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Through its Training and Development Services, Yuruga Enterprises provides cross-cultural training workshops for both government agency or business staff seeking or already working with indigenous communities in Victoria and throughout Australia. We help participants to understand cultural differences and backgrounds in organisation and business communication and daily life as part of their interaction with indigenous clients and communities.

Typically, our customised workshops cover a broad range of topics including some or all of the following:

Our workshops are designed with one objective in mind: To begin a process of cross-cultural learning and understanding that will continue beyond the workshop session, and better prepare the participant to meet the challenges of working with indigenous communities. For this to come about, we provide a holistic context within which to learn about Indigenous culture in contemporary Australia. We focus on the larger issues of cultural background and protocols, as well as on the details of practical issues in indigenous affairs including social or service contexts.

Our workshops typically range from one to two working days, and can be conducted on-site or at an alternative venue. Most often we work with small to medium sized groups from 10 to 30 participants. We strive to balance intensive content delivery with informality of approach, and to tailor our presentations to the specific needs of the workshop participants.

Our training methods are a combination of several types:

For each project we assemble the appropriate Training Team best equipped and skilled to deliver the required training. We also provide customised workshop notes to use as reference guides and free follow-up counsel via email, phone, or fax.

Please feel free to email our service at: yuruga@hotkey.net.au to discuss how we can be of assistance to you or your company. Our company's Manager, Mr.Graham Atkinson BSW, BA, MBA, would be only too pleased to talk about our training and consulting rates. Our services are mobile and innovative.

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