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Uncollected Tickets of Leave

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The following is an index of tickets of leave still to be collected in 1837

For those that are interested in compiling a story on their convict ancestor, the newspapers often contain such useful lists, which originated from the Colonial Secretary's Office, and where usually published in Government Gazettes, and the editors of the newspapers usually took their source from same.
During the Convict Era,the Administration Department for Convicts in Tasmania kept a watchful eye on the whereabouts and behaviour of their convicts.Particularly prior to 1840, the newspapers are an incredibly useful source in obtaining information on convicts.
Convict Ships and their arrivals were regularly reported, behaviour of convicts, good bad or elsewise, was often reported in the papers as an example of what could be achieved through good behaviour or what would result from bad.
Promotions of convicts to the Constable class are regularly reported in the columns,as also is Transfers of prisoners between Settlers/Landowners who wished to exchange their assigned prisoners to make better use of their indivual services and skills
Lists of Convicts who recieved Tickets of Leaves, Conditional Pardons, and Certificates of Freedom, are also often reported, as is also the loss of these certificates for bad behaviour.
Convicts appearing in Court Cases commonly feature in court reports, and this can often give a better insight in to the conditions faced by convicts.

Information from Index:-
Convict No.
Date of Application.
Whom Assigned to or working with at time of application.
What District.

If you have a convict ancestor, it is recommended that you obtain at least their Conduct Sheet and Indent Sheet,from the Archives Office in Tasmania, both of which contain an extremely useful history and personal account of your ancestor, including alias.'
Muster Rolls, [H10 series] also add to the personal story of your ancestor.

April 6th 1837.Police.
The following Tickets of leaves not having been taken out by the convicts to whom they have been granted, the Police Magistrates in whose districts these prisoners are now residing, are requested to intimate to them that unless their tickets are immediately applied for, they will be returned to the Colonial Secretary and recommended to be cancelled.
The date when the ticket was ordered, and the party in whose service the applicant was at the time, is attached to each of the applicants names:

Surname	Name	No	Date Ordered.	Whom Assigned

Ashley	James	374	10/05/1836 	Mr J Trifles,New Norfolk.
Allen	William	352	25/03/1836	Mr J Taylor. Maquarie River
Ashton	Joseph	97	06/01/1837	E.Abbott. Hobart Town

Barnes	Stephen	 	alias Hopton	
		1127	10/03/1837	Mr.G.A.Robinson.Flinders Island
Bate	John	1055	06/01/1837	Captain Smith.Norfolk Plains.
Bolton	Elizab	132	01/07/1836 John Webber [Free]
Bonnick	Charles	725	05/08/1836	Mr McLeod. CampbellTown.
Bonnes	Sarah	186	15/01/1836	P.Minnett.Launceston
Bonney	Joseph	587	24/02/1837	Prison Works. New Norfolk
Brooks	John	1748	04/11/1836	J.A.Youle. Norfolk Plains
Byth	Ellen	231	10/03/183?	with her husband.

Cousins	John	1417	10/03/1837	Mr Steele. St Patricks Heads.
Cokes	Joseph	597	26/08/1836	Mrs Chilton.New Norfolk.
Coghill	James	NL	26/08/1836	C.Smith.Ross
Conor	Bridget	186	27/11/1835	Mr.G.Espie.Cross Marsh
Copsey	John	195	20/08/1836	W.Wood.Perth
Crook	James	1776	25/11/1836	H.Jellicoe. Campbell Town
Crowdy	Mary	212	??/11/1836	Mr Austin. Roseneath.
Crump	Henry	1299	23/09/1836	Mr.H.Harrison. Campbell Town

Donnelly Thos	756	25/03/1836	W.Jarvis. Hobart Town.
Dow	Agnes		alias Anna
		148	04/03/1836	marr to D.Ballantyne

Edwards	Robt	144	24/02/1836	Mr.G.C.Clarke. Campbell Town

Fraser	Colin	336	03/02/1837	J.Atkinson.Ross
Fordyce	Ellen	81	20/08/1835	T.Gibson. Pleasant Banks
Foster	Enoch	141	04/11/1836	and also ref
			10/03/1837	Government Gardens

