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New South Wales

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The following is an index to convicts in New south Wales who were granted Pardons, Certificates of Freedom or Tickets-of-Leave in the year 1831. It is not necessarily a complete list of all certificates issued - only for those some 2000 men and women listed in the Sydney Gazette for this year.
The usual information given is applicants name, ship and residence and date of issue (if aduplicate certificate is issued this also noted). Both applicants and ship's name are commonly mispelt (eg: General Stuart,General Stewart) in the newspapers so it is important to vary the spelling options when searching.
Further information can be obtained from Jenny Fawcett

Surname		Name		Ship			Certificate
							TL=Ticket of Leave
							CP=Conditional Pardon
							CF=Certificate of Freedom
							FP=Free Pardon
							AP=Absolute Pardon

Mac/Maglochlin/Kelly Anne	Edward 1		TL
Macginnis	Elizabeth  (w.o.Danl) Friendship	CF
Mack		Thomas		Morley 4		TL
Mackay		Elizabeth	Grenada			TL
Mackness/Squire	John		Norfolk 1		CF
Macnamara	John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Madden		John		Dorothy			TL
Madden		James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Madden		James		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Madden		Henry		Cambridge		TL
Maddocks/Crabtree Elizabeth	Grenada 3		CF
Magg		John		Surry 4			TL
Maguire		John		Countess of Harcourt 4	TL
Maguire		Patrick		Phoenix 2		TL
Maguire		Bernard		Asia 4			CF
Maguire		Edward		John Barry 2		CF
Mahar		Thomas		Governor Ready		TL
Maher		Denis		Mangles 4		CF
Maher		Oatrick		Countess Harcourt 4	CF
Maher		Denis		Mangles 4		TL
Maher		Anne		City of Edinburgh	TL
Mahoney		Patrick		Canada 3		CP
Mahoney		John		Mangles 2		TL
Mahony		Catherine	Elizabeth 2		CF
Mail		John		Mangles 3		CF
Maisey		James		Princes Regent 4	TL
Malally		Mary		Elizabeth 4		TL
Mallon/Malone	Thomas		Henry Porcher		TL
Malone		John		Dorothy			CF
Malone/Mallon	Thomas		Henry Porcher		TL
Maloney		Denis		Brampton		TL
Mangan/Coleman	Catherine	Almorah 3		CF
Mannering	William		Batavia			CF
Manning		Patrick		Eliza 3			TL
March		Richard		Hercules 2		CF
Marisson	Angus		Countess of Harcourt 3	TL
Marks		William		Asia 5			CF
Marks		William		Hercules 2		CF
Marra		Stephen		Norfolk 1		CF
Marriott	William		Mary 2			TL
Marsh		William		Mellish			CF
Marshal		William		Royal Charlotte		TL
Marshall	George		Marquis Huntley 1	TL
Marston		Thomas		Hercules 2		CF
Martin		Edward		Prince of Orange 1	TL
Martin		James		Lonach			CF
Mason		Thomas		England			TL
Massey		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Masson		Alexander	Phoenix 3		TL
Mathew		Ann		Mariner 2		CF
Mathews		John		Asia 4			CF
Matthews	John		Asia 5			CF
Matthews	Edward		Isabella 1		CF
Mawn		John		Norfolk 1		CF
Maydew		George		Hercules 2		CF
Maynard		James		Mangles 3		CF
Mazagora	Mary		Mary Anne 2		TL

