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Tasmania - 1833.
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The following is a list of people mentioned in advertisements from Launceston newspapers for the year 1833.Advertisments can be used to determine residencies,occupations, family disharmony, social discord, the creation of civic establishments and reveal the business and social structure of a region.
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Surname		Firstname 	Reference/Place

Abrahams	Thomas		died intestate/admin.granted.
Adams		John		Inn Keeper
Allan		George		Laun-Georgetown roads committee
Alsop		George		dismissed as Constable.
Amos		Adam		apptd/Chief Dist.Constable.
Ash		James		died intestate/admin.granted.
Ashburner	William		"Stillwood"/overseer wanted.
Ashton		John		Laun/house to Let.
Atkinson	John		Roads Committe/North Esk
Aylwin		George		Inn Keeper
Aylwin		George		Tallow Chandler/advt.
Ayton		R.M		committee/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.

Backus		Mrs		Milliner & Dressmaker/Laun
Baker		Geo		resided near Curramore.
Ball		Mr		Middle Plain property to be sold up
Bangrove	William		partnership dissolved.
Bangrove	Thos.		house to let.
				-partnership dissoved
Bannister	Thomas		apptd.Sheriff of VDL
Barclay		Andrew		Cambrook/robbed
Barrett		Miss E		Fancy Dress Maker/Milliner
Barrett		William		reward for stolen goods.
Bartley		T.B		commitee/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
Battey		Jonathn		dismissed from Police.
				-dismissed from police.
Baynton		H.		Laun/opening butcher shop.
Baynton		Henry		dismissed Matthews as agent.
Beard		James		resigned from Police
Beauvais	L		Attornty for VDL establishment.
Belfour		Richard		commences as Dyer & Renewer/
Best		Charles		notice to Robert Smieth.
Best		James		apptd.Postmaster/Norfolk Plains
Bett		J.W		Laun/furniture sale.
Beveridge	A		Laun/miller wanted.
Billett		Susan		body disinterred/Clarence Plains
Bolton		William		Inn Keeper
Bonnelly	W		committee/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
Bonney		Joseph		Wood Hall/stud horse 4 hire.
Booth		Charles O Hara	apptd Justice of the Peace.
Boyd		Capt		President/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
Bray		William		died intestate/admin.granted.
Briggs		Wm		Laun/sheep wanted.
				_'Manchester House"/merchant.
Britton		Samuel		bushranger/reward offered.
Brodie		G.S		Laun/auctioneer/advts.
				-transfer of Inn licence.
Brown		John Anderson	Laun/Lime wanted.
Brown		W.H		Laun/credit caution/wife absconded
Browne		W.H.		"Hampden Vale"/to Let.
Browne		Francis.E.D	Agent & Advocate/Court of Requests.
Browne		J.A		builder/advt.
Browne		Jeremiah	alias "Black"/absconded with Mrs Yorke
Browne		St John E	merchant/Laun/adv.
Brownell	Joseph		died intestate/admin.granted.
Bryan		Wm		Clarence Plains land to let.
				-Clarence Point/stockman wanted.
				-Clarence Point/land for sale.
				-Glenore/cattle sale
				-100acres/The Swamp? to Let.
				-20 emigrants wanted.
Buist		Mr		sold up by Major McLeod.
Burgess		George		personal notice.
Burns		Cornelius	(free)/appointed Constable.
Burns		James		died intestate/admin.granted.
Burt		J		Laun/ bread & biscuit maker.
				-store to Let.
Burton		J		resigned from Police.
Butler		& Co		Cabinetmakers/Laun./adv.
Buxton		Thos		resigned from police.
				-replaced at Little Swan Point.