Galt	John		10/03/1837	Mr.W.Young.Hobart.
Gibbs	James	878	03/03/1837	J.Black. Norfolk Plains
Gifford Benj		alias Griffin
		547	23/09/1836	Mr McRae. Restdown
Griffiths James	567	04/11/1837	R.Willis. Esq. CampbellTown.
Hackwood Charlt	128	?		Mr H.H.Griffiths. 
Halls	Jas	1467	10/03/1837	Mr.W.Woods.Snake Banks
Handlan Mary	173	16/10/1835	m to Thos Jones.[per York]
Hardington Wm	1421	04/11/1836	C.Langdon. Esq
Harris	Thos	1426	03/02/1837	Prison Works.Snake Banks
Harris	Wm	1089	10/03/1837	Prison Barracks
Hartram	Chas	1177	26/01/1837	Mr Brooks.New Norfolk
Haughton Jas	1495	10/03/1837	Mr Harris.Hobart Town
Henderson Isab,	155	10/03/1837	G.C.Clarke. Ellenthorpe Hall
Hollins	Thos	1180	04/11/1836	Ross Bridge.
Hum	Charles	766	26/02/1837	R.Bostock.CampbellTown
Hugman	Benj	818	26/08/1836	J.Archer. Launceston.

Isaac	Isaac	40	26/08/1836	Mr Mackersey.Maquarie Harbour.

James	Joseph	462	03/02/1837	Prison Works.Westbury
Jay	William	379	03/02/1837	E.Lord. Esq.Hamilton
Jenkins	Joseph	378	24/02/1837	H.Gordon. New Norfolk.
Jones	Mary	55	27/11/1835	m to Robert Samson

Kelly	John	62	03/03/1837	J.Rich. Launceston

Love	Charles	391	01/07/1836	J.K.Gray. Campbell Town.
Lawdery	Jonas	429	23/09/1836	Mr Mackersey. Maquarie River

McCormack Magt	107	10/03/1837	Mr.R.Clarke. Flinders Island.
McDonald Chas	9	08/03/1836	Prison Works., Oatlands.
McLaughlin John	672	01/03/1837	Hobart Town Hospital
Maddock	Joseph	936	10/03/1827[sic] possible 1837
					H.Clayton New Norfolk.
Mallin	Thos	827	04/11/1836	J.Mills. Norfolk Plains
Miller	Alex	27	23/09/1836	J.B.Thomas Campbell Town
Moore	Will	911	04/11/1836	Prison Works.Launceston
Moss	Benj	618	25/03/1836	Mr Shorland. Bothwell
Murphy	Margt	115	04/11/1836	Mrs Harvey

Pankhurst John	480	24/02/1837	D.Jamieson.New Norfolk
Pell	John	666	27/01/1837	R Parkinson. Bothwell
Potter	Peter	698	26/08/1836	Mr Reibey.Norfolk Plains.
Pimb?rick Daniel 852	23/09/1836	Mr Steiglitz. Norfolk Plains.

Quick	John	23	10/09/1835	Mr Boultby. Perth

Renaiken? Genitt 110	03/03/1837	Mr Dogan.Perth.
Roberts Wm	510	03/02/1837	P.Smith.Ross

Slough	Wm	856	15/01/183?	Mr Romney,Richmond.
Smith	John	842	26/08/1836	Perth Bridge
Solomon Solom.	99	16/09/1836	Prison Works. New Norfolk
Smith	Geo	1587	06/01/1837	Prison Works.Campbell Town
Smith	Thos	921	26/08/1836	Mr Franks. Launceston
Stacey	Chas	1224	10/03/1837	C.Baker. New Norfolk.
Stone	James	1594	24/02/1837	Mr Burns,McKerr. New Norfolk
Southwood Wm	925	24/02/1837	Mr McKinnon.Launceston.
Sutcliffe Matt	996	06/01/1837	Prison Barracks

Walliscrof. John 845	27/01/1837	J.Hodgkinson.Brighton
Wells	John	1462	03/02/1837	Prison Works.Bagdad.
Williams.Jas	262	04/11/1836	P.Smith. Ross.
Williams.John	857	24/02/1837	Mr Reeves.Launceston
Williams.Rich	1270	24/02/1837	Mr J Dunn.Launceston
Wilson	Wm	1396	16/09/1837	Mrs Wooley.Hobart.
Wood	Aug	1424	24/02/1837	Marine Dept.Launceston. 
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