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Apprehended Convict Absconders
New South Wales

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The following is a list of those apprehended convict absconders in New South Wales 1829, as advertised in the Sydney Gazette. The listing of apprehended convicts did not occur in this newspaper until May of this particular year. Further Information can be obtained from: Jenny Fawcett.(General 'LookUps' not available)
All care taken in transcription,original spelling retained

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Surname		Firstname	Ship to Colony

Adams		Maurice		Mariner
Alexander	Samuel		Norfolk
Alexander	Samuel		Norfolk
Alexander	Samuel		Norfolk
Allen		Thomas		Recovery
Allen		Maria		Princess Royal
Allen		George		Eliza
Allen		George		Eliza
Alsop		Joseph		Shipley
Archibald	Alexander	Atlas
Arundale	Samuel		Princess Royal

Badley		Thomas		Grenada
Bailey		Patrick		Almorah
Bailey		Edward		Mangles
Banks		Sydney		Eliza
Barnes		John		Agamemnon
Barnes		William		Guildford
Barnes		William		Guilford
Barnes		James		Agamemnon
Barnett		Robert		Sesostris
Barratt		John		Albion
Bartlett	Thomas		Marquis Hastings
Bass		John		Marquis of Huntly
Bates		Mary Ann	Princess Royal
Begg		Charles		native
Bennett		James		Midas
Bennett		John		Mangles
Bennett		John		Mangles
Bently/Smith	Thomas		Phoenix
Berry		Edward		Royal Charlotte
Best		Thomas		Ocean
Birmingham	Patrick		Countess of Harcourt
Birmingham	Patrick		Countess Harcourt
Birmingham	Patrick		Countess Harcourt
Black Tom	Thomas		Bussorah Merchant
Bluett		Thomas		Governor Ready
Boden		Patrick		Morley
Bolton		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt
Bolton		John		General Stewart
Booth		Ralph		Adamant
Bowen		Edward		John
Bradean		Francis		Royal Charlotte
Brady		James		Speke
Brassington	George		Bussorah Merchant
Breedon		Henry		Shipley
Brennan		Richard		Phoenix
Brennan		Richard		Phoenix
Brennan		Richard		Phoenix
Brickfield	John		Countess Harcourt
Brien		Michael		Ocean
Brisland	Charles		Ocean
Brown		William		Royal George
Brown		Isaac		Champion
Brown		James		Cambridge
Browne		Ann		Elizabeth
Bryan		Thomas		Speke
Bryan		Thomas		Speke
Bryant		William		Asia
Buckley		Daniel		Eliza
Buckley		Thomas		Isabella
Buckley		Thomas		Isabella
Bull		John		England
Burcher		George		Mangles
Burcher		George		Mangles
Burne		Thomas		Bencoolen
Burnell		James		Phoenix
Byrne		Michael		Countess of Harcourt
Byrne		Patrick		Mangles
Byrne		Patrick		Medina
Byrne		Patrick		Mangles
Byrne		Michael		Marquis of Huntly
Byrnes		James		Mangles
Byrnes		Thomas		Regalia
Byrnes		James		Hooghley
Byrnes		Patrick		Mangles

Cains		James		Earl ST Vincent
Cairn/O'Cain	Felix		Phoenis
Callaghan	Timothy		Eliza
Callen		Patrick		Countess Harcourt
Carlisle	Joseph		Speke
Carney		Richard		Asia
Carney		Richard		Asia
Carrigan	William		Countess of Harcourt
Carroll		Bryan		Florentia
Carter		William		Boyne
Cartwright	Benjamin	Florentia
Casey		John		Guilford
cash		Peter		Boyne
Cash		Peter		Boyne
Cassidy		William		Countess of Harcourt
Catterall	Thomas		Speke
Cavanagh	Thomas		Vittoria
Cefender	Jane		Brothers
Christopher	John		Eliza
Church		John		Surry
Clarke		Patrick		Mangles
Clegg		John		Guilford
Coffee		Daniel		Castle Forbes
Cohen		Jacob		Midas
Cole		Joseph		Surry
Coleman		William		Royal George
Condon		Patrick		Mariner
Condon		Patrick		Mariner
Connor		John		Midas
Connor		John		Medina
Coogan		Michael		Marquis of Huntly
Coogan		Michael		Marquis of Huntley
Cook		Edward		Guilford
Cooney		Edward		Phoenix
Cotton		James		Mangles
Court		William		Countess of Harcourt
Cowan		James		Mangles
Cox		William		Minerva
Crisp		Joshua		Phoenix
Crooks		Robert		Lonach
Crosbey		John		Mellish
Crox		William		Minerva
Cuffee		Patrick		Sir Godfrey Webster
Cullen		John		John Barry
Cummins/Lepany	James/Patrick	Southworth
Curreen		John		Governor Ready
Curtis		William		Malabar
Cutter		James		Surry

