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New South Wales

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The following is an index to convicts in New south Wales who were granted Pardons, Certificates of Freedom or Tickets-of-Leave in the year 1831. It is not necessarily a complete list of all certificates issued - only for those some 2000 men and women listed in the Sydney Gazette for this year.
The usual information given is applicants name, ship and residence and date of issue (if a duplicate certificate is issued this also noted). Both applicants and ship's name are commonly mispelt (eg: General Stuart,General Stewart) in the newspapers so it is important to vary the spelling options when searching.
Further information can be obtained from Jenny Fawcett

Surname		Name		Ship			Certificate
							TL=Ticket of Leave
							CP=Conditional Pardon
							CF=Certificate of Freedom
							FP=Free Pardon
							AP=Absolute Pardon

Abrahams	Henry		Batavia			CF
Abrahams	Joseph		Hercules 2		CF
Adam		Thomas		Ocean 3			TL
Adams		John		Asia 5			CF
Adams		Patrick		Southworth		TL
Adams		James		General Stewart		CF
Adams		Charles		Norfolk 1		CF
Agnew		Samuel		Hooghley 1		CF
Ahern		Michael		Brampton		TL
Aldie		William		Manlius			TL
Aldridge	Thomas		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Alexander	William		Phenix 2		TL
Alexander	Jacob		Hooghley 1		CF
Alexander	Samuel		Norfolk 1		CF
Alfrey		Mary Ann	Sovereign		TL
allen		Thomas		Recovery 2		CF
Allen		Sanuel		Batavia			CF
Allen		Joseph		Lord Eldon		CF
Allen		Henry		Larkins 1		CF
Alleyne		Thomas		Hooghley 1		CF
Allison		Thomas		Guilford 5		CF
Alvey		Charlottee Ann	Brothers 1		CF
Andrews		William		Eliza 2	TL
Anglin/Quin	John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Apps		William		Speke			TL
Apted		James		Asia 5			CF
Archer		Sophia		Grenada 4		TL
Armstrong	Eliza		Edward 1		TL
Armstrong	Adam		Minerva 5		TL
Armstrong	George		Lonach			CF
Arnold		Henry		Ocean 3			TL
Ascecey		Margaret	Edward			TL
Ashford		Joseph		Asia 5			CF
Ashman		James		Ocean 3			TL
Atkins		John		Neptune 2		CF
Atkinson	Edward		Mangles 4		TL
Aylmer		Patrick		Asia 4			CF

Barrett/Baruth	Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Badkin		Joseph		Mellish			CF
Bailey		Jane		Princess Royal		TL
Bailey		Elias		Countess Harcourt 3	CF
Bailey/Prictor	James		Shipley 1		CF
Baird		Margaret	Mariner 2		CF
Baker		James		Mangles 3		CF
Baker		John		Eliza 2			TL
Baker		James		England			CF
Baker		John		England			CF
Baker		Elizabeth	Grenada 3		CF
Ball		John		St Vincent 2		TL
Banks		Charles		Ocean 2			CF
Bannon		Sally		Mariner 2		CF
Barker		William		Morley 2		CF
Barker		James		Speke 3			TL
Barker		John		Hercules 2		CF
Barker/Wood	Sarah		Grenada 3		CF
Barlow		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Barnel		Ephemia		servant at Sydney	FR
Barnes		Joseph		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Barnes		James		Hercules 2		CF
Barnett		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Barnett		Ann		Princess Royal 2	TL
Barnett		Samuel		Marquis Huntley		TL
Baron/Sullivan	Daniel		Lonach			CF
Barrett		Thomas		Minstrel 2		TL
Barrett		John		Guilford 7		CF
Barron		William		Ocean 2			CF
Bartar		Joseph		Anne & Amelia		CF
Barton		Charles		Royal Charlotte		CF
Barton		William		Mangles 3		CF
Barton		James		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Baruth/Barret	Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Bason		John		Mangles 1		TL
Bate		Charles		Hebe			TL
Bavin		James		Asia 5			CF
Baxter		John		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Baxter		Austin		Hercules 2		CF
Bayford		Richard		Dick 1			TL

Beach		Robert Thos	Royal Charlotte		TL
Beatty		Joseph		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Beauchamp	John		Guilford 7		CF
Beechey		Isabella	Grenada			CF
Bell		Richard		Hooghley 1		CF
Bell/Gallagher	William		Ann & Amelia		CF
Bellingham	Elizabeth	Midas 1			TL
Benbow		Richard		Marquis of Huntley 1	TL
Bennison	Robert		Batavia			CF
Bentley		Thomas		Hadlow 1		TL
Berry		James		Norfolk 1		CF
Bescall		Richard		Royal Charlotte		CF
Best		John		John 1			CF
Bettomere	John		Marquis of Huntley 1	CF

Biggs		James		Guilford 5		TL
Biggs		Robert		Cambridge		TL
Billings	John		Marquis Hastings	TL
Bint		Henry		Mangles 3		CF
Bird		Sarah (w.o Robt) Grenada 3		CF
Birmingham	Mary		servant at Bathurst	FR
Bishop		Robert		General Stewart		TL

Black		William		Surry 4			TL
Blackford	Joseph		Ocean 3			TL
Blackster	Anthony		Royal Charlotte		CF
Blackwell	William		Grenada 1		CF
Blacnhard	Walter		Ocean 3			TL
Blake		Thomas		Boyne			TL
Blake		Jane		Grenada 3		CF
Blakeney	John		Prince Regent 4		CF
Blakes		Joseph		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Bland		Robert		Marquis of Huntley	TL
Blinkhorn/Kendrick John		Isabella 2		CF
Blower		Benjamin	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF

Boland		Martin		Prince Regent 3		CF
Bolds		Mary		Edward 1		TL
Bolt		George		Lady Castlereagh	TL
Bolter		William		Mary 2			TL
Booth		Charles		Larkins 1		CF
Booth		Thomas		Royal George		CF
Booth		James		Hercules 2		CF
Boswell/Liddy	George		Hercules 2		TL
Boulton		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Bourke		Edward		Regalia			TL
Bourke		Thomas		Lord Sidmouth 2		CF
Bowen		Nicholas	Royal Charlotte		CF
Boyd		John		Countess Harcourt 4	CF
Boyle		John		Boyne			TL

