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New South Wales
Old News - Index 1

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A surname index for the Sydney Herald

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Index	Surname		Name	
1	Adams		Susannah	title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
6	Adams		William		court/highway robbery
6	Adcock		Margaret	in list of Deeds of Grants issued
8	Allen		Joseph		Lord Eldon/CF granted
4	Allen		Julia		court/absenting herself from service
2	Andrews		Hannah		court/theft of gown/convicted
2	Anley		Capt Phillip N	appointed Justice of the Peace
4	Anley		MR		passenger/Sydney to London
7	Anthony		William		assigned to a tailor/absent & insolent
7	Appleton	C.		merges business with Bourne
2	Armstrong	Andrew		court/gives evidence
4	Ashcroft	George		fined for adultery
7	Ashcroft	George		court/threatening Thos Warburton
4	Aspinall	Mr		erecting soap and candle factory
6	Aspinall	Edward		member of carpenters firm
6	Aspinall	Nicolas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Aspinall	Nicholas	ad/tallow and fat
8	Aspinall	Nicholas	Tallow and fat wanted
6	Aspinall	Richard		member of carpenters firm

4	Bacon		Mr		Leightons Mill/court witness
6	Badgery		W		jockey/ "Bennelong"
4	Bagley		H		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
8	Baker		Mr		innkeeper/receiving stolen goods
8	Baldry		Mr		Commissariat/Windsor/transferred
4	Baldwin		Mr		convict/court/respite allowed
6	Baldwin		Richard		free/suspicion of receiving
6	"Barber"	bushranger	escaped custody again
7	Barker's			steam engine flour wharehouse
8	Barker		Mrs James	Sydney/birth of dau
2	Barker		Thomas		Darling Harbour/Biscuit Maker/ad
7	Barker		Thomas		Parish of St Andrew/land deeds
3	Barker		Mr		Sussex St
3	Barnett		William		court/convicted of stealing
4	Barry		Colonel		Gov of Mauritius/death of
4	Baxter		A.M		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
8	Baxter		Alex McDuff	Walloroga/house robbed.
3	Bell		Dr		passenger/NSW to England
4	Bell		J		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
8	Beresford	General		financial losses/London
8	Bertie		William		property stolen from.
8	Berry		James		court witness
4	Bettington	J.B & Co	ships agents/Syd
6	Bettington	Mr		his race horse "Counsellor"
6	Bettington	Mr J B		ships agent/Sydney
7	Bettington	Mr		wharf owner/Millers Point
8	Beverly		John		indicted for felony.
6	Biddulph	captn		advert/arrival of Sophia Jane
2	Biffett		Mr		policeman/stopped suspicious characters
6	Birmingham	Edward		court/highway robbery
4	Black		Hon A.W		appointed Gov of Mauritius
2	Blackwood	Lt		passenger to Sydney
3	Blair		Capt & son	passenger/NSW to England
1	Blanch		James		title deeds granted/Sydney
8	Blanch		James		Parish of St Lawrence/land deeds
8	Blaxland	George		house robbed
8	Blaxland	John		house robbed
4	Blaxland	John		Title Deeds/Camden & Northumberland
4	Birt		Mr & Fam	passengers/Syd to England
6	Blackburn	Lt		17th regt/accidentally shot man
6	Blanch		James		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Bolton		Susannah	refusing to obey orders
8	Bond		Henry		Parish of St Lawrence/land deeds
4	Bones		& Kendall	Union Brewery/ad
2	Bones		& Kendell	Brewers/Pitt St/ad
8	Boston		Dr		robbery accusations.
4	Bourne		Mr R		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Bourne		Master 		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
8	Bourne				merges business with Appleton.
7	Bowea		William		stock depasture licence/Dranxton
2	Bowen		Mr		Markert St/ad
8	Bradberry	Daniel		court/indicted for theft
1	Bradley		Jonas		title deeds granted/Co Argyle
1	Bradley		Thomas		title deeds granted/Co Argyle
1	Bradley		William		title deeds granted/Co Argyle
1	Breakwell	Samuel		title deeds granted/Cumberland Co
8	Brennan		Lawrence	convict/representing himself as free
3	Brigg		Harriet		10yo girl/NSW/assaulted
4	Briggs		Mrs		(capts wife) passenger to Syd
3	Britton		Thomas		court/larceny conviction
8	Brooks		Richard		Parish of St Andrew/land deeds

