey Stephen Guildford 21y 38 Devine/Dinane Daniel Hadslow 24y 35 Devine William Boyne 23y 02 Dick James Guildford 20y 31 Dixon George alias Charles Felcher Bussorah Merchant 31y 23 Dixon James alias Dyson Guildford 33y 27 Divall/Divine William Hindostan 40y 34 Divine see DINANE & DEVIN Dogherty Patrick Dick 29y 42 Dodd Ann Princess Royal 22y 30 Donnellan Thomas Anne and Amelia 36y 21 Donovan John alias Conroy Hooghley 25y 33 Douglass Phoebe Sovereign 29y 44 Dover Thomas Asia 28y 35 Dowd Thomas alias Dowling Morley 23y 27/46 Dowling Thomas see DOWD Doyle James Asia 22y 42 Doyle John Asia (4) 26y 30 Dryden David Ocean 26y 25 Duffy Hugh Mangles 27y 34 Duffy James Sophia 23y 46 Dunn James or John Asia (4) 30y 43 Dunn Joshua Guildford 25y 22 Dwyer William Medina 36y 44 Dynane Daniel Hadlow 35y 25 Dyson James see DIXON Dyson Joseph Guildford 33y 20 Earl William Mary 24y 44 Edwards Mary Harmony 40y 23 Emmett Daniel Ministrel 25y 32 Emmett Daniel Minstrel 24y 36/44 Escock see Hiscock Excell Edward Hebe 25y 25 Evans Charles Neptune 31y 38/03 Evans Thomas Henry 29y 23/46 Evans/Ivans Thomas Henry 30y 31 Faggerty James Albion 26y 46 Farley James.D Royal Charlotte 32y 45 Felcher see Dixon Feeney Patrick Sophia 18y 30 Fenton Joseph Mangles 27y 34 Finnegan Owen Medina 22y 43 Fitch John Asia 44y 25 Firby John Ocean 38y 38 Field George Marquis of Hastings 41y 04 Field John Marquis Hastings 17y 36 Fitch John alias Knatchbull Asia 44y 42 Fitzgerald James Borodino 20y 38/45 Fitzgerald John Castleforbes 35y 35 Fitzpatrick John Regalia 23y 32 Fitzpatrick William Fame 35y 37 Fitzsimmons Patrick Anne & Amelia 25y 20 Ford Eliza alias McGrodel Mary 24y 03 Ford Thomas Henry Porcher 36y 33 Fornee Joseph Indian 21 Fowler Thomas Prince Regent 28y 46 Frain John Champion 22y 42 Friendship John Sesostris 28y 41 Furnce Joseph Indian 31 Gaffrey Chris Regalia 28y 03 Galey James Mangles 27y 21 Galloway Thomas Marquis of Hastings 32y 45 Gardiner William Baring 56y 31 Garford John Minstrel 28y 21 Garford John Minstrel 25y 27 Garside William Norfolk 30y 30 Garvey Harries Friendship 39y 43 Gibbon/Gibson Thomas Speke 28y 21 Gibson David alias Sinclair Champion 18y 26 Glover Joseph/Isaac Guildford 29y 46 Glover William Grenada 32y 23 Golden Alexander Minerva 22y 34 Golden John alias Gollen Minerva 22y 27 Gollen see GOLDEN Good John Florentia 19y 18 Gray John Fergusson 22y 38 Gray William Admiral Gambier 27 Greenhatch John Guildford 20y 41 Greenhalgh/hatch Joseph Guildford 20y 44 Greenlees Janet Midas 26y 34 Gregory James Hooghley 22y 31 Gun Daniel Eliza 17y 42 Hall / Hull James Phoenix 34y 39 Hall Robert/Martin Marquis of Hastings 18y 01 Handcock James Princess Royal 24y 20 Harris Henry Asia 26y 25 Harris John England 29y 28 Harris William Mary 23y 38 Harrison William Asia 31y 37 Harrison William Asia (6) 27y 43 Hart Charles Countess of Harcourt 25y 03 Hart Henry