Bradean		Francis		Royal Charlotte		CF
Bradfield	Joseph		Isabella 1		TL
Bradshaw	Bradford./John	Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Bradshaw	Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Brady		Mary		Edward 1		TL
Brady		Charles		Ann & Amelia		CF
Brady/Brandon	Francis		Hooghley 1		CF
Brandon/Brady	Francis		Hooghley 1		CF
Brannan		John		Atlas 3			TL
Brannelly ?	John		Brampton		TL
Bray		Owen		Ann & Amelia		CF
Brazill		Alexander	Countess of Harcourt 2	CF
Breen		James		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Brennan		Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Brennan		Patrick		Regalia			TL
Brennan		Thomas		Boyne			TL
Bresnahan	Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Brett		William 	Arthur	Arab		TL
Brick/Lynch	John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Brickley	Thomas		Isabella 1		CF
Bridges		William		Manlius 3		TL
Brien		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Brien		William		Brampton		TL
Brien		Mary		City of Edinburgh	TL
Brien		Julia		Princess Royal 2	TL
Brien		Simon		Regalia			TL
Briggs		William		Hercules 2		CF
Briggs		Crompton	Tottenham		CF
Briody		Matthew		Regalia			TL
Brion		Maurice		Southworth		CF
Britt		James		Lonach			TL
Brittel		Edward		Ocean 2			CF

Broadhead	John		Minerva 5		TL
Broadhurst	Joseph		Asia 5			CF
Broadway	James		Asia 5			CF
Broderick	James		Mariner 3		TL
Broderick/Byrne	Ellen		Edward 1		TL
Brodrick	Daniel		Ocean 2			CF
Brogden		Joseph		Norfolk 1		CF
Bromley		John		Hercules 2		CF
Brooker		Thomas		Eliza 2			TL
Brookes		Thomas		Tottenham		CF
Brookes		Joseph		Champion		CF
Brooks		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Brooks		Elizabeth	servant at Bringelly	FR
Brooks		Stephen		Ocean 2			TL
Brooks		John		Royal Charlotte		TL
Brothers	Thomas		Dick			TL
Broughton	Samuel		Minstrel 2		CF
Brown		George		Asia 5			CF
Brown		Robert		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CP
Brown		James		Cambridge		TL
Brown		George		Martha			TL
Brown		Jeremiah	Ocean 2			CF
Brown		Thomas		Asia 2			TL
Brown		John		Prince Regent 3		CF
Brown		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Brown/Dawson/Bradshaw John	Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Brown/Thompson	John		Fortune 1		CF
Browne		Thomas		Canada 3		CF
Browne		Catherine	Brothers 2		CF
Bruton		William		Isabella 2		TL
Bruton		Patrick		Cambridge		CF
Bryan		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Bryan		George		Eliza 2			TL
Bryan		Edward		Asia 6			CF
Bryan		Michael		Eliza 3			TL
Bryan/Ryan	Thomas/Michl	Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Bryon		Michael		Isabella 3		CF

Buckley		James		Mariner 3		TL
Buckley		James		Minerva 5		CF
Buckley		Denis		Boyne			TL
Buckley		James		Minerva 5		CF
Bugden		John		Guilford 6		TL
Buggins		James		Batavia			CF
Bullock		Ann		servant of Mrs Allan's	FR
Buoy		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Burchill	William		Phoenix 2		TL
Burgwin		David		Mangles 3		CF
Burk		Mary		Midas 1			CF
Burke		Thomas		Lonach			CF
Burke		Patrick		Boyne			TL
Burke		Patrick		Eliza 3			TL
Burke		William		Regalia			TL
Burke		Ellen		Mariner 2		CF
Burley		Thomas		Hadlow 1		TL
Burn		Michael		Manlius			CF
Burnes		William		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Burns		James		Brampton		TL
Burroughs	George		Fame			CF
Burroughs	William		Minerva 5		CF
Burton		William		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Burvall		Ann		Hercules 2		CF
Butler		James		Larkins 1		CF
Butler		John		Mariner 3		TL

Byrne		John		Lonach			CF
Byrne		Thomas		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Byrne		Denis		Cambridge		TL
Byrne		Edward		Prince Regent 3		CF
Byrne		James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Byrne		George		Ann & Amelia		CF
Byrne		William		Phoenix 2		TL
Byrne		William		Mangles 4		TL
Byrne		James		Hooghley 1		CF
Byrne/Broderick	Ellen		Edward 1		TL
Byrne/Cassidy	Patrick		Ann & Amelia		CF
Byrnes		Thomas		Asia 4			CF

Caddam		Patrick		Tyne			CF
Caffrey		James		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Cahill		John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Cahill/Reilly	Bernard		Henry Porcher		TL
Cain/Kain	Mary		Friendship 3		CF
Cairnil/Green	James		Isabella 1		CF
Caldwell	William		Asia 4			CF
Callaghan	Daniel		Ann & Amelia		CF
callaghan	Cornlius	Atlas 3			TL
Callaghan	Stephen		Hooghley 1		CF
Callaghan	James		Tyne			CF
Callaghan/Callanan James	Hooghley 1		CF
Callanan/Callaghan James	Hooghley 1		CF
Calley		John		Asia 4			CF
Cammell		David		Asia 2			CF
Campbell	William		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Campbell	Robert		Sophia			TL
Campbell	Denis		Cambridge		TL
Campbell	Margaret	Louisa			CF
Campbell	Ellen		servant at Sydney	FR
Cane/Dudley	Patrick		Lonach			CF
Cannagher	Henry		Hooghley 1		CF
Canny		Henry		Prince Regent 3		TL
Capewell	Joseph		Ocean 2			CF
Capstick	George		Princess Royal 1	CF
Carberry	Jane		Friends			TL
Carey		Patrick		Countess of Harcourt 4	CF
Carley/Higgins	Thomas		Anne & Amelia		CF
Carmody		Thomas		Medina			CF
Carny/Carrew	Darby		Hooghley 1		CF
Carolan		Patrick		Canada 3		TL
Carolin		William		Ann & Amelia		CF
Carpenter	John		Grenada 1		TL
Carr		Edmond		Anne & Amelia		CF
Carr		James		Countss Harcourt 2	TL
Carrew/Carny	Darby		Hooghley 1		CF
Carrier		Ann		Princess Royal 2	TL
Carrigan	James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Carrol		Mary Ann	servant at Clydesdale	FR
Carroll		Catherine	Almorah 3		CF
Carroll		Thomas		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Carroll		James		Henry Porcher		TL
Carroll		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Carroll		William		Grenada 2		CF
Carroll/Eagar	Ann		Edward 1		TL
Carter		Elizabeth	Princess Charlotte	TL
Carter		Robert		Norfolk 1		CF
Carter		Edward		Hercules 2		CF
Carter		William		Midas 2			CF
Carter		Richard		Morley 1		CF
Carthy		Patrick		Boyne			TL
Carthy		William		Pilot			CF
Carty		Frances		John Barry 2		TL
Carty		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Carty		Thomas		Regalia	TL
Carty/Darcy	James		Hooghley 1		CF
Carvil		William		Prince Regent 3		CF
Casey		John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Cash		Hugh		Ann & Amelia		CF
Cassidy		Judith		Maria 1			CF
Cassidy		Francis		Countss Harcourt 4	TL
Cassidy/Byrne	Patrick		Ann & Amelia		CF
Castle		Henry		Tottenham		CP
Castles		Charles		Recovery 1		TL
Caulfield/Fitzgerald		Mary	Mariner 2	CF
Caulton		Daniel		Minstrel 2		CF
Cayle/Snow	Peter		John Barry 2		CF