1	Brown		Mr		saddler/new saddle finished
6	Browne		George		Minerva (4)/T.L cancelled
6	Brown		John		Marquis of Wellington/T.L cancelled
8	Brown		Morgan		indicted for robbery/Hunters river
8	Brown		Patk		Bathurst/indicted for cattle wounding
6	Browne		W.Jemmet	returning to England/advert
7	Browne		Wm Jerrett	returning to England
6	Browne		Warham Jemmett	member of carpenters firm
8	Brown		William		court/indicted for rape/not guilty

2	Brunton		Mrs		Macquarie St/housemaid wanted/ad
8	Bucknell	William		court/goods stolen from
3	Bunce		Catherine	court NSW/aiding & abetting (2)
3	Bunce		James		court NSW/assault charges (2)
4	Bunn		Capt		female servant drowned
4	Bunn		George		ships agent/Sydney
6	Burdekin	Thos		passenger to Sydney
8	Burke		James		court/theft/Port Stephens
4	Burke		Patrick		dismissed as constable/Sydney
3	Burke		Richard		court/stealing  (2)
6	Burkett		Mr		purchase of wheat
6	Burn		Kate		court/stealing apparel
4	Burn		Mary		court/drunkeness & prostitution
8	Bushell		May		Parish of St Lawrence/land deeds
8	Butler		James		Larkins (1)/CF granted
4	Byers		Edward		ships agent/Syd
4	Byrne		Andrew		quack?/cures burnt woman
1	Byrne		Andrew		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
8	Byrne		Michael		cattle theft

7	Callaghan	Charles		defendent in court case
3	Campbell	Curlewis & Co	court/gives evidence
8	Campbell	& Co		merchants/ads/Campbell's wharf
1	Campbell	John		title deeds granted/Bankstown
2	Campbell	John Thompson	estate at Sydney for auction
2	Campbell	J.T		estate of/bank shares to be sold
7	Campbell	J.T		estate/horse sale.
8	Campbell	J.T		stud stock for sale
4	Campbell	& Co		ships agents/Sydney
3	Campbell	Margaret	passenger/NSW to England
3	Campbell	Robert		passenger/NSW to England
3	Campbell	Thomas		passenger/NSW to England
8	Cannon		Thos		court/
2	Capon		Mr		Hobart/paid reward for capture of 
					Ikey Solomon
1	Carey		James		title deeds granted/Bankstown
3	Carney		Richard		court/theft of sugar
6	Carr		John		court/property stolen
4	Carroll		Timothy		cut and maimed/Norfolk Island
1	Carter		Richard		title deeds granted/St Lawrence C
6	Casey		Mary		court/receiving stolen wine
8	Cassidy		Peter		indicted for theft
6	Cavanagh	P		passenger from Sydney
8	Ceeley		Sampson Stowell	cattle wounded
4	Cefender	Jane		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Chadburn	C		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Chadburn	Sarah		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Chadman		W		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Chambers	C.H		secty/Sydney Dispensary Subscribers
					and Friends meeting
7	Chisholm	James		stock depasture licence/Goulbourn Plains
6	Chrisford	William		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Christopher	William		court/drunkenes
3	Clancy		John		court/stealing wood
7	Clarke		Catherine	(Mrs)/court witness
7	Clarke		Charles		court/convict.theft of watch.
4	Clarkstone	Mr		baker/court witness
8	Clarkestone	Mr		vendor for locally produced tobacco
8	Clayton		Surgeon		attended to Revd Therry.
1	Clynch		Mr		mentioned as tenant/Kent St
4	Coalston	Jane		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Coalston	S		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
3	Cobb		Mrs		passenger/NSW to England
2	Cohen		H		merchant/ads (11)
2	Cohen		Lewis		Tailor & Hat Maker/ad/Sydney
4	Cohen		MR H		ad/merchant
3	Coleman		G		passenger/NSW to England
8	Colewright	john		court/indicted for theft of blankets
2	Collett		Pierce		farm adjoins James Porchmout
3			Mrs & dau	Newport Eng/convicted for theft/
					husband transported some time ago for
					sheep theft
7	Collins		Ellen		arrested for drunkeness
4	Collins		William		court/drunkeness
8	Connor		Anthony		court/indicted for robbery
8	Connor		Jeremiah	Anne & Amelia/CF granted
6	Cook		John		ad./established Apothecaries Dispensary
8	Cook		John		re-established as Apothecary.
6	Cooley		Samuel		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
1	Cooper		Daniel		title deeds granted/Bankstown (4)
6	Cooper		Thomas		Syd/court witness
8	Cooper		& Levy		owners of Waterloo Mills.
1	Corner		James		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
8	Coss		Andrew		Parish of St Lawrence/land deeds
6	Coulson		Henry		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
2	Cowper		Charles		appointed Clerk to Commissioners
7	Cowper		Charles		Church Corporation Office/reciepts of 
					schools and orphan schools.
8	Creek		Margaret	charged with theft of boots
6	Cross		James		indicted for cattlestealing/Glenfield
8	Cullen		Francis		Parish of St Andrew/land deeds
8	Cumming		Thos		cattle wounded
8	Currane		John		Isabella (3)/CF granted

