Newspaper Index, Births,Deaths & Marriages 1829

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The following indexes is of Births,Deaths and Marriages from the
Launceston Advertiser for the year 1829.
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Ash		James		27yo.died Tas[2]		D
Apsell		Abel						D
Ashton		Samuel		Syaley Wood-Cheshire		D

Baker		John		executed Tas			D
Balcombe	William		at Sydney			D
Bathurst	Rev.Rbt		England				D
Blake		Mrs		Georgetown			D
Boomer				native of Tasmania		D
Bree		Mary Anne	to Thos Prosser			M
Brett		Mr		soldier.Tas.shot by comrade	D
Brookes		Miss		of Denham Court m1828 to Wilson M
Browne		Rev.W.H		to Caroline Johnson Willis	M

Canning 	Capt		H.M.S.Alligator	 [2]		D
Chalmer		Mr		Mast of Royal Sovereign		D
Clark		Mr Launceston		D
Coleman		Asst Surg	40th reg			D
Cumming		James						D

Drummond	Mrs A		birth-Tas			B

Donatty		Mrs		Robert St.Bedford Rd.Eng.	D

Forbes		Sir Wm		Banker-Edinburgh		D

Garrett		Edward		of Hobart			D
Glasse		Mrs		to Thos Scott			M
Goolder		Mrs Susan	Norfolk Plains			D
Grattan		Mr		suicide-Tas			D
Griffiths	child		of Jonathan			D

Hales		James		North Esk			D
Hames		Mr		Macquarie St			D
Harrison	child		Elizabeth River Tas		D
Hase		Henry		chief cash.Bank of Engl		D
Headlam		Mary		dau of Thos Williams	M
Hull		Mrs George	birth of a son..Tas		B
Hutchison	John & Israel	Cowley House,.Sedgefield	D

Inall		Thos		to Elizabeth Yates		M

James		Thomas		St Pauls Plain			D
Johnson		Thomas		North Esk			D

Kenn		Alexander	Launceston	[2]		D
Kinsley		William		convict-Sth Esk			D

Langdon		Captain		ex Sea		D
Leary		Daniel		executed Tas			D
Lucas		Mr		Green Ponds-Tas			D

Mackey		Daniel		executed Tas			D
Miller		Mrs		wife of Thos-Nth Esk		D
Miller		Mrs		wife of Thos			D
Moore		Sir John	Battle of Corunna		D
Mount-Garrett	Mrs		wife of Dr.			D

Norman		Mrs		Tas				D

Page		Mr		Norfolk Plains			D
Palmer		George		executed Tas			D
Panton		Mr		Sydney-postmaster		D
Prest		Joseph		coxswain of Tas			D
Prosser		Thos		to Mary Anne Bree		M

Roberts		Miss		Launceston. to A.Walker		M
Robertson	Robert						D
Rogers		Thomas		executed Tas			D
Roper		Mr		died on journ to Hobart		D
Ross		Mr deaths	D

Sanderson	Thomas		of litery fame_Shieldgreen/Carl	D
Scott		Thomas		to Mrs Glasse-Launc		M
Shields		Bernard		executed.Tas			D
Sibbald		Captain		late Sydney postmaster		D
Simmons		Mr		at SYdney,son-in-law of Walford D
Smith		Edward						D
Stewart		Miss		of A.Thom		M
Stirling	Lt		murdered..of bro in West Aust	D
Stockers	T		wife of..death 1803 to PPhillip	D

Taylor		John		drowned				D
Thom		Archibald	to Miss Stewart of Maquarie	M
Thomson		Lt		death of dau Paterson's Plains	D
Thornhill	Lt		40th reg			D

Walker		A		to Miss Roberts.Launceston	M
Ward		Mr		servant of Mr Towers.Tas	D
Watkins		James		drowned				D
Williams	Thos		to Mary Headlam at Laun		M
Willis		Caroline	to Rev.Browne, in Tas		M
Wilson		Capt		48th Reg to Miss Brooks-1828	M

Yates		Edawrd		colonist..Tas			D
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