McArdell	Margaret	Mariner 2		CF
McArdle		Isaac		Shipley 4		CF
McAuliffe	Timothy		Ann & Amelia		CF
McAuliffe	Patrick		Brampton		TL
McAuliffe/McCowley John		Hooghley 1		CF
McBranty	Owen		colonial sentence	CF
McCabe		James		Lonach			CF
McCabe/Sherret/Skerret		Mary	Mariner 2	CF
McCann/Wise	John		Phoenix 3		TL
McCarney	Robert		Hooghley 1		CF
McCarthy	Daniel		Hadlow 2		TL
McCarthy	Jeremiah	tyne			TL
McCarthy	Humphrey	Hooghley 1		CF
McCarthy	Jeremiah	Anne & Amelia		CF
McCarthy	Rose		Lady Rowena		CF
mccarthy	Frances		Mariner 2		CF
McCarthy 	Joanna (w.o Donld) Maria 1		CF
McCartney	John		Phoenix 2		TL
McCauley	Owen		Henry Porcher		TL
McClane		William		Phoenix 2		TL
McClelland	Mary		Mariner 2		CF
McCloskey	Patrick		Castle Forbes 2		CF
McConaghy	James		Phoenix 3		TL
McConnolly/McKenzie Hugh	Phoenix 2		TL
McCormick	Peter		William (Henry?)Porcher	TL
McCormick	Patrick		Asia 4			CF
McCormick/Ranton John		Asia 4			CF
McCowley	Owen		Henry Porcher		TL
McCowley/McAuliffe John		Hooghley 1		CF
McCoy		George		Recovery 2		TL
McCrae/Shanks	Mary		Louisa			TL
McCullum	Peter		Guilford 7		CF
McDeed/Dougherty Edward		Recovery 2		CF
McDerat		Peter		Hooghley 1		CF
McDermot	Patrick		Regalia			TL	
McDermot/McDermod Daniel	Asia 4			CF
McDonald	Mary		Mariner 2		CF
McDonald	John		Minerva 5		TL
McDonald	Peter		Larkins 1		CF
McDonald	William		Norfolk 1		CF
McDonald	Michael		Asia 4			CF
McDonald	Angus		Larkins 1		CF
Mcdonald/Curran	Thomas		Anne & Amelia		CF
McDonnell	Ann		Elizabeth 4		TL
McElwain/Logan	John		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
McEnally	James		Hadlow 2		TL
McEvoy		Margaret	Mariner 2		CF
McEvoy		Patrick		Asia 4			CF
McEvoy		Jane		servant at Mulgoa	FR
McFall		William		Phoenix 2		TL
McFarad		David		Hooghley 1		CF
McFarlane	John		Minerva 5		CF
McGee		Robert		Agamemnon		TL
McGibbon	John		Ann & Amelia		CF
McGinlay	Hugh		Henry Porcher		CF
McGloghlin	John		Morley 1		CF
McGonigle	James/John	Henry Porcher		CF
McGonigle	John/James	Henry Porcher		CF
McGough		John		Asia 4			CF
McGowan		James		Surry 2			CP
McGrath		James		Medina			TL
McGregor	John		Phoenix 2		TL
McIllise	John		Asia 4			CF
McIntosh	Angus		Larkins 1		CF
McKenna		Margaret	Lady Rowena		CF
McKenna		Owen		Prince Regent 2		TL
McKenny		Patrick		Prince Regent 3		CF
McKenny		Patrick		Mangles 4		CF
McKenzie/McConnolly Hugh	Phoenix 2		TL
McKeon		Bryan		Regalia			TL
McKeown		James		Asia 4			CF
McKiernan	John		Lonach			CF
McLachlan	James		Guildford 5		TL
McLean		John		Ocean 2			CF
McLean		Hugh		Asia 1			TL
McLear		Edward		Henry 1			TL
McLeece		Daniel		Somersetshire		CF
McLinn		James		Hooghley 1		CF
McMahon		Stephen		Mariner 3		TL
McMahon		John		Brampton		TL
McMahon		Michael		Mangles 2		TL
McMahon		Hugh		Isabella 1		CF
Mcmahon		Michael		Asia 4			CF
McMahon		James		Asia 4			CF
McManus		James		Minerva 2		CF
McManus		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
McManus		Mary/Mgt	Mariner 2		CF
McManus		Margt/Mary	Mariner 2		CF
McMash		Alexander	Royal Charlotte		CF
McMaugh		John		Phoenix 2		TL
McMinomy	Richard		Asia 4			CF
McMullen	James		Mangles 4		TL
McNabb		James		Henry 1			CF
McNally		James/John	Asia 4			TL
McNally		John/Jas	Asia 4			CF
McNally		Jas/John	Asia 4			CF
McNally		John/James	Asia 4			TL
McNally/Walker	Mary		Princess Charlotte	CF
McNamara	James		Ann & Amelia		CF
McNamee		Francis		Cambridge		CF
McNeill		Robert		Asia 4			CF
McQuillan	Rose		Mariner 2		CF

Meade		John		Hooghley 1		TL
Meagher		James		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Mealy/Nealy	Owen		Asia 4			CF
Meggitt/Fowler/Stewart John/Hy/Wm Royal Charlotte	CF
Mellish		George		Hooghley 1		CF
Memory		John		Hercules 2		CF
Merry		James		Lonach			CF
Mesher		William		Asia 5			CF
Mexham		James		Prince Regent		TL

Miles		Robert		Agamemnon		TL
Miley		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Mill/Milne	George		Minstrel 2		CF
Millar		Wm Johnson	Minerva 5		TL
Miller		William		Countess Harcourt 3	CF
Miller		Margaret	Edward 1		TL
Millson		Cath.(w.o.Wm)	Sovereigh		TL
Milne		Jane		Midas 1			CF
Milne		Alexander	Royal Charlotte		TL
Milne/Mill	George		Minstrel 2		CF
Mincheny	Michael		Mangles 4		TL
Minogue		James		Hooghley 1		CF
Minton		Elinor		City Edinburgh		TL
Miskelly	Patrick		Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Mitchell	Thomas		Norfolk 1		CF
Mitchell	Charles		Agamemnon		CF
Mitchell	Sarah		Morley 3		CF

Moher		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Molloy		Edward		Phoenix 2		TL
Molloy		Bernard		Anne & Amelia		CF
Monks		Patrick		John Barry 2		CF
Monks		Joseph		Ann & Amelia		CF
Mooney		James		Sir Godfrey Webster	TL
Moore		James		Hooghley 1		CF
Moore		Eleanor		Mariner 2		CF
Moore		Joseph		Asia 5			CF
Moore		Andrew		Hooghley 1		CF
Moore		Jane		Edward 1		TL
Moore		Adam		Asia 4			CF
Moore		Denis		Recovery 2		TL
Moore		William		Minerva 5		CF
Moore		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Moore		James		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Moran		James		Isabella 2		TL
Moran		John		Asia 4			CF
Morgan		Rose		Mariner 2		CF
Morris		David		Countess Harcourt 5	TL
Morris		John		Henry 1			TL
Morris		Mary		Princess Royal 2	TL
Morris		Joseph		Morley			TL
Morris/Jackson	James/John	Midas 2			TL
Morrison	William		Asia 4			CF
Morrison	Mary		City of Edinburgh	TL
Morrissy	Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Mosay		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Moss		George		Prince Regent 4		TL
Motley		Christopher	Ann & Amelia		CF
Mountford	Thomas		Norfolk 1		CF
Moy		Edward		Guildford 5		CF