8	Dalhousie	Earl		London/financial losses
8	Daly		Charles		Windsor/settler/death of.
4	Daly		Mr		Wallis Crk/tried saving bridge in flood
4	Dalziel		John		court/supplying prisoners with alcohol
3	Darling		Mrs		5th anniversary of school of industry
2	Davies		J.J		ad/Mathamatical Acadamy
6	Davies		John J		schoolmaster/advert/school tables (2)
4	Davies		Peter		assigned servant/theft/court
8	Davis		alias Huntley	piracy/CYPRUS/hanged England.
7	Davis		Charles		assigned tailor/court/refusing to work
7	Davis		John		court/convict/robbery
1	Davis		John		title deeds granted/Sydney
6	Davis		Thomas		youths/duel
2	Davison		Mr James	death of/old & respected settler
7	Davison		James		Wilberforce/death/estate
6	Dawes		Gore & Co	ships agents
3	Delahunt	Lawrence	court/convicted of larceny
7	Dennys		John Lardner	furnishing false police reports
6	Dickens		Benjamin	in list of Deeds of Grants issued (2)
1	Dickson		John		title deeds granted/Sydney
8	Dickenson	Revd		passenger to Sydney
8	Dickenson	Mrs & 7 ch	passengers to Sydney
8	Dodery		Mr & son	nearly drowned/Tamar River/Tas
8	Donnelly	Patrick		indicted for robbery/Hunters river
4	Donnison	Henry		sect/Aust Marine Insurance Co
6	Donnison	Henry		secretary/Australia Marine Assurance Co
2	Donohoe		Martin		Mangles (4)T/L granted
6	Douglass	John		asignee to Mr Spark/theft of wine
7	Dowling		James		Cumberland Co/Land grant
4	Drewell		T		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
6	Driscoll	convict		escapee from hulk/captured
6	Driver		Richard		court/property stolen
6	Duffey		Patrick		North Harbour/attempted murder upon
3	Duffy		James		court/larceny
4	Dugard		Daniel		appointed constable/Sydney
6	Dumigan		Eleanor		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Dumigan		James		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Dumigan		Wm		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Dutton		F.H		witness to business dissolution
1	Dwyer		John		title deeds granted/Appin
2	Dyke		John		England/see John Field

4	Eagan		Mary		court/drunkeness
6	Earl		John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Edney		John		Camden/ land grant
7	Edney		William		Camden/ land grant
7	Everden		Mr		congratulatory address to King
6	Ewin		John		court/recieving/aquitted
6	Ewin		Rose		court/receiving/aquitted

3	Fairfowl	Dr		passenger/NSW to England
6	Farrell		convict		escapee from hulk/recaptured
6	Farrell		Wm		indicted for stealing money
6	Farris		Joseph		Syd/house burgled
1	Fennell		Robert		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
2	Field		John		aka John Dyke/arrested and jailed in 
					England/responsible for 'Swing" Riots
3	Fillow		Peter		court/stealing charges
6	Fishwick	Ned		court/fined
4	Fitz		Mary Jane	married Alexander McDougall
2	Fitzpatrick	Edward		resigned from police
4	Fleming		Joseph		married Phebe McGuiness
6	Fletcher	J		servant/passenger from Sydney
4	Flinn		Bartholomew	court/drunkeness
1	Flood		James		mentioned as a tenant
6	Forster		James		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Fowler		Anna		14yo/inquest/burnt
3	Fraser		Mr		Sydney Banker/legacy to poor at
					Montrose, Scotland in Will.
4	Freeman		Bridget		court/charged with insolence
7	Freeman		Elizabeth	court.assault charge
6	Freestone	George		in list of Deeds of Grants issued