Cable		George		died intestate/admin.granted.
Caesar		Charles		resigned from police.
Campbell	Mr		329a sold up by McLean./Laun.
Candy		Henry		appointed to police.
Carler		Wm		appointed as Constable
Carolan		Patk		innkeeper
				-found stray dog/Prospect Hill
Cathcart	G.C		Custom House & Commission agent.
				-opening public exchange.
Cathcart	G		butter and ale for sale.
				-4 oared gig for sale.
				-contract for erection of store.
Champion	F		Agent/Auctioneer/Appraiser/Laun.
				-moved premises.
Chaplain	Charles		dismissed from police
Chaplain	Thomas		appointed to police.
Chilcott	Charles 	overseer/Richard White
Christie	John		innkeeper
Clarke		Richard		bullock to be sold up.
Clayton		H		Norfolk Plains/overseer wanted.
Clayton		Henry		opened General Store/Norfolk Plains
Clitherow	Thomas		died intestate/admin.granted.
Coghlan		John		(free)/appointed Constable
Connolly	John		Innkeeper
Consedine	Benjamin	apptd to police.
				-dismissed from police.
Corbett		James		storekeeper/Laun/trespass warning.
				-residence to Let
Cooney		Fredk		Laun.
Cooper		Thomas		wellsinker/Contract with Rev Browne.
Couling		Robert		commences conveyance Laun.-Perth.
Coulson		George		752 acre farm to Let/Tamar east.
Corroll		Patrick		dismissed from Police
Cox		James		chairman/Launceston Races
Cox		J		race Ball & Supper committee
				-M.C for Cornwall Turf Club
Cox		J.E		caution/mail only on carts/no pass.
Cowburn		Robert		resigned from police.
Crawley		F.S		late residence for sale/Laun.
Creswell	Elliott		appointed as Constable
Creswell	James		appointed as Constable
Cummings	Mrs		former wife of Charles Smith
Cunnimgham	James		estate administration.
Cunningham	Mr		crops to be sold up.
Curr		Edward		deputised agents for VDL CO.
Curry		Archibald	re Dr Westbrook and wifes death.

Dalrymple	Pat		Laun/trespass caution.
Daley		Timothy		Roads Committe/North Esk
Daly		Timothy		his residence converted to school
Daniels		John		"Ferry House"/land for sale
Davis		Henry		Innkeeper
				-Hats for sale.
Davis		H		Auctioneer
Davis		J		Laun/bricks for sale.
Day		Mr		Tamar farm to be sold up.
				-property auctioned.
Dean		Wm		Commission Stables/Laun.
De Dassell	Dr		lectured on Natural Philosophy
				-Vice Pres/Treas/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
Dodery		G		Ball & supper to be held/
				to be sold up.
Dowell		Edwd		apptd Solicitor.Gen. & Crwn Sol.
Dowling		H		Secty/Sunday School/Laun
Dowling		John		appointed to police.
Dowsett		Misses		established Young Ladies ed.institn.
Dowsett		S.B		payment caution to customers.
				-Tutor wanted
				-pocketbook found.
				-retires from Laun.Independent.
				-late residence To Let.
Drake		John		painter/commences business/Laun
Drant		Wm		leaving colony/PN
Drummond	Alex		estate sale postponed.
Dudley		Thomas		Inn Keeper
Dugan		Michael		Breadalbane/trespass caution
Duggett		Geo		appointed to Police.
Duggin		Wm		dismissed from police.
Dumeresque	Edw		proceeding to NSW for health.
Dunlop		Mr		Wellington to be sold up.
Dunn		John		innkeeper
Dutton		Mr		Launceston races
Dutton		T		race Ball & Supper committee
				-Laun-Georgetown roads committee

Earls		James		innkeeper
Ebden		C.H		merchants/Laun/adv.
Eddie		John.A		erects wool press at store/Laun.
				-sale/Newham Park/sheep
Eddison		John		died intestate/admin.granted.
Ellison		Wm.Gore		"Classical Academy Grammer School"
Emmett		Henry James	replaced as Clerk of the Peace.
England		James		apptd.Police Magistrate/New Nofolk
				-apptd COmmisioner Court of Requests
Evans		William		Laun/Baker/butter supplier wanted.
Evans		Wm.Haydon	died intestate/admin.granted.