Chadwick	George		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Challen		Robert		Surry 4			TL
Chamberlain	William		Isabella 1		CF
Chambers	Francis		Henry 1			TL
Chandler	William		Adamant			TL
Chapman		William		Hercules 2		CF
Charles		Joseph		Mangles 1		TL
Charlesworth	David		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Charlesworth	John		Ocean 3			TL
Chatfield	William		Midas 2			TL
Cheard		James		Ocean 2			TL
Check		Peter		Hercules 2		CF
Cheers		Elizabeth	Competitor 2		TL
Cheeseman	James		Asia 5			TL
Chiles		John		Guildford 5		TL
Chiles		John		Guilford 5		TL

Clancy		John		Mangles 4		CF
Clarke		Thomas		Lonach			CF
Clarke		John		Norfolk 1		CF
Clarke		Joseph		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Clarke		William		Larkins 1		CF
Clarke		Charles		Norfolk 1		CF
Clarke		Ann		Princess Royal		TL
Clarke/Read	Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Clay		Samuel		Tottenham		CF
Claybourne	Richard		Guilford 7		TL
Cleary		James		Mangles 4		TL
Cleary		William		Lonach	CF
Cleat/Webb	George		Norfolk 1		CF
Clegg		Edward		Royal Charlotte		CF
Clements	Ann		Mary Anne 2		CP
Clewes		Robert		Baring 2		TL
Clift		Samuel		Neptune 2		CF

Coakley		Eliza		City of Edinburgh	TL
Coates		Thomas		Minerva 5		TL
Cochlan		Edward		Asia 4			TL
Cock		James		Indefatigable 2		CF
Coffey		John		Regalia			TL
Coffin		Richard		Asia 5			CF
Coghlan		Anne		Mariner 2		CF
Coleman		Jesse		Midas			TL
Coleman		Rose		Mariner 2		CF
Coleman		George		Mangles 3		CF
Coleman/Mangan	Catherine	Almorah 3		CF
Coles		John		Larkins 1		CF
Colesby		Enoch		Shipley 4		TL
Coley		Jacob		Larkins 1		CF
Collery		Thomas		Martha			CF
Collins		James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Collins		Francis		Almorah			TL
Collins		Edward		Asia 2			TL
Collins		James		Boyne			TL
Collins		John		Isabella 1		TL
Collins		Nicholas	Prince Regent 3		CF
Collins		Eliza		Competitor		TL
Collman		Edward Lawrence	Canada 5		TL
Colton/Cotton	Patrick		Minerva 2		TL
Conamee		Michael		Guilford 3		CF
Condon		Mary wife of Jno Princess Charlotte	TL
Condren		Mary		servant at Fairlight	FR
Conlan		Patrick		Almorah 2		TL
Connell		Cornelius	Boyne			TL
Connell		Martin		Daphne			CF
Connell		James		Guilford 3		CP
Connelly	George		Hooghley 1		CF
Connerton	Thomas		Batavia			CF
Connolley	Mary		Elizabeth 4		CF
Connolly	Patrick		Asia 4			CF
Connolly	Michael		Asia 4			CF
Connolly	Patrick		Mangles 4		TL
Connolly	James		Hooghley 1		CF
Connop		James		Mariner 4		TL
Connor		George		Mangles 5		TL
Connor		Dennis		Ann & Amelia		CF
Connor		Jeremiah	Ann & Amelia		CF
Connor		Michael		Lonach			CF
Connor		James		Guilford 2		CP
Connor		Martin		Hooghley 1		CF
Connor		Daniel		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Connor		George		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Connors		Timothy		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Connors		Michael		Mangles			TL
Connors		James		Prince Regent 3		CF
Connors		Thomas		Lonach			CF
Conroy		Michael		John Barry 2		TL
Constantine	William		Asia 1			TL
Conway		Thomas		Agamemnon		TL
Conway		David		Marquis Huntly 2	CF
Conway		Sarah		Mariner 2		CF
Cook		John		Guilford 5		TL
Cook		Sampson		Ocean 2			CF
Cook		William		Mangles 3		TL
Cooney		Terence		Earl St Vincent 1	CF
Cooper		William		Asia 5			CF
Cooper		Joseph		Hindostan		TL
Cooper		John		Midas			TL
Corbit/Corbet	Thomas		Hooghley 1		CF
Cormack		Patrick		Mangles 2		TL
Cornbill	Thomas		Henry 1			CF
Corner		William		Hercules 2		CF
Cornwall	Solomon		Larkins 1		CF
Cortin		Timothy		Countess Harcourt	TL
Cosgrove	Michael		Tottenham		CF
Cotham		Edward		Regalia			TL
Cotter		Garrett		Mangles 2		CF
Cotter		William		Eliza 3			TL
Cotton/Colton	Patrick		Minerva 2		TL
Coucher		William		Ocean 3			TL
Courtney	Susan		Friendship		CF
Cowley/Robinson	Samuel/John	Hooghley 1		CF
Cox		Robert		Hooghley 1		CF
Coxhead		Rosina		Grenada 3		CF
Coyle		James		Recovery 2		CF

Crabtree/Maddocks Elizabeth	Grenada 3		CF
Craddock	Charles		Batavia			CF
Craggs		Robert		Surry 4			TL
Craoghwell	Willia		Guilford 2		TL
Craven		Thomas		Hercules 2		CF
Crawford	Nicholas	Batavia			CF
Crawford	James		Phoenix 2		TL
Cronakane	John		Lonach			TL
Cronan		Patrick		Asia 4			CF
Croneen		Denis		Mangles 2		TL
Cronin		John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Crossley	James		Royal Charlotte		CF
Croughan	John		Mangles 4		TL
Crowan		Con		Prince Regent 2		TL
Crowley		David		Anne & Amelia		CF
Crowsley	James		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Crowther	Jonathon	Mangles 3		CF

