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Monday September 30th 2002 3:30pm


      Looks like it's still "Groundhog Day" for the Sharkies... so close and Yet so far again. Infront of a Fantastic crowd or nearly 46,000 and more than half Sharks supporter, the boys gave their all. Unfortunately dropped balls were our undoing along with some Manderism, but we still could have even over come that if they just hung onto the ball.

      It was great to see the sea of Black White and Blue out there yesterday, although some seem to think we were out numbered. I just can't see that at all. Everywhere I went there were sharks supporters. I must admit that the Kiwi's were very vocal and had us in that department, but on thinking about this, I'm beginning to think there were some strategically placed Microphones in the Kiwi's sections with it being amplified through the speakers. You would have swarn there was 25,000 Kiwi's above us in the nose Bleed stands, but there would have only been 5-6,000 up there. There was also a roaring rumble, like feet stamping on a wooden floor or bashing signs, but the stadium is concrete and there was no-one sign bashing up there? More special effects?

      Well, I enjoyed my day out anyway, It has been 3 years since I've been to a Footy match, and I now know why I use to love going. Unfortunately we have to put up with the "Choker" tags, and "36 years and won F*ck-all" for another year. Thank god we beat the Dragons though, at least we can throw that back in there faces.

      I managed to capture a few pics from the little that the old man video recorded. There a bit fuzzy because they are from the tape and all before the game started but here they are anyway... Click to enlarge!




Friday September 27th 2002 1:30am


      I'm Sydney bound on Sunday. I talked the ol'man into going to the foorty on Sunday to help the Sharks supporters out number the Kiwi's. After the Free Tickets offered to the Kiwi's, I suggested to him that we should get down there and do our bit to help. He agreed, so it's a 500km round trip for us. I can't wait now!!

      There have been all kinds of stories going around about the Free 10,000 Tickets offered to ex-pat Kiwi's by Vodafone and a further 10,000 by the owner of the Warriors. (this was actually capped by the NRL to 15,000 in total, why, I have no idea as they were buying them and you would have thought that they wanted to get as many people to the game as possible. The reason given was that Ticketek were flooded today and they couldn't sell other tickets because of the lines of people. The computer actually went down for an hour from the overload)

      One suggestion for this was in retaliation of the adds that the NRL ran making it an US v THEM thing. The facts are that this deal had been going on behind closed doors for weeks with Vodafone and it only got confirmed yesterday. The owner had also promised to use the money from the Minor Premiership to do something for their fans. A possible reason the tickets being capped by the NRL is that the original deal was for the tickets at $12 a piece, so maybe they bumped the price up to full price for any more and they weren't willing to pay that. 5000 x $20=The MP Purse of $100,000.

      The funny thing is that a lot of those tickets will probably end up in sharks supporters hands anyway. I know a few people that are also ex-Kiwi's but follow the Sharks. They were going anyway and were happy to line up and take the freebies. Anyway, I think it was good marketing by the NRL to stir up the pot and use the Aussie v Kiwi thing to get people out to a game that probably would have only got 25,000 in a very big stadium that would have seemed empty. I'm predicting now that there could be 45-50,000+ there and an atmosphere that will be electric.

      Well, I guess I'll see you all there, I'll be the Big bastard in Bay 110-1, row 15, Jumping up and down screaming until I can't talk anymore. I'll have our Dig-Cam there, and try to remember to get some pics for here too. I should be able to get some of the Army as I'm pretty Close to them. SHARKIES!!! SHARKIES!!! SHARKIES!!! Uhhmmm, just clearing my throat J



Tuesday September 24th 2002 3:30pm

Here we are again

      It's "Groundhog day" as we find ourselves back where we were this time last year, 1 game short of the Grand Final. It's a sad fact that a lot of the sharks supporters have never been caught up in a Grand Final week, well there was 97 but even I didn't watch that or care about it as I was dirty on the Sharks for not giving the fans a say in what direction we wanted to go, but that's another whole story and history.

      There is nothing like the feeling of a Grand Final week as the whole shire decks out in Sharks colours. The shops, the Schools, people driving around with ribbons on their antennas, everyone feels good and the emotions and excitement and expectation is noticeable everywhere. It will be even more so as the Shire is yet to taste success in a GF, as so many people keep reminding us. As if we don't know already!!