Muelyt		John		Hooghley 1		TL
Muirhead	Mary		Louisa			TL
Mulcahy		Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Mullaly		James		Lonach			CF
Mullaly		James/Wm	Hooghley 1		CF
Mullaly		William/James	Hooghley 1		CF
Mullen		Patrick		Henry Porcher		TL
Mullen		Francis		Tyne			TL
Mullen		James		Lonach			CF
Mullen		Bryan		Anne & Amelia		CF
Mullins		John		Castle Forbes 2		CF
Mulloney	Cornelius	Hooghley 1		CF
Mullowney	Jeremiah	Hooghley 1		CF
Murdock		Hugh		Hooghley 1		CF
Murley/Hurley	Mary		Woodman			CF
Murphy		Ellen		Brothers 2		TL
Murphy		Thomas		Prince Regent 3		CF
Murphy		John		Mariner 3		TL
Murphy		Christopher	Tyne			CF
Murphy		Thomas		Boyne			TL
Murphy		Timothy		Tyne			TL
Murphy		Elizabeth	Woodman			CF
Murphy		James		Lonach			CF
Murphy		Richard		Lonach			CF
Murphy		Hugh		Phoenix 2		TL
Murphy		James		Lonach			CF
Murphy		Abbey		City of Edinburgh	TL
Murphy		Peter		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Murphy		Margaret	Harmony			TL
Murphy		Patrick		Phoenix			TL
Murphy		Elizabeth	Edward 1		TL
Murphy		Elizabeth	Sovereign		TL
Murphy		Patrick		Atlas 2			CP
Murphy/Sullivan	Daniel		Mangles 4		TL
Murray		James		Phoenix 2		TL
Murray		John		Phoenix 2		TL
Murray		Peter		Royal Charlotte		CF
Murray		John		Asia 4			CF
Murthagh	Mathew		Guilford 3		CF
Mushena		James		Louisa			TL
Myers		John		Hercules 2		CF

Nash		Joseph		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Neale		Michael		Three Bees		TL
Nealy/Mealy	Owen		Asia 4			CF
Neary		Walter		Hercules 2		CF
Nedley		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Needham		Francis		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Nerhenny	Nicholas	Daphne			CP
Nerwan		James		Boyne			TL
Nevin		Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Newell		John		Asia 5			TL
Newlan		Christopher	Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Newly		George		Agamemnon		TL
Newsham		Robert		Guilford 5		CF
Newton		Thomas		Mary 2			CF
Newton		Robert		Bussorah Merchant	TL

Nice		Wiliam		Norfolk 1		CF
Nicholls	Gabriel		Guilford 6		TL
Nicholson	James		Asia 4			CF
Nicholson	Elizabeth	Mariner 2		CF
Nicholson	John		Asia 4			CF
Nicholson	Archibald	Mingerva 5		TL
Nixon		Samuel		Shipley 2		TL

Nobbs		James		Eliza 2			TL
Noble/Innes	Hugh		Larkins 1		CF
Nockolds	William Nosh	Royal Charlotte		CF
Nolan		Michael		Boyne			TL
Nolan		Edward		Asia 4			CF
Noon		Michael		Anne & Amelia		CF
Noon		John		Agamemnon		TL
Noonan		John		Hadlow 2		TL
Norman		William		Hercules 2		CF
Norris		Isaac		Surry 4			TL
Norris		Francis		Hercules 2		CF
North		Samuel		Mary 2			TL
Northwood	John		Florentia 1		TL
Norton		James		Hercules 2		CF
Nowlan		John		Earl St Vincent		CF
Nowlan		Michael		Earl St Vincent 1	TL
Nowlan		John		Regalia			TL
Nowlan		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Nugent		Peter		Hercules 2		CF
Nuttall		Charles		Norfolk			CF

Oakes		George		Speke 6			TL
O'Brien		Patrick		Brampton		TL
O'Brien		Michael		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
O'Brien		Denis		Henry Porcher		TL
O'Connell/Osburne Frances	Mariner 2		CF
O'Connor	John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
O'Connor/Sundon	Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
O'Donnell	John		Lonach			CF
O'Donnell	John		Sophia			TL
Ogilvie		William		Minstrel 2		TL
Oldfield	Ann		Mary 3			TL
O'Leary		John		Hooghley 1		CF
O'Neil		James		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
O'Neill		Patrick		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CP
O'Neill		John		Asia 4			CF
O'Neill		Thomas		Hooghley 1		CF
O'Neill		Michael		Phoenix 2		TL
Ong		Joseph		Norfolk 1		CF
Osborn		Richard		Persues			CF
Osborne		William		Eliza 2			TL
Osborne/Webb	Sarah		Mary Ann		TL
Osburne/O'Connell Frances	Mariner 2		CF
O'Shea		John		Prince Regent 3		CF
Owen		Thomas		Mariner			TL
Owens		John		Hadlow			TL