Cuddy		Thomas		Regalia			TL
Cuerden		Matthew		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Cullen		John		Phoenix 2		TL
Cullen		George		Regalia			TL
Cullen		James		Asia 4			CF
Cullen		Bartholomew	Isabella 2		TL
Cullinan	Michael		Mariner 3		TL
Cullinan	James		Mangles 2		TL
Culver		Elias		Marquis of Huntley 1	TL
Culver		William		Marquis Huntley 1	TL
Cummins		William		Mariner			TL
Cummins		Patrick		Lonach			CF
Cunningham	Alexander	Hooghley 1		CF
Cunningham	David		Phoenix 2		TL
Cunningham	John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Curlin		Timothy		Boyne			TL
Curneen		Charles		Asia 4			CF
Curran		James		Asia 4			CF
Curran/Mcdonald	Thomas		Anne & Amelia		CF
Currane		John		Isabella 3		CF
Curry/Ryan	John		Hooghley 1		CF
Curtis/Smith	James		Minstrel 2		CF
Cusack		James		Cambridge		CF
Cuscan		Robert		Mangles 2		TL
Cust		Thomas		Manlius			TL
Cutts		Charles		Mariner 3		CF
Cuwzens		William		Hercules 2		CF

Dale		John		Boyne			TL
Daley		Patrick		Regalia			TL
Dally		Martha		Competitor		TL
Daly		Patrick		Cambridge		CF
Daly		Michael		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Daly		Patrick		Brampton		TL
Darby		Anne		Mariner 2		CF
Darby		Anne		Grenada 3		TL
Darby		Ann		Grenada 3		CF
Darby		George		Guildford		TL
Darby		Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Darcy		John		Anne & Amelia		CF
D'Arcy		John		Mangles 2		TL
D'Arcy		Bryan		Recovery 2		CF
Darcy/Carty	James		Hooghley 1		CF
Dauney		Michael		Boyne			TL
Daunt		Henry		Royal Charlotte		CF
Davey		Robert		Mangles 3		CF
David		James		Baring 2		CF
Davidson	Peter		Royal Charlotte		CF
Davies		David		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Davies		William		Admiral Gambier 1	TL
Davies		Mary		Midas 1			CF
Davies		Martha		Competitor 2		TL
Davies		Samuel		Shipley 4		TL
Davies		Richard		Royal Charlotte		CF
Davis		James		Norfolk 1		CF
Davis		John		Norfolk 1		CF
Davis		Sophia		Midas 1			CF
Davis		William		Batavia			CF
Davis		Isaac		Royal Charlotte		CF
Davison/Field	George		Manlius			TL
Dawkins		John		Asia 5			CF
Dawley		Jeremiah	Brampton		TL
Dawley		Daniel		Isabella 3		CF
Dawson		William		Norfolk 4		TL
Day		James		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Day		William		Lonach			CF
Day		Ellen		Lady Rowena		TL

Deaves		Henry		Royal Charlotte		CF
Delaney		John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Delany		Margart		Almorah 3		CF
Delany		Cavan		Boyne			TL
Delany		Laurence	Earl St Vincent		TL
D'Ell		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Dempsey		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Denahy		Patrick		Lonach			CF
Dennett		Robert		Royal Charlotte		CF
Dennis		James		Prince Regent 1		TL
Dennison/Villiers James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Densmore	William		Asia 4			CF
Denson		Michael		Asia 5			CF
Devine		Patrick		Asia 4			CF
Devine		Edward		born in colony		TL
Devnish		John		Asia 4			CF
Dias		Solomon		Royal Charlotte		CF
Dickerson	John		Mangles 1		TL
Dignam		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Dillen		Ann		Mariner 2		CF
Dillon		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Discono		Salvador	Dromedary		CF
Divine		Mark		Boyne			TL
Divine		Matthew		Phoenix 2		TL
Dix		James		Asia 5			CF
Dixon		Joel		General Stewart		TL
Dixon		Samuel		Henry Porcher		CF

Docker		William		Larkins 1		CF
Dodd		Edward		Anne & Amelia		CF
Dodd		Richard		Elizabeth 3		TL
Dodd		James		Norfolk 1		CF
Dodge		John		Mary 2			TL
Dogherty	Peter		Phoenix 2		TL
Dogherty	Dominick	Asia 4			CF
Dogherty	Bridget		Woodman			CF
Dolan		Michael		Hindostan		TL
Donaher		Daniel		Providence		TL
Donaho		Thomas		Mangles 2		TL
Donnellan	Thomas		Anne & Amelia		CF
Donochoe	Thomas		Phoenix 2		TL
Donovan		Margaret	Mariner 2		CF
Donovan		John		Lonach			CF
Donovan		John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Dougherty	John		Henry Porcher		CF
Dougherty/McDeed Edward		Recovery 2		CF
Doyle		William		Henry Porcher		TL
Doyle		Joseph		Prince Regent 3		TL
Doyle		John		Asia 4			CF
Doyle		John		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Doyle/Seabrook	Richard		Anne & Amelia		CF

Draper		Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Draper		George		Asia 2			TL
Drew		David		Hooghley 1		CF
Drew		Samuel		Surry 4			CF
Driscoll	Catherine	Mariner 2		CF
Driscoll	Mary		Almorah 3		CF
Drum/Drummond	James		Asia 4			CF
Drummond/Drum	James		Asia 4			CF

Duckett		Ambrose		Boyne			TL
Dudley/Cane	Patrick		Lonach			CF
Duffy		James		Prince Regent 3		CF
Duffy/Farrell	Thomas		Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Duggan		Sarah		Princess Charlotte	TL
Duke/Dwatt	James		Medway			TL
Dulanty		Thomas		Lonach			CF
Dulard		Martin		Lonach			CF
Dunkinson	William		Hercules 2		CF
Dunn		Maurice		Ann & Amelia		CF
Dunn		John/James	Asia 4			CF
Dunn		John		Larkins 1		CF
Dunn		Nicholas	Midas 2			TL
Dunn		James/John	Asia 4			CF
Dunn		Anthony		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Dunn		Ellen		Mariner 2		CF
Dunn		Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Dunn/Turner	Catherine	Princess Royal 2	TL
Dunne		William		Mangles 4		TL
Dunworth	William		Mangles 2		TL
Durnford	John		Marquis Hastings 2	CF

Dwatt/Duke	James		Medway			TL
Dwyer		Cornelius	Mangles 2		TL
Dwyer		Patrick		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Dwyer		Bridget		Mariner 2		CF
Dwyer		James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Dwyer 		John jnr 	Mariner 3		TL
Dwyer/Dwyne	Margaret	Midas 1			CF
Dwyne/Dwyre	Margaret	Midas 1			CF
Dwyre		John		Asia 4			CF
Dyer		John		Asia 5			CF

