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The Gore Highway, the most recent addition to the National Highway system, starts 20km north of Goondiwindi at the Leichhardt Highway junction. It heads north-east through cattle grazing regions and into the southern Darling Downs town of Millmerran. The highway, continuing north-east enters into rich fruit, cotton and grain growing regions, bypassing the town of Pittsworth before reaching the city of Toowoomba. A good highway for motorists anticipating a fast journey as it has a significant amount of 110km/hr zone and plenty of overtaking opportunities. The proposed Toowoomba bypass will eventually link the Gore Hwy to the Warrego Hwy for motorists continuing east to Brisbane thus significantly lifting the highway's profile (and traffic, no doubt).
State: Queensland
Name Origin:
The Gore Highway is named after the two brothers, George & Ralph Gore who established the vast Yandilla station in the area between Pittsworth and Millmerran, of which the highway passes through.
Leichhardt Highway (20km north of Goondiwindi)
Principal Towns: Goondiwindi, Millmerran, Pittsworth *, Toowoomba
Finish: Warrego Highway (Toowoomba)
Length: 207km
Road Standard: Bitumen
Road Quality: Certainly a strange highway as most of it is substandard to the National Highway as it was once only part of State Route 85. Watch for the 20km section of highway between Goondiwindi and Millmerran where the road is as wide as a dual carriageway road (big waste of bitumen!), yet line-marked only as a single carriageway road. Nevertheless, parts of the highway which have been upgraded are now excellent. Several overtaking lanes between Pittsworth and Toowoomba have been constructed.
Speed Limit (outside built up areas): 110km/hr Leichardt Hwy Junct-Captains Mountain, 100km/hr Captains Mountain-Toowoomba
Road Continuation: Click here for the Warrego Highway. Click here for the Leichhardt Highway
* - denotes towns/cities bypassed by the Gore Highway 

Photos from the Gore Highway (Click on thumbnail for full sized image):


Heading east on the Gore Hwy, just past the Leichhardt Hwy intersection. Good to see the kilometre post and distance sign in agreement :) (2004).
Heading north-east on the Gore Hwy between Goondiwindi and Millmerran - this is a section of the highway where the bitumen is extremely wide - it is rare to have such a wide sealed area for a rural highway (2004).
Heading south-west along Commens St (Gore Hwy) in Millmerran (2006).
Looking north along Campbell St, Millmerran with an old State Route 85 trailblazer denoting the Gore Hwy's former route number (2006).
Heading south along Campbell St (Gore Highway) in Millmerran (2004).
Distance sign, heading east from Millmerran - note the considerable change in surrounding scenery (2004).
Looking south-west along the Gore Hwy between Pittsworth and Millmerran (2006).
Directional sign at the eastern junction of the Gore Hwy and State Route 82 between Millmerran and Pittsworth. Note the old State Route 85 markers denoting the Gore Hwy (2006).
Looking south-west along the Gore Hwy between Millmerran and Pittsworth with the standard "Exit" signage for the smaller towns (2006).
Distance sign, heading south-west from Pittsworth (2006).
Approaching the Gore Hwy just outside Pittsworth - the sign is extremely weathered with numerous patches for the route number perhaps representing the highway's continual status upgrade (2004).
And again, this time with a new sign as a result of the Gore Hwy's route changing to the A39 (2006).
Looking south-west along the Gore Hwy as it approaches Pittsworth (2006).
The Gore Hwy, heading south-west through Westbrook, a satellite town of Toowoomba (2006).
The Gore Hwy, heading south-west as it passes through Drayton (2006).
View south-west over the Gore Hwy between Pittsworth and Toowoomba (2006).
Heading south-west along Anzac Ave (Gore Highway) in Toowoomba (2004).
Same as above but with the new signage reflecting the route change (2006).
Signage just south-west of the Gore/Warrego Hwy junction indicating the start/finish of the A39, Toowoomba (2006).

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