Page		Eliza		Elizabeth		TL
Palmer		Joseph		Minstrel 2		CF
Parard		Joseph		Albion 1		TL
Pardoe		Thomas		Neptune 2		CF
Parish		Thomas		Neptune 2		CF
Parish		Alice		Louisa			CF
Parke		Robert		Speke 3			TL
Parker		George		Hooghley 1		CF
Partridge	Ellen		servant at Hunter's River FR
Partridge	Benjamin	Isabella 1		CF
Partridge	Ellen		Brothers 1		CF
Pass		Thomas		Mangles 1		TL
Patterson	Betsey		Grenada 3		CF
Patterson	David		Hooghley 1		CF
Pawsey		Samuel		Bussorah Merchant	TL
Payne		William		Ocean 3			TL
Peacock		Joseph		Minerva 4		TL
Pearce		Samuel		Ocean 3			TL
Pearce		William		Surry 4			TL
Pearce		John		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Penn		Isaac		Guilford 5		TL
Pennington	John		Asia 4			CF
Pennycut	Richard		Mangles 3		CF
Penton		Thomas Wm	Larkins 1		CF
Perring		Benjamin	Asia 2			TL
Perry		William		Sir William Bensley	CF
Perry/Williams	William/John	Marquis Hastings	CF
Pestell		Joseph		Eliza 3			TL
Phelps		Samuel		Guilford 7		CF
Phillips	Emanuel		Hercules 2		CF
Phillips	William		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Phillips	Charles		Recovery 2		TL
Phillips	James		Minstrel 2		CF
Philp		Henry		Speke 2			CF
Pickup		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Pigeon		John		John  Barry 1		TL
Pigott		George		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Pike		Isaac		Hebe			TL
Piper		James		Eliza 1			TL
Pocock		George		Asia 5			TL
Pocock		John		England			TL
Podger		John		Larkins 1		CF
Pointon		James		Eliza 2			TL
Pollard		Wentworth	Asia 1			TL
Pomeroy		Nicholas	Princess Royal		TL
Porter		James		Asia 4			CF
Powell		Charles		Heroine			TL
Power		James		Lonach			CF
Power		Michael		Earl St Vincent		TL
Pratley		Sampson		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Preece		George		Eliza 2			TL
Prendergast	Thomas		Brampton		TL
Press		John		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Preston		Henry		Glory			TL
Price		James		Midas 2			TL
Price/Holden	Phoebe		Mary Ann		TL
Prictor/Bailey	James		Shipley 1		CF
Priest		John		Mary 2			TL
Pritchard	John		Marquis Hastings 1	TL
Probyn		Jane		servant at Sydney	FR
Proctor		John		Somersetshire		CP
Purcell		Caroline	Sovereign		TL
Purcell		Joseph		Princess Royal 1	CF
Purcell		John		Cambridge		TL
Pursehouse	William		Royal Charlotte		CF
Purtill		John		Hooghley 1		CF

Quin		Peter		Asia 4			CF
Quin		John		Lonach			CF
Quin/Anglin	John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Quinn		Bryan		Haldow 2		TL
Quinn		Christopher	Mangles 4		TL
Quinn		Barney		Neptune 2		CF
Quinnell	James		Asia 5			CF
Quinnell	George		Batavia			CF
Quirk		Edmund		Borodino		TL

Rack		Joseph		Recovery 1		TL
Radcliff	John		Mary 2			TL
Rafter		Catherine	Elizabeth 4		TL
Rainsford	William		Mangles 4		TL
Ramsay		Francis		Asia 4			CF
Randall		William		Hercules 2		CF
Rankin		Donald		Henry 1			TL
Ransome		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Ranton/McCormick John		Asia 4			CF
Ratcliffe	Nicholas	Minerva 4		TL
Raven		Thomas		Marquis Huntley		TL
Ravner		Samuel		Larkins 1		TL
Rawlin		Thomas		England			TL
Rawsborne	George		Royal Charlotte		TL

Read		James		Lonach			CF
Read/Clarke	Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Ready		Michael		Ann & Amelia		CF
Ready		John		Guilford 7		CF
Reddy		Patrick		Cambridge		CF
Redford		William		Asia 5			CF
Redman		John		Suprize 1		CF
Redman		Margaret	servant at Sydney	FR
Redmon		Martin		Hooghley 1		CF
Redmon		Patrick		Phoenix 2		TL
Redmunds	Patrick		Prince Regent 3		CF
Redson		Ann		servant at Clarendon	FR
Reeves		Margaret	Almorah 3		CF
Regan		William		Asia 4			CF
Regan		Jeremiah	Lonach			CF
Regan		James		Mariner 5		TL
Regan/Ryan	Richard		Lonach			CF
Regan/Ryan	James		Hooghley 1		CF
Reid		Ann		Mrs Hovell's servant	FR
Reid/Watson	William		Lord Eldon		CF
Reilley		Thomas		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Reilley		Patrick		Lonach			CF
Reilley		John		John Barry 2		CF
Reilley		Owen		Asia 4			CF
Reilly		Denis		Boyne			TL
Reilly/Cahill	Bernard		Henry Porcher		TL
Relihan		Timothy		Brampton		TL
Remnant		John		Ocean 2			CF
Rendle		Thomas		Asia 5			CF
Reynolds	Thomas		Royal George		CF

Rhodes		Edward		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Rice		Alexander	Prince Regent 4		TL
Rice		John		Neptune 2		CF
Richardson	Francis		England			CF
Richardson	John		Grenada 1		TL
Richardson	James		Midas			TL
Richardson	John		Minerva 5		CF
Ridout		Robert		Hercules 2		CF
Rielley		John		Medina			CF
Rielly		James		John Barry 2		CF
Rielly		Edward		Eliza 2			TL
Riley		Ann		servant at Sydney	FR
Riley		Mary		servant at Windsor	FR

Roache		Joseph		Phoenix 2		TL
Roberts		William		Prince Regent 4		TL
Roberts		David		Speke 3			TL
Roberts/Looman	Alexander	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Robertson	James		Midas			TL
Robertson	William		Midas 2			CF
Robertson	Alexander	Henry			TL
Robins		Matthew		Hindostan		CF
Robinson	Henry		Neptune 2		CF
Robinson	William		England			TL
Robinson	James		Midas			TL
Robinson	Joseph		Batavia			TL
Robinson	Sandy		Tyne			CF
Robinson/Cowley	John/Saml	Hooghley 1		CF
Roche		James		Boyne			TL
Rock		John		Ann & Amelia		CF
Rock		John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Rodgers		Robert		Asia 4			CF
Rogers		John		Hadlow 2		TL
Rogers		Thomas		Minerva			TL
Roper		Richard		Larkins 1		TL
Rose		Robert		Hindostan		CF
Rose		James		Prince Regent 4		TL
Ross		Margery		Edward 1		TL
Rossam		James		Mangles 3		CF
Rossam		Thomas		Mangles 3		CF
Rourke		Edmond		Brampton		CF
Rowley		Samuel Segenhoe	Coromandel		TL