Eagar/Carroll	Ann		Edward 1		TL
Earl		John		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Earpe		Thomas		Earl St Vincent		TL
Easterbrook	John		Minstrel 2		CF
Eckersley	Richard		Elizabeth 1		TL
Eden		Arthur		Royal Charlotte		TL
Edgeworth	Patrick		Mariner 3		CF
Edwards		William		Batavia			CF
Edwards		James		Marquis of Huntly 1	CF
Edwards		Charles		Princess Royal 1	TL
Elias		Abraham		Shipley 1		CF
Elliott		Joseph		Shipley 4		TL
Elliott		William		Henry Porcher		CF
Ellis		Samuel		Hindostan		TL
Elsey		George		Hercules 2		CF
Elsworth	Charles		Mangles 3		CF
Emmet		Daniel		Minstrel 2		CF
English		Patrick		Lonach			CF
English		Michael		Lonach			CF
Erasmus		Jacobus		Mariner 3		TL
Evans		Richard		Norfolk 1		CF
Evans		Evan		Prince Regent 1		TL
Evans		James		Batavia			CF
Evans		William		Glory			TL
Evans		West		Neptune 8		CF
Everness	William		Chamption		CF
Evet		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Excell		Edward		Hebe			TL
Fairbrother	George		Lonach			CF
Falgate		Samuel		England			TL
Fallon		Rose		Elizabeth 4		TL
Fannam		John		Hercules 2		CF
Fannin		William		Phoenix 2		TL
Farley		John		Norfolk 1		CF
Farley		Henry		Asia 5			CF
Farrell		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Farrell		John		Phoenix 2		TL
Farrell/Duffy	Thomas		Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Farrell/Hoey	John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Farrell/Jackson	Margaret	Mariner 2		CF

Fearn		Hannah		Broxbornebury		CP
Feernan		Patrick		Ann & Amelia		CF
Fehany		Timothy		Earl St Vincent 1	TL
Feltham		William		Midas 2			CF
Feltia		Francis		Mariner 3		CF
Ferraday	William		Larkins 1		CF

Field/Davison	George		Manlius			TL
Finn		Henry		Royal Charlotte		CF
Finnegan	Patrick		Ann & Amelia		CF
Finnerty	Thomas		Ocean 3			TL
Finney		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Finnigan	William		Hebe			TL
Fitzgerald	Catherine	City of Edinburgh	CF
Fitzgerald	John		Ann & Amelia		TL
Fitzgerald	John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Fitzgerald	William		Marquis of Huntley 1	TL
Fitzgerald	Elizabeth	Grenada 3		CF
Fitzgerald	John		Asia 4			CF
Fitzgerald	John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Fitzgerald/Caulfied Mary	Mariner 2		CF
Fitzharris	Denes		Phoenix 2		TL
Fitzpatrick	Bridget		Edward			CF
Fitzpatrick	Michael		Asia 4			CF
Fitzpatrick	William		Marquis Huntley		TL
Fitzpatrick	Thomas		Ann & Amelia		CF
Fitzpatrick	James		Countess Harcourt	TL
Fitzpatrick	Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Fitzpatrick	Richard		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Fitzsimmons	John		Cawdry			CF
Fitzsimmons	William		Anne & Amelia		CF

Flaherty/Kelly	Pat/John	Asia 4			CF
Flanigan	Anthony		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Flannery	Denis		Prince Regent 3		CF
Fletcher	John		Eliza 1			TL
Fletcher	Thomas		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Fletcher	Thomas		Batavia			CF
Flinn		John		Countess of Harcourt 2	CF
Flinter		James		Asia 4			CF
Flood		Peter		Phenix 2		TL
Flynn		Patrick		Ann & Amelia		CF
Flynn		James		Anne & Amelia		CF
Flynn		James		Hooghley 1		CF

Fogarty		Catherine	servant at Bathurst	FR
Folds		John		Hadlow 2		CF
Foley		Patrick		Boyne			TL
Foley		John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Foley		Lawrence	Earl St Vincent 3	CF
Foley		John		Friendship		CF
Foley/Fowlue	David		Guilford 3		CP
Footman		James		Isabella 1		CF
Ford		Hannah		Mary 3			TL
Ford		William		Marquis Hastings 3	TL
Fordham		Edward		Henry 1			CF
Forrest		John		Henry 1			TL
Forrester	Anthony		Anne & Amelia		CF
Forster		Mary Ann	Mariner 2		CF
		Hy/Wm/Jno	Royal Charlotte		CF
Fowlue/Foley	David		Guilford 3		CP
Fox		Sarah		Grenada 3		CF
Fox		Lucy		Mariner 2		CF
Fox		Mary		Sovereign		TL
Fox		John		Lonach			CF
Foy		John		Mangles 4		TL

Frahey/Sheehy	David		Lonach			CF
Francis		Robert		Guilford 1		TL
Francis		John		Isabella 2		CF
Francis		Richard		Larkins 1		CF
Francis		James		Isabella 1		CF
Franklin	John		Hadlow 2		TL
Fraser		Maria		servant at Illalaung	FR
French		James		Marquis of Huntley 1	CF
French		Thomas Rist	Ocean 3			TL
Froud		James		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Frowen		William		Minstrel 2		CF
Fussell		Henry		Minstrel 2		CF

Gaffney		Susan		Mariner 2		CF
Gainham		Sarah		Grenada 3		CF
Gale		William		Surry 4			TL
Gallagher	Patrick		Anne & Amelia		CF
Gallagher	James		Regalia			TL
Gallagher	John		Phoenix 2		TL
Gallagher/Bell	William		Ann & Amelia		CF
Gallogly	James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Galvey		Bryan		Phoenix 2		TL
Galvin		John		Brampton		TL
Galvin		William		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CP
Ganderton	Henry		Dick			TL
Gann		Richard		Neptune 2		CF
Gardner		George		Marquis of Huntley 1	TL
Garner		William		Manlius			CF
Garrigan	James		Phoenix 2		TL
Garside		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Garva		Harriet w.o Samuel Friendship 	3	CF
Gately		Edward		Lonach			CF
Gatten		Elizabeth	Henry 2			CF
Gaynor		Michael		Mangles 5		TL