Royal George 25y 24 Hart John Earl St Vincent 35y 19 Hart Thomas Medina 43y 45 Hartigan Mary Almorah 40y 04 Hartley James Indefatiguable 62y 28/38 /46 Harvey John Marquis Wellington 42y 20 Hawkins Charles Phoenix 26y 41 Hazell James Prince Regent 27y 20 Heafy Matthew Reliance 36y 02 Heaney Daniel Regalia 20y 03/43 Herring alias Jones William Asia 23y 35 Heaney Daniel Regalia 21y 30 Higginbottom Ambrose Shipley 37 25 Higgins Thomas Fame 38y 28 Hiscock John Lord Eldon 32y 19 Hitton Amos or Josph Countess of Harcourt 29y 30 Hogan John Prince Regent 29y 37/03 Holden Wm colonial sentence 01 Holden Wm Morley 32y 43 Hooghey Hugh 27 Horn James Norfolk 24y 39 Housely Benjamin Guildford 38y 26 Howard John Glory 32y 25 Howard John Mellish 29y 41 Hudson Joseph Vittoria 23y 18 Hughes Edward Ocean 21y 27 Hughes Thomas Vittoria 19y 37 Hunt Alexander Countess of Harcourt 29y 25 Hunter Duncan Guildford 24y 33 Hunter Jeremiah Shipley 23y 41 Hurnell/Harrill Thomas Henry Porcher 27y 38 James Benjamin Recovery 27y 28 Jebb /Jubb William Bussorah Merchant 22y 34 Jenkin (son) Robert Eliza 19y 45 Jenkins Thomas Guildford 31y 36 Jerome Jerrom James Hooghly 28y 19 Johnson James Guildford 26y 37 Johnson Moses Manlius 39y 42 Johnson William Phoenix 27y 41 Johnstone Thomas Eliza 26y 25 Johnstone Thomas Medina 36y 45 Jones John Lord Melville 21y 29 Jones John Recovery 37y 39 Jones Thomas Sesostris 21y 02 Jones William Countess of Harcourt 25y 22 Jourden Charles Sophia 28y 33 Jubb/ Jebb William Bussorah Merchant 22y 34 Juby Charles Minerva (5) 32y 26 Kay Samuel Minstrel 27y 38 Kearny/Carney Richard Asia 25y 38 Kearney Thomas Governor Ready 22y 36 Keating Margaret Mariner 25y 37 Keenan John Borodino 20y 21/38 Kelly Martin Vittoria 27y 26/43 Kelly Owen Countess of Harcourt 30y 27 Kelly Patrick Mangles 24y 25 Kelly Patrick Mangles 24y 36 Kelly Thomas Asia 26y 31 Kelly/Keeley William Hooghley (1) 20y 29 Kelly William Earl St Vincent 29y 21 Kelly William or John Grenada 25y 25 Kennedy David Henry 20 Kennedy Philip Marquis of Huntley 35y 34 Kenny James Countess of Harcourt 56y 20 Kenyon Thomas America 18y 47 Kerwan Thomas Sophia 28y 18 Keys Samuel Minstrel 37y 24/03 Kink/Kinch Peter Countess of Marquis 21y 02 King Henry Hindostan 31y 38 Kirkham William Atlas 19 Kirwan John Mellish 20y 47 Laird / Lean Alexander Hooghley (5th) 23y 37/43 Laird / Leary John Hooghley 25y 34 Langley George Minerva 27y 19 Larenceston John Champion 24y 02 Lavery/Lowry Hugh Mangles 19y 28 Lawley John Chapman 30y 43 Lawray William Asia 3 26y 36 Lee William Almorah 27y 31 Leenahan Jeremiah Hooghly 30y 33 Lehany Patrick alias Cummins Southworth 28y 24/02 Leicester Thomas Surry 25y 37 Lelyatt James Royal George 24y 43 Leonard John or Patk Sophia 20y 23 Liffen John Haldine 48y 47 Lindsay Robert Phoenix 19y 22/24 Linskey THomas Marquis of Huntley 24y 26 Lomas John Ann & Amelia 23y 37/02 