Births,Deaths and Marriages Index
1835 - 1840

Newspaper Index -Tasmania.

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©Jenny Fawcett - Genseek

The following list is for Births,Deaths and Marriages listed in the newspaper Cornwall Chronicle
for the years 14th Feb 1835 - Dec 1840 .Unless stated otherwise, the event occurred in Tasmania



Aikin		Mr		of the wharf.a daughter	B	37
Abbott		Louisa		to Joseph Penny		M	36
Adams		John		of Clarence Plains	D	36
Alexander	Ensign C	5th Royal Vet Battn.	D	36
Alexander	Constantia Matt	to Capt Geo Smith	M	39
Allan		Captain James	drowned in river.S.A	D	40
Allan		John		Adelaide/to Eliza Lipson M	40
Allan		William		convict/drowned		D	39
Allan		Wm Osborn	to Jemima Chris Thomson	M	40
Allen		Edward		servant/Freshwater/murd	D	40
Ameil		Hannah		wife of J./Launceston	D	40
Anderson	Elizabeth	to William Clark	M	37
Anderson	John Lillie	inft son of G.H/Hobart 	D	39
Anderson	W		seamn/drowned on the
				"Children" 		D	39
Andrews		James		carpenter on "Indian"	D	40
Anstey		Mrs Thomas	daughter		B	40
Anstey		Arthur Olipht	son of Thomas.19yo	D	38
Anstey		Thos Chisholm	Esq.Co Roscommon to 
				Harriett Strickland	M	40
Antoine		John		a negro.inquest		D	40
Archer		see 		Mrs James Winter	B	40
Archer		James Henry	son of Thos/inquest	D	39
Arthur		Mrs Charles	son - New Norfolk	B	37
Arthur		Charles		to Mary Reibey		M	36
Ashburner	Mary		9yo/dau of Wm		D	40
Atkinson	John		Hobart/41yo/w & 5 ch	D	39
Aughey		Isabella	to John Clarke		M	39
Ayton				executed/Launceston	D	35

Baker		Mr		drowned River Tamar	D	39
Barclay		Capt Andrew	81yo/Cambock		D	39
Barclay		James		to Ann Stevenson	M	40
Barclay		Mary		to J.R Kenworthy	M	37
Barclay		Mary		wife of Andrew/Cambock	D	39
Barfoot		Mrs		Hobart/dau		B	39
Barfoot		Mrs		Hobart/son		B	40
Barnard		Mrs G.H		North Adelaide/SB child	B/D	40
Bate		Richard E	to Caroline Lovett	M	39
Batman		Henry		Port Phillip		D	39
Bayles		James J		to Eleanor Headlam	M	39
Bayley		Nicholas Pag	to Ellen Dickenson	M	40
Beale		Katherine Ann	to John Burt/St Helena	M	40
Beale		Onesipherus J	bro of Catherine	D	39
Beaton		David		Adelaide/to Ms Carmichael  M	40
Bedford		Edward		to Mary Selby		M	36
Bedford		Eleanor		to Alfred Stephen	M	38
Bent		Mrs Andrew	Hobart/son		B	37
Beswick		Margaret	4yo 3m/Pattersons Plns	D	40
Bethune		Mrs		Hobart/daugh		B	39
Birchall	Elizabeth	to Thomas Risbay	M	40
Blackler	MR		drowned/River Tamar	D	37
Bland		James		convict's son/inquest	D	39
Bogle		Mrs John	Glasgow/son/husb in firm at Hobart
				of Kerr,Alexander & Co B	40
Bolger		Edward Ellis	to Anna M Whitfield	M	39
Boniface	Susan		to Charles Henty	M	35
Booth		Mr		inquest/wife & 4 ch	D	37
Booth		Mrs Capt James	Liverpool,NSW/Son	B	40
Bootle		Mr		drowned/Hanson's Creek	D	39
Bostock		Mr		near Campbell Town	D	38
Boucher		Mr		drowned River Tamar	D	39
Boyce		Mr Nairn	Hobart Town		D	40
Bradbury	Charles		to Julia Coverdale	M	39
Bragg		Capt		murdered at Sea		D	36
Bramish		Caroline	to John Tildesley	M	40
Brandon		Mr		overboard/Kangaroo Point to
				Hobart Town		D	38
Bransgrove	William 	River Tamar/dau		B	37
Brewer		W		seaman/"Children"	D	39
Brigg		Julia		to Hugh Vallence	M	36
Brigg		Thomas		infant			D	39
Brigg		Mrs W		Charles street/son	B	35
Brock		Dr Henry G	at Woolmers/son		B	38
Brodribb	Francis Maria	to H.C. Hawson		M	40
Brown		John		Hobart/37yo		D	39
Brown		John		seaman/drowned wharf	D	39
Brown		Margaret	wife of John Anderson	D	38
Brown		Mary Ann	14months		D	40
Browne		bushranger	shot			D	35
Browne		H		ships commander/drowned	D	39
Browne		John		seaman/overboard/drownd	D	39
Bruford		Martha		to J.H.N Cassell	M	40
Buchannan	Mr		Morven			D	36
Bucknell	Mr		Semaphore Inn		D	40
Budds		Mrs William	Port Phillip/dau	B	40
Budds		Mary,Mrs Wm	age 54. husb Wm left his wife 14
				years ago. (Gravesend Journal)   40
Burn		John		whaler for Henty's	D	39
Burnett		Eliza		57yrs			D	39
Burnley		Mr		to Miss Rice		M	38
Burt		John		to Katherine Beale	M	40
Byron		Harriett	to Alexander Orr	M	39