Daley		Bernard		Morley
Daley		Patrick		Countess of Harcrout
Daley		Patrick		Countess of Harcourt
Daley/Durley	William		Atlas
Dalton		William		Norfolk
Dalton		William		Norfolk
Dalton		William		Norfolk
Darlington	Richard		Princess Royal
Davey		Thomas		Asia
Day		William		Prince Regent
Deishunt	Margaret	Woodman
Dempsey		Stephen		Guilford
Dick		James		Guilford
Dick/Dixon	James		Guilford
Divine		William		Hindostan
Dixon/Dick	James		Guilford
Dixon/Feicher	George		Bussorah Merchant
Dodd		John		Mangles
Dogherty	Patrick		Dick
Donnelly	Sarah		Elizabeth
Donohue		Peter		Earl St Vincent
Doucey		Michel		Sir Godfrey Webster
Douglass	Phoebe ?	Sovereign
Dover		Thomas		Asia
Dover		Thomas		Asia
Dowed		Thomas		Morley
Dowed		Thomas		Morley
Dowed		Thomas		Morley
Downs		Francis		Brampton
Doyle		John		Asia
Doyle		James		Asia
Doyle		James		Asia
Doyle		John		Asia
Doyle		James		Asia
Duffy		James		Sophia
Dunn		Joseph		Guilford
Dunn		Joshua		Guilford
Durley/Daley	William		Atlas
Dwyer		Thomas		Governor Ready
Dwyer		William		Medina
Dynane		Daniel		Hadlow
Dyson		Joseph		Prince Regent

Earth		Samuel		Marquis of Huntly
Edmunds		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt
Edwards		Mary		Harmony
Edwards		James		Albion
Emmett		Daniel		Minstrel
Emmett		Daniel		Minstrel
Emmett		Daniel		Minstrel
Escock		John		Lord Eldon
Evans		Thomas		Henry
Evans		Charles		Neptune
Evans		Charles		Neptune
Evans		Thomas		Henry

Fectom ?	S		Mary
Feehey		Patrick		Sophia
Feicher/Dixon	George		Bussorah Merchant
Fenn		William		Lord Melville
Fenton		Joseph		Mangles
Feracy		Joseph		Indian
Field		John		Marquis of Hastings
Finnigan	William		Henry Porcher
Fipton/Tipton	John		Ocean
Firby		John		Ocean
Firley		John		Ocean
Fisher		James		Recovery
Fitch		John		Asia
Fitch/Knatchbull		Asia
Fitzgerald	John		Castle Forbes
Fitzgerald	Peter		Medina
Fitzpatrick	John		Regalia
Flowers		Joseph		Marquis of Hastings
Foley		Patrick		Brampton
Forbes		John		Ocean
Ford		Thomas		Henry Porcher
Ford/McCroder	Elizabeth	Mary
Ford/McGroder	Elizabeth	Mary
Frain		John		Henry Porcher
Freshwater	Thomas		Manlius
Friday		Thomas		Surry
Furnee/Furness	Joseph		Indian
Furnee/Furness	Joseph		Indian