Ruddle		Mary		servant at Sydney	FR
Ruinan		Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Rush		Michael		Phoenix 2		TL
Russell		Mary		Grenada 3		CF
Ruxton		Alexander Lawson Marquis Hastings 3	TL

Ryan		James		Eliza 3			TL
Ryan		William		Brampton		CF
Ryan		William		Medina			CF
Ryan		James		Castle Forbes 2		CF
Ryan		John		Prince Regent 3		CF
Ryan		Patrick		Lonach			CF
Ryan		Bartholomew	John Barry 2		CF
Ryan		Michael		Earl St Vincent 3	CF
Ryan		Mary		Almorah 3		CF
Ryan		William		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Ryan		Michael		Castle Forbes 2		CF
Ryan		Honor		Mariner 2		CF
Ryan		Thomas		Canada 3		CF
Ryan		Thomas		Ann & Amelia		CF
Ryan		James		Mangles 2		TL
Ryan		James		Princes Regent 3	CF
Ryan		Patrick		Lonach			TL
Ryan		Thomas		Asia 6			CF
Ryan		James		Medina			TL
Ryan		Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Ryan		Catherine	Brothers 1		CF
Ryan		William		Earl St Vincent 1	TL
Ryan		Richard		Eliza 3			TL
Ryan		Cornelius	Mariner 3		TL
Ryan/Bryan	Michael/Thos	Countess Harcourt 2	TL
Ryan/Curry	John		Hooghley 1		CF
Ryan/Regan	Richard		Lonach			CF
Ryan/Regan	James		Hooghley 1		CF
Ryan/Rin	Owen		Ann & Amelia		CF
Ryley		Thomas		Albion 1		CF

Sampson		Ralph		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
Samuels		Abraham		Manlius			TL
Sanger		William		Norfolk 1		TL
Sapsua		Edward		Royal Charlotte		CF
Saunders	John		Grenada 2		CF
Savage		John		England			TL
Savage		Amelia		Grenada 3		CF
Sawyer		Thomas		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Sayer		Robert		Asia 2			CF

Scarlett	James		Hooghley 1		CF
Schofield	George		Princess Royal		TL
Schofield	James		Princess Royal		TL
Schothern	Pharoah		Elizabeth 3		CF
Scope		Henry		Tottenham		CF
Scott		Elizabeth	Almorah			CF
Scott		George		Guilford		TL
Scott		James		Royal Charlotte		TL
Scott		James		Champion		CF
Scott		Fletcher	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Scott		Thomas		Larkins 1		CF
Scrivener	Wolf		Mangles 3		CF
Scully		Timothy		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Scully		Timothy		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL

Seabrook/Doyle	Richard		Anne & Amelia		CF
Seager		Henry		Hadlow 1		TL
Sears		James		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Sears		Puffett		Guilford 7		TL
Seery		Michael		Hooghley 1		CF
Sellairs	Margaret	Friendship 3		TL
Sellis		Charles		John Barry 1		TL
Selsby		James		Hercules 2		TL
Sergeant	Richard		Isabella 1		CF
Seward		Margaret	Grenada 4		TL
Sexton		David		Phoenix 2		TL

Shakeshaft	John		Batavia			CF
Shales		John		Neptune 2		CF
Shanks/McCrae	Mary		Louisa			TL
Sharp		William		Royal Charlotte		CF
Sharp		David		Prince Regent 1		CF
Sharvan		William		Isabella 3		CF
Shaughnessy	Michael		Southworth		TL
Shaw		Jane		Almorah 3		CF
Shaw		Richard		Hercules 2		CF
Shaw		William		Batavia			CF
Shaw		Thomas		Isabella 1		CF
Shaw		Hannah		Grenada 3		CF
Shea		Thomas		Lonach			CF
Shea		David		Brampton		TL
Shea		Daniel		Hooghley 1		CF
Shearing	John		Coromandel 3		TL
Sheehan		Edmond		Prince Regent 3		CF
Sheehan		James		Prince Regent 3		CF
Sheehy/Frahey	David		Lonach			CF
Sheen		John		Minstrel 2		CF
Sheffield	William		Larkins 1		CF
Sheils		William		Hooghley 1		CF
Sheppard	Nathaniel	General Stuart		CF
Sheppard	Harriet		Mariner 2		CF
Sheridan	Thomas		Boyne			TL
Sherret/Skerret	James		Asia 4			CF
Sherret/Skerret/McCabe Mary	Mariner 2		CF
Sherriffs	Margaret	servant at Hunters River FR
Sherry		William		Countess Harcourt 4	CF
Shine		Cornelius	Recovery 2		CF
Shirrefs	Margaret	Princess Charlotte	TL
Short		Margaret	Almorah 3		CF
Shuter		James		Asia 6			CF

