Sounds of Vietnam

Just A collection that may jog someones memory

You may need "Quicktime Player" it can be found Here

Let start off with the one that everyone remembers "Good Morning Vietnam' recorded by Colin Walz, A Coy 6RAR, at Nui Dat, April 1967. Download here

The one that every Aussie soldier remembers "I Was Only Nineteen"(A walk In The Light Green) Download here

Here is the film clip of "Nineteen" film clip

"I Was Only Nineteen"(A walk In The Light Green) the Lyrics and explanation of what some of the terms mean Download here

I never though I'd see it but a hip hop band "The Herd" has recorded "Nineteen"film clip
Another Aussie singer with a song about Long Tan recorded by singer songwriter Graham Rodger Download here

Country Joe and the at woodstock Download here

The only people that would not rember this are the ones that have not been. You can down load "Chicken Man " Version MP3 (small) here, I Love it! or the .wav version (big) here
How Chicken Man picked his Costume download Here
The Comisioner calls Chicken Man download Here
M16 Rifle maintianace speech from AFRVN MP3 download Here
Somebody sceaming "incoming" download Here
Australian Military Band playing "Last Post" download Here
Huey Chopper coming and going download Here
Eric Bogle sings "The War Correspondent" download Here
These songs are about the First World War, But are so relevant to Vietnam I thought that I would include them here. I urge you (especially the younger ones) to down load, listen and try and understand.

Eric Bogle sings "The Band played Waltzing Matilda" download Here
Eric Bogle sings "No Man's Land" download Here

Beccy Cole......"Poster Girl" what a fantastic song. This song will mean as much to our boys now as 'Nineteen" did for us. Filmed in part at the Australian Military College Duntroon Canberra Here

Here is a link to a short musical theme written by a veteran and preformed by the Royal Military College Musicians Here

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