Galton		Edward		Ann
Gardner		William		Baring
Garford	John	Minstrel
Garrigan	Patrick		Sophia
Garside		William		Norfolk
Garvey		Harriett	Friendship
Gibson		David		Champion
Gibson		Thomas		Speke
Gidden		Alexander	Minerva
Givars		George		Florentia
Godowin		James		Champion
Goulden		Alexander	Minerva
Goulden		Alexander	Minerva
Gray		John		Fergusson
Green		John		Fame
Green		John		John
Greenlees	Janet		Midas
Gregory		James		Hooghley
Groves		John		Mangles
Gunning		Patrick		Phoenix

Hackett		John		Brampton
Halden		William		Ocean
Hall		Robert		Eliza
Hally		William		Lonach
Handcock	James		Princess Royal
Hanlon		John		Phoenix
Hanson/Hensen	Thomas		Borodino
Harcell		Thomas		Henry Porcher
Harrison	William		Asia
Harrison	William		Asia
Hart		Charles		Countess of Harcourt
Hart		Henry		Royal George
Hartfield	Richard		Speke
Hartly		James		Indefatigable
Harvey		John		Marquis Wellington
Hazel		James		Prince Regent
Hazell		James		Prince Regent
Hensen/Handsen	Thomas		Borodino
Herd/Winkes	Mary		Morley
Heyburn		John		Minerva
Hiffey		Matthew		Reliance
Hogan		John		Prince Regent
Hogan		John		Prince Regent
Holden		William		Morley
Holmes		Frederick	Royal George
Housely		Benjamin	Guilford
Howard		John		Glory
Hudson		Joseph		Vittoria
Hughes		Thomas		Vittoria
Hughes		Edward		Ocean
Hughes		George		Elizabeth
Hughes		George		Elizabeth
Hulme		Daniel		Albion
Hunt		Alexander	Countess of Harcourt
Hustwaite	Phillip		Phoenix

Ireland		Robert		Asia

James		Benjamin	Recovery
Jeffries	William		Shipley
Jeffries	William		Shipley
Jenkins		Thomas		Guilford
Jerrom		John		Hooghley
Johnson		William		Guilford
Johnson		William		Phoenix
Johnson		Thomas		Eliza
Johnstone	Thomas		Eliza
Jones		James		Albion
Jones		John		Recovery
Jones		William		Manlius
Jones/Toms	John		Mangles
Jourdan		Carles		Sophia
Jourden		Charles		Sophia
Jubb		William		Bussorah Merchant

Kearney		Thomas		Governor Ready
Kearns		Michael		Phoenix
Kearns		William		Grenada
Keating		Margaret	Mariner
Keegan		Martin		Asia
Kehoe/Kelso	Edward		Castle Forbes
Kelly		Patrick		Fergusson
Kelso/Kehoe	Edward		Castle Forbes
Kennedy		Philip		Marquis of Huntly
Kennedy		Philip		Marquis of Huntly
Kennedy		John		Sophia
Killeen		Peter		Boyne
Kinch		Peter		Countess of Harcourt
Kinslow		Charles		Florentia
Kirkham		William		Atlas
Kirkham		William		Atlas
Kirwain		Thomas		Sophia
Kitchener	William		Prince Regent
Knatchbull/Fitch		Asia

Laird/Lean	Alexander	Hooghley
Lamb		James/Dennis	Asia
Laughlan	John		Mangles
Lean/Laird	Alexander	Hooghley
Lehaney		Patrick		Southworth
Lennaghan	Jeremiah/John	hooghley
Lennaghan	John/Jeremiah	Hooghley
Lepany/Cummins	Patrick/James	Southworth
Lerway		William		Asia
Linskey		Thomas		Marquis Huntly
Lomas		John		Anne & Amelia
Long		Thomas		Henry Porcher
Long		Richard		Borodino
Longbottom	John		Batavia
Longbottom	John		Batavia
Longbottom	John		Batavia
Lord		John		Albion
Lynch		Denis		Earl St Vincent
Lynch		Stephen		Cambridge
Lyons		Patrick		Governor Ready