Facy		Peter		died intestate/admin.granted.
Fairweather	Thomas		-apptd J.P for VDL
				-apptd. Commiss.Gen.Court of Requests
				 New Norfolk.
Fawkner		John jnr	commences conveyance Laun - Perth
				-Tradesman Ball
				-Launceston Reading Rooms.
Fawkner		John		Laun/Horticultural Establishment.
Fenner		James		Inn Keeper
Fenton		Charles		appointed as Constable
Ferguson	Edward		commencing as Vetinary Surgeon.
Flaherty	Captn Thos	dispute with friend.
Flood		John		appointed to police.
Fletcher	James		"Longford Cottage"/sale.
Flexman		James		Laun/storekeeper.advt.
Flexman		Mr		moved premises.
Fogarty		John		resided near Curramore.
Forster		R.C		Estate sale by Trustees.
Foster		Mr		storekeeper/being sold up.
Franscombe	J		appointed Javelin Man
Freestone	Charles		apptd.Postmaster/George Town
Friend		Capt. (R.N)	imported carriage used by Fawkner.
				-lectured on Natural Philosophy
				-resided on the banks of Tamar riv.
				-assisted in rescue.
Friend		Matthew.Curl.	Laun-Georgetown roads committee
Fullarton	William		died intestate/admin.granted.
Furlong		John		Tailor/house to let

Gardiner	John		storekeeper/Ross/relinquishing busnss
				-retiring to Hobart/sale
Garrett		Jacob Mount	died intestate/admin.granted.
Gellibrand	v Hume		credit dispute.
Gill		George		appointed to police.
Gilles		Lewis		Bank of VDL /shares due
				-Sec. Steam Navigation Co.
Gleadow		J.W		Chairman/Cornwall Bank
Gooch		Mr		Laun/residence to be sold.
Goodwin		Wm.L		will run cutter Laun - George Town.
Goodwin		W.L		giving up business/sale.
				-stores to let.
Goodwin		William Edw	died intestate/admin.granted.
				-creditors sale.
Gosling		T		dismissed from Police.
Gothard		W		resigned as Javelin Man.
Gough		W.H		Roads Committe/North Esk
Gow		John		strayed mare.
Grant		William		appointed to police.
Greaves		Miss		Milliner & Dressmaker/Laun.
Gresley		W.J		apptd.Collecting Clerk/Bank of VDL
Gribble		Wm		appointed Javelin Man
Gunn		R.C		Sec/Sunday School/Laun.

Hackett		James		Derwent distillery.
Hall		J.C		(free)/resigned as Constable.
Hamilton	W.J		Inspector of Stock/Westbury
				& Inspector of Police/Norf.Plains.
Handy		James		resigned from police.
Hardy		John		"Curramore"/workers wanted.
Hardwick	Mr		steward/Launceston races
Hardwick	C.B		race Ball & Supper committee
				-Comm./Cornwall Turf Club
Harvey		Mrs		opens Young Ladies establishment.
				see also Harvie.
Harvey		Richard		coachmaker/Laun/
Harvie		Mrs		'Westmoreland House'moving school
				-to open soon/advt.
Hawkins		Robert		apptd.Constable/Little Swan Point.
Heany		Richard		Perth/Government Punt repaired.
Henting		Wm		appointed to Police.
Henty		Charles		applies for position/Cornwall Bank
Henty		Jas		treasurer/Launceston races
				-apptd J.P for VDL
				-on Committee for Cornwall.Ag.Socty
Henty		J & C		ships agents/Laun.
				-Lathe & carriage for sale.
				-cutter Fanny for sale/26+ tons.
Henty		Thos		stud horse/Young Wanderer.
				-J.P/Cornwall Turf Club
Hepburn		Robert		appointed J.P for V.D.L
Hewitt		Gore & Co	Ships' Agents.
Hill		James		Roads Committe/North Esk
Hill		John		Laun/cabinetmaker/commences buss.
Hill		John		inn-keeper
Hinksman	Henry		creditors please present claims.
Hodges		Daniel		establishes Norfolk Plains Turf Club
Hogg		Gavin		Camp.Town/house and land for sale.
Hooper		James		died intestate/admin.granted.
Hornbuckle	Wm		appointed to Police.
Hortle		James		C.D Constable/Norfolk Plains/
Hubbard		George		Inn Keeper
Hudson		Mrs		opening young ladies establishment.
Hume		Mr		property to be sold up.
Hutchson	John Hinks	-apptd J.P for VDL
				-Circular Head/watches missing.
				-appointed for VDL CO.
Hutton		William		resigned as Postmaster/Brighton
Hyrons		Benjamin	innkeeper
				-please present accounts.

Inall		Mr		George St property to be sold/Laun
Inglebert	R		appointed to Police.