      Well, all that can be forgotten for another year unless we beat the Warriors on Sunday. It's true that they have had a rest for this game, but that can work against you in finals footy. The Warriors have also had a soft preparation for the big end of year games, playing the Tigers and the Raiders over in NZ, then having a rest last week. They were belted from pillar to post the weeks before those games and may actually be still carrying scares from that.

      On the other hand the Sharks have had 3 tough games, 2 against the Roosters and 1 against St George, which have toughened us mentally and physically for what we have to do on Sunday. The Warriors haven't had much Finals experience either and it is not on NZ soil this time. CA's tactics of bagging the Sharks all last week seem to have payed off as well, and instilled a belief in the boys that they can do it. Lets hope we get everything right this year and that "groundhog day" is over. Then we can look forward to Grand Final week and hopefully our first premiership!!


PS: Get out to the game on Sunday and make it feel like a Home game for the Boys. Go you Sharkies GO!!




Tuesday September 24th 2002 3:00pm

Stevo and BK cleared to play on Sunday

      The judiciary found that Stevo and BK had no case to answer yesterday. I believe that the right decision was made and consistent with other similar or worse tackles that have been made recently, with no punishment handed down.

      Reading the Telegraph today though, you would think that we were being shown favoritism. I can't believe the crap I read on the Back page today, and it seems Cronulla have come in for special mention with both BK's and Stevo's Tackles plastered all over the page. Where was Mullins "headrip" which was a far worse tackle than either Stevo's or BK's. Morleys tackle on Beattie last week was far worse than all three, and that didn't even get a penalty, just like the one on Saturday a St George player made on a Cronulla player and nearly torn his head off.

      It seems to me that if there is any favoritism it is towards the Roosters and if Mullins tackle didn't happen I fear a different out come may have come. But if they charged BK and Stevo and not Mullins they would have looked ridiculous. So they let Stevo and BK off so they could let Mullins off.

      You just have to look at some of the articles last week from the Telegraph, they also made an issue of the amount of weeks our players have had off from suspensions and claiming us to be the "dirtiest" team in the comp. More like the unluckiest and harshest treated I would say. But I suppose they have to sell papers some how. To back up what I say further, there are nice pleasant articles about the Rooster in there and hardly a word about Mullins tackle. I shakes me head at them...




Monday September 24th 2002 3:00am

How sweet it is

       We won the D Day battle. Just like History (1944), we smashed the enemy. For once we had a ref that let the game flow. Unfortunately, he made plenty of mistakes also. I was going to tip Mr Bean to get the Gf this year, but he also had a shocker yesterday, with some ordinary decisions.

      Refereeing aside, our team stood tall and played well. The defence was excellent, the attack was better. We had lapses though, but all in all it was a gutsy performance. It looks like CA's "bag-athon" of the team all week, hit home and did the trick. They definitely stood up to be counted. We do have problems though. Stevo is on report and BK maybe dragged up also. I personally think neither have a case to answer, but the judiciary has been very unpredictable this year and nothing would surprise me!!

      At least we shut the Dragons supporters up for the year J


      "chuckels" has sent me some pics of the experience for the night and I am much appreciated for them and here they are. Click on the pic to enlarge..







Saturday September 21th 2002 3:00am

It's D day on the Beaches

      Today we face one of our mortal enemy teams. Well, that's what some of their and our fans would have you believe. It should be a cracka-jack game and a nail bitter. If not I hope it's a Runaway win to us so that the Dragons fans that have been dumping on us will go and hide in a hole somewhere!!

      I unfortunately wont be able to watch it, there or here, as we have our annual Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade fund raiser on. As this is a small country town I live in with 500-600 people and my father is the Secretary, there is no way out of it. BUGGA!! L We also need every cent we can get as the new truck wont fit in the old Station and we need an extension. We are completely surrounded by bush and the NACVBFB are our life line in a disaster.

      I hope there is an aerial in our Community hall, as I'm taking the portable TV just incase, but I don't think so. I will however be able to listen to it on my walkman.