7	Gaffrey (Gaffney?) Dennis	convict/theft of watch
4	Galloway	Catherine	ex Port Macquarie/court/drunkeness
2	Gape		W.T		marriage to Jane Jaques
4	Garrafield	John		court/theft from public house
2	Garvey		Michael		dismissed from water police
3	Geary		Daniel		constable/granted pension
7	Geoghegan	Patrick		Canada (3)/T.L cancelled
6	Gibbons		Mr		shipowner/vessel wrecked
7	Gibson		Dr		congratulatory address to King
4	Gibson		Edward		court/smuggling spirits
1	Girard		Mr		part of house blown down in storm
7	Glennie		Mr		congratulatory address to King
6	Godfrey		George		passenger to Sydney
4	Gould		v Neal		court case
1	Gordon		Mrs		Parramatta/black box for convict
					women's transport
3	Grady		Martin		court/beastial charge (2)
4	Graham		Thomas		Kinross/lawsuit
6	Green		Robert		Commission Agent/ad/.house to let
6	Greenway	Mr		passenger from Sydney
6	Gregory		James		receiving stolen cattle/Glenfield
6	Greville	Wm James	in list of Deeds of Grants issued
1	Grey		Charles Heath	title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
4	Grey		Jane		court/absent herself from service
6	Grover		Thomas		indicted for cattle stealing/Glenfield
4	Guy		Elizabeth Hann	court/bigamy charges/acquitted (2

1	Hall		George		title deeds granted/Co of Brisbane
4	Hall		George		Pitt Town/erected horse mill
7	Hall		Samuel		convict/court/attempted murder
3	Hamilton	John		court/convicted of larceny
7	Hammond		Edward		runaway convict from Bathurst/court
1	Hancey		Wm		property at Co Argyle mentioned
1	Hankinson	James		title deeds granted/Cumberland Co
3	Harper		George		court/stealing firewood
6	Harper		George		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
3	Harris		John		court/theft of sugar
6	Harrison	Mrs		passenger from Sydney
3	Hately		James		arrived 1796/receiving charges/court
4	Hawkins		Fred		court/drunkeness
2	Hayes		Michael		stopped by police/questioned
6	Hearty		Patrick		court/stealing porter
7	Hely		Frederic August	Northumberland Co/ land grants (2)
1	Hennessy	Mr		mentioned as tenant/Kent St
7	Hennessy			committed for manslaughter of Jackson
1	Heran		Matthew		title deeds granted/Bankstown
6	Herbert		Joseph		house robbed
4	Higgins		Honora		court/drunkeness
6	Hill		Margaret	absenting herself from work
6	Holding		Sarah		assignee to Mr Burroughs/charged
					with absconding
4	Holmes		Jane		court/drunkeness
3	Holman		Mr		celebrated blind traveller/arrived Syd
4	Holman		Mr		blind traveller/up country journey
6	Holman		Lt		'blind traveller".account of
4	Hone		William		ad./books for sale
6	Hosking		Mr		Pitt St/robbed
3	Hosten		George		court/theft of sugar
7	Howe		John		trustee of Davison estate
					trustee of Robinson estate
3	Howe		Robert		editor/his relative Edw Wills/
					committed suicide/England
4	Howard		Loomey		court/smuggling spirits
1	Howell		Peter		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
7	Howell		Peter		stock depasture licence/Camden
6	Hughes		John Terry	in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Hughes		& Hosking	King St/cottages to let
4	Hughes		& Hoskings	erecting new store
6	Humphreys	Thomas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
1	Hunt		Frederick	title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
4	Hunt		Mr		Goulbourn St.established Wesleyan
					Chapel at his premises
2	Hunter		Thomas		Asia (1)T/L granted
1	Hurd		Richard		title deeds granted/Cumberland Co
1	Hutchinson	William 	title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co (5)
2	Huxham		Thos Rowley	insolvent
4	Hyam		Mr		boot & shoemaker/robbed

6	Ibbottson	Joseph		in custody/arrived in 1813 then
					transported to VDL under the name
					of Thomas Lupton per Lady Harwood
1	Inch		Joseph		title deeds granted/Argyle Co
4	Ingliss		Thomas		ships agent/Syd
6	Innes		GEorge		court witness/Sydney
7	Innes		George		Cook Co/land grant
6	Innis		John		passenger to Sydney
4	Irving		Mary		court/drunkeness
6	Isaacs		Thomas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued

2	Jacques		Jane		marriage to W.T Gape
7	Jackson		William		native youth/inquest
6	James		John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	James		T.H		passenger from Sydney
4	James		T.H		ships agent/Syd
3	Jamieson	Sir John	horses Benelong & Tomboy arr Sydney
4	Jamieson	Sir J		offered 400 guineas for racehorse
6	Jamison		Sir J		his race horse "Bennelong" in races
6	Jilks		George		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Jilks		Mr		arrested spirit smugglers
1	Joblans		John		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
6	Johnson		Mr		passenger from Sydney
7	Johnstone	John		trstee of Davison estate.
6	Johnstone	Francis		court/highway robbery
2	Jones		Mr		designs new uniform for Mounted Police
6	Jones		Mr		tailor/George St/re Throsby cloth
4	Jones		Richard		ships agent/Sydney

