This is a list that I'm trying to put together from "The Australian" Special Edition October 3-4 1992. If anyone can help me with corrections or ommissions, please EMAIL me. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Eventually I hope to have photographs to accompany the text. As you can see this is a big project for one bloke to under-take, so any assistance would well and truely welcome. I really want this to be an accurate record so if you know of any mistakes, please EMAIL me.

scroll down for alphabetical list and the Casualty List

AATV-Australian Army Training Team Vietnam

ALSG-Australian logisticSupport Group

APC-Armoured Personel Carrier

ARVN-Army of the Republic of Vietnam

1ARU- 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit

1ATF- 1 Australian Task Force

CFN- Craftsman, an equivalent rank to Bombadier

Claymore- a command detonated mine which fires 700 steel balls in an arc

CMF- Citzens Military Force

CSM- Company Sergeat Major

Dustoff-evacuation by helicopter

EMU-Experimental Military Unit

Fire Support Base-A temporary fortified support base

Kapooka- A training base in Wagga Wagga NSW

MATTS-Mobile Advisory Training Teams

MID-Mentioned in Dispatches

MM-Military Medal

NCO- A non-commisioned officer

Nui Dat- Headquarters of Australian Armed Forces Vietnam

NVA-North Vietnamese Army

OMG-Owen Machine Gun

RAA-Royal Australian Artillery

RAAF-Royal Australian Air Force

RAASC-Royal Australian Army Service Corps

RAE-Royal Australian Engineers

RAEME-Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

RANHFV-Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam

RAN-Royal Australian Navy

RAR- Royal Australian Regiment

RPG-Rocket propelled grenade

SAS-Special Air Sevice

Tet- The Lunar New Year in Vietnam

VC-Viet Cong

WHAM-Winning of Hearts and Minds Operation

WO-Warrant Officer

Click on the appropriate letters to see list

Abbott to Beliken

Bell to Brophy

Brown to Connors

Constable to Drabble

Driscoll to Garland

Garret to Harald

Hards to Hurst

Hutchinson to Lisle

Lithgow to McNabb

McNair to Nalder

Navarre to Perrin

Pesonen to Rands

Rapp to Seiler

Seiple to Talbot

Taylor to Walsh

Warburton to Yule


This Link will take you a page that a mate, Bob Coker, has put together over many thousands of hours. It contains most of the casualties (wounded and disabled) from the Vietnam era....(Constantly being updated.)....


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