Silk		Ann		Grenada 4		TL
Silly		Robert		Mangles 3		CF
Silvester	James		Surry 4			TL
Sime		Robert		Royal Charlotte		CF
Simes		Thomas		Hercules 2		CF
Simmons		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Simpson		John		Earl St Vincent		TL
Simpson		William		England			TL
Simpson		Patrick		Anne & Amelia		CF
Simpson		Michael		Anne & Amelia		CF
Skelly		Patrick		Dorothy			TL
Skerret/McCabe/Sherret	Mary	Mariner 2		CF
Skerrett/Sherret James		Asia 4			CF
Skinner		Thomas		Batavia			CF
Slator		George		Asia 5			CF
Slaven		John		Asia 4			CF
Slemaker	William		Hercules 2		CF
Sloane		William		Asia 4			CF
Slone		Samuel		Ann & Amelia		CF

Small		James		Asia 4			CF
Smart		William		Asia 5			CF
Smiley		Ellen		Mariner 2		CF
smith		John		Speke 3			CF
Smith		Ann		Lord Sidmouth 2		TL
Smith		Sarah		Grenada 4		TL
Smith		Benjamin	Elizabeth 3		CF
Smith		James		Almorah 2		CF
Smith		John		Eliza 2			TL
Smith		George		Shipley 1		CF
Smith		Samuel		Hercules 2		CF
Smith		Henry		Albion 1		TL
Smith		John		Hebe			CF
Smith		Wm. John	Hooghley 1		CF
Smith		John		Speke			TL
Smith		Robert		Ann & Amelia		CF
Smith		Edward		Champion		TL
Smith		Joseph		Cambridge		TL
Smith		John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Smith		Phillip		Hebe			TL
Smith		Thomas		Dick			TL
Smith		Jane		Louisa			TL
Smith		Joseph		Almorah 2		TL
Smith		George		Eliza 2			TL
Smith		John		Mariner 3		TL
Smith		John Henry	England			TL
Smith		John		Asia 5			CF
Smith		Hugh		Asia 4			CF
Smith		Elizabeth	Harmony			TL
Smith		Thomas		Asia 2			TL
Smith		Charles		Baring 2		CP
Smith		Felix		Isabella 1		CF
Smith		Samuel		Hercules 2		TL
Smith		William		Ocean 2			CF
Smith		James		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Smith		William		General Hewitt		CP
Smith		Bridget		Brothers 2		TL
Smith		John		Asia 1			TL
Smith		James		Royal Charlotte		CF
Smith		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Smith		Joseph		Asia 5			CF
Smith		Elizabeth	Midas 2			CF
Smith/Curtis	James		Minstrel 2		CF
Smithson	John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	TL
Smyth		Mary		Edward 1		TL

Snow/Cayle	Peter		John Barry 2		CF
Sollett		Thomas		Medina			TL
Solomon		John		Larkins 1		CF
Somers		Samuel		Mangles			TL
Soulsbury	Thomas		Minstrel 2		CF
Sperin		William		Asia 4			CF
Spillane	Catherine	Mariner 2		CF
Spittiers	Guiseppe	Admiral Gambier		TL
Spokes		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Spower		William		Norfolk 1		CF
Squince		Christopher	Fame			TL
Squire/Mackness	John		Norfolk 1		CF

St Clair	William		Phoenix			TL
Stain		Joseph		Minstrel 2		CF
Stammers	Samuel		Asia 2			CF
Stanley		Joseph		Norfolk 1		CF
Stapler		James		Marquis Hastings 2	CF
Starkie		James		Speke 3			TL
Stenning	John		Asia 5			CF
Stephens	Charles		Royal Charlotte		TL
Stevens		Alexander	Surry 4			TL
Stewart		Edward		Phoenix 2		TL
Stewart		Charles		Ocean 3			TL
Stewart		John		Ocean 2			CF
Stewart/Gellatly James		Larkins 1		CF
Stewart/Meggitt/Fowler Wm/Jno/Hy Royal Charlotte	CF
Stewart/Terriet	Catherine	Lord Wellington		CP
Stoddard	HannahS		Grenada 4		TL
Stokes		John		Asia 4			CF
Stonestreet	Levi		Mangles 3		TL
Stonestreet	Moses		Mangles 3		TL
Stonestreet	William		Mangles 3		TL
Storey		John		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Stott		James		Henry 1			CF
Strachan	John		Ocean 2			CF

Sudsbury	John		Shipley 1		CF
Sullivan	Matthew		Eliza 2			TL
Sullivan	Thomas		Sir Godfrey Webster	TL
Sullivan	John		Mariner 3		TL
Sullivan	John		Brampton		TL
Sullivan	Michael		Mangles 4		CF
Sullivan	Mary		City of Edinburgh	TL
Sullivan	John		Guilford 1		CF
Sullivan	Owen		Brampton		TL
Sullivan	Jeremiah	Anne & Amelia		CF
Sullivan/Baron	Daniel		Lonach			CF
Sullivan/Murphy	Daniel		Mangles 4		TL
Summers		Phillip		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Summers		Francis		Guilford 5		TL
Sundon/O'Connor	Patrick		Hooghley 1		CF
Sutor		Joseph		Speke 3			TL
Sutterby	Joshua		Isabella 1		CF
Sutton		Ann		Grenada 3		CF
Swails		Joseph		Calder			TL
Swallow		Thomas		Mangles 3		CF
Sweeney		Rose		Edward 1		TL
Sweeny		Edward		Ann & Amelia		CF
Sweeny		Patrick		Brampton		TL
Sweeny		Thomas		Isabella 3		CF
Sweet		Mary		Sovereign		TL
Sweetman	Thomas		Hooghley 1		CF
Swift		Catherine	Mariner 2		CF
Syme		John		Isabella 1		CF