4	Keble		Page		Calcutta - Lond/died on return voyage
4	Kello		Frederick	39h regt/treadmill sentence
1	Kelly		Hugh		title deeds granted/Agyle Co
4	Kelly		John		court/theft from public house
4	Kendall		Thomas		Title Deeds/Co of Camden
1	Kennedy		John		title deeds granted/Appin
1	Kenny		William		title deeds granted/Appin
4	Kentish		Nathaniel L	Parramatta/ad/lost filly
6	Kettle		Samuel		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
3	Kirk		Mr (jnr)	producer of colonial snuff
3	Klensendorffe	Mr		Sydney/court/stolen spirits
4	Klensendoriffe	MR		alledgedly received illegal spirits
4	Kinsella	Cath		court/drunkeness
4	Knapp		Edward J.H	Auctioneer Surveyor & Land Agent/Ad 
7	Knapp		MR		Ads/properties to Let or Sell.
6	Lamb		Mr		declines offer  to stand as the
					Directer of Bank of Aus
6	Lamb		Buchanan & Co	advert/prices for Aust produce
2	Lamb 		Buchanan & CO	ships agent/Sydney
2	Lamb		Buchanan & Co	merchandise for sale/ad
3	Lamb		Buchanan & Co	ships agents/Sydney/ad
4	Lamb		Buchanan & Co	ships agents.Syd
7	Lamb		Mr		declined  promotion for Bank of Aust
6	Lang		John		indicted for burglary
4	Lang		Dr		passenger/Syd to Downs
3	Lawton		Mr		producer of snuff
2	Lazarus		Mr		watchmakers apprentice wanted/ad
6	Lea		William		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Leadbetter	Benjamin	indicted for stealing a saddle
6	Leak		Jonathan	in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Leannie		david		assigned to R.Therry/court/assault
1	Leary		John		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
3	Leary		John		court/stealing a watch
6	Leigh		Mary		passenger to Sydney
7	Leuthwaite	William		appointed coroner Parramatta district
4	Levey		A		passenger/Syd to Lon
4	Levi		Mrs		passenger/Syd to England
1	Lindsay		Catherine	title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
3	Little		Stephen		court/stealing  (2)
7	"Little Butcher"		fight at racecourse/74 rounds
7	"Little Sam"			fight at racecourse/74 rounds
1	Lloyd		John Phillip	title deeds granted/Bankstown
3	Long		William		ad/spirits for sale
6	Longbottom	Joseph		desperate runaway-captured
7	Longbottom	John		court/runaway convict
2	Longhurst	William		came free/appointed Constable/Sydney
4	Longhurst	William		dismissed as constable/Sydney
3	Looker		D.A.C.G		passenger/arrives NSW
3	Looker		Mrs & 1 ch	passengers/arrives 
6	Love		Wm		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Lowry		John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Lupton				see Ibbotson
1	Lyons		S		auctioneer/ad (2)
2	Lyons		Samuel		auctioneer/ad/Madden's Farm
3	Lyons		Samuel		court NSW/owner of stolen gin

3	McArthur	Mr		passenger/NSW to England
4	McCabe		Felix		Brickfield HIll/burglary attempt
4	McCann		James		court/drunkeness
3	McCormick	Mr		shoemaker/entering charges
2	McDermott	Henry		marriage to Mrs Mgt Pickever
6	McDonald	Ann		assignee/court
1	McDonald	Wm		Ad/iron for sale
4	McDonald	Mr		Pitt Town/erected threshing machine
4	McDougall	Alexander	married Mary Jane Fitz
4	McFarlane	Cath		court/drunkeness/to the Factory
4	McFarquhar	Berthia		dau of John/married near Ediburgh
					to R.C. dela Condamine
2	McGarvie	Mr		pictures for sale/Scotland & Calcutta
6	McGarvie	W		advert/Aust stationers
6	McGravie	Wm		printer/dissolution of partnership
1	McGlynn		Francis		title deeds granted/Cumberland Co
1	McGuigan	Henry		title deeds granted/Appin
4	McGuiness	Phoebe		married Joseph Fleming
4	McIntyre	John		murdered
2	McIntyre	Mr J		Hunters River/murder divides region
3	McKinnen	Mrs		passenger/NSW to England
2	McLaren		John & Co	ships agent/Sydney
2	McLaren		John & Co	merchants Sydney/ad
4	McLaren		John & Co	ships agents/Syd
6	McLaren		convict		ex Norfolk Island/escaped hulk/
2	McLeay		Alexander	re tender for construction of drain
					for Military Barracks
3	McLeay		Alexander	re assignable fem.convicts per 
					Earl St Vincent
3	McLeay		Alexander	tender for conveyence of cedar
1	McLeod		Alexander	estate 'Luskintyre" sold
7	McLinn		James		runaway convict from Bathurst/court
6	McManus		Charles		indicted for assault with intent
4	McNaughton	& Rowell	attempted burglary at their premises
4	McRea		Mr		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
6	McVitie		Thomas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued

6	Mackaness	John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Macallister	Mr		congratulatory address to King
2	Madden's	Farm		near be auctioned
6	Maguire		Patrick		court/highway robbery
2	Manning		J.E		executor for J.T Campbell estate
7	Manning		J.E		sec/congratulatory address to King
4	Mansfield	Revd		conducted Wesleyan Service at Hunts
6	Marshall	George		court/theft/death sentence
1	Marshall	James		title deeds granted/Bankstown
7	Maughan		John Thos	Northumberland Co/ land grant
2	Mayo		James		Neptune (2)/Constable/Sydney
1	Meehan		Thomas		title deeds granted/Bankstown
1	Meredith	Frederick	title deeds granted/Bankstown (2)
7	Merricks	Capt		congratulatory address to King
2	Merrill		Mr		fined/driving cattle between 3-4 pm
2	Merritt		Eliza		marriage to Francis Mitchell
3	Meyrick		Lt Thos		apptd. resident magistrate/Campbell Town
6	Middleton	Thomas Wm	in list of Deeds of Grants issued
2	Miller		Mr		Macquarie St/dancing lessons/ad
2	Mitchell	Francis		marriage to Eliza Merritt
3	Mitchell	Francis		Sydney/court/gives evidence
6	Mitchell	Joseph		theft from in 1830
2	Mitchell	Major		builds new aviary.first in colony
2	Mitchell	William		came free/appointed to water police
2	Mitchell	William		dismissed from water police
1	Mollett		John		title deeds granted/Bankstown
7	Monk		Thomas		court/absenting himself from work
2	Montague	Hugh		Recovery (2)/Constable/Sydney
2	Montague	Hugh		dismissed from police force
4	Moore		Charles		attacked by ruffian
6	Moore		C.D		his race horse "Brutus"
7	Moore		Mr		Acting Attorney General-Supreme Court
1	Moore		Thomas		title deeds granted/Bankstown
2	Moriarty	Edward		Countess of Harcourt (2)/
					appointed Constable/Sydney
1	Morgan		Richard		title deeds granted/Bankstown
4	Morgan		Sarah		court/absenting herself from service
					relative of Mr Jones
4	Morgan		William		salt for sale/ad
1	Morris		Daniel		title deeds granted/Appin
2	Morris'		Farm		near Liverpool. to be auctioned
4	Morris		William		court/drunkeness
3	Morrison	John		court/convicted of stealing
3	Mosmon		Messrs		established black whale fishery/NZ
2	Moyan		Mr & Mrs & 8 ch	passengers/Liverpool to Syd via Hobt
4	Muir		Mr		Maitland/court witness
3	Murphy		James		court/convicted of larceny
6	Murphy		Margaret	drunkeness
2	Murray 		v Dereare	perjury case
4	Murry		& McDougall	creditors Tasmania/sold business

6	Norman		John		Moreton Bay/assaulted 1830 by 
					Charles McManus/court
7	North		Mr		congratulatory address to King
4	Nott		Thos Edw	daughter burnt in fire (10yo)(2)
6	Nowlan		John		Liverpool/saddle stolen from

1	Oatley		James		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
4	Oliver		T		found stolen spirits
7	O'Neil		John		arrested for drunkeness
7	Ormond				court/drunkeness
4	Orr		Constable	court witness
6	Owen		Mrs		passenger to Sydney

