Carnarvon Highway (QLD) (includes Carnarvon Developmental Road)

The Carnarvon Highway, links northern NSW with central Queensland with much of its length being part of the inland Townsville-St George alignment. Starting at the NSW/QLD border town of Mungindi, the highway heads in a north-westerly direction as National Route 46, through remote cattle and cotton growing country to St George. Continuing north from St George, now as National Route 55, the Carnarvon Hwy follows the Balonne River towards Surat before reaching the Warrego Highway at Roma. While the highway technically ends at Roma, the National Route 55 corridor continues north along the Carnarvon Developmental Road, through Injune and part of the Carnarvon National Park before reaching the Dawson Highway at Rolleston.

Note: Motorists following National Route 46 to be aware that some of the signposting between St George and Mungindi still may be shown as National Route 55 due to the recent change of route classification. It is advised that the highway's focal points be used for navigational purposes.

State: Queensland
Name Origin:
The Carnarvon Highway is named after the Carnarvon National Park, of which the Carnarvon Developmental Road passes through between Injune and Rolleston.
NSW/QLD border (Mungindi)
Principal Towns: Mungindi, St George, Surat, Roma, Injune, Rolleston
Finish: Dawson Highway (Rolleston)
Length: 572km
Road Standard: Bitumen
Road Quality: Average - narrow bitumen in some areas. Traffic quantity is very low, terrain is very flat to mildly undulating with ample room for overtaking. Road quality actually improves despite the name change north of Roma on the Carnarvon Developmental Road.
Speed Limit (outside built up areas): 100km/hr
Road Continuation: Click for the Carnarvon Highway in NSW.

Photos from the Castlereagh Highway (QLD) (Click on thumbnail for full sized image):

Heading south on the Carnarvon Highway approaching the Castlereagh Hwy junction, near St George. The sign should show National Route 55 heading towards Dirranbandi and National Route 46 to Mungindi (2003).
Heading north-west along the Carnarvon Hwy as it enters St George (2003).
Heading west along the Carnarvon Highway approaching St George (2003).
Approaching the Carnarvon Highway from the Moonie Hwy, just north of St George (2003).
Looking north along the Carnarvon Highway from the Moonie Highway junction (2003).
Heading south on the Carnarvon Hwy from the Warrego Hwy junction near Roma (2004).
The Carnarvon Developmental Road, heading north from Roma (2004).
Looking north along the Carnarvon Developmental Road showing the joint kilometre post (to Injune) and National Route 55 trailblazer.
Heading south on the Carnarvon Developmental Road between Injune and Roma (2004).
Distance sign, heading south-west from Rolleston on the Carnarvon Developmental Road (2004).
Heading south on the Dawson Hwy approaching the Carnarvon Developmental Road, Rolleston (2004).

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