Jacobs		P		committee/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
Jeffreys	Charles		died intestate/admin.granted.
Jennings	& Co		merchants/advt.
Jennings	Hamilton & Co	merchants/advt
Jennings	Henry		2 famrs to Let/North Esk
Johnson		Thos		apptd Constable.
Johnson		William		appointed Postmaster/Brighton
Jones		Wm		Clerk/St Johns Church/Pew Rents Due
Joseph		Philip		credit caution/wife Cathn.absconded
				-house  & land for sale.

Kavanagh	Mr		Magpie Hill/wheat to be sold up.
Keenan		John		dismissed from Police.
Keheler		James		appointed to police.
Kelly		Thomas		Inn-Keeper
Kennedy		David		Cornwal Bank/cashier wanted.
				-applies for position/Cornwall Bank
Kenny		Mr		old man/horse purchase caution.
Kent		C.S		Laun.cottage to Let.
Kenworthy	Wm		tender/Parsonage Hut/Norfolk Plains.
				-Inspector of Works/Laun.
Kneale		Wm		resigned as Postmaster/George Town
Knight		Mr		Storekeeper/to be sold up.

Lambe		William		died intestate/admin.granted.
Lambert		William		commences as blacksmith./Laun
Lancey		& Maddox	Laun/Merchants/sale
Lancy		J H		apptd Pilot/Port Dalrymple.
				-partnership with Maddocks dissolved
Langlo		Frederick	died intestate/admin.granted.
Landale		MR		-on Committee for Cornwall.Ag.Socty
Lansdale	Thos		Roads Committe/North Esk
Laughton	John		died intestate/admin.granted.
Lawrence	W.E		Roads Committe/North Esk
Lawson		Richard		establishes Norfolk Plains Turf Club
				-Clerk of Course/Cornwall Turf Club
Leach		J		committee/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
Leake		John		apptd.Police Magistrate/George Town
Leith		Mr		apptd.Postmaster/Westbury.
Lempriere	Thomas		died intestate/admin.granted.
Lennon		Peter		appointed to police.
Lette		Elizabeth	"Curramore"/trespass caution
				-lost parcel.
Lette		P		Curramore/reward 4 slaughtered sheep
Lighford	James		wife Elizabeth absconded/credit caut.
Longworth	John		apptd Constable.
Lucas		George		Inn Keeper
Lyford		Mr		George St property to be sold up.
Lyford		James		credit caution/wife Eliz.absconded.

McCandies	James		died intestate/admin.granted.
McDonald	Allan		to pay claim/store debts
McDonald	Roderick	Innkeeper
McDowell	Edward		apptd acting Attorney General.
McGuire		Robert		died intestate/admin.granted.
McIntyre	Archibald	apptd/Postmaster/Fingal
McKenzie	Kenneth		"Defiance"/Thanks to helpers.
McKiernan	Bryan		appointed to Police.
McLeod		Major		Talisker/thrashing machine 4 sale
				-Perth Mill to Let.
McLeod		Donald		Perth/sheep attacked.
McQueen		A		appointed to Police.
McManus		Terence		dismissed from police.

Machrair	John		-apptd J.P for VDL
Maddox		George Thos	died intestate/admin.granted.
Maddocks	R.H		committee/Laun.Aux.Temp.Soc.
				-partnership with Lancy dissolved.
Main		John		Merchant/ad
Mann		Mr		leaving colony/present claims.
Marriott	Thomas		Inn-keeper
Marshall	John		Tailor/commences business.
Mason		William		Innkeeper/cottage to let
				-Reward for robbery.
				"Half Farm" trespass caution.
Matthews	Slevington	authorised by Baynton to purchase
				stock for the latters business.
				-dismissed by Baynton as agent.
Mellish		William		Laun/stablekeeper.
				-horse purchase caution
Mellish		Mr		Inn=keeper
Mills		George		died intestate/admin.granted.
Monnigin	Alexander	to claim dray
Monds		Mr		household effects for sale.
Montague	Algernon	apptd. Puisne Judge/Supreme Court.
Moore		Adam		Watchmaker/moved premises/Laun
Moore		John		sues Mr Mellish/innkeeper.
Moulden		John		dismissed from police.
Mulgrave	P.A		Commissioner/Court of Requests
Munce		Samuel		merchant/Laun/adv.
Murdoch		J.Wallace	Hon.Sec.Turf Committee/Hobart
Murray		David		"Twickenham"/Brewery and house 4 sale