6	Palmer		G.T		ad/reward for strayed horse
6	Palmer		James		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Pamington			tailor/master of Chas Davis
6	Pardon		Wm		prisoner/charged with stealing
6	Pasfield	Samuel		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Payne		Maria		"Earl of Liverpool"/court
4	Pearson		J		Market St Merchant/ad
3	Peckham		John		court/convicted of larceny
6	Peckham		Wm		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Penning		George		court/absenting himself
7	Phillips	Michael		receiver of Solomon debts
6	Phillips	Wm		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Phillips	Mr		accidently shot by Lt Blackburn
3	Philmore	John		court/57th regt/witness
2	Pickever	Mrs Margt	marriage to Hy McDermott
6	Pitman		T.G		passenger from Sydney
4	Pitt		Kate		court/drunkeness
2	Porchmouth	James		(dcd) sale on farm
4	Pratt		Lt J.C		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
6	Pretty		James		court/highway robbery
6	Price		J (snr)		jockey "Counsellor"
3	Pritchard	Jacob		court/obtaining under false pretences
					aka named as James (2)
4	Pritchett	J.R		General Collecting Clerk/ad
					Land & Commission Agent/ad
2	Purcell		John		auction on Porchmouth Farm
3	Purcell		William		court/stealing money (2)
7	Putney				court/drunkeness
4	Pye		Joseph		Title Deeds/Co of Westmoreland

4	Quigley		Mary		court/drunkeness
4	Quigley		Mr		Market St/missing property

4	Radcliffe	Bridget		court/insubordination
7	Rankin		George		stock depaster licence/Jedburgh
6	Rashton		Mary		refusing to obey orders
6	Read		Samuel		auctioneer/sale/advert
2	Read		Samuel		obtains auctioneers licence/ad
7	Ready		Mary		court/drunkeness
7	Redman		John		re settlement of debts and claims
6	Redmond		Rebecca		drunkeness
1	Reynolds	Charles		title deeds granted/Bankstown
1	Reynolds	William		title deeds granted/Bankstown
1	Richards	George		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
3	Richards	James		Windsor/suicide
7	Ridley		William		court/possession of skeleton key
3	Riley		W		passenger/NSW to England
2	Risley		Mr		pursued by police
4	Roberts		Charles		dismissed as constable/Sydney
6	Roberts		Jane		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Robertson	James		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
3	Robertson	John		court/gives evidence 
1	Robertson	Srgt		39th Reg/presented with silver cup
7	Robinson	John		South Creek/death/estate
3	Robinson	William		court/convicted of larceny
4	Ross		Hamilton	convict/runaway/court witness
4	Rossi		Capt		mentioned in court case
6	Rush		Henry		jockey on "Brutus"
6	Rutledge	Alexander	in list of Deeds of Grants issued (2)
3	Ryan		James		court/larceny
6	Ryder		Thomas Urmson	joins carpenters firm

7	Samet		Benjamin	red haired Huangrian/shopman/court
1	Sandwell	Mr		his longroom used for Baptist meeting
6	Sandwell	Mr		publican/sale of merchandise
4	Sappey		James		resigned as constable/Sydney
2	Scott		Archdeacon	passenger/Leith to Australia
4	Semphill	Mrs.H.C		birth of son
1	Sharp		William		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
3	Shean		William		court/gives evidence
3	Shee		Catherine	Sydney/court/witness
3	Shee		Margaret	Sydney/witness in court
4	Shepherd	Thomas		Darling Nursery/letter re grape blight
6	Sheppard	Wm		indicted for receiving stolen goods
1	Simpson		Edward		title deeds granted/Appin
4	Simpson		S.S.		married Emma Williams
3	Sleeman		Lt James	26th Regt/arr NSW
3	Slodden Castle	D.A.C.G		passenger/arrives NSW

7	Smith		Henry		receivor of Solomon debts
6	Smith		John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Smith		John		T.L holder/arrested for assault
2	Smith		Joseph	jnr	lost dees to Hawkesbury Farm
1	Smith		Bros		Macquarie Place/ad/porter wanted
4	Smith		Matthew		court/theft from public house
3	Smith		Mr		passenger/NSW to England
3	Smith		Mr		passenger/NSW to England
1	Smith		Robert		title deeds granted/Co of Roxburg
7	Smith		Sydney		riotous and drunk/arrested
7	Smith		Thomas		receiver of Solomon debts