Tallant		Michael		Anne & Amelia		CF
Tallia		William		Neptune 2		CF
Tanner		Mary		servant at Sydney	FR
Tarman		Henry		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Tayler		Benjamin	Hebe			TL
Taylor		Eliza		Harmony			TL
Taylor		Caroline	Grenada 3		CF
Taylor		William		England			CF
Taylor		John		Asia 1			CF
Taylor		John		Larkins 1		CF
Taylor		Joseph		Elizabeth 3		TL
Taylor		James		Guilford 7		TL
Taylor		Samuel		Hindostan		TL
Taylor/Holland	James		Isabella 1		CF
Taylor/Thorn	James		Countess Harcourt 5	TL

Templar		Charles		Coutness Harcourt	TL
Terrier/Stewart	Catherine	Lord Wellington		CP
Thatcher	George		Marquis of Wellington	TL
Thisteton	Edward		Ocean 3			TL
Thomas		Ann		Competitor 2		TL
Thomas		William		Marquis of Hastings 2	TL
Thomas		Benjamin	Minerva 5		TL
Thompson	Phillis		servant at Sydney	FR
Thompson	George		John Barry 1		CP
Thompson	Gabriel		Mangles 3		CF
Thompson	James		Mariner 3		TL
Thompson	Thomas		Atlas 4			TL
Thompson	John		General Hewitt		TL
Thompson	Louisa		Mary Anne 3		TL
Thompson	William		Larkins 1		CF
Thompson/Brown	John		Fortune 1		CF
Thorn/Taylor	James		Countess Harcourt 5	TL
Thornhill	John		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Thornton	Patrick		Asia 4			CF
Thornton	James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Thornton	William		Lonach			CF
Thwaites	Robert		Norfolk 1		CF
Tilly		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
Timlin		Thomas		Medina			CF
Timmon		John		Asia 4			CF
Tipton		John		Ocean 2			CF

Tobin		Martin		Boyne			TL
Tonbridge	Joseph		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Toogood		William		Surry 4			TL
Toohy		Cicifey		Mariner 2		CF
Toole		Margaret	Almorah 3		CF
Toomey		Maria		servant at Sydney	FR
Toomy		Michael		Hooghley 1		CF
Torpy		Anthony		Medina			CF
Tothill		Charles		Countess Harcourt 3	CF

Tree		James		Batavia			TL
Troy		John		Asia 4			CF
Truskett	Charles		Hercules 2		CF
Tuckey		John		Ocean 3			TL
Tuomey		Jeremiah	Anne & Amelia		CF
Turner		Joseph/Manchester Tottenham		CP
Turner		John		Guilford 5		TL
Turner		John		Larkins 1		CF
Turner		Manchester/Joseph Tottenham		CP
Turner/Dunn	Catherine	Princess Royal 2	TL
Turner/Hamilton	Samuel		Batavia			CF
Turvey		William		Larkins 1		CF
Tutty		Joseph		Hooghley 1		CF
Twelbridge	Sarah		Brothers 1		CF
Tyldasley	Ann		Sovereign		TL
Tyler		Peter		Grenada			TL
Tyler		John		Mangles 3		CF
Tyley		James		Malabar 1		TL
Tyre		Christopher	Mariner 3		TL
Tyrrell		Laurence	Countess Harcourt 2	TL

Valentine	James		Marquis of Huntley 1	CF
Valler		Richard		Asia 2			CF
Varden		Samuel		Larkins 1		CF
Varley		Thomas		John 1			TL
Vaughan		Henry		Florentia 1		CF
Vaughan		Peter		Eliza 1			TL
Veal		William		Earl St Vincent 2	TL
Veness		John		Prince fo Orange	TL
Villiers/Dennison James		Ann & Amelia		CF
Vowles		Thomas		Florentia 1		CF

Wakelin		James		Asia 5			CF
Wakelin		John		Asia 5			CF
Waldren		Patrick		Henry Porcher		TL
Walker		Arthur		Brampton		TL
Walker		William		Minerva 5		TL
Walker		Anne		Edward 1		TL
Walker		James		Morley 2		CP
Walker/McNally	Mary		Princess Charlotte	CF
Wall		Charles		Minstrel 2		CF
Wall		Michael		Prince Regent 3		CF
Wall		John		Hercules 2		CF
Wall/Ward	John		Lonach			CF
Wallace		Hannah		Elizabeth 4		TL
Walsh		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Walsh		James		Lonach			CF
Walsh		James		Earl St Vincent 3	TL
Walsh		Michael		Medina			CF
Walsh		Thomas		Ann & Amelia		CF
Walsh		John		Anne & Amelia		CF
Walsh		Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Walsh		Patrick		John Barry 2		TL
Walsh		John		Regalia			TL
Walsh		Maurice		Mangles 2		TL
Walsh		William		Medina			CF
Walsh		Thomas		Asia 4			CF
Walsh		John		Lonach			CF
Walsh		Mary		Elizabeth 4		TL
Walsh		James		Asia 4			CF
Walsh		John		Asia 4			CF
Walsh		Mary		Mariner 2		CF
Walsh		John		Sir Godfrey Webster 2	CF
Walsh		Christopher	Asia 4			CF

Ward		Thomas		Henry			TL
Ward		Patrick		Prince Regent 2		TL
Ward		James		Royal Charlotte		CF
Ward		John		Malabar 1		TL
Ward/Lally	Patrick		Isabella 3		CF
Ward/Wall	John		Lonach			CF
Wardell		Thomas		Hercules 2		CF
Wasem		Charles		Guilford 6		CF
Waters		John		Henry Porcher		CF
Waters		Stephen		Admiral Gambier 1	CF
Watkins		Joseph		Neptune 2		CF
Watkins		Charles		Speke 2			TL
Watson		Francis		Lady Castlereagh	CF
Watson/Jones	Jonathon/Jno	Royal Charlotte		CF
Watson/Reid	William		Lord Eldon		CF
Waye		William		Norfolk 1		CF