Gellatly/Stewart James		Larkins 1		CF
Geoghan		Matthew		Henry Porcher		TL
Gerathy		Patrick		Canada 3		CP
Gerraghty	Stephen		Asia 4			CF
Gibbons		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Giblett		James		Hercules 2		TL
Giblett		James		Hercules 2		CF
Gibson		George		Surry 4			TL
Gibson		Richard		Engand			TL
Gidlow		William		Speke 2			TL
Gilbert		William		Norfolk			TL
Gilchrist	James		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Giles		James		Guilford 5		CF
Giles		Thomas		Fame			CF
Gill		William		Recovery 1		TL
Gill		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Gissing		Robrt		Hercules 2		CF
Givnon		John		Archduke Charles	TL
Gleeson		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Glinny		Patrick		Prince Regent 3		CF
Glover		Peter		Speke			CF

Godden		Charles		Hercules 2		CF
Godfree		George		Mary 2			TL
Godfrey		James		Norfolk 1		CF
Godfrey		Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Gogarty		Catherine	Elizabeth 4		TL
Gogarty/Gugarty	Thomas		Regalia			TL
Gogerly		Charles		Lord Sidmouth 1		TL
Goggin		William		Countess of Harcourt 2	CF
Gold		James		Ocean 2			CF
Goodan		Margaret	Edward 1		TL
Goodenough	William		Larkins 1		CF
Goodhead	Daniel		Neptune 2		CF
Goodwin		James		Eliza 2			TL
Goonan		Michael		Asia 4			CF
Gore		John		John			TL
Gore		John		Mangles 3		CF
Gorman		Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Gorman		Henry		England			TL
Gorman		William		Royal Charlotte		CF
Gough		John		Hercules 2		CF
Goulding	Edward		Ann & Amelia		CF
Gover		William		Asia 5			CF
Goves		Charles		Minstrel 2		CF

Grace		Henry		John 1			TL
Grady		Martin		Mangles 2		TL
Graham		James		Countess of Harcourt 4	CF
Graham		Owen		Ann & Amelia		CF
Graham		John		Lonach			CF
Graham		Alice		Grenada 3		CF
Graham		John		Neptune 3		CF
Granger		John		Mangles 2		TL
Grant		Samuel		Elizabeth 3		CF
Gray		John		Countess Harcourt 3	CF
Gray		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Green		Alexander	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Green		Mary Ann	servant at Sydney	FR
Green		Jabez		Norfolk 1		CF
Green		Thoms		England			TL
Green		William		Neptune 2		CF
Green		Thomas		Hindostan		TL
Green		Jeremiah	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Green		John		England			TL
Green		John		Hercules 2		CF
Green		Mary Ann	Princess Royal 3	TL
Green		Thomas		Hercules 2		CF
Green		James		Lonach			CF
Green		John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Green/Cairnil	James		Isabella 1		CF
Greenhalgh	Robert		Marquis Huntley 1	TL
Gregory		James		Hooghley 1		CF
Gregson		John		Hercules 2		CF
Gregson 	Matthew	jnr 	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Greydy		Margaret	servant at Lake Macquarie FR
Griffin		John		Mangles			TL
Griffiths	George Hy	Midas 2			TL
Griffiths	Charles		Grenada 2		TL
Grimes		Mark		Norfolk 1		CF
Grimshaw	George		Royal Charlotte		CF
Grogan		Mark		Tyne			TL
Guinane		John		Brampton		TL
Guinane		Thomas		Brampton		CF

Hadney		Thomas		Prince of Orange 1	TL
Haffenden	James		Hercules 2		CF
Hagarty		Timothy		Mangles 4		TL
Halion		Thomas		Cambridge		CF
Hall		John		Asia 4			CF
Hall		James		Ocean 2			CF
Halloran	Edward		Brampton		TL
Halpin		Henry		Ann & Amelia		CF
Hamilton/Turner	Samuel		Batavia			CF
Hand		Edward		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Hanley		William		Speke 3			TL
Hanley		Patrick		Lonach			CF
Hannlton	James		Phoenix 2		TL
Hanratty	Thomas		John Barry 2		TL
Hanson		George		Guilford 5		CF
Harding		Thomas		Mangles 4		TL
Hare		Joseph		Asia 5			CF
Hargreaves	John		Mary 2			TL
Harkin		Daniel		Regalia			TL
Harland/Hartland John		Earl St Vincent 1	CF
Harney		Michael		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Harrington	Daniel		Boyne			TL
Harris		James		Baring 2		TL
Harris		James		Manlius			TL
Harris		Henry		Royal Charlotte	CF
Harrison	John		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
harrison	Eliza wife of Jose Competitor 2		TL
Hart		William		Cambridge		TL
Hart		Edward		Minerva 2		CF
Hartland/Harland John		Earl St Vincent 1	CF
Harvey		William		Larkins 1		CF
Hassell		William		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Hastings	Edward		Larkins 1		CF
Hatton		William		John 1			TL
Haughty		William		Grenada 2		CF
Haughty		James		Adamant			CF
Hawkins		Henry		Shipley 4		TL
Hawkins		James		Marquis of Huntley 1	CF
Hawkins		William		Ocean 2			CF
Hayden		Patrick		Recovery 2		CF
Hayden		Patrick		Mangles 4		TL
Hayes		Richard		Admiral Gambier 2	CP
Hayes		Ellen		Mariner 2		CF
Hayes		Denis		Brampton		CF
Hayes		Edward		England			TL
Haynes		William		Asia 2			TL

Healey		Betty		Maria 1			CF
Healey		Margaret	Mary 3			CF
Healy		Michael		Boyne			TL
Heffernan	Patrick		Canada 3		CP
Heffernan	John		Canada 3		CP
Heffernan	Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Heffernan	William		Medina			CF
Helps		Mary Ann	Brothers 1		CF
Henderson	James		Baring 2		CF
Henderson	Mary		Edward 1		TL
Hennessy	Thomas		Isabella 3		CF
Hennessy	Maurice		Castle Forbes 2		TL
Henshaw		John		Eliza 2			TL
Herring		Diogenes	Mellish			CF
Herriott	James		Asia 5			CF
Herrod		Thomas		Minerva 5		CF
Herry		Edward		John Barry 2		TL
Hetherington	Samuel		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Heyburn		John		Asia 4			CF

Hickey		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Hickman		George		Minerva 5		CF
Hicks		Abraham		Marquis of Hastings	TL
Higgins		Peter		Hooghley 1		CF
Higgins		Peter		Francis & Eliza		CF
Higgins/Carley	Thomas		Anne & Amelia		CF
Hight		Thomas/Michael	Asia 5			CF
Hill		Rose		Mariner 2		CF
Hilton		George		Fame			TL
Hinchliffe	Jacob		Larkins 1		CF
Hindle		Mary		servant at Sydney	FR
Hindley		Benjam		Minerva 5		CF
Hitchens/Wheeler John		Hercules 2		CF