Callaghan	John		found dead		D	36
Calumny		James		Hobart			D	36
Camel		John		Great Swan Port		D	38
Cameron		Mrs		Brisbane St/dau		B	38
Cameron		Mrs John	Newnham/sillborn	B	40
Cameron		John Swan	11days/Newnham		D	40
Campbell	Mrs Capt A	Glasgow/dau/		B	39
Campbell	MR		Buxhoo/from drinking	B	37
Campbell	Thomas W	to Maria L Orr		M	40
Cape		Mrs		son			B	38
Cape		Mrs John	Clonmines/son		B	40
Cape		Mr John		to Mary Ann Lette	M	36
Carmichael	Miss		to David Beaton		M	40
Carter		Miss		dau of J/ Hobart	D	39
Carter		Mrs		Hobart/dau		B	39
Cassady		Ann		to Captain John Cowton	M	40
Chalk		William		drowned			D	49
Chambers	Matilda		dau of Mary/convict	B/D	39
Champ		Lady of W.T. N	Hobart/twins		B	39
Chauncy		Theresa		to John Walker		M	38
Chiene		Mrs Walter	dau			B	40
Chiene		Walter		to Rebecca Cox		M	40
Chitty		Phillip		George Town		D	40
Clark		John		ex Police Magistrate	D	39
Clark		Mathew		inf son.Launceston	D	39
Clark		William		to Elizabeth Anderson	M	37
Clarke		John		coach builder		D	37
Clarke		John		to Isabella Aughey	M	39
Cleveland	Mr		late of Suffolk		D	38
Cole		Harriet		to Charles J Walker	M	37
Coleman		Joseph		drowned Cummings Folly	D	38
Collett		Anne P		inft dau of Arthur	D	39
Collicott	Mr		PostMaster General	D	40
Connelly	Miss		to Malcolm McGregor	M	38
Connolly	Rev Phillip	RC Vicar General	D	39
Corbett		Margaret B	wife of Jas/Glasgow	D	39
Cordy		Mrs & 4 ch	drowned "Children"	D	39
Corney		Eliza		to Christopher Gatenby	M	38
Cottrell	Mrs		dau			B	35
COttrell	Mrs Anthony	son			B	37
Coverdale	Mrs John 	aboard "Cath.S Forbes"	D	39
Coverdale	Julia Speake	to Charles Bradbury	M	39
Cowell		MRs Henry	dau			B	39
Cowie		Georgiana	to Philip Oakden	M	39
Cowton		Captain John	to Ann Cassady		M	40
Cox		Mrs John E	son			B	36
Cox		Eliza		to James Youl		M	39
Cox		John Edw	m & children		D	37
Cox		Rebecca		to Walter Chiene	D	40
Cracroft	Edmund		drowned Cataract Basin	D	37
Crowson		John		inquest			D	37
Curr		Michael		Port Phillip		D	37
Curtis		Irene		wife of John. 29yo	D	40
Cusens		Elizabeth	25yo.wife of chemist	D	40