      Well, it's do or die for us and the boys tonight and I'm hoping that they have a few tricks up their sleeve and BK has his kicking boots on. I'm pretty confident that we can get them, even if Beattie doesn't play. A win will once again bring us to the brink of a GF for the second year in a row.

      Simpkins and Mander have been left out where they belong after their pathetic displays the last 2 weeks and we have Hollywood. Hopefully that means a free flowing game and we can get the roll on we need with this flat attack I find very frustrating to watch, especially when it doesn't work!!

      Well, I guess all I can say now is GO YOU SHARKIES GO!!!



Saturday September 21th 2002 2:30am

Russia V USA Test match report

      One of the biggest crowds at a footy match last weekend was NOT in Australia, but in Moscow. This is the best opportunity that the RLIF has ever had to propagate the game in other countries. It seems that the Russians are starting to accept and like the game of Rugby League.

      Last weekend the USA Tomahawks played the Russian national team in a Test team that was a success and hopefully a stepping stone to get things bigger and better than ever in both Countries. If the RLIF don't do every thing in their powers now to support these teams then the game will never grow.

      Here is a report I pinched from the "rleauge International forum" posted by "ali" who I am almost positive is "aal" on the Sharks server, and traveling around Europe at the moment. Note the "Go the sharks" at the end of the post in his signature J


USA vs Russia Match Report
By Tony Hannan - League Express, UK

RUSSIA brought the iron curtain down on a historic and wonderfully uplifting series with a comprehensive 54-10 win over a visibly tired USA at Moscow's cavernous 85,000 capacity Olympic Stadium on Friday night.

Around 25-30,000 curious Muscovites fought their way through impressively heightened security into the Luzhniki - Russia's biggest sports venue - to cheer on their home country, who proved a class above their American opposition on the night and look set to become a real force in the game.

It was an evening of firsts.

The first ever Rugby League international to be played in Moscow. The first ever Russian Rugby League game of any description to be shown in full on national television. And the first ever League international to be played on artificial turf in front of grid-iron posts, quite successfully as it happens.

Nothing else was artificial about this bruising encounter.

The pre-match entertainment was terrific (official: Russian rock groups are actually quite good), with two giant screens pumping out one of Sky's Super League promotional videos to the ear-splitting accompaniment of "We Will Rock You!"

A muddied Andy Farrell, a bloodied Mark Calderwood, Tommy Martyn sliding in for a try in trademark style, and Robbie Paul's giant face beaming high over the Moscow skyline. Amazing!

The entry of the gladiators - to Tina Turner's "Simply the Best", what else? - and the players accompanied a youngster each onto the field, hand-in-hand, for the spine-tingling national anthems and one minute's silence for the victims of 9/11 and the victims of a terrorist attack in Moscow the previous year.

Then the big screen was used to reveal the team list and pictures of the participating players - not a bad idea for our own Grand Final - as the excitement mounted. Every shot of a Russian player was greeted with rapture.

There was a brief rearguard chant of "USA! USA!" from the touring cast of the musical 42nd Street, before local patriotism dug in, the noise levels rose, and the valiant Broadway hoofers were forced to admit defeat. They love to beat the Americans in these parts, you know.

On the field, Evgueni Klebanov's young, powerful and athletic side - many of whom have been playing the game since they were children - proved that they are improving with every passing year.

The blue-shirted Bears were a far better side than Tatarstan on Monday and, on this showing, will surely be ready to rattle a few pots come the next World Cup in 2005.

Talented Kazan Arrows star Robert Ilyasov - this time playing in the second row - again made his mark with a try, and his giant-sized forward partner Kirill Kuliomin of the Moscow Magicians brought a noisy and enthusiastic crowd to its feet every time he touched the ball.

Locomotiv scrum-half Denis Nikolski had a perfect night with the boot, kicking nine from nine, as his eager and committed team-mates gave their weary guests a spectacular big-hitting lesson in Rugby League.

The shell-shocked Americans, who battled hard and picked up a couple of disruptive early injuries, only had a Danny Bull try to show for their efforts, as the quick-thinking Russians built up a formidable 30-6 half-time lead, with centre Sergei Dobrynine getting the ball rolling with the opening try after just three minutes.

