A couple of Comments on Viet Vets Mortality, click HERE

The Cost of War, click HERE

PTSD Unit is based at the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre (A&RMC) in Heidelberg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. While the information in this website is largely based on our experience of working with veterans of war and their families, in particular Vietnam Veterans, it may also be useful to people who have been through other types of traumatic experience. , click HERE

Tests on PTSD (Results) currently at Austin Repat (Australian), click HERE

PTSD & Trauma Page (Australian), click HERE

Tips on Medication for PTSD click HERE

Sharon Daniels BA(Hons) Psych MAPS Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Australian), click HERE

Jim Johnson's PTSD page, click HERE

The relationship between PTSD & MALARIA, VERY INTERESTING, click HERE


History of the AA45Y-1 Internal Defoliant Dispenser. click HERE


Agent Orange (Australian & New Zealand Settlement) click HERE

A Brief Look at Agent Orange & Dapsone by Jean Williams click HERE

Veterans and Agent Orange Update 1996, click HERE

OPERATION RANCH HAND HERBICIDES IN SOUTHEAST ASIA 1961-1971 By William A. Buckingham, Jr., Ph.D., click HERE

Agent Orange (defoliant) click HERE

A comparison between Agent Orange and Scrub Desiccant TD Volatile. Compiled by N.L.Benefield, click HERE

Agent Orange and the Official War History click HERE

(Australian)Veterans and Agent Orange Health Effects of Herbicides Used in Vietnam click HERE

Agent Orange (Children of Apocalypse) click HERE

Defoliant Operations in South East Asia (RANCH HAND) click HERE

Update on American Agent Orange Benefits, click HERE

Agent Orange and Spina Bifida click HERE

Agent Orange An open letter by an Australian digger Gary Mc Mahon click HERE

Agent White click HERE

More on Dioxin click HERE

Children In Pain click HERE

DAPSONE, Important for Aussie Vets

The Latest on Dapsone as at 11/9/02,by Noel Benefield thanks Noel click HERE

Understanding Dapsone, click HERE

Dapsone Secret Trials, click HERE

The Three A's (Assumption) in Dapsone., click HERE

Agranulocytosis and Dapsone in Vietnam(Important for Pension Officers) , click HERE

STRONGYLOIDIASIS, A very unusual parasite

All Vets should read about his little fellow HERE

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