Long Richard Borodino 18y 01 Longbottom John Batavia 31y 02 Lord John Albion 19y 42 Loughlan John Mangles 30y 33 Lowry/Laurey Hugh Morley 2 18y 19 Loydle/Loydell Thomas Florentia 19y 41/03 Lyons Michl or Mark Marquis of Huntley 25y 25 Lyons Patrick Governor Ready 17y 34 McAnley Mary Louisa 29y 23 McArdlie James Ferguson 24y 33 McAuliffe James Brampton 22y 03 McCann James Prince Regent 25y 40 McCann John Cambridge 18y 37 McCarthy Charles Ann & Amelia 35y 44 McCarthy James Eliza 35y 46 McCormack Lawrence Recovery 26y 42 McCoy Thomas Lord Melville 16y 33/39 McCoy/Mackay William Albion 26y 44 McDane James Henry Porcher 19y 37 McDonald or McDaniel Patrick Earl St Vincent 29y 22 McDermott Jas or Thos Sophia 25y 45 McDermott William Prince Regent (3) 24y 39 McEvoy Patrick Eliza 25y 03 McGrath Honora Elizabeth 23y 22 McGrath James Countess of Harcourt 20y 26/39 McGrath James Countess of Harcourt 19y 31 McGrath Thomas Borodino 25y 47 McGrodel see FORD McGuire Denis Boyne 21y 25 McKee Margaret Almorah 46y 18 McLean/McClellen David Isabella (1) 32y 19 McCloud Judith Providence 33y 39 McLucas Thomas Minerva 51y 42 McMahon Hugh Isabella (1) 4y 39 McNichol Bernard Earl St Vincent 42y 19 Mackay/Markey Peter Mangles 27y 33 Maher Edward Mangles 29y 03 Mahoney Daniel Mary 33y 35 Mahoney Wm or James Marquis Huntley 43y 27 Malone Bernard Ann & Amelia 25y 34 Malone Eliza or Brigt Mariner 32y 24 Malone John Isabella 33 34/41 Mangan Martin Phoenix 21y 36 Mannock Thomas Martha 36y 32 Martin George Asia 26y 27 Mason William Countess of Harcourt 39y 18 Mastfane Michael Sir Godfrey Webster 38y 23 Matthews John Asia 23y 26 Maxwell John/James Phoenix 28y 39 Meehan Andrew Lonach 24y 30 Memory John Hercules 25y 24 Mepsted John Mellish 22y 36 Merton George Royal George 19y 20 Mew Richard Albion 19y 33 Mills Wm Cowdry 40y 21 Monjoy Henry Princess Royal 46y 19 Monkhouse Thomas Earl St Vincent 31y 20 Moran Neal Henry 27y 31 Moran Neal Henry 27y 35 Morgan James Speke 65y 40 Moroney Henry Dorothy 35y 45 Moore James Asia 30y 22 Moore Jane Grenada 33y 41 Moore John Shipley 36y 33 Moore John or Wm Champion 33y 36/44 Morris John Henry 27y 34 Morris John or Richd Guildford 43 40 Morton George Medina 44y 29 Mostfame Michael Sir Godfrey Webster 38y/28y 34/45 Motley Christopher Ann and Amelia 23y 34 Mottram Joseph Guildford 30y 30/03 /45 Moystead John Mellish 22y 29 Mulholland Alexander Morley 24y 24/02 Murphy Anthony Agamemnon 26y 31 Murphy Francis Mangles (4) 24y 29 Murphy James Lonach 33y 26 Murphy Mary Ann Brothers 24y 36 Murphy Patrick Governor Ready 29y 28 Mushens Sarah Grenada (4) 27y 19 Neal Patrick Ferguson 22y 31 Neill John Hercules 25y 29 Neill Patrick Dorothy 34y 27 Neville John Cambridge 20y 38 Nicholls Geo Manlius 17y 46 Nixon/Aixon John Countess of Harcourt 21y 21/42 Noble Wm Norfolk 18y 04 Norris John Canada 40y 42 Norton John Countess of Harcourt 