Dalrymple	Mrs P		birth of son		B	36
Dalrymple	P.		Govt officer/buried	D	40
Daniels		Mary Ann	wife of John		D	40
Davey		Mrs 		nee Jordan.dau of Jas	D	40
Davey		Catherine	wife of James		D	39
Davies		Mrs Theo	Norfolk Plains./son	B	40
Davies		Harriet Louisa	age 6.dau of blacksmith	D	39
Davis		Mr 		found dead in swamp	D	36
Davis		Ann		widow of P		D	39
Davis		Owen		ships commander		D	40
Davis		Philip		of Launceston		D	39
Day		Michael		inquest			D	36
De Horn		Mrs J.W		North Adelaide		B	40
De Little	Mrs John	New Town		D	39
De Villiers	Mrs C L H	Hobart			D	36
Deane		Mrs William	age 30			D	39
Deane		Mr		to Elizabeth Fisher	M	35
Dell		Mrs Joseph	daughter		B	39
Dell		Joseph		son of Joseph		D	39
Dempster	boatman		drowned			D	39
Denham		Mrs		drowned Maria	D	40
				sister in law Mr Yorke
Denion		Mrs		son			B	38
Deore		Clemence	Mrs John..of Mauritius	D	40
Deus		Antonio		native of Isle of Maderia       39
Dickenson	infant		son of Mary Ann		D	39
Dickenson	Mr Loftus	to Mrs Fink		M	40
Dickenson	Mary Ann	wife of L		D	39
Dickenson	Mrs		son			B	39
Diprose		Samuel		drowned Fentons Ford	D	38
Dixon		Henry		Capt 44th/River Ouse	D	40
Dobson		Mrs		Derwent Park/son	B	40
Douglass	Charlotte	dau of Mr H		D	40
Douglass	Major Sholto	Isle of Man.buried Fife	D	39
Dowling		Mrs Henry	son			B	35
Down		Mrs James	dau			B	39
Downes		Mrs Ann		wife of James		D	40
Downes		Capt Thos	tro Susan O Neil	M	39
Downey		John T		cook			D	39
Downie		John		see Downey		D	39
Driskell	Mr		Encounter Bay/murdered	D	37
Driver		Mrs Martha	40yo			D	39
Dry		Ann		wife of Rich. 43yo	D	36
Dry		Eliza		to James Richardson	M	38
Dudley		Mrs 		Charles St/son		B	37
Dugdale		Samuel		former sailing master	D	39
Duly		Peter		18yo			D	40
Dunion		Frederick H	7months			D	39
Dunn		Mr		executed		D	35
Dunn		Thos		convict/inquest		D	40
Dutton		Lt R.N		to Heloisa Lette	M	35
Dutton		Peter		42yo			D	39
Dyball		Helen		to Matthew Friend	M	40
Dyball		Lt		Norfolk Plains		D	40
Dyke		Samuel		convict			D	37
Dyne		William		19yo.Hobart		D	40

Eager		Caroline	wife of Geoffrey/Melb	D	39
Earle		John		Hugh Sunderland.63yo	D	40
Easton		John Richd	38yo			D	39
Edwards		Martha		to Robert H Thomas	M	39
Elliston	Mrs		Chigwell/dau		B	40
Elliston	Henry Robt	son of W.G Hobart	D	38
Erskine		Hon David	to Miss Spode		M	39

Falkiner	Marion		to William Giblin	M	36
Fall		John		33yo/inquest		D	39
Fawne		Mrs John	son			B	39
Fawns		Andrew John	son of John,age 6 wks	D	39
Fawns		Elizabeth	to Josias MacAllan	M	35
Fawthrop	Capta James	to Mrs Ward		M	39
Fell		Miss Ann	to J.S Rudkin		M	39
Fenton		Capt Thomas	at ALlanvale		D	36
Field		Wm		to Sarah Lucas		M	39
Fink		Mrs		Loftus Dickenson	M	40
Finlayson	John		drowned/fr Lt in Navy
				relatives in India	D	39
Fisher		Elizabeth	to Mr Deane		M	35
Fisher		George		to Emily Gordon		M	39
Fitzallan	Lord		to Miss Lyons		M	39
Fleming		Robert		T/L constable.inquest	D	36
Fletcher	Mrs James	Moat Farm/dau		B	35
Fletcher	Mrs Wm		dau/Launceston		B	38
Fletcher	Mrs Wm		Windermere/son		B	39
Fletcher	Mrs Wm		Launceston/son		B	40
Fletcher	dau of Thos	burnt to death		D	35
Fletcher	Wm		to Isabella Dela Hunt	M	36
Foggerty	John		inquest			D	35
Forrester	Wm		78yo./to Sarah Fox	M	40
Forster		Mrs Mathew	son.Hobart		B	37
Fossey		Mrs		Launceston/son		B	38
Fowler		Thomas Holl	Sydney/to Maria Ramus	M	38
Fox		Sarah		to Wm Forrester		M	40
Franklin	Mary		to John Price		M	38
Freestone	Eliza		5yo/inquest		D	39
French		Francis		26yo.son of Mr F	D	40
Friend		Mrs M C		death			D	38
Friend		Matthew Curl	to Helen Dyball		M	40
Furgusson	Edmund		at Melbourne.late Laun	D	39
Furtado		Mr		drowned Hansons Creek	D	39	