And after a half-time interval that included an encouraging exhibition of junior boys and girls playing Rugby League, the Bears took up where they left off, running in another four tries to the USA's one to ecstatic cries of "Ole, ole, ole! Russie! Champions!" from the partisan home support.

If their flags, cheering and singing were anything to go by, the crowd seemed to like what they saw. And especially important that was, given the high number of hugely influential politicians and business figures - including the Minister of Sport - sat in the VIP seats.

A good idea, too, to explain the rules of the game, and many of the more obscure refereeing decisions as the game progressed.

The mind boggles as to what can be achieved for Rugby League in the Russian Federation if there is a will from the international game at large.

Then again, given the string-pulling power of the people in charge here, they'll probably do it anyway.

Disappointed American National Rugby League President David Niu conceded that his side had been well beaten on the night, but insisted that the week-long tour - taken as a whole - had been an immensely valuable one for his gallant troops.

"Absolutely," he said. "For our players and the growth of our League
back in the United States, this has been a great experience. Not just on the playing side, but also in developing a positive response in the guys who travelled here."

"They are really down at the moment on the back of that performance, but I have absolutely no doubt that when these guys get back to the States they will take nothing but positive messages with them. If you are half an athlete, you are going to ask, 'why can't I have some of that?'"

Cue a speech from the aforementioned Minister of Sport: "This is a great opportunity for world Rugby League," he told his appreciative audience. "Rugby League has been going for over 100 years, but it is not very big in this country. We hope, in future, that it will be very popular in Russia and that this game will be the first step towards that."

Make no mistake, Rugby League is not a major sport in the Russian Federation - yet! But the groundwork is being done, the financial and
political clout is there, and conditions are ripe for take-off.

So what's it to be, then, Rugby League International Federation?

The brink of a glorious new dawn for the sport on a par with Australia at the turn of the last century? Or yet another wasted opportunity, perhaps the biggest of the lot so far?

Get this reporter a stiff vodka!

GAMESTAR: Giant second rower Kirill Kuliomin looks as though he is carved from the toughest Siberian rock.

GAMEBREAKER: Roman Ouchinnikov's 24th-minute try made it 18-2 and gave the battle-weary Tomahawks no way back.

TOP TACKLE: USA winger Chris Craig's eighth-minute tackle into touch on Robert Ilyasov


1 Oleg Sokolov
2 Rinat Shamsutdinov
3 Sergei Dobrynine
4 Vladimir Ouchinnikov
5 Vadim Fedchuk
6 Victor Nechaev
7 Denis Nikolski
8 Petr Sokolov
9 Roman Ouchinnikov
10 Alexander Lisenkov
11 Robert Ilyasov
12 Kirill Kuliomin
13 Evgueni Bozgukov
Subs - all used
14 Igor Gavrilin
15 Ilgiz Akhmedshin
16 Fillip Romanov
17 Andre Jukor
18 Victor Lebedkov
19 Vladimir Altunine

Tries: Dobrynine (3), Ilyasov (9), Bozgukov (28, 71), R Ouchinnikov (24), V Ouchinnikov (39), Lisenkov (42), Sokolov (52), Gavrillin (61)
Goals: Nikolski 9

1 Rich Portale
2 Vea Ofa
3 Greg Stelutti
4 Nigel Dacre
5 Danny Bull
6 Michael Mulvihill
7 David Niu
8 Ed Woodbridge
9 Yasukazu Seto
10 Justin Zadnik
11 Dave Divalerio
12 Shane Mains
13 Robert Balachandran
Subs - all used
14 Hayden James
15 Chris Craig
16 Chris Cahill
17 Allen Chmielewski
18 Mike Edwards
19 Zac Padgett

Tries: Bull (34), Mains (56)

Goal: Dacre

Rugby Leaguer & League Express
Men of the Match:

Russia: Kirill Kuliomin
USA: Danny Bull

Half-time: 30-6

Att: 30,000 est

Penalty count: 6-13

Referee: Dino Vikas (Australia)
Go the Sharks



Monday September 16th 2002 3:30pm

Week1 Finals conclusion

      The first week of finals are over and two teams are no longer with us. There was also more controversy in 2 of the games. We started off on Friday night with the Sharks and the Chooks. Same teams as last week, same result as last week, same crap refereeing as last week, different ref to last week. It looks like that Mander and his bum chum Simpkins have really got it in for the Sharks. They both have one set of rules for one side and a different set for the other. On top of this Simpkins awarded 2 dubious tries to the Chooks that clearly were not tries without going to the 3rd Umpire, and we had 2 or 3 scrutinized by the 3rd Umpire and disallowed. Add the fact that Noddy left his kicking boots at home with 0 from 5 attempts and we scored 5 tries a piece, the Chooks have played to their best for both games, the bias refereeing and our own poor form, then all is not lost if we meet them in the GF. Will be interesting to see if Morley is cited for his high tackle or trip on Beattie also. The lost left us vulnerable to being out of the finals and a few nervous days wait. Indeed we may now have a weeker side of the draw to make the GF with the Dragons winning.

      The second Game of the weekend produced the first casualty, Parramatta. The Broncos and the Eels played in an entertaining game that either side could have won. The Broncos triumphed to eliminate the Eels for 2002. The night game between the Dragons and the Knights was also full of controversy. There was also a suspect try awarded to the Dragons as well as a late tackle on Joey that has ended his 2002 season with cracked bones in his back. Bailey came in as the third tackler when the tackle was almost over and as Joey was going down and Bailey slid into the tackle, his knee got Joey right in the middle of the back. He struggled on for a few minutes but was clearly in trouble and left the field shortly after. I must say though that it did'nt look deliberate in anyway although he finds himself on report. I suppose a case could be argued that it was at least careless and possibly reckless as there was no real need for him to add to the tackle anyway. Every one up here in Newcastle are spewing about it as they know their chances of defending their title take a nose dive without Joey. Gidley may find himself cited as well for a spear tackle as well as another 'lifting" tackle by a Dragons player also. It will be interesting to see what the judiciary do today.

      So with the Dragons winning it meant a stressful wait for the Sharks to see if the Warriors would crack in the Finals pressure cooker or would play like the Minor premiers they are. They started off well and I started to breath easy until about 10mins before half time when the Warriors seem to be looking for half time. The Raiders scored 2 tries to put them right back in the game 10-14. They came out and were competitive for the first 10 minutes of the second half also, but then Ali Louatiti came on and scored after being there for only 15-20 seconds. It was all down hill for the Raiders from their as they watched their 2002 season slip away at 10-36. They scored a couple of late tries but it was too late. So the Sharks live to fight another day, and what a fight it will be. We play our mortal enemies the Dragqueens on Saturday. With only 2 games on this week here's hoping that the refs are Hollywood and Mr Bean, and Mander and Simpkins are reffing 1st Divvie.


      Late Note: As I was about to upload this story, I heard on the news that all players were found with no case to answer except Morley who has to face the Judiciary over tripping Beattie.




Friday September 13th 2002 2:30pm

Week in review


      The week started off with some interesting games last weekend. The Dogs triumphed in their "Grand Final", as many people thought that would be the Grand Final this year until "Doggie-gate" got the Dogs turfed out. The Warriors bounced back with some form just in time for the Finals and as it turned out a minor premiership victory, Congratulations Warriors!!. Canberra did what they have done to many teams down at the "Grave Yard" this year and beat Melbourne into 8th place. The Rooster beat the Sharks for 4th place and a Home Ground Final (well the less I say about this game the better). North Qld showed that Parramatta are still struggling for form. Penrith absolutely belted Manly out of the Finals in what ex Shark Jason Ferris described as a "pathetic" display. The Dragons showed real Finals footy to dismantle any plans that Newcastle had of winning the Minor premiership.

Mad Monday.

      The season ended for many teams after last weekends games and some of the Dogs wasted no time in celebrating their Mad Monday on Saturday. Big Willie Mason got plastered and made a complete goose of himself culminating in doing a runner on a cab fare. How thick is he, like he isn't recognisable at all is he? Big Willies manager also stated that they hadn't signed with the Bulldogs yet and rumours abounded that he was seen talking to Ando and a possible link to Cronulla for next year. To date he still hasn't followed the lead of most of his team mates and resigned yet.