34y 21 Norton/Horton William Norfolk 24y 33 Nowlan David Ann and Amelia 40y 35 Nugent Matthew orWm Ann and Amelia 22y 30 Oliver John Asia 32y 46 O'Neill Bernard Sophia 27y 31 O'Neill James Ferguson 22y 42 O'Neill Patrick Agamemnon 34y 21 Parker Isaac Lord Eldon 33y 02 Perkins Thomas Marquis of Huntley 31y 24 Perkins Thomas Recovery 36y 36 Perkins William Hooghly 33y 36 Peters William Countess of Harcourt 27y 19 Pierce/Price Ellen Competitor 21y 22 Pitts William Richmond 19 Platt James or Wm Marquis of Hastings 39y 42 Porter Benjamin Duke of Portland 27/45 Power Ellen Elizabeth 21y 46 Power William Hadlow 27y 42 Probert William Hooghly 18y 26 Proberts William Hooghley 17y 33/04 Puddy Joseph Marquis of Huntley 22y 23 Purcell Thomas Mary 27y 27 Pye John Marquis Hastings 20y 20 Quinlan Michael (alias Sullivan Governor Ready 21y 21 Quinn Bernard Neptune 37y 45 Radford John Speke 26y 03 Ragan /Ryan James Hooghley 46y 34 Ralph James Surry 35y 31 Rafter Michael Almorah 30y 29 Randle THomas Speke 23y 25 Rankin Mary Ann Sovereign 22y 39 Ready James Isabella 35y 23 Reardon John 23 Reece John Royal Charlotte 22y 24 Reece or Rice John Midas 20y 27/43 Reece Josph or John Midas 20y 38 Reeves James Countess of Harcourt 17y 37 Reid Alexander Agememnon 36y 22 Reid James Guildford 25y 25 Reid James Marquis Huntley 53y 28 Reid Samuel Morley 26y 35/44 Reilley Denis Eliza 49y 42 Reilly Owen / Andrew Countess of Harcourt 32y 21 Reynolds James Isabella 25y 20 Reynolds William Eliza 37y 47 Rice Joseph Midas 20y 24 Ridd William Mangles 25y 37 Rielly Daniel Morley 27y 03 Ringham John Asia 19y 20 Roach Robert Medina 32y 38 Roberts Robert Prince Regent 31y 21 Robinson Caroline Harmony 29y 25 Robinson John Sir.Wm Bensley 46y 19 Robinson Sarah see Jane Cafender Robinson William Sir Wm Bensley 29y 27 Robinson William John 17y 45 Rodgers James Mangles 29y 03 Rodgers John Bussorah Merchant 20y 37 Rogers Bernard Cambridge 30y 19 Ronaldson David Minerva 26y 45 Rooney John Albion 20y 38 Rooney John Albion 20y 03/45 Rooney Patrick Prince Regent 26y 47 Rooney Peter Morley 21y 23/26 Rourke James Eliza 46y 45 Rourke John Eliza 46y 43 Ryan / Ragan James Hooghley 46y 34 Ryan John Guildford 36y 19 Ryan Patrick Henry Porcher 23y 33 Ryan Richard Lonach 33y 34 Ryan Thomas Countess of Harcourt 21y 19/29 Ryan THomas Countess of Harcourt 21y 35/39 Scofield Wm John 22y 27 Scott Charles Albion 30y 45 Sergison see Cafender. Shaw Daniel Asia 33y 36 Shepherd William Eliza 35y 18 Sheehan Daniel Castle Forbes 25y 22 Sherry John Medina 40y 24 Simmons William Norfolk 27y 41 Sinclair David see GIBSON Smith Charles Dick 28y 30/34 Smith James Marquis of Huntley 23y 24 Smith James Hindostan 24y 46 Smith John Hebe 29y 45 Smith John Marquis of Huntley 29/35 Smith John Midas 23y 30 Smith John Marquis of Hastings 25y 43/46 Smith Mary alias Richardson Providence 29y 44 Smith Maria Competitor 