Maher		Edward		Mangles
Mahoney		William		Guilford
Malone		Bernard		Anne & Amelia
Malone		John		Isabella
Malone		John		Isabella
Mannion		Martin		Phoenix
Mason		William		Countess of Harcourt
Matthews	Susan		Brothers
Matthews	John		Asia
Matthews	John		Asia
Matthews	James		Asia
Maud/Mew	Anne		Princess Royal

McAwliffe	James		Brampton
McCann		James		Prince Regent
McCann		John		Cambridge
McCarthy	John		Eliza
McCloud		Judith		Providence
McCormack	Laurence	Recovery
McCoy/McKay	William		Albion
McCreoder/Ford	Elizabeth	Mary
McDade		James		Henry Porcher
McDermott	William		Prince Regent
McGrath		James		Countess Harcourt
McGrath		James		Countess of Harcourt
McGrath		Honorah		Elizabeth
McGroder/Ford	Elizabeth	Mary
McGuire		Patrick		John
McHugh		Richard		Borodino
McKay		William		Albion
McKay		Peter		Mangles
McKay/McCoy	William		Albion
McKean		Owen		Countess Harcourt
McKelvey	Bryan		Cawdry
McLean		David		Isabella
McLean		Donald		Manlius
McLucas		Thomas		Minerva
McMahon		Hugh		Isabella
McMahon		Hugh		Isabella
McNally		James		Asia
McNamara	Patrick		Isabella

Meehan		Andrew		Lonach
Mew/Maud	Anne		Princess Royal
Mews		Richard		Albion
Mills		William		Cawdry
Mills		William		Cawdry
Mimmoth		Edward		Eliza
Monjoy		Henry		Princess Royal
Monkhouse	Thomas		Earl St vincent
Moore		John		Champion
Moore		John		Champion
Moore		John		Champion
Moore		William		Guilford
Moran		Andrew		Mangles
Morgan		James		Speke
Morgan		James		Speke
Morris		Thomas		Bussorah Merchant
Moses		Abraham		Surry
Mostfame	Michael		Sir Godfrey Webster
Mostfame	Michael		Sir Godfrey Webster
Mottram		Joseph		Guildford
Mottram		Joseph		Guilford
Mulholland	Alexander	Morley
Mulholland	Alexander	Morley
Mullins/Ross	Ann		Brothers
Murphy		James		Lonach
Murphy		Mary Ann	Brothers
Murphy		Mary Ann	Brothers
Murphy		Francis		Mangles
Murray		Peter		Boyne
Musken		Sarah		Grenada

Neill		John		Hercules
Nichols		George		Mangles
Norman		William		Hercules
Norman		John		Hercules
Nowlan		David		Ann & Amelia
Nowlan		Thomas		Boyne
Nugent		Matthew		Anne & Amelia

Oakley		William		Phoenix
O'Cain/Cairn	Felix		Phoenix

Padden		Bernard		Hooghley
Palmer		James		Countess of Harcourt
Parfitt		William		Marquis Huntly
Parker		Isaac		Lord Eldon
Peacock		Richard		Asia
Perkins		William		Hooghly
Peters		William		Countess Harcourt
Pierce		Ellen		Competitor
Pitts		William		Richmond
Plants		James		Marquis Hastings
Powers		Jeffery		Mariner
Probert		William		Hooghley
Probert		William		Hooghly

Quinlan		Miles		Governor Ready
Quinland	Michael		Governor Ready
Quinn		Bernard		Neptune

Rae/Ryan	Rebecca/Mary	
Rafter		Michael		Almorah
Rankin		Mary Ann	Sovereign
Rankin		Mary Ann	Sovereign
Reardon		John		Castle Forbes
Reece		Thomas		Isabella
Reece/Rice	John		Midas
Reid		Samuel		Morley
Reid		Alexander	Agamemnon
Rice/Reece	John		Midas
Ringham		John		Asia
Robinson	William		Sir.William Besley
Robinson	Caroline	Harmony
Rodgers		Thomas		Larkins
Rogers		John		Bussorah Merchant
Rooney		Patrick		Prince Regent
Rooney		Matthew		Mariner
Rooney		John		Albion
Ross/Mullins	Ann		Brothers
Rutledge	Michael		John Barry
Ryan		Thomas		Countess Harcourt
Ryan		Thomas		Countess Harcourt
Ryan		Patrick		Florentia
Ryan/Rae	Mary/Rebecca	
Ryder		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt

