Adelaide (O-Bahn (North-East) Busway)

The North-East busway, commonly known as the O-Bahn busway was the first of its kind in the world. Originally supposed to be a proposed freeway route to Adelaide's north-eastern suburbs, the concrete O-Bahn busway was built in 1985 and has since sparked a series of similar style roads in other major cities across the world. While a freeway style road as it has limited access points and grade separated junctions, the road is only built for specially fitted busses. Once entering the busway, the additional horizontal guide bearings fitted to the front and rear wheels steer the bus and keep it inside its track comparable to a train on a railway line thus motorists in standard cars will have significant trouble staying on the tracks (not to mention subsequent fines) if attempted to be driven on. Upon entering a bus station, the driver must regain control of the steering however only needs to align the bus back onto the tracks to continue the journey. The busway has been a success as it shaves a considerable amount of time off a commuters travel time during peak periods and doubles up as a scenic journey as it straddles the Torrens River and abutting parkland for a significant length - it is a shame that more of them have not been planned or built!

State: South Australia
Start: North Adelaide - Hackney Road/Park Terrace 
Stations: Adelaide CBD, Klemzig, Paradise, Modbury
Finish: Modbury - North East Road/Golden Grove Road 
Length: 12km
Road Standard: Concrete. Busway stations all have a paved surface.
Road Quality: Excellent. Single carriageway the whole way - concrete tracks and curves of the road are top notch ensuring a smooth journey.
Speed Limit (outside of bus stations): 100km/hr

Photos from Adelaide (O-Bahn):

Looking north-east into the Paradise Bus interchange, Paradise (2001).

And again, this time returning to the actual busway approaching the Darley Road overpass, Paradise (2001).

Typical busway "tracks", looking north-east from Darley Road, Dernacourt (2001).

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