The Dally M's.

      The Dally M's for 2002 were on and no surprises that the NRL's pinup boy was awarded a record 3rd Dally M. What was surprising was the margin he won it by. In what can only be described as a very dubious tally, Joey was 8 points clear of the field. He was 8 points clear when the Dally M's went secret in round 16 and obvious to everyone except the judges and the Newcastle supporters, did not have that good a final 10 games. Not as good as Noddy had anyway who was 8 points behind him at round 16 and finished 9 points behind him?? WTF?? That wasn't the only suss decision on the night either with some of the other awards raising more than a few eyebrows. Cronulla didn't get 1 award L.


      Nathan Cayless was found to have a case to answer for his grade three Careless high tackle. The Parramatta and NZ Captain went into the Judiciary hearing with Joey's QC confident of getting a favourable decision as Joey had the week before. The tackle also looked less dangerous than Joey's deliberate swinging arm, as the person he tackled was falling at the time of impact, but once again the Farce that is the Judiciary showed total inconsistency in not only finding him guilty but also failing to down grade the tackle. Cayless will now miss 3 games and unless Parramatta make the grand Final his Telstra season is over. He could also miss the test at the end of the Premiership if Parra don't at least make the Preliminary finals. I can almost here the Kiwi's crying foul from here with what seems one set of rules for our (possible) captain and theirs. Thankfully Noddy was found to have no case to answer after a few worrying days of wandering and waiting.


      Once again the Dogs seem to have found a loop hole to crawl into to allowing them to keep most of their team intact. apparently if they all take an 8-9% pay cut they will be able to get under the cap for next year. That part is fair enough but they have promised the players that if they make the Finals then the Dogs will pay them a bonus of the amount they lost from their contracts. This would then roll over and count on their 2004 salary cap. The NRL has ratified this and says all is above board. I think it stinks as the team they have wouldn't be there in the first place if they hadn't cheated to get them in the first place, meaning they have basically escaped penalty for cheating for years other than getting caught out this year and stripped of their points. Lets just hope they don't make the finals next year.

Finals kickoff tonight.

      Heres hoping that Friday the 13th is bad luck for the Chooks and good luck for us. In what is bound to be another tooth and nail, hard fought game tonight I feel that we just need an even Ref that either polices both sides or neither in the offside and play the ball areas. We need to hang onto the ball and just tackle like we did in the first half and I am confident we will wear them down to finish on top of the Chooks, leaving them to the mercy of the teams above them to keep them alive in the finals. It is possible for the loser of this game to be eliminated if 2 teams below us win. Good luck Sharkies and get out there and scream your lungs out for the boys.




Thursday September 12th 2002 4:00pm

Chooks grease up for a reaming

      Either way the Chooks are in for a reaming this weekend. The Mighty Sharks will have no trouble bending them over on Friday night and giving it to the Chooks. Rumour has it that a high profile media entrepreneur linked to the Chooks has offered to shout them all a free reaming down at the Real WALL if by some miracle they beat the Sharks on Friday night. A special appearance will be put in for the boys by a certain Ref (who wont be there to hold their hands this week) for them to do with as they wish. I hear he likes his ear getting blown in and cuddles for foreplay first. So either way they are in for a reaming.

      The loud mouthed wanker with the faggy white boots has threatened to call Peach names all night. OHH!! what a big toughy he is hey!!. This is the same guy that crapped himself in a State of Origin game and couldn't hang onto the ball, then got dumped and will probably never play for QLD again. What a faggot. No wander Bennett dumped the poof back to 3rd grade last year. I think Peach will be the one sledging on Friday Night. Same goes for that wanker with the big bank account and bigger head that leads the Chooks around the park. What an over rated tosser he his. He's playing the right position though in that team as being the ball distributor it makes him the 'Chook Feeder' in the team and we all know what a Chook Feeder is J.

      That brings us to the other 'Chook Feeder' in their team who has a wounded 'Wing' at the moment. I would call it a 'Limp wrist' actually and we all know what a limp wristed person is also J. Then we have the 'powder puff boys' the so called engine room of the team. They couldn't beat time with a stick. I have seen tougher "guys" walking down Oxford street with make-up and a skirt on. Maybe that was one of their boy friends.