Hoare		Michael		Prince Regent 3		CF
Hobson		Susan		servant at Sydney	FR
Hodnet		Robert		Mariner 3		TL
Hoey/Farrell	John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Hogan		Daniel		Boyne			TL
Hogan		Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Hognett		Francis		Batavia			CF
Holahen		Michael		Lonach			CF
Holden/Price	Phoebe		Mary Ann		TL
Holden/Wilkinson John		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Holland		Joseph		Manlius			TL
Holland/Taylor	James		Isabella 1		CF
Hollinger	John		Martha			TL
Holloday	Robert		Marquis Hastings 1	TL
Hollsworth	James		Elizabeth 3		TL
Holly		William		Lonach			CF
Holmes		Frederick	Royal George		CF
Holmes		Peter		Minstrel 2		CF
Holmes		William		Ann & Amelia		CF
Holt		Charles		Norfolk 1		CF
Holywell	Charles		Hercules 2		CF
Hone		Maria		Edward 1		TL
Hope		Jean		Princess Charlotte	TL
Hope		Redmond		Ann & Amelia		CF
Hopkins		Sarah wife of Joseph	Friendship 3	CF
Hore		Robert		Marquis of Hastings 1	CF
Horgan/Horrogan	Denis		Anne & Amelia		CF
Horniblower	Benjamin	Elizabeth 1		CF
Horrogan/Horgan	Denis		Anne & Amelia		CF
Horton		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Houlahan	Patrick		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Houlahan	William		Boyne			TL
Houlihan	James		Lonach			CF
Hourigan	Eleanor		Mariner 2		CF
House		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Housley		Thomas		Tottenham		CF
Howard		Sarah		Mariner 2		CF
Howard		William		Asia 4			CF
Howard		Anne		Mariner 2		CF
Howard		James		Baring 2		TL
Howell		Richard		Isabella 1		CF
Howell		John		Caudry			CF

Hudson		William 	Miles	Guilford	CF
Hudson		Richard		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Hughes		Ann		Sovereign		CF
Hughes		Catherine	City of Edinburgh	TL
Hulme		Adam		Dick			TL
Hunt		John		Larkins 1		CF
Hunter		Thomas		Countess Harourt 4	CF
Hurley		James		Mangles 2		TL
Hurley/Jeffords	John		Lonach			CF
Hurley/Murley	Mary		Woodman			CF
Hurrell		Robert		Midas 2			TL
Hutchinson	George		Minstrel		CF

Ingram		James		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Innes		Jacob		Glatton			CP
Innes		John		Hercules 2		CF
Innes/Noble	Hugh		Larkins 1		CF
Inneway		Matthias	Norfolk 1		CF
Irving		Joseph		Manlius			CF
Irwin		Margaret	Edward 1		TL
Isaac		Aaron		Guildford 5		TL
Ives		Michael		Borodino		TL

Jackson		Charles		Minstrel 2		CF
Jackson		John		England			CF
Jackson		Samuel		Larkins 1		CF
Jackson		Francis		Midas 2			TL
Jackson/Farrell	Margaret	Mariner 2		CF
Jackson/Morris	John/James	Midas 2			TL
Jago		Bartholomew	Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Jago		Bartholomew	Hooghley 1		CF
James		Thomas		Princes Royal 1		CF
James		John		England			TL

Jefferson	Lowther		Isabella 1		CF
Jefferson. 	Jane (w.o Richd) Henry 2		CF
Jeffords/Hurley	John		Lonach			CF
Jeffried	Hannah		Midas 1			CF
Jellitt		William		Hindostan		CF
Jenkins		Thomas		Asia 5			CF
Jenkins		David		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Jenkins		Susannah	Princess Charlotte	TL

Johns		William		Shipley 3		TL
Johnson		Thomas		Eliza 2			TL
Johnson		Mary Ann	Grenada 4		TL
Johnson		Robert		Asia 5			CF
Johnson		William		Minerva 5		CF
Johnson		William		Mangles 3		TL
Johnson		John		Speke 2			TL
Johnson		Henry		Marquis of Huntley 1	TL
Johnston	James/Wm	Asia 4			CF
Johnston	William/Jas	Asia 4			CF
Johnston	Wm/James	Asia 4			CF
Johnston	James/Wm	Asia 4			CF
Johnston/Jones	James		Medina			CF
Johnstone	Thomas		Tottenham		CF
Johnstone	Margaret	Mariner 2		CF

Jones		John		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Jones		Thomas		Henry 1			CF
Jones		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Jones		William		General Hewitt		TL
Jones		John		Neptune 2		CF
Jones		Perrot		Asia 4			CF
Jones		Mary		Friendship 3		CF
Jones		Genlliam	Competitor 2		TL
Jones		William		Royal Charlotte		CF
Jones				servant at Sydney	FR
Jones		John		Earl St Vincent 2	CF
Jones		Edward		Somersetshire		CF
Jones		John		Neptune 2		CF
Jones		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Jones		James		Batavia			TL
Jones		William		Countess Harcourt 3	CF
Jones		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Jones		Maria		Lord Wellington		CP
Jones		John		Minerva 5		CF
Jones		Edward		Royal Charlotte		TL
Jones		Thomas		Minstrel 2		CF
Jones		Morris		Royal Charlotte		CF
Jones/Johnston	James		Medina			CF
Jones/Lewis	William		Atlas 3			CF
Jones/Watson	John/Jonathon	Royal Charlotte		CF

Jopson		John		Countess Harcourt 3	CF
Jordan		David		Ann & Amelia		CF
Jordan		Marhn		Cambridge		CF
Jordan		Michael		Ann & Amelia		CF
Josephs		Phillip		Mangles 3		TL
Jowett		Martha		Grenada 3		CF
Joy		Maurice		Prince Regent 3		CF
Jude		John		Guilford 6		CF
Juliffe		Henry		Surry 4			CF

Kain/Cain	Mary		Friendship 3		CF
Keane		Thomas		Countess Harcourt 4	CF
Kearns		Michael		Earl St Vincent		TL
Kearns		James		Hooghley 1		CF
Kearns		Michael		Asia 4			CF
Keating		Bridget		Edward 1		TL
Keating		Margaret	Mariner 2		CF
Keefe		Jeremiah	Lonach			CF
Keefe		Thomas		Prince Regent 2		TL
Keefe		Michael		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Keegan		Martin		Asia 4			CF
Keegan		Thomas		Almorah 2		TL
Keely/Kelly	William		Hooghley 1		CF
Keenan		Michael		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Keenan		Patrick		Brampton		CF
Keenan		James		Minstrel 2		CF
Kehoe		Edward		Lonach			CF
Keife		John		Mariner 3		CF