Weaver		Mary		Midas 1			CF
Webb		Thomas		Malabar 1		TL
Webb		William		Tottenham		CF
Webb/Cleat	George		Norfolk 1		CF
Webb/Kirkham	William		Hercules 2		CF
Webb/Osborne	Sarah		Mary Anne		TL
Webbeter	Thomas		Asia 2			CF
Webster		James		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Webster		William		Ocean 1			CF
Welch		Jane (w.o Maur)	Competitor 2		TL
Welch		William		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Weldon		Thomas		Asia 5			CF
Wellings	George		Princess Charlotte	TL
Wells		John		Norfolk 1		CF
Welsh		John jnr	Countess Harcourt 3	CF
Welsh		William		Flortentia 1		CF
Welsh		Owen		Anne & Amelia		CF
Welsh		John jnr	Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Welsh/Langan	Catherine	Almorah 3		CF
West		Ann		City of Edinburgh	TL
West		Edward		Mangles 3		CF

Wheat		Mary		Princess Royal 2	TL
Wheat		Mary		servant at Collingwood Dale FR
Wheeler/Hitchens John		Hercules 2		CF
Whelan		Peter		Anne & Amelia		CF
Whelan		Edward		Asia 4			CF
Whestley	Henry		Henry 1			TL
Whitaker	Samuel		Norfolk 1		CF
Whitby		John		Ocean 3			TL
Whitby		Francis		Hooghley 1		CF
White		John		Royal Charlotte		CF
White		James		Prince Regent 3		CF
White		Richard		Norfolk 1		CF
White		Isaac		Elizabeth 3		TL
White		William		Countess Harcourt 4	TL
White		Henry		Guilford 7		TL
White		William		Anne & Amelia		CF
Whitehead	John		Morley 2		CF
Whiteley	James		Hindostan		CF
Whiteman	John		Midas 2			TL
Whitfield	Edward		Hercules 2		CF
Whitnall	John		Princess Royal		TL
Whittle		John		Norfolk 1		TL
Whittle		John		Norfolk 1		CF
Whlan		Daniel		Countess Harcourt 4	TL

Wicks		William		Royal George		CF
Widdows		Richard		Neptune 2		CF
Wilcock		Alice		Maria 1			CF
Wilcox		Thomas		Guilford		TL
Wild		Betty		Maria 1			CF
Wilding		John		Ocean 3			CF
Wilkins		James		Asia 5			CF
Wilkinson	Matilda		Providence 2		TL
Wilkinson/Holden John		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Williams	John		Mangles 1		TL
Williams	John		Batavia			CF
Williams	William		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Williams	William		Mariner 1		CP
Williams	Robert		Royal Charlotte		CF
Williams/Perry	John/Wm		Marquis Hastings	CF
Williamson	John		Royal George		CF
Wilson		Robert		Isabella 1		CF
Wilson		John		Elizabeth 1		CF
Wilson		Mary Ann	Mariner 2		CF
Wilson		Benjamin	Shipley 3		TL
Wilson		Richard		Mangles 4		CF
Wilson		John		Marquis Hastings 2	TL
Wilson		Ann		Servant at Flushcombe	FR
Wilson		Robert		Speke 2			TL
Wilson		Henry		Albion 1		TL
Wilson		Wheelhouse	Midas			TL
Wilson		John		Mariner 1		CF
Wilson		Alexander	Greyhound		CF
Windle		Mary		Harmony			TL
Wingrove	John		Hercules 2		CF
Winow		Thomas		Hercules 2		CF
Winten		James		Larkins 1		CF
Winterbottome	William		Anne 1			TL
Wise/McCann	John		Phoenix 3		TL

Wolfe/Kelley	James		Asia 4			CF
Wolverton	Joshua		Mangles 4		CF
Womack		Jane		Maria			CF
Womock		William		Batavia			CF
Wood		James		Marquis Hastings 1	TL
Wood		James		Hercules 2		CF
Wood		James		Mangles 3		TL
Wood		John		Midas			TL
Wood/Barker	Sarah		Grenada 3		CF
Woodcock	Joseph		Batavia			CF
Woodgate	George		Norfolk			TL
Woodley		Robert		Larkins 1		CF
Woods		Thomas		Malabar 1		TL
Woods		John		Hooghley 1		CF
Woodthorpe	David jnr	Speke 3			TL
Woodward	Thomas		Hadlow 1		CF
Woodward	Samuel		Midas 2			TL
Wootton		Thomas		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Worrall		John		Henry 1			TL
Worsley		Thomas		Speke 3			TL

Wright		James		Countess of Harcourt 3	CF
Wright		Thomas		Henry 1			CF
Wright		Matthew		Manlius			TL
Wright		Francis		Earl St Vincent		TL
Wright		Ann		Grenada 3		CF
Wright		George		Grenada 2		TL
Wright		William		Morley 2		CF
Wythe		Denis		Norfolk 1		CF

Yarwood		William		Indefatigable 2		CP
Yates		William		Larkins 1		CF
Yates		John		Eliza 1			Tl
Yeomans		Mary		Competitor		Tl
Young		Mary		Maria 1			CF
Young		JOhn		Guilford 5		Tl
Younge		Robert		Hindstan		CF

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