Texts and Media in Wolof on the Internet

Listen to Wolof on the Internet

Homeview Senegal in the past offered free broadcasting of the daily Senegalese news in Wolof. This is now a subscription service but you can still listen to the radio news program in Wolof for free.

You can also listen to the entire Wolof soundtrack of the video, God's Story: From Creation to Eternity, an excellent 80 minute animated overview of the message of the Bible. The full English text of God's story is also available to follow while listening to the Wolof soundtrack.

The radio stations SudFM, Nostalgie FM and Walf FM also have Wolof programs at various times of the day. Only Nostalgie provides a program guide. Check their site for details of times of news bulletins in Wolof.

Radio Mauritania plan to add Wolof audio segments to their website.

Texts in Wolof on the Internet

There are many texts in Wolof that have been published on the Internet. Some of these texts also have the English and/or French translations of the text which are very useful for the Wolof language student. Some use the current official orthography. Others use an older orthography or a French spelling of the Wolof sounds.

The Words of Jesus of Nazareth online presents the life and teachings of Jesus. The Wolof text is also available for download in either .rft or .txt format. The original English text of the Words of Jesus of Nazareth is also online.

What the Quran says about the Way of Righteousness is an essay in Wolof.

ENDA have published a dialogue in Wolof in reaction to a recent change in the law concerning the family code in order to promote the rights of women.

The World Bank Indigenous Knowledge Program has produced a whole website repeated in a vareity of languages including Wolof, French and English. Plenty of reading for those wanting to move ahead in Wolof with the possibility of comparing it with your mother tongue.

An essay on communciation in Senegal villages entitled The social uses of Communications Resources, is available in Wolof and English

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Wolof. A pdf version is also available for download. The same text is also available on the web in English and French

The journal Le Courrier de l'environnement de l'INRA nÉ30, April 1997 published an article Urbi et Orbi on the Internet in Wolof.

Another article entitled The Undocumented Africans "of St. Ambroise" is published in Wolof, English and French.

Khadi Fall has published a poem in Wolof on the Internet, together with an English translation.

Michael Greenacre has written the Millenium song based on Frederic Chopin's Prelude op. 28 no. 20 in C minor. This has been translated into numerous languages including Wolof.

Languages of the World have a commercial site trying to attract customers. They feature a short Wolof text and English translation. The text is written with an old orthography.

Then there is a picture and text of "Hail Mary" in the Wolof language in a stained glass window.

1st Intern. Collection of Tongue Twisters - Wolof has two Wolof tongue twisters. And Arame Faal has a page of untranslated Wolof proverbs on her site.