      Without "That" ref to suck their weenies and hold their hands I don't even see the Chooks getting close, unless "That" refs bum chum was threatened with no nookies for a week if he doesn't penalise the Sharks out of the game. That is the only hope I see for the Poofs from Bondi Cum Friday. Can't wait to hear what a certain "goose" has to say as his team is getting mauled also J.

      Final hint to the Chooks, Take plenty of Vaso and KY gel, they tell me it helps relieve the pain, although I'm sure they are all broken in by now.

      So, whats for Dinner on Friday night? Red Rooster for me and Humble Pie for the Roosters and their loud mouthed wanker fans, all 6 of them.



Wednesday September 11th 2002 11:30pm

Finals are upon us

      The big end of the year is upon us already and I'm glad to say that we will be part of it. After our loss last week we find ourselves playing the Roosters on their turf. I can't see this being a real problem though, as we have already beaten them once this year there and we will definitely play better than we did last week. Also Mander wont be in control either, although the stories of his replacement playing huggies with Mander all night at the Daily M's is a bit of a worry.

      The full Draw this week is

Sharks V Chooks at Aussie Stadium Friday night.

Donkeys V Parra at ANZ Stadium Saturday arvo

Knoughts V Dragqueens at EAS Saturday night

Sheep Shaggers V Raiders at Ericson Stadium Sunday arvo

      I must say I am very disappointed in channel 9 not televising one game live. Although we do get 4 hrs of Footy on Saturday night in a row, it is still disappointing to not be seeing the games live.

      For our perfect scenario we need the Raiders to beat NZ, The Knights to beat the Fags from Kogarah, Us to bent over and Ream the poofs from oxford street and Parra to ride the Donkeys into the ground. This would mean both the Frags and the Poofs would be eliminated, making me a very happy little Sharks supporter. Then I will hit there web forums and give them as much shit as they have been giving the Sharks on our forums both at "The Bar" and at the rleague forum. Even if they both lose and parra and the Raiders don't I can go give them some of the same we have been copping.

      I'll try to get some sort of a draw together in the next day or so, so I can follow who plays who in the coming weeks a bit easier. This McIntrye system is pretty confusing to follow in the first couple of weeks.



Monday September 9th 2002 11:30pm

Sharks suffer blow in finals prelude

      To say I feel gutted is an understatement. I hate losing like any Footy supporter does but it feels even worse when you were cheated of that win. In one of the most one sided refereeing performances I have seen, Tim Mander seemed to only ref one side all night. He continually turned a blind eye to the Roosters standing off side and laying all over us in the tackles. Yet when we did the same thing he had no hesitation in penalising us.

      I'm not saying we didn't deserve to be penalised either. I'm saying that East's were doing the exact same thing but getting away with it. The last time I felt like this was the last game we lost against Penrith. Archer was the Villain that day and awarded a try to Penrith that clearly wasn't a try among a host of other mistakes and got dropped for months for it. Lets hope Mander suffers the same fate. It was like he was under instructions to do this even. Ray Hadley and Blocker Roach both commented on the one sided refereeing also and they are just commentators.

      To make matters worse, we didn't play that well and may have lost anyway. Mander just made sure we did. I felt that they were also playing too flat, like we were in our losing streak, and hope they learnt something from Saturday and go back to the "Deep flat attack" that started to work well for them. This will eliminate intercepts like Freddy's (which in my opinion was offside) and allow us to get a roll on with the rushing defence of the Roosters. I would also like to see them put in a few chip kicks when in mid field to make the Roosters think twice about rushing up on us. Other than the poor handling, caused by the roosters being offside and us rushing passes, it was hard to be critical of the guys because Mander just wouldn't let them get going and frustration started to creep in. I actually didn't watch the last 20 minutes as I had had a gutfull of Mander by then. He penalised us for only being back 12mtrs instead of 13mtrs and I just hit the remote off button and went back down stairs.