Sago/Sege	Charles		Phoenix
Salt		John		Baring
Scarlett	James		Hooghley
Scott		Charles		Albion
Scott		John		Hebe
Scully		James		Phoenix
Scully		James		Phoenix
Seeward		Charles		Prince Regent
Sege/Sago	Charles		Phoenix
Shaw		Isaac		Guilford
Sheehan		Ellen		Almorah
Simmons		William		Norfolk
Simmons		Richard		Mellish
Simpson		Robert		Prince Regent
Slade		William		Prince Regent
Smith		Peter		Cambridge
Smith		James		Regalia
Smith		John		Midas
Smith		Luke		Eliza
Smith		John		Marquis of Hastings
Smith		Riley		General Hewitt
Smith		John		Marquis of Hastings
Smith		James		Greyhound
Smith		William		Champion
Smith		Charles		Dick
Smith		Luke		Eliza
Smith		Luke		Eliza
Smith		Martin		Earl St Vincent
Smith/Bently	Thomas		Phoenix
Spencer		George		Morley
Spencer		George		Morley
Spencer		George		Morley
Sperin		William		Asia
Staunton	Patrick		Hooghley
Staunton	Patrick		Hooghley
Stephenson	Joseph		Lady Castlereagh
Stephenson	Joseph		Lady Castlereagh
Stephenson	Joseph		Lady Castlereagh
Stott		John/Robert	Elizabeth
Stroud		Margaret	Harmony
Sullivan	Elizabeth	Edward
Summers		Thomas		Recovery
Sweeny		John		Boyne

Task		William		Henry
Tennant		Henry		Countess Harcourt
Thomas		John		Countess of Harcourt
Thomas		John		Countess of Harcourt
Thomas		Black Tom	Bussorah Merchant
Thompson	James		Countess Harcourt
Thompson	Joseph		Ocean
Thompson	George		Hercules
Thorpe		William		Eliza
Thursfield	Louisa		Grenada
Tinson		Charles		Asia
Tipton/Fipton	John		Ocean
Toban		John		Mariner
Toban/Tobin	William		Mariner
Tobin/Toban	William		Mariner
Toms/Jones	John		Mangles
Toohey		Cecily		Mariner
Torpey		Matthew		Marquis of Huntly
Travons		Samuel		Surry
Trivers		Samuel		Florentia
Turner		William		Prince Regent
Turner		Malcolm		Agamemnon
Turner		John		Prince Regent
Turnpenney	Samuel		Albion
Turpey		Matthew		Marquis of Huntly

Uddie		William		Hindostan
Underwood	Charles		Norfolk

Vandy		William		Mellish
Varney		James		Marquis of Huntley
Varney		James		Marquis Huntley
Varsey		James		Marquis of Huntly
Vigers		George		Forentine

Walker		William		Marquis of Hastings
Walker		John		Hooghley
Walsh		Patrick		Prince Regent
Walsh		Patrick		Prince Regent
Walsh		John		Hooghley
Walters		Mary		Sovereign
Wanklin		Henry		Prince Regent
Ward		William		Bussorah Merchant
Wardell		James		Baring
Wells		John		England
Wemyss		John		Castle Forbes
Whalen		Peter		Ann & Amelia
White		Benjamin	Bussorah Merchant
White		William		Speke
Whitehead	James		Asia
Whiteside	James		Mellish
Whitty		James		Earl St Vincent
Williams	Benjamin	Norfolk
Williams	Thomas		Minstrel
Williams	Thomas		Minstrel
Williams	Jonn/Joss?	Coromandel
Wilson		William		Eliza
Wilson		Ann		Edward
Winkes/Herd	Mary		Morley
Wood		Joseph		Manlius
Wood		Thomas		Marquis of Wellington
Wylde		John		Marquis Hastings
Wyle		John		Marquis of Hastings
Young		Charles		Mangles