Nathan		B		commences as French Polisher/Laun.
Neilly		Wm		replaced as Ordnence Storekeeper.
Neilson		Andrew		executor of Towers estate/Laun (2)
Newman		Richard		apptd/Chief Constable/Tasmans Penins.
Newman		W		Laun/Gas Iluminator./adv
Newman		W.		Woodturner/commencing business.
Nowlan		T		Native Point/rams for sale.
Nugent		Peter		irish convict/absconded from employr

O'Brien		Catherine	died intestate/admin.granted.
O'Ferrell	Rollo		suspended as Collector of Customs
Osborne		Matthew		died intestate/admin.granted.

Paget		Mark		reward for broken window.
Paine		Henry Hammond	Laun/employment wanted.
Parsons		Wm		died intestate/admin.granted.
				-indenture caution.
Patterson	Wm		died intestate/admin.granted.
Peck		J		Patersons Plains/cattle driven off.
Perkins		Enoch		absconded from Port Arthur
Phillipson	James		Currier & Leather Cutter/opening.
Pitt		Richard		reward/rumours of leaving colony.
Powell		Mr & Mrs	run Norfolk Plains educ.institution
Powell		J		resigned/Postmaster/Norfolk Plains
Powlett		James		"Cleghorn"/oat & hay for sale.
Pratt		S		dismissed from Police.
Priaulx		Henry		Secty of Bible Society/Laun.
Pringle		Robert Stuart	secretary/Launceston races
Proctor		William		appt.Collector of Customs

Radcliffe	Charles		Licence transfer application for Inn.
Radnor		Thomas		apptd Constable.
Redford		George		inn for sale.
				-Inn Keeper
Reed		Henry		going to England/sale.
Reiby		J.H		ships agent
				-let wharf premises to J.Burt.
				"Cummings Folly/trespass caution.
Reynolds	David		appointed Javelin Man
Ridley		Phillip		resigned as postmaster/Westbury
Riley		Philip		resigned/Inspector of Police.
Roberts		John		died intestate/admin.granted.
Roberts		Joseph		died intestate/admin.granted.
Robertson	Charles		died intestate/admin.granted.
Robertson	J & D		bricks wanted.
				-house contractors.
Robson		Mr		clerk/Launceston races
Robson		Mr		"Boyden Hill"/ farm "Longlea" 4 sale.
				-reward for stolen sheep.
Rogers		James		appointed as Constable
Rose		Alexander	Inn-keeper
				-"Cora Lynn'/will close old road.
Ross		Hugh 		apptd.Clerk of the Peace  &
				Registrar of Court of Requests.
				-apptd.Crown Solicitor.
Rossiter	Thomas		appointed to police.
Russell		Archibald	Laun/blacksmith/shop to let.
				-shop let
				-retires from business
Russell		Alexander	agent for Mr Dowsett.

Scott		George		Mt Morrison/agent for Robson
Scott		James		died intestate/admin.granted.
Scott		Thomas		died intestate/admin.granted.
Scott		T		Laun/300a farm to Let.
Scott		Thomas		ships agent/Laun.
Semes		Thos.		absconded from Port Arthur
Sherlock	Samuel		George Town/land for sale.
Sherwin		Isaac		cottage to Let.
				-gigs/carts for sale.
Simpson		Alex.		died intestate/admin.granted.
Simpson		Mr		transferred to Hobart.
Simpson		John		indenture caution.
Simpson		T.C  (dcd)	estate sale.
Smee		J.C		resigned as bank clerk.
Smith		Charles		wife m Thomas Cumming/debts to
				be presented
Smith		J		appointed Javelin Man.
Smith		Joseph		resigned from police .
Smith		Mary		gun found in her Flats (land).
Smith		Thomas		apptd.Controller.
Smith		William		Commiss.Agent & General Salesman/Ad
Smythe		Mr		"Collegiate".male education institn.
				-term vacation cancelled.
Smythe		B		Surveyor/opened office/Laun.
Smythe		H.W.H		Surveyor/opened office/Laun.
Solomon		J & J		merchants/adv.
				-ships agents.
Sommerville	Mr		Tanner/hides,salt and skins wanted.
Spence		Ann		wife of Joseph/Free Pardon
Spencer		Francis		shoemakers wanted.
Sprunt		Mr		tenders 4 Pulpit & Pews/Scots church.
Stanfield	Daniel		died intestate/admin.granted.
Stanfield	D		Clarence Plains/barley fired/reward.
Stephens	Edw.		repalced as Solicitor General.
Stevens		John		"Penny Royal Swamp"/cattle caution
Stewart		Robert		secretary/Launceston races
Stonehouse	Robert		boat for sale 15-20 tons.
Strachan	Robert		died intestate/admin.granted.
Stuart		Robert Pringle	Secretary of Laun.races.
				-Roads Committe/North Esk
				-Laun-Georgetown roads committee
				-Sec/Cornwall Turf Club.
Sutherland	Donald		cattle driven off run.
Symonds		E		Patersons Plains/poundkeeper
Sweetland	James		dismissed from police.