Gallie		Anna Maria	to Edward Henty		M	40
Gardiner	John		hung for murder		D	37
Gardner		son of Mr	drowned Roundabout Pnt	D	39
Gatehouse	Miss		to R MacMichael		M	38
Gellard		inf ch of Mary	mother committed trial	D	35
Gellibrand	Mrs J T		daug			B	37
Gerrand		Mr		Hobart/wd  & child	D	39
Gibbs		Mrs Rev Robt	marionville/son		B	40
Giblin		Mrs William	Hobart town		D	40
Giblin		William		to Marion Falkiner	M	36
Gibson		Joseph		inquest			D	39
Gillen		P		drowned at sea		D	39
Gilles		Mary Ann	dau of L.W		D	38
Gilles		Philip Geo	son of Mr Lewis		D	39
Glover		Eliza		wife of J/Benlomond	D	39
Goble		Mrs G.F		dau			B	39
Gordon		Mrs Capt Alex	Hobart Town		B	36
Gordon		Emily		to George Fisher	M	39
Gray		son of Major	17yo/drowned		D	39
Gray		Joseph		inquest			D	40
Green		Robert		to Catherine Kew	M	39
Greene		Mrs E C		dau			B	36
Greenhill	William		chief mate/drowned	D	37
Greenwood	son of Mr	drowned			D	37
Gregory		Mrs John	son			B	39
Griffiths	Mrs J		33yo/Launceston		D	39
Groom		Francis		to Matilda Minnett	M	39
Groom		James Chas	to Elizabeth Parker	M	35
Guest		Wm		br of Mrs Hodgson	D	35
Guillain	Madame		dau			B	40

Hack		Mrs John B	at Adelaide/dau		B	39
Hack		Lucy Barton	at Adelaide.4mths	D	40
Haigh		John		TL holder/drowned	D	39
Haldane		Elizabeth C	to Charles C Innes	M	35
Hall		Ann		wife of Thos.c25yo	D	40
Hall		Frederick	drowned/29yo		D	39
Hamilton	Mr H.H		Perth			D	39
Hannigan	Bridget		nr Launceston		D	40
Hardinge	Mrs S.T		dau			B	40
Harper		Mary		wife of Wm/Victoria	D	40
Harris		Mrs John	dau/Mount Barker	B	40
Harrison	George Thos	to Harriet Keach	M	35
Hartridge	Mrs John	dau			B	40
Harvie		Emily		dau of Thos		D	39
Hassel		Mrs John	son			B	39
Hawley		George		apprentice/drowned	D	37
Hay		Christina	inquest			D	37
Hayman		Freder		drowned			D	40
Hazlewood	James		wife & 3 chn		D	35
Headlam		Eleanor Marg	to James J Bayles	M	39
Heany		Mrs Mary	m & 6 chn		D	40
Hearn		Mary		to G B Skardon		M	33
Hearne		Ann		mrs James.Laun		D	39
Hemmings	Barbara		female factory/inquest	D	38
Henty		Charles		to Susan Boniface	M	35
Henty		Edward		Portland to Ann Gallie	M	40
Henty		S.G		to Jane Pace		M	36
Henty		Thomas. 	formerly of Sussex	D	39
Hernon		Elizabeth	to John Sherwin		M	38
Herrings	Barbara		see Hemmings
Hewitson	Wm		Supt of Signal Stat	D	37
Hill		Jane		wife of Wm.ST Marys Isl D	38
Hill		Juliana		to Adam Jackson		M	36
Hill		Samuel		formerly of London	D	40
Hillingsford	Anna Maria 	to Sir Robert Kennedy	M	39
Holcombe	Mrs G.D		dau			B	40
Holcombe	Mr G.D		to Mrs Annabella King	M	39
Holker		John		inquest/drowned		D	36
Holland		John Jas	to Mrs Frances Preddy	M	39
Hone		Mrs Joseph	son			B	39
Hone		Joseph		to Elizabeth Rowe	M	40
Hone		Martha		dau of Joseph		D	39
Hope		Mrs		Ross/son		B	40
Hopwood		Mrs Stephen	son			B	39
Horne		Mrs Frank	dau			B	35
Horne		Cecilia F	dau of Geo		D	38
Horscroft	George		39yo			D	39
Hortle		Sarah		wife of James		D	39
Houghton	Mr J.W		49yo/Longford		D	38
Howe		Dr		Evandale/inquest	D	40
Howe		George Risd	drowned/Tamar		D	37
Howe		Mary		wife of Henry		D	40
Howe		Wm Dunbar	inquest/Evandale	D	40
Howel		Jane		wife of Joseph/32y	D	40
Howell		Joseph		Wine Merchant		D	40
Hubbard		Catherine	to W Weymouth		M	40
Hudson		John		executed		D	37
Huges		seaman		drowned			D	37
Hull		Mrs Geo		son..11th living chil	B	36
Humphreys	William		to Ann Russell		M	39
Hunter		Jane		dau of Wm/9mnths	D	38
Hutchison	John Hicks	Circular Head		D	39
Hyams		Mrs Israel	son			B	40

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