      The only good I can see coming from this is that the pressure to keep the winning streak going is now off. We also didn't play our best, had nearly half as many completed sets of 6 than the Roosters, the Roosters pretty well played as good as they can, Mander was totally biased and they still only won by 12! Apparently when we finally did get some ball at the end we started to show what we could do.

      Hopefully CA has a few tricks up his sleeve for them on Friday in the return match.



Saturday September 7th 2002 2:00pm

All is not so "Rosy" in the Dogs camp

      So, after the euphoria of last nights win settles down and the realisations that all the Dogs have to look forward to is next year, rumblings and rumours are starting to leak out that some "KEY" personnel will not be taking a pay cut for next year.

      On 2GB today they announced that Braith Anasta, a major player in "doggie-gate", has been asked to take a $70,000 a year pay cut for the next 3 years. This means he stands to lose over $200,000 in that 3 year period. His manager is set to knock the request back and other players are set to follow suit. This will then more than likely have a complete break down of any pay cuts being accepted by all the players, as several have been quoted, in the past few weeks, as saying "it's all in or none in." Would you take a pay cut knowing that others your playing with haven't? Of cause you wouldn't!

      This is set to tear the whole 2002 squad apart as estimates range from 6-11 players having to be cut from the squad to fit under the cap. This intern will cause further repercussions as all contracts will have to be honoured meaning they will struggle to get under the salary cap as all payments are included in the salary cap anyway. This will bring further penalties and fines next year and could even cause them to struggle to actually start next year if the NRL take a hard line on one of their demands in the findings handed down.

      I feel however the NRL will be sympathetic and show leniency to them if they have genuinely shed a lot of players and are showing that they are doing everything in their power to meet the NRL demands. They will be granted a 1-2 year concession on any overpayments to players shed otherwise it will be impossible for them to meet that part of the demands if players refuse to take a pay cut.

      One thing is for sure, they wont be buying any players for a few years and will struggle next year on the field if these rumours are true. This I feel is the fairest part of the demands that the NRL handed down, as it will punish them for years as they try to rebuild a team that was built by Cheats in their administration over years and would/should have never been together in the first place.




Saturday September 7th 2002 4:00am

Sharks v Roosters

       Firstly, I'd like to say that I am a very happy Shark! I finally got my computer back on Wednesday. It "frizzled" 3 months ago in an electrical storm and I wasn't even here at the time. I put a claim in on our house insurance and finally have it back, and I must say bigger better and faster than ever.

      I have been using my mums spare Lap top for the past 3 months and it is a piece of crud. I finally got to see what my Page actually looks like for starters. It looks great compared to a dim 12" Laptop monitor and looking at it in a 17" screen that 'snaps' to my commands.

      Unfortunately it is going to take me weeks to get everything back to anywhere near to what I had on it before it went BOOM!!, but at least my CD-ROM is now a CD-R/CD-WR so I can save the files as I get them again. I also can't wait to load Q3 Arena back up and go and "smoke some arse", especially with my new G-Force4 3D card instead of my Voodoo2 card plus all the other improvements with speed I now have. It was well worth the wait and cost me nothing.

      Oh, shit I was talking about the Game on the weekend wasn't I, soz!! I'm just exited J

      Well, this is Probably the pick of the Games for the weekend other than last nights game. I was dirty that it wasn't going to be on Free to air TV for the Sunday Game until I realised that even if it was, this prick of a place would have taken the Knights v Dragons game anyway if it was on at the same time. All it means is I have to go upstairs and listen to my ol'man bitch about the ref all game J. I might listen to Ray Hadley call it in my head phones and watch it (well that gives me the shits also, his call is 2-3 seconds ahead :-/ but it will be better than listening to the ol'man the whole game). He is one pessimistic cantankerous old fart at times, I'll tell ya!!

      The main challenges for us are, obviously, to stop Freddy for starters. The forwards need to get the role on we have had in the past 3 months and hopefully our backs, led by Peach and BK, will do the rest. We also need to tackle like the Dogs did last night. That was a top effort for most of the game by them.

      I'm just hoping the boys ride the 19-20,000+ crowds emotions and give us a victory I am fairly confident we will get anyway. It must be said though that the Roosters do have a good record at Toyota Park for what that is worth. We should damage that record This arvo though.


      We Can then do it all again next week J