6	Snell		John		aiding and abetting murder
3	Snodgegrass	Lt Col		attends riots Co Kent/br Brigade Major
7	Solomon		Emanuel		shopkeeper/assignment of debts
2	Solomon		Ikey		captured/Hobart
2	Solomon		Francis Girard	insolvent
4	Spark		A.B		merchant/ad
6	Spark		A.B		advert
2	Sperin		James		Mangles (2)Constable/Sydney
3	Spicer		Thomas		Commission Agent/advert
6	Stack		Thomas		passenger to Sydney
4	Starkey		J		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
7	St Clair	William		Phoenix (3)/T.L cancelled
4	Stephens	Stokes & McGarvie  printers/ad
2	Stephens	Judge		farm adjoins Morris Farm/Liverpool
7	Stephen		Justice		Supreme Court
7	Stephen		Sydney		congratulatory address to King
2	Stephens	Stokes & McGarvie Printers/Ad
6	Stephens	Ward		printer/dissolution of partnership
6	Steward/Stewart	Winifred	drunkeness
4	Stewart		Mr		passenger/Syd to London
1	Stewart		William		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
6	Stokes		Fred Mich	printer/dissolution of partnership
6	Stranger	Edward		court/receiving stolen cattle/Glenfield
6	Street		Thomas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
2	Stuart		Mr		pursued by police/Sydney
6	Sullivan	James		court/fined
3	Sullivan	John		court/stealing charges
2	Sutland		Mr		policeman/stopped suspicious characters
3	Sweeney		Mrs & 2 ch	passengers/arrived NSW

6	Tawell		John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
2	Taylor		James		Tottenham T/L granted
7	Terry		Samuel		congratulatory address to King
6	Thomas		James		indicted for stealing in dwellinghouse
6	Thomas		John		indicted for cattlestealing/Glenfield
4	Thomas		Mr		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
4	Thompson	William		court/TL holder/forgery
4	Thornton	MR		wardsman/cleaned up Castlereigh St
6	Throsby		Charles		Glenfield/his cattle stolen
6	Throsby		Mr		his wool manufactured into bluecloth
7	Thurston	Mr D		schoolteacher/late occupier of house
1	Tomlins		George		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co.
7	Townsend	Morris		Wollombi/licence
7	Troy				assigned servant/court/robbery charges
2	Tucker		Mr		rents cottage Market St/to be sold
1	Tull		S		property at Co Argyle mentioned
4	Turnbull	Thomas		court/drunkeness
2	Turner		John		dismissed from police force
7	Turnley				assigned servant/court/robbery charges
6	Tyrill		George		in list of Deeds of Grants issued

6	Underwood	Mr		passenger to Sydney
2	Uthers				merchants/Syd/ad/hats for sale
4	Uthers 		Mr		hat manufactory/opossum skins wanted

4	Vaux		Hardy		third time transported as convict/
					history of. (2)

6	Wall		Thomas		youth/duel
4	Walmer		G		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
6	Walters		Thomas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
7	Warburton	Thomas		court witness
4	Ward		Joseph		appointed constable/Sydney
1	Wardell		Dr		Petersham/sheep attacked by dogs
7	Wardell		Dr		Supreme Court.
7	Wardell		Dr		master of Benj Samet/court case
3	Warner		John		court NSW/theft charge
6	Wass		Isabella	drunkeness and assault
6	Watches		Walter		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Watt		H		Phillip St/calf skins wanted
7	Watt		H		purchase of calf skins/ad
6	Webber		William		General Stewart/T.L cancelled
1	Weedon		Thomas		title deeds granted/St Lawrence Co
6	Weedon		Thomas		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
6	Wemyess		Wm		in list of Deeds of Grants issued (2)
6	Weymess		v Ingliss	dispute over turkey
4	Wellington	Ben		'one eyed old codger'/court/theft
4	Wentworth	D'Arcy		estate/horses for sale
3	West		Dr		passenger/NSW to England
6	Whealy		alias Whalen	John/indicted for murder
3	Whitaker	Henry		chemist/ad/moved residence
4	Whitaker	Henry		chemist/Parramatta/ad
6	White		James		his race horse "Bay Camerton"
7	Wilkinson	Francis		court/stealing wood
4	Williams	Emma		married S.S Simpson
6	Williams	John		in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Williams	Margaret	court/drunkeness
2	Wills		Mrs		George St/wheelwrights wanted
4	Wilshire	Mr		Brickfields/robbed
4	Wilshire	Mr R		passenger/Hobart to Sydney
6	Wilson		C & S		merchants/advert
6	Wilson		C.A		Emu Ferry/ad/situation wanted
4	Wilson		Mary		court/lunatic tendencies
4	Wilson		Mr,Mrs & Miss	passenger/Hobart to Sydney
1	Windsor		Mr		purchased 'Luskintyre' estate
4	Winters		Mary		court/larceny
7	Woodbury	Richard		Mangrove Creek/licence
7	Wright		Captain		congratulatory address to King
6	Wylde		Sir John	in list of Deeds of Grants issued
4	Whylete		John		horse racing
7	Wyatt		Mr		Pitt St/house burgled

6	Yates		Catherine	court/theft/guilty
6	Young		James		in list of Deeds of Grants issued

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