23y 46 Smith Peter Cambridge 29y 38 Smith Luke Eliza 30y 35/41 Smith Thomas Malabar 40y 27 Smith Thomas Vittoria 33y 03 Snaresbrook Henry Glory 33y 27 Snowlan Wm Surry 32y 46 Spencer George Morley 26y 30/46 Spencer Thomas Lord Sidmouth 39y 27 Sperin William Asia (4) 30y 19 Stanton Patrick Hooghly 42y 21 Staunton Patrick alias O Connell Hooghly 40y 26/44 Stephenson Joseph Lady Castlereagh 37y 22 Stewart George Larkins 36y 25 Stott Job /or Robt Elizabeth 34y 35 Sullivan James Borodino 49y 20 Sullivan John Phoenix 20y 19 Sullivan Michael see Mich Quinlan Sullivan Wm Guildford 22y 45 Tallant Thomas Recovery 26y 43 Taylor Michael Eliza 26y 46 Thwaites Robert Norfolk 22y 28 Thomas John Countess of Harcourt 23y 26 Thomas Samuel Surry 26y 30 Thompson George Hercules 42y 23 Thompson John Marquis Huntley 20y 29 Thompson John Canada 26y 02 Thompson John Canada 27y 47 Thompson Joseph Ocean 38y 25 Thorogood Philip Phoenix 36y 42 Thursfield Louisa ux Wiltshire . Grenada 25y 39 Tinson Charles Asia 18y 19 Tobin John Mariner 24y 20/42 Toohey Cecily Mariner 51y 37 Tooney Michael Hooghley 24y 34 Traver/Triver James Surry 30y 36/40 Traynor James Fergusson 23y 45 Trigonnin John John Barry 38y 35/46 Trivens Samuel Florentia 31y 25 Tourt / Toute James Prince Regent 21y 38 Turner Malcolm Agamemnon 30y 19 Turner John Albion 18y 25 Turner John Albion 28y 42 Turner John Prince Regent 60y 42 Turner John or Robert Countess of Harcourt 27y 26 Turner William Prince Regent 15y 01 Turnpenny Samuel Albion 29y 39 Uddle William colonial sentence 29/39 Underwood Charles Norfolk (2) 26y 43 Vandy William Mellish 38y 33 Varney James Marquis of Huntley 21y 40 Walksley James Hooghley 21y 26 Walsh / Ward John Lonach 26y 39 Walsh John Prince Regent 41 Walsh John Hooghley 26y 03 Walsh Owen Anne & Amelia 26 41 Walsh Patrick Prince Regent 20y 31 Walsh Patrick Regalia 31y 37 Walters Mary Ann Sovereign 19y 43 Wanklin Henry Prince Regent 20y 26 Ward John see WALSH Ward Wm Bussorah Merchant 20y 33 Ward Wm Bussorah Merchant 26y 36 Warlen Thomas colonial sentence 27 Warren William Prince Regent 38y 03 Watts John/Wm Florentia 24y 47 Webber Mary Ann Grenada 31y 29 Welsh James Morley 19y 23 Wheeler William Morley 21y 46 White Benjamin Bussorah Merchant 22y 24 White Benjamin Bengal Merchant 23y 27 White James/Levey Prince Regent 22y 42 Whiteside James Mellish 30y 03 Whittaker Samuel Norfolk 25y 25 Whitty James Earl St Vincent 32y 03 Wilde John Marquis of Hastings 24y 45 Wilkes Oliver Guildford (6) 28y 35 Wilkinson Joseph John 62y 30 Wilkinson Joseph John 62 33 Williams James colonial sentence 27 Williams Thomas Minstrel 25y 27 Williams William Asia 23y 03 Williams William Asia 29y 42 Wilson Ann Edward 29y 04 Wilson/McLoughlan John Henry 23y 47 Wiltshire Louisa see THURSFIELD Wood Thomas Marquis of Wellington 40y 38 Young Charles Mangles 29y 36/42 Click here for Index no 1