Keleher		John		Lonach			CF
Keliher		Honora		Mariner 2		CF
Kelley/Wolfe	James		Asia 4			CF
Kelly		Margaret	Grenada 3		CF
Kelly		Bridget		Mariner 2		CF
Kelly		Patrick		Lonach			CF
Kelly		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Kelly		Elizabeth	Elizabeth 4		TL
Kelly		Edmund		Prince Regent 1		CF
Kelly		Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Kelly		Thomas		Minstrel 2		CF
Kelly		Patrick		Boyne			TL
Kelly		Thomas		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Kelly		Patrick		Henry Porcher		TL
Kelly		John		Cambridge		TL
Kelly		Margaret	servant at Bringelly	FR
Kelly		James		Anne & Amelia		CF
Kelly		Johann		Brothers 2		TL
Kelly		Peter		Almorah 2		TL
Kelly		James		John Barry 2		CF
Kelly		William		Speke 3			CF
Kelly/Flaherty	John/Pat	Asia 4			CF
Kelly/Keely	William		Hooghley 1		CF
Kelly/Maglochlin Ann		Edward 1		TL

Kemp		James		Isabella 1		CF
Kendrick/Blinckhorn John	Isabella 2		CF
Kenna		Daniel		Anne & Amelia		CF
Kennedy		Martin		Asia 4			CF
Kennedy		James		Eliza 3			CF
Kennedy		James		Earl St Vincent 1	CF
Kennedy		Timothy		Lonach			CF
Kennedy		David Liddle	Henry 1			CF
Kennelly	Thoms		Mangles 2		CF
Kennett		Nicholas	Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Kenny		John		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Kenny		James		Mariner 3		CF
Kensett		Caroline	Lucy Davidson		TL
Keny		Ann		Grenada 3		CF
Keogan		James		Henry Porcher		TL
Kerr		David		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Kerr		James		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Kershaw		Charles		Prince Orange 1		TL

Killien		Thomas		Hooghley 1		CF
Kilroy		Michael		Asia 4			CF
Kine		Michael		Hooghley 1		CF
King		James		Hebe			TL
King		James		Cambridge		TL
King		George		Asia 5			CF
King		William		Royal Charlotte		CF
King		Lavinia		Mary Ann 3		TL
King		Henry		Hercules 2		CF
King		James		Asia 5			CF
King		Patrick		Lord Sidmouth 2		TL
King		Edward		Hooghley 1		CF
Kinley		David		Royal Charlotte		CF
Kirkham/Webb	William		Hercules 2		CF
Kirkwood	John		Castle Forbes 2		CF
Kirton		John		Larkins 1		CF
Knibbs		Thomas		Royal Charlotte		CF
Knott		Mary Ann	Harmony			TL
Knowles		Robert		Isabella 1		TL
Knox		James		Asia 6			CF

Lacey		John		Isabella 1		CF
Lackey		William		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CP
Lally/Ward	Patrick		Isabella 3		CF
Lamb		William		Recovery 2		TL
Lanagan		John		Recovery 2		CF
Landers		Thos Wm		Marquis of Huntly 1	TL
Lane		Alexander	Hooghley 1		CF
Lane		William		Ocean 3			CF
Lane		Henry		Prince Regent 4		TL
Langan/Welsh	Catherine	Almorah 3		CF
Langham		Samuel		Royal Charlotte		CF
Langworthy	Philip		Larkins 1		CF
Large		John		Champion		TL
Largy		John		Isabella 2		CF
Larkin		Bridget		Lord sidmouth 3		CF
Larkins		Michael		Phoenix 2		TL
Latham		Frederick Justice Manlius		TL
Laverty		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Lawler		Christopher	Medina			CF
Lawler		Michael		Hooghley 1		CF
Lawrence	George		Ocean 3			TL

Leach		James		Mangles 3		CF
Leary		John		Mangles 2		TL
Leary		Cornelius	Lonach			CF
Lehane		Timothy		Ann & Amelia		CF
Lemont		William		Southworth		CF
Lenney		Joseph		Prince of Orange 1	TL
Lennon		Richard		Regalia			CF
Leonard		James		Mangles 4		TL
Leonard		Richad		Cambridge		TL
Leonard		Eleanor		Grenada 3		CF
Leonard		Alice		Mariner 2		CF
Leopand		Mary		servant at Bathurst	FR
Leppard		Mary		Princess Charloote	TL
Lerway		William		Asia 5			CF
Levey		Thomas		Ann & Amelia		CF
Lewes		Eleanor		Edward 1		TL
Lewis		John		Batavia			CF
Lewis		George		Larkins			TL
Lewis		Mary Ann	Grenada 3		CF
Lewis		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Lewis/Jones	William		Atlas 3			CF

Liddell		Alexander	Minstrel 2		CF
Liddell		Thomas		Mangles 1		TL
Liddell		Alexander	Minstrel 2		TL
Liddens/Lyland	Mark		Asia 4			CF
Liddy/Boswell	George		Hercules 2		TL
Lincoln		Thomas		Tottenham		CP
Lindsay		Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Linton		George		Royal Charlotte		TL
Little		Arthur		Providence		CP
Little		Stephen		Minerva 5		CF

Lloyd		Richard		Batavia			TL
Lodge		James		Lord Eldon		CF
Logan		John		Henry Porcher		TL
Logan/McElwain	John		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Lonergan	Thomas		Medina			CF
Long		Robert		Ocean 2			CF
Looman/Robert	Alexander	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Loughrey	Hugh		Medina			TL
Lovegrove	Uzel		Norfolk 1		TL
Loveridge	John		Mangles 3		CF
Lowe		James		Regalia			TL
Lowndes		John		Minerva 5		TL
Lownsdell	James		Speke 3			TL
Loyd		Susan		Mrs Neale's servant	FR
Lucas		Edward		Lady Castlereagh	CF
Luccy		Daniel		Boyne			TL
Lucy		Daniel		Eliza 3			CF
Lulham		John		Hebe			TL
Lumby		James		Mary 2			TL
Lunan		David		Guilford 5		TL
Lyland/Liddens	Mark		Asia 4			CF
Lynch		James		Asia 4			CF
Lynch		James		Asia 4			CF
Lynch		Catherine	Edward 1		TL
Lynch		Denis		Asia 4			CF
Lynch/Brick	John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Lyons		David		Manlius			TL
Lyons		Lawrence	Boyne			TL

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