Taylor		George		died intestate/admin.granted.
Thomas		Evan Hy		Laun/garden robbed/reward
Thompson	Thomas		sevant to T.Richie/cattle sold up.
Tinnock		William		pooundkeeper/Ellerslie.
Toosey		J.D		VDL Co Attorney./bullocks missing
Towers		Robert		Dcd/Estate creditors' meeting.(2)
Tremlett	Wm		takes over Launceston Independent.
				-to open Male Academy./Laun
Tyson		Wm		joiner/Laun/new premises

Umphelby	Ed.Wm		inn keeper
Underwood	C		2000 acre farm to let.
		J.C		Laun/moved premises

Vale		John		Campbell Town/residence for sale.
Vicary		Michael		apptd Ordnence Storekeeper .
Villiers de	C.L.D		establishing Wine Depot/Laun.

Waddle		Alexander	died intestate/admin.granted.
Waddle		Alexander	establishes Norfolk Plains Turf Club
Waddle		Richard		died intestate/admin.granted.
Wales		Robert		Laun-Georgetown roads committee
Walkinshaw	W		Laun./merchant/clearance sale.
				-moving sale.
				-moved to new premises
Wallace		John		resigned/postmaster/Fingal
Walson		Robert		died intestate/admin.granted.
Wardle		James.H		crew credit caution.
Waterson	James		died intestate/admin.granted.
Watson		Alex		died intestate/admin.granted.
Webb		John		died intestate/admin.granted.
Welsh		P.W		ships agent.
				-moved premises
Welsh		Capt		Estate sale.
Westbrook	Dr		wetnurse wanted.
		Dr Samuel	account of patient treatment.
Whitchurch	v Whitchurch	Laun/200a land to be sold.
Whitehead	Mr		innkeeper
White		R		Laun/gig for sale.
		Richard		-"York Park"/trespass caution.
Wickham		& Lumley	solicitors/money to lend.
Wilkes		Mr		Norfolk Plains/property to be sold up
Williams	Mr		storekeeper/Laun/sheep shears 4 sale.
				-Wellington St property to be sold up
Williams	David		Roads Committe/North Esk
Williams	R		resigned from Police.
Williams	T		Laun/merchant
Williat		George		Roads Committe/North Esk
				-Patersons Plains/notice to Monnigan
Williat		Newman		Longford Estate for sale.
Wilson		Alex		resided near Curramore.
Wilson		George		"Janefield"/rams for sale.
Wilsons		Brewery		lime for sale.
Wilton		William		Laun/Cabinet Maker/Rooms to Let
Wintle		S.J		leather for sale.
Wood		Samuel		died intestate/admin.granted.
Wood		William		died intestate/admin.granted.
Woodley		T		apptd Constable.
Worthy		Wm		died intestate/admin.granted.
Wyatt		John		Laun/cottage to let.

Young		Jack		resided near Curramore.
Yorke		Edmund		Laun/wife Elizabeth absconded

Hobart Town Monthly Magazine	commences publishing.
Hibernia			re survivors.(2)
Launceston Auxilary Temperence Society formed.
Scotch National Church to be opened

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