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Three weeks after uploading this page, I was contacted by a researcher in America. It's more exciting than I thought it would be to find a long, long lost relative. It just goes to show you should never give up!

Quick Overview:
The Scott line I'm researching is connected to Panbride and Arbroath. A family of fisher folk, the Scott's appear to have moved from Panbride to Arbroath around the 1780's. In the early 1800's, James and Alexander Scott worked as masons on the Bellrock Lighthouse. If you've discovered you're connected to the union of John Scott and Elizabeth Birrell in 1847, (a usual "I'm stumped" point) you have come to the right place.

 FAMILY FOUND: Florida, USA; New South Wales, Australia; Dundee, Scotland and England!

Gedcom Updates

March 20th 2006

Discovered descendants of Margaret Scott c1790 adding a nice little twist with a 1st and 2nd cousin marrying, messes up the gedcom!

March 1st 2006

Added ancestors for Jannet Caitness c.1726 married to Alexander Scott.

Feb 19 2006

1861 census information, particularly for Margaret Scott b 1816, family is possibly linked to the wrong descendant on gedcom.

Other Updates

July 25th 2006 The Individuals and Marriages lists do not include living people. If you are trying to back-trace from a living person, please check the gedcom, first names have been reduced to initials, date of birth is restricted to year only. If you think there may be a link and you'd like more information, please send me an email.
March 14th 2006 Added five generations to Alexander Scott c1730. Info from , not yet confirmed by me.
Feb 2 2006 Discovered Immediately found another branch of the family!

Please feel free to contact me if you believe your family may be linked to mine. Either way, I hope you find something in these pages which can assist you.

Karen Scott
Melbourne Australa

Uploaded May 1